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1 cemetery found

EllenboroughOxley Highway, Ellenborough NSW 244676

76 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BucklandHerbert John1895?17 May 196166son/James Standish & JuliaEllenborough NSW
BucklandJames Standish1862?3 Sep 193573h/JuliaEllenborough NSW
Buckland (McQuarie)Julia1858?1 Jul 194183w/James StandishEllenborough NSW
BucklandMay Evelyn1889?27 Oct 191021dau/James Standish & JuliaEllenborough NSW
CameronAlex18601942son/Duncan & CatherineEllenborough NSW
Cameron (Hollis)Alice Maud1890?3 Jun 196777dau/George & Harriet L; w/JohnEllenborough NSW
CameronAllan A18451929son/Allan & ChristinaEllenborough NSW
CameronGeorge William1909?24 Sep 196051son/John & Alice MaudEllenborough NSW
CameronJohn1876?19 Dec 194973son/William & Sarah Jane; h/Alice MaudEllenborough NSW
Carney (Hollis)Adell1886?7 Aug 196781w/James Atwell PatrickEllenborough NSW
CarneyJames Atwell Patrick1876?22 Sep 195781son/Patrick & Elizabeth; h/AdellEllenborough NSW
Coombes (Hollis)Jane Wallis1898?1 Mar 194849dau/William & Syvina; w/Peter NorrisEllenborough NSW
CoombesPeter Norris1888?17 Jul 197082son/Edward & Druscilla Macquarie; h/Jane WallisEllenborough NSW
CoombesWalter1886?17 May 194458son/John & Sarah Jane; h/Louise EmilyEllenborough NSW
Copp (Buckland)Olive GraceApr 1953dau/James S & Julia; w/Walter MeredithEllenborough NSW
CoppWalter Meredith1907?5 Oct 198679h/Olive GraceEllenborough NSW
Faichney (Tout)Emily1886?Sep 195367w/John AEllenborough NSW
FaichneyJohn A1862?Jul 194684h/EmilyEllenborough NSW
FlarettyArthur Edward1865?5 Jan 195387h/ElizabethEllenborough NSW
FlarettyElizabeth1873?5 Nov 193865w/Arthur EdwardEllenborough NSW
GohringLudwig William (Louis)1885?19 Sep 191934son/William & MaryEllenborough NSW
HigginsJames15 Apr 18661 Jan 190539son/Henry Donald & Anne (McCombe); b. Ballarat, VIC; h/Jane (Cameron (Hollis) (Coombes))Ellenborough NSW
Hollis (Buckland)Alice1886?8 Mar 197083w/JohnEllenborough NSW
Hollis (Brown)Daisy Clemence1896?16 Apr 198084w/George VictorEllenborough NSW
HollisDavid Herbert4 Apr 19490son/Don & LaurelEllenborough NSW
HollisGeorge Victor1896?31 Oct 195458son/William & Syvina; h/Daisy Clemence; N2757Ellenborough NSW
Hollis (Coombs)Harriet Louisa15 Sep 184919 Nov 192778dau/Philip & Sussanah (Snook); b. Newcastle, NSW; w/GeorgeEllenborough NSW
HollisJohn1878?15 Nov 194466son/William & Mary Ann; h/AliceEllenborough NSW
Hollis (Kirkman)Mary Ann16 Dec 188517 Aug 195670dau/James Wallis & Esther Elizabeth; w/Percival WilliamEllenborough NSW
HollisNorman Wilfred23 Feb 191415 Feb 194227son/John & Alice (Buckland); b. Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia; NX68842Ellenborough NSW
HollisPercival William11 Aug 187512 Aug 194267son/George & Harriet Louisa; h/Mary AnnEllenborough NSW
HollisRobert1890?17 Jul 195363son/William & SyvinaEllenborough NSW
Hollis (Kirkman)Silvinia12 Nov 187121 Nov 192049dau/John Thomas & Elizabeth Constance (Wallis); b. Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia; w/WilliamEllenborough NSW
HollisUnnamed Infant19270Ellenborough NSW
HollisWalter H1903?25 Dec 192421son/Mary AEllenborough NSW
HollisWilliam1857?5 Aug 192972son/Newman & Martha; h/SyvinaEllenborough NSW
Huckett (Kirkman)Dorothy Agnes13 Jun 189319 Jan 199096dau/James Wallis & Agnes (Hpllis); b. Ellenborough, NSW; w/HenryEllenborough NSW
HuckettHenry29 Feb 187217 Sep 193967son/Edward & Sarah Ann (Chandler); b. Warrumbucca, Braidwood, NSW; h/Frances Elizabeth (Batchelor) & Dorothy Agnes (Kirkman)Ellenborough NSW
JohnstonWilliam Alexander1862?27 Feb 191451son/James & Eliza A IEllenborough NSW
Kirkman (Hollis)Agnes1871?2 Sep 195079dau/George & Harriet Louisa; w/James WallisEllenborough NSW
KirkmanClifford JamesMay?19047 Mar 192924son/William Wallis & Ada ConstanceEllenborough NSW
KirkmanJames Wallis1858?14 Sep 195395son/John & Elizabeth; h/AgnesEllenborough NSW
KirkmanWendy GailApr?194824 Aug 196012dau/William Arthur & Linda MayEllenborough NSW
KirkmanWilliam Wallis1864?22 Sep 194480son/John & Elizabeth Wallis; h/Ada ConstanceEllenborough NSW
McKinnonA HEllenborough NSW
McKinnonAlexander Donald21 Aug 187410 Apr 193863son/Alexander & Sarah; h/Elizabeth MarthaEllenborough NSW
McKinnonAllan Innis27 Sep 190230 Aug 195451son/Neil & Elizabeth (Kirkman); h/Ruth (Duck)Ellenborough NSW
McKinnonClive Cameron8 Jul 195119 Nov 196817son/William Joseph & Ina MayEllenborough NSW
McKinnonDuncan Campbell1918?26 Apr 199274son/Neil & Elizabeth; h/Dorothy AmeliaEllenborough NSW
McKinnon (Kirkman)Elizabeth26 Dec 187325 Jan 195076w/NeilEllenborough NSW
McKinnon (Hollis)Elizabeth Martha17 Apr 188121 Sep 195473w/Alexander DonaldEllenborough NSW
McKinnon (Kirkman)Harriett Elizabeth1900?19 Jul 196262w/Neil CameronEllenborough NSW
McKinnon (Cameron)Ina May1913?26 Jan 200591w/William JosephEllenborough NSW
McKinnonJames Howard28 Mar 191524 Jan 199882son/Neil & Elizabeth; h/Vera EileenEllenborough NSW
McKinnonNeil19 Apr 186621 Apr 194882son/Alexander & Sarah; h/ElizabethEllenborough NSW
McKinnonNeil Cameron (Cam)1899?25 Jun 195455son/Neil & Elizabeth; h/Harriett ElizabethEllenborough NSW
McKinnon (Huckett)Vera Eileen6 Mar 191621 Apr 200690w/James HowardEllenborough NSW
McKinnonWilliam Joseph1 Mar 1907?30 Aug 195850son/Neil & Elizabeth; h/Ina MayEllenborough NSW
McQuarieMary1834?12 Aug 191783Ellenborough NSW
Mitchell (Connolly)Esme Bernice14 Nov 191912 Jul 199373w/AlbertEllenborough NSW
Noakes (Bath)Agnes Sarah1877?16 May 196689w/James AlbertEllenborough NSW
NoakesAnne19 Aug 195219 Aug 1952sbdau/Frank Gordon & Alexandra FlorenceEllenborough NSW
NoakesHerbert Arthur Reginald1893?11 May 195057h/LauraEllenborough NSW
NoakesJames Albert1874?4 Mar 196388son/James & Sarah; h/Agnes SarahEllenborough NSW
NoakesJames Albert Wilson1914?10 Aug 197157son/James Albert & Agnes SarahEllenborough NSW
Noakes (Coombes)Laura1891?20 Sep 196877dau/Charles & Jane Wallis; w/Herbert Arthur ReginaldEllenborough NSW
PatersonEdward Munro26 Mar 191776son/Edward & AnnieEllenborough NSW
Steep (Wade)Christiana Gertrude1891?10 Mar 197078dau/Henry Alfred & Susanna (Duck); w/Ernest AllisonEllenborough NSW
SteepErnest Allison1884?17 Jun 194662h/Christiana GertrudeEllenborough NSW
SteepSamuel Ernest9 Dec 191619203son/Ernest Allison & Christiana Gertrude (Wade); b. Ellenborough, NSWEllenborough NSW
Wallis (Hollis)Bertha5 Jan 190420 Apr 195854dau/Percival W & Mary A; w/William StantonEllenborough NSW
WallisWilliam Stanton11 Aug 190230 Jan 196360son/George William & Amelia Mildred; h/BerthaEllenborough NSW
WilcoxGarnet Benjamin (Ben)1891?18 Sep 195564h/Islet StellaEllenborough NSW
Wilcox (Buckland)Islet Stella1901?22 Jul 199190dau/James S & Julia; w/Garnet BenjaminEllenborough NSW
WilcoxStephen R (Jim)8 Oct 19233 Aug 198965Ellenborough NSW
WilcoxVivian Roy11 Nov 192928 Oct 199060son/Benjamin & Islet stella; h/Sheila phillis (Carter)Ellenborough NSW

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