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1 cemetery found

Adass Israel Jewish712 Princes Highway, Springvale VIC 317114

14 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AbeleszBlanka Bela192819 Jul 197345?dau/Beno & Miriam (Fixl); b. Budapest, HungaryAdass Israel Jewish VICA 1, 222
AbeleszYaacov David24 Nov 1998Adass Israel Jewish VICA 1, 223
AbrahamovitsIsabella19139 Dec 200693?Adass Israel Jewish VICA 3, 175
AbrahamovitsLeopold27 Sep 2000Adass Israel Jewish VICA 3, 174
AdlerHelen Hertha18984 Feb 1999100?Adass Israel Jewish VIC
AdlerJoseph18917 Aug 197988?Adass Israel Jewish VICD 5, 149
AdorjanAnthony Antal1887?29 Dec 196578son/Joseph & Ilona (Steiner); b. Budapest, HungaryAdass Israel Jewish VICK 5, 164
Adorjan (Holcel)Gisella189214 Jan 197784?dau/Gyula & Cecilia (Woticky); b. Bekes Gyula, HungaryAdass Israel Jewish VICK 5, 165
GoldsteinJudel191724 Feb 196244?son/Berl & Roza (Fromovics)Adass Israel Jewish VICK 5, 168
GoldsteinPeter19078 Sep 197265?son/Jeno & Zali (Kohn)Adass Israel Jewish VICA 1, 225
PerlowBella189125 Nov 197382?Adass Israel Jewish VICA 4, 168
PerlowChaim Mordechai188122 Sep 197796?Adass Israel Jewish VICA 4, 167
PerlowDavid5 Mar 1999Adass Israel Jewish VICA 4, 166
PerlowIda192317 Dec 201794?Adass Israel Jewish VICB 4, 168

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