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1 cemetery found

Telegraph PointFarrawells Road, Telegraph Point NSW 244131

31 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
ChelmanJane1847?29 Aug 192376dau/Henry & Elizabeth; w/OceanTelegraph Point NSW
ChelmanOcean1832?21 Feb 191482son/Carl & Olena; h/Jane Elizabeth (Wilson)Telegraph Point NSW
ChurchillCharles8 Jan 184117 Jan 190059son/John & Ann (Nixon); b. Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England; h/Matilda (Argent)Telegraph Point NSW
Elford (Farrawell)Alice1860?189838w/Thomas HenryTelegraph Point NSW
ElfordRobert Reginald9 Mar 192416 Jun 19251son/William Henry & Olive PearlTelegraph Point NSW
FarrawellBrian19360son/Allan Gordon & Zelma PearlTelegraph Point NSW
FarrawellGeorge1869?15 May 193970h/Islet (Workman)Telegraph Point NSW
Hall (Hack)Penelope1867?17 Dec 193972w/WilliamTelegraph Point NSW
HallWilliam8 Feb 186414 Apr 191247?son/Samuel & Agnes; b. Liverpool NSW; h/PenelopeTelegraph Point NSW
LewisThomas1860?26 May 191555Telegraph Point NSW
McCue (Rowsell)Clara Ann1865?23 Sep 193772dau/William & Sarah Ann; w/James JosephTelegraph Point NSW
McCueJames Joseph185611 Oct 191053son/John & Ellen (Kennedy); b. Maitland NSW, Australia; h/Clara Ann (Rowsell)Telegraph Point NSW
McCueJohn Joseph (Seph)11 Jul 19146 May 194126NX24973Telegraph Point NSW
Mooney (Smith)Clare Isabell16 Sep 19107 Apr 200897dau/James Joseph & Gertrude Amy (McCudden); w/John WilliamTelegraph Point NSWunmarked
MooneyJohn William23 Jun 191120 Sep 198170h/Clare Isabell (Smith); NX139304Telegraph Point NSW
Rowsell (Chelman)Christina188223 Nov 196886dau/Ocean & Jane (Wilson); b. Port Macquarie NSW, Australia; w/Joseph DavisTelegraph Point NSW
RowsellDaisy Maud190818 Apr 19123dau/Joseph Davis & ChristinaTelegraph Point NSW
RowsellErnest1870?16 Dec 190333h/Olena (Chelman)Telegraph Point NSW
RowsellFrederick William10 Jun 18683?Nov 1952son/William & Sarah; h/Letitia ATelegraph Point NSW
RowsellIrvin WesleyJan 190116 Dec 19032son/Frederick William & Letitia ATelegraph Point NSW
RowsellJoseph Davis187411 Oct 194975son/William & Sarah Ann (Churchill); b. Port Macquarie NSW, Australia; h/Christina (Chelman)Telegraph Point NSW
Rowsell (Churchill)Letitia Ann3 Apr 187414 Dec 194975dau/Charles & Matilda (Argent); b. Armidale, NSW; w/Frederick WilliamTelegraph Point NSW
Rowsell (Webber)Mary Jane1864?30 Mar 192560w/George HTelegraph Point NSW
Rowsell (Churchill)Sarah Ann22 Jul 18375 Aug 190063dau/John & Ann (Nixon); b. Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England; w/William HenryTelegraph Point NSW
RowsellWilliam H1830?29 Dec 190373h/SarahTelegraph Point NSW
Sonter (Rowsell)Estella1901?9 Oct 198281w/Eli JamesTelegraph Point NSW
Thurling (Webber)Phebe1870?9 Nov 193161w/JamesTelegraph Point NSW
Turner (Rowsell)Sophia Amelia (Mysophia)190230 Dec 195452dau/Joseph Davis & Christina (Chelman); b. Port Macquarie NSW, Australia; w/William Claude RussellTelegraph Point NSW
TurnerWilliam Claude1903?4 Dec 196461son/George Henry & Blanche; h/Sophia AmeliaTelegraph Point NSW
WebsterEllen1851?30 Apr 193988dau/ThomasTelegraph Point NSW
WebsterThomas1849?10 Jul 190758son/John & HesterTelegraph Point NSW

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