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1 cemetery found

Whitemore UnitingWhitemore Rd, Whitemore TAS 730311

11 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BadcockAllen Lewis John26 Oct 190927 Sep 199181b. Glenore, TAS; h/Linda May (Stebbings)Whitemore Uniting TAS
BadcockBasil Melmoth25 Jan 18833 Jul 196885b. Glenore, TAS; h/Charlotte Ruby Myrtle (Richardson) & Constance RicardaWhitemore Uniting TAS
Badcock (Allen)Bertha Mary25 Sep 187928 Oct 196485b. Whitemore, TAS; w/Lewis AleckWhitemore Uniting TAS
Badcock (Richardson)Charlotte Ruby Myrtle16 Mar 18906 Sep 194151b. Deloraine, TAS; w/Basil MelmothWhitemore Uniting TAS
Badcock (Heazlewood)Ethel Mildred22 Sep 188127 Apr 197088dau/Robert George & Agnes Annie (Hingston); w/Frank HoraceWhitemore Uniting TAS
BadcockFrank Horace15 Mar 187611 Sep 193256h/Ethel Mildred (Heazlewood)Whitemore Uniting TAS
BadcockHector Claude John8 Jan 190326 Sep 197067son/Adye & Florence; b. Glenore,TASWhitemore Uniting TAS
BadcockLewis Aleck19 Oct 187714 Feb 194567h/Bertha Mary (Allen)Whitemore Uniting TAS
Badcock (Stebbings)Linda May6 May 190828 Jun 199991dau/Albert Edward & Violet Matilda (Adams); b. Cressy, TAS; w/Allen Lewis JohnWhitemore Uniting TAS
StebbingsAlbert Edward28 Dec 18832 Dec 197995son/John & Elizabeth (Summers); b. Cressy, TAS; h/Violet Matilda (Adams)Whitemore Uniting TAS
Stebbings (Adams)Violet Matilda5 Jun 188515 Sep 196984b. Longford, TAS; w/Albert EdwardWhitemore Uniting TAS

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