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1 cemetery found

Amos FamilyLot 1, Glen Gala Road, Cranbrook TAS 719016

16 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AmosAdam4 Mar 177416 Jan 184570son/James & Helen (Hoy); b. Melross, Scotland; h/Mary (Tait)Amos Family TAS
AmosAdam13 Jul 180718 May 187466b. Heriot, ScotlandAmos Family TAS
AmosEliza Hannah18414 Apr 18420dau/James & Mary Ann (Collins)Amos Family TAS
AmosEllen181424 Jun 186147?w/JamesAmos Family TAS
Amos (Berridge)Hannah17829 Jan 184865?w/JohnAmos Family TAS
AmosJames180418 Jul 186460?h/EllenAmos Family TAS
AmosJohn14 Feb 177727 Sep 184872?son/James & Helen (Hoy); h/Hannah (Berridge)Amos Family TAS
AmosLewis4 Jul 18527 Feb 190148b. Crangrook, TAS; h/Rosa AnnieAmos Family TAS
Amos (Tait)Mary178631 Aug 185468?b. Lauder, Scotland; w/AdamAmos Family TAS
AmosMildred MaryFeb 187226 Jul 18775dau/Alfred J. & SusannahAmos Family TAS
AmosRobert182128 Mar 184321?son/Adam & Mary (Tait)Amos Family TAS
AmosRobert183926 Aug 18423?Amos Family TAS
AmosRosa Annie10 Apr 185721 Nov 193376w/LewisAmos Family TAS
Amos (Lyne)Susan182127 Aug 189473?w/AdamAmos Family TAS
AmosSusannah1848?8 Mar 187527w/Alfred JAmos Family TAS
AmosWalterMay 184113 Aug 18421son/John & ElizabethAmos Family TAS

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