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South GraftonCnr Bent & Tyson Streets, South Grafton NSW 24602135

2135 inscriptions found - showing from 1 to 500

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AaronsErnest ApsleySep?18671 Oct 188619son/Isaac & ElizabethSouth Grafton NSW
AaronsHarold William22 Sep 18850son/Isaac & ElizabethSouth Grafton NSW
AbdyJessie1887?20 Jan 194759South Grafton NSW
AbrahamsCharles Wesley1901?5 Sep 196867son/Richard & SarahSouth Grafton NSW
Adams (Kearney)Catherine Maisie25 Aug 192822 Sep 201688formerly Margery; dau/Michael James & Catherine Sussana (Gossip); w/Bruce Alwyn (Margery) & Barry RobertSouth Grafton NSW
AdamsChristina Isobel13 Jun 185012 Aug 192777b. Scotland; w/Sidney RichardSouth Grafton NSW
AdamsRobert Dudley18881962son/Sidney Richard & Christina Isobel; 1531South Grafton NSW
AdamsRobert SidneyJan 1959?2 Sep 19601son/Barry Robert & Patricia DorothySouth Grafton NSW
AdamsSidney Richard30 Jun 18471 Mar 193183b. England; h/Christina IsobelSouth Grafton NSW
AinsworthRuby Elizabeth1886?11 May 191024dau/George & MarionSouth Grafton NSW
AitkenJames1791?24 Jan 187886b. Stirlingshire, ScotlandSouth Grafton NSW
Allison (Preston)Annie Louise1857?30 Dec 194184w/JohnSouth Grafton NSW
Allison (Watkins)Florance Amanda1885?13 Apr 193853w/Charles ErnestSouth Grafton NSW
AllisonFlorence Annie1878?2 May 196385w/Francis IsaacSouth Grafton NSW
AllisonFrancis Isaac1876?1 Nov 197094son/George & Mary Ann; h/Florence AnnieSouth Grafton NSW
AllisonJessie May1888?8 Jul 196173dau/John & Annie LouiseSouth Grafton NSW
AllisonJohn1853?29 Sep 193784h/Annie LouiseSouth Grafton NSW
AllisonJohn18 Sep 189327 Feb 196268son/John & Annie LouiseSouth Grafton NSW
AllisonThomas1886?13 Jan 195568son/John & Annie LouiseSouth Grafton NSW
AllisonWilliam John1881?10 Mar 196078son/John & Annie Louise; h/Winnifred MaySouth Grafton NSW
Allison (Poole)Winnifred May10 Feb 188211 Apr 194563b. Canada; w/William JohnSouth Grafton NSW
AlmondEdith1868?30 Mar 196293dau/George & MargaretSouth Grafton NSW
AmosAlbert1880?9 Nov 192545h/Agnes M (McKinnon)South Grafton NSW
AmosAlbert Edward1884?10 May 196278h/Elsie GraceSouth Grafton NSW
Amos (Wyatt)Amelia Ann1855?11 Sep 191964w/James HSouth Grafton NSW
AmosCuthbert Leslie1889?31 May 196475h/Lenoral MarySouth Grafton NSW
AmosElizabeth1876?8 May 195074w/ErnestSouth Grafton NSW
Amos (Cowling)Elsie Grace1891?27 Feb 196674w/Albert EdwardSouth Grafton NSW
AmosErnest1872?13 Jun 194876son/William & Betsy (Milgate); b. Hexham, NSW; h/Elizabeth (Cosgrove)South Grafton NSW
AmosJames H1856?24 Apr 192468h/Amelia AnnSouth Grafton NSW
Amos (Taylor)Lenoral Mary1887?14 Oct 195366w/Cuthbert LeslieSouth Grafton NSW
Amos (Lawrence)Loveday1872?2 Jul 194674w/ThomasSouth Grafton NSW
AmosThomas1865?6 Dec 192459h/LovedaySouth Grafton NSW
Amos (McKee)Violet Maud1922?11 May 196644w/Ronald CharlesSouth Grafton NSW
AndersonNaomi1823?19 Sep 189572dau/John & MarySouth Grafton NSW
AndersonOlive Eileen1903?15 Jun 196259dau/JohnSouth Grafton NSW
AndrewsArthur Henry1914?1 Oct 196551son/Alfred & LucySouth Grafton NSW
Andrews (Eddleston)Jessie1871?2 Dec 195180w/William RobertSouth Grafton NSW
AndrewsJohn Kilton1831?17 Mar 188452South Grafton NSW
AndrewsWilliam Robert1862?6 Jul 194684h/JessieSouth Grafton NSW
ArandaleAlfred James1881?15 Oct 194564son/James & IsabellaSouth Grafton NSW
Arandale (Hayes)Harrietta Sarah Maude (Harriet)1880?27 Aug 195777w/John HenrySouth Grafton NSW
ArandaleIsabella1857?19 Apr 192265w/JamesSouth Grafton NSW
ArandaleJohn Henry1883?18 Mar 195268son/James & Isabella; h/Harrietta S MSouth Grafton NSW
ArandaleWilliam Charles Henry2 May 1919son/John Henry & Harrietta S MSouth Grafton NSW
ArndellAlbert Edward1863?8 Feb 194278son/Charles & Mary Ann; h/Nancy (McNeill)South Grafton NSW
Arndell (McNeill)Nancy1866?3 Jan 194376w/Albert EdwardSouth Grafton NSW
Arnold (Hawthorne)Ilma Estelle1881?1 Aug 195776w/WalterSouth Grafton NSW
Aspery (Layton)Ann Elizabeth (Annie)187018 Mar 191242dau/Robert & Ann Elizabeth (Brown); b. Tenterfield, NSW, Australia; w/Thomas JamesSouth Grafton NSWPresbyterian
AsperyHenry21 Sep 182128 Mar 190987son/Thomas & Eleanor Frances (Dunn); b. Sackville Reach, NSW, Australia; h/Matilda Higgins (Campbell)South Grafton NSW
AsperyIvy Matilda189931 Aug 18990dau/Thomas James & Ann Elizabeth (Layton); b. Grafton, NSW, AustraliaSouth Grafton NSW
AsperyViolet Irene18943 Aug 191319dau/Thomas James & Ann Elizabeth (Layton); b. Grafton, NSW, AustraliaSouth Grafton NSW
AspinallArthur HenryMay?188819 Jun 18891son/Arthur William & Clara VictoriaSouth Grafton NSW
AspinallArthur Wilfred Lisle1920?14 Sep 198464South Grafton NSW
AspinallArthur William1858?27 Sep 194486h/Clara VictoriaSouth Grafton NSW
Aspinall (Stafford)Bridget Anne1888?3 Aug 195769w/Walter LisleSouth Grafton NSW
Aspinall (Turner)Clara Victoria1868?18 Nov 194880w/Arthur WilliamSouth Grafton NSW
AspinallColin Byron1899?19 Jan 191717son/Arthur William & Clara VictoriaSouth Grafton NSW
AspinallCyril Royston Vint1894?13 Oct 193238son/Arthur William & Clara Victoria; h/Kathleen (Donoghue)South Grafton NSW
AspinallDulcie Myee1918201193dau/Cyril R. & Kathleen (Donoghue); b. Grafton, NSWSouth Grafton NSW
AspinallJoyce Beryl1917?20 Dec 192912dau/Clive & Marian RoseSouth Grafton NSW
Aspinall (Ilk)Marian Rose1894?26 Dec 196571w/CliveSouth Grafton NSW
AspinallRonald1914?4 Jul 19184son/Arthur William & Clara VictoriaSouth Grafton NSW
AspinallWalter Lisle1890?12 Nov 197787son/Arthur William & Clara Victoria; h/Bridget AnneSouth Grafton NSW
AstonThomas AlexanderApr?187029 Feb 191645South Grafton NSW
AtkinsGeorge Leslie1896?20 Jul 1953?57h/Ida GraceSouth Grafton NSW
Atkins (McMenemy)Gertrude Josephine1888?15 May 193042w/William MiltonSouth Grafton NSW
Atkins (Frost)Ida Grace1898?11 Aug 195557w/George LeslieSouth Grafton NSW
AtkinsWilliam Milton1877?14 Mar 193658h/Gertrude JosephineSouth Grafton NSW
AustenArthur John26 May 186630 May 195286son/Thomas & Susan; b. Orara River, New South Wales, Australia; h/Ada (Ashwood)South Grafton NSW
AustenClarice Maureen1906?17 Mar 191811dau/Charles L & SarahSouth Grafton NSW
Austen (Wheeler)Elizabeth17 May 18491 Sep 193081dau/Samuel & Selina (Butt); b. Camden, NSW, Australia; w/FrankSouth Grafton NSW
AustenFrank9 Sep 185013 Jul 192878son/Joseph & Sophia; b. Grafton, NSW; h/Elizabeth (Wheeler)South Grafton NSW
Austen (Maher)Ivis1878?28 May 195173w/Joseph ASouth Grafton NSW
AustenJoseph A1874?17 Jun 193460h/IvisSouth Grafton NSW
AustenJoseph Thomas1876?25 May 195882h/MaudSouth Grafton NSW
AustenLewis Ermington187515 Jun 195074son/Thomas & Susan (New); b. Grafton NSW, Australia; h/Catherine Agnes (Prain)South Grafton NSW
Austen (Winter)Maud1883?12 Aug 195774w/Joseph ThomasSouth Grafton NSW
Austen (New)Susan1847?16 Sep 189851dau/Daniel & Alice; w/ThomasSouth Grafton NSW
AustinJohn Herbert1863?19 Jan 193773South Grafton NSW
AveryCharles Francis1861?7 Aug 194988h/Isabella MargaretSouth Grafton NSW
Avery (Cowan)Isabella Margaret1867?14 Oct 196194w/Charles FrancisSouth Grafton NSW
Ayres (Battese)Annie Jane1919?7 Feb 200888w/Ronald GordonSouth Grafton NSW
AyresRonald Gordon1924?18 Sep 198258h/Annie Jane; S7250South Grafton NSW
BadgeryHarrie Matcham1880?10 Apr 195373h/Nina MorrowSouth Grafton NSW
Badgery (Strickland)Nina Morrow1879?30 Jan 195373w/Harrie MatchamSouth Grafton NSW
BagshawCoral Elizabeth1944?10 Jun 196521dau/John Stanley & KathleenSouth Grafton NSW
BaileyArthur Ernest1881?15 Jun 194766h/Ivy MarySouth Grafton NSW
Bailey (Collett)Elizabeth Sarah Victoria (Vicky)3 Dec 18742 Apr 194671w/Charles ISouth Grafton NSW
BaileyErnest Richmond1922?28 Jan 193613son/Arthur Ernest & Ivy MarySouth Grafton NSW
Bailey (Power)Ivy Mary1885?6 Nov 195974w/Arthur ErnestSouth Grafton NSW
BaileyKatherine (Kathie)8 May 1961dau/William John & Beryl JoyceSouth Grafton NSW
Bailey (Avey)Mary Ann4 Aug 187827 Nov 196993dau/Thomas & Bridget Eleanor (Gallagher); b. Narrabri; w/Thomas JamesSouth Grafton NSW
BaileyThomas James7 Dec 187514 Aug 196286son/Thomas & Elizabeth (Baker); h/Mary Ann (Avey)South Grafton NSW
BakerAlice Maud1862?10 Sep 1939?77w/EdwinSouth Grafton NSW
BakerAnnette Elizabeth1946?5 Jun 196014dau/Maxwell Herbert & Elsie MaudeSouth Grafton NSW
BakerDina1820?19 Sep 189070w/EdwinSouth Grafton NSW
BakerEdwin1819?22 Jun 190283h/DinaSouth Grafton NSW
BakerEdwin1852?22 Feb 194390h/Alice MaudSouth Grafton NSW
BakerThomas Henry17 Oct 19104 Apr 195948son/Daniel Walter & Madoline (Bailey); h/Sarah Jane (West)South Grafton NSW
BanwellRonald DouglasJun?194428 Dec 19484son/Edward Clarence & Merla MargaretSouth Grafton NSW
BarnardRose1877?22 Aug 193962South Grafton NSW
BarnesJames Daniel1923?10 Aug 196542son/George Thomas Brooks & LucySouth Grafton NSW
BarrettBridget Ellen1868?20 Jun 194678w/John CampbellSouth Grafton NSW
BarrettJohn Campbell1863?6 Sep 192764h/Bridget EllenSouth Grafton NSW
BarrettMary JosephineDec 1898?4 Mar 192728dau/John Campbell & Bridget EllenSouth Grafton NSW
BatchleyElizabeth1817?Jan 190082South Grafton NSW
BathgateWilliam1886?29 Jul 195872son/John & Susan JaneSouth Grafton NSW
BatteseGeorge10 Oct 190021 Mar 196564son/John Thomas & Margaret (Spencer); b. Casino, New South Wales, Australia; h/Adelaide (Brown) & Annie J (Olive)South Grafton NSW
Beadman (Leeding)Florence Ella16 May 190214 Jul 199088w/ReginaldSouth Grafton NSW
BeadmanReginald1895?23 Sep 196570h/Florence Ella (Leeding); 1596South Grafton NSW
BeadmanReginald William18 Feb 192815 Jan 199869son/Reginald & Florence EllaSouth Grafton NSW
BeatonMargaret Theresa11?Oct 19181 Nov 19191dau/Charles J & Katherine VSouth Grafton NSW
BeatsonArchibald Walter188928 Nov 193143son/Donald & Elizabeth (Morris); b. Grafton, NSW; h/Brenda Lily (Barnard)South Grafton NSW
BeatsonDuncan188126 Jul 195675son/Duncan & Amy (Miller); b. Grafton, NSW; h/Jessie (Denning)South Grafton NSW
BeatsonJessie1886?29 Jun 196983w/DuncanSouth Grafton NSW
BeatsonJohn181822 Aug 189174?son/John & Christina (McCallum); b. Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland; h/Mary (Greenlees)South Grafton NSW
Beatson (Greenlees)Mary182520 Sep 190782b. Paisley, Scotland; w/JohnSouth Grafton NSW
BeatsonSarah1894?2 Nov 194248South Grafton NSW
BeelKaren1961?30 Oct 19621dau/Keith & Shirley MaySouth Grafton NSW
BellFlora28 Aug 1885dau/Donald & CharlotteSouth Grafton NSW
Bellamy (Conroy)Catherine1869?1 Oct 195485dau/Martin & Margaret; b. Inverell, NSW; w/JamesSouth Grafton NSWCatholic
BellamyClement GrantMay?190613 Apr 192316son/William & Margaret Bridget (Conroy); b. Grafton, NSWSouth Grafton NSW
Bellamy (Shannon)Dorothy May1905?8 Dec 194237dau/John & Catherine; w/Stephen ConroySouth Grafton NSW
BellamyEmily1890?5 Dec 1916?26?dau/Henry & SarahSouth Grafton NSW
BellamyJames1862?18 Jul 194785son/William & Eleanor (Thompson); b. Wollombi, NSW; h/Catherine (Kate) (Conroy)South Grafton NSWCatholic
BellamyJohn1860?22 Jan 193170son/William & Jane; b. Grafton, NSWSouth Grafton NSW
BellamyLynda Ethel28 Dec 190419 Dec 199590dau/William & Margaret Bridget (Conroy); b. Grafton, NSWSouth Grafton NSW
Bellamy (Conroy)Margaret Bridget1880?23 Jul 194868dau/Martin & Margaret; b. Grafton, NSW; w/WilliamSouth Grafton NSW
BellamyStephen Conroy1903?3 Feb 199389son/James & Catherine (Kate); b. Grafton, NSW; h/Dorothy May (Shannon)South Grafton NSW
BellamyWilliam Henry18779 May 194668son/William & Isabella Catherine (Osborne); b. Grafton, NSW; h/Margaret Bridget (Conroy)South Grafton NSW
Benn (Plunkett)Mary MayMar?189526 Oct 197984w/William JamesSouth Grafton NSW
BennWilliam JamesJul?188821 Apr 196677h/Mary MaySouth Grafton NSW
BennettAlexander195415 Oct 19540son/Ernest Frank & Margaret Martha (Simmons)South Grafton NSW
BennettErnest Edward1892?20 Dec 196068h/Laura MarySouth Grafton NSW
BennettLaura Mary1891?28 Feb 198593w/Ernest EdwardSouth Grafton NSW
BennettRobert James1916?8 Jun 196145son/Ernest Edward & Laura MarySouth Grafton NSW
BennettUnnamed female19371937sbdau/James Gordon & Alice JamesSouth Grafton NSW
BennettWilliam Ernest1952?11 Dec 19608son/William George & ValmaSouth Grafton NSW
BennettsAda1875?5 Sep 195378w/William JohnSouth Grafton NSW
BennettsJames Henry1878?4 May 196385h/Mary AnnSouth Grafton NSW
Bennetts (Lawrence)Mary Ann1875?10 Aug 191944w/James HenrySouth Grafton NSW
BennettsWilliam John1875?1 May 193661h/AdaSouth Grafton NSW
BentleyAlbert Christopher1877?23 Oct 194972son/Charles & NellieSouth Grafton NSW
BentleySarah Jane1887?4 Feb 196072dau/John Richard & EuphemiaSouth Grafton NSW
BeresfordCecil JosephApr 190320 Nov 198077h/Minnie ASouth Grafton NSW
BeresfordMinnie Agnes10 Dec 1946w/Cecil JosephSouth Grafton NSW
BergstromCharles John1866?17 Nov 194478South Grafton NSW
BerrymanGrace Leila1912?13 Dec 195442w/Michael JosephSouth Grafton NSW
BerrymanKevin John1942?13 Dec 195412son/Michael Joseph & Grace LeilaSouth Grafton NSW
BissellEthel Florence1899?3 Mar 196161South Grafton NSW
BlackadderEmily1 Sep 1923w/ThomasSouth Grafton NSW
Blackadder (Watkins)Evelyn Estelle10 Nov 192219 Aug 200885w/Fredrick J.South Grafton NSW
BlackadderFredrick Joseph1916?16 May 197963h/Evelyn Estelle (Watkins)South Grafton NSW
BlackadderGeorge1874?3 Feb 193762South Grafton NSW
BlackadderThomas18 Nov 1966h/EmilySouth Grafton NSW
BlackadderThomas Joseph1943?10 Jun 195613son/Fredrick Joseph & Evelyn EstelleSouth Grafton NSW
BlackadderThursa Ann1883?10 Jun 196077South Grafton NSW
BlackadderWilliam1877?8 Jan 196587South Grafton NSW
BlackleyAlexander James1897?15 Nov 193740h/Zara M (Thompson)South Grafton NSW
BlackleyEmily Ann1891?16 May 196675w/WilliamSouth Grafton NSW
BlackleyIsabella1854?1 Feb 193176w/JohnSouth Grafton NSW
BlackleyJessie1891?15 May 191322dau/John & IsabellaSouth Grafton NSW
BlackleyWilliam1896?8 Jun 198488h/Emily AnnSouth Grafton NSW
BlancWilliam Edouard1867South Grafton NSW
BlanchJohn Harold1901?6 Aug 195857son/John Thomas & RachelSouth Grafton NSW
BlanchJohn Thomas1862?3 Feb 194178h/RachelSouth Grafton NSW
BlanchJoseph Henry1880?25 Dec 195979h/Lois ElizabethSouth Grafton NSW
Blanch (Williams)Lois Elizabeth1886?9 Apr 194862w/Joseph HenrySouth Grafton NSW
BlanchLouis Oliver1882?28 Jun 196482h/May LouisaSouth Grafton NSW
Blanch (Connor)May Louisa1881?7 Apr 196483w/Louis OliverSouth Grafton NSW
Blanch (Connor)Rachel1871?2 Aug 195685w/John ThomasSouth Grafton NSW
Blanchard (Orr)Ilma M1897?13 Apr 198487w/Roy Norman WilliamSouth Grafton NSW
BlanchardRoy Norman William1897?13 Sep 195760h/Ilma MSouth Grafton NSW
BlundellDavid30 Jun 1965son/Arthur George & Valmai LillianSouth Grafton NSW
BlundellJohn30 Jun 1965son/Arthur George & Valmai LillianSouth Grafton NSW
BollerCharlotte1879?1 Jun 195576South Grafton NSW
BondNorman PatrickJul 195110 Feb 19520son/Phillip Walter & Marjorie VioletSouth Grafton NSW
BondVenetia Ann1897?14 Dec 194346South Grafton NSW
BoultonGeorge Shephard1890?2 Nov 196979h/Sarah HelenSouth Grafton NSW
BoultonSarah Helen1890?11 Mar 196170w/George ShephardSouth Grafton NSW
BourkeLynn30 Dec 1950South Grafton NSW
BoweyJohn Albert F1942?23 Dec 196018son/Francis Thomas & DaphneSouth Grafton NSW
BowlesJames M11 May 189914 Sep 195758h/Jessie CRSouth Grafton NSW
BowlesJessie C R14 Aug 190426 Oct 198884w/James MSouth Grafton NSW
Boyes (Channells)Eliza Amelia1891?30 Dec 194857w/William ThomasSouth Grafton NSW
BoyesWilliam Thomas26 Jan 188724 Jul 195972h/Eliza AmeliaSouth Grafton NSW
BoyleEdward Aubrey (Teddy)1944?24 Feb 19549son/Aubrey Clarence & Marie TheresaSouth Grafton NSW
BoyleEdwin Clarence1892?4 Sep 196472son/Robert & Eliza; h/Ethel MSouth Grafton NSW
Boyle (Smith)Ethel Matilda18976 May 197982dau/William & Matilda (Bale); b. MacLean NSW; w/Edwin ClarenceSouth Grafton NSW
Braby (Brindle)Gladys Edith May1907?5 Dec 196154w/Hessel FrankSouth Grafton NSW
BrabyHessel Frank1894?6 May 195965h/Gladys Edith MaySouth Grafton NSW
BradfieldRay1914?20 Feb 19183son/George & Blanche SSouth Grafton NSW
BraithwaitePatrick Clarence17 Aug 19520son/Joseph Bernard & Margaret MinnieSouth Grafton NSW
BrennanPatrick1885?8 Jan 196478son/John & KatherineSouth Grafton NSW
Brewer (Tuckey)Ada Maud1880?21 Mar 194564w/Alfred ErnestSouth Grafton NSW
BrewerAlfred Ernest1869?26 Jun 195889h/Ada MaudSouth Grafton NSW
BrothersonAnnie Estelle1887?2 Sep 196982w/James AlbertSouth Grafton NSW
BrothersonCarl Francis1909?4 Oct 197263son/James Albert & Annie EstelleSouth Grafton NSW
BrothersonJames Albert1886?18 Feb 196376h/Annie EstelleSouth Grafton NSW
BrothersonRonald Brenden1925?30 Oct 201186b. South Grafton, NSW; h/Audrey (Jones) & Fay; NX135211South Grafton NSW
BrownCecily Maud29 Sep 189712 Sep 194345South Grafton NSW
BrownChristina15 Jul 183030 Jan 191685w/JohnSouth Grafton NSW
BrownElizabeth1839?17 Apr 191071w/Isaac DavidSouth Grafton NSW
BrownEmily1876?23 Jun 193862South Grafton NSW
Brown (Onions)Florence Alice Maud2 Jun 18852 Feb 197690formerly Brown; dau/Emanuel Theophilus & Mary Ann (Pinkerton); b. Casino; w/Samuel Isaac & John Thomas (Gillett)South Grafton NSW
BrownIsaac David1836?5 Dec 190468h/ElizabethSouth Grafton NSW
Brown (Watters)Ivy Margaret1895?5 Jul 196368w/Percy SamuelSouth Grafton NSW
BrownJames1830?12 Dec 190878son/James & ElizabethSouth Grafton NSW
BrownJohn6 Oct 182720 Nov 191184h/ChristinaSouth Grafton NSW
BrownPercy Samuel1880?5 Sep 194363h/Ivy MargaretSouth Grafton NSW
BrownRoy12 Jun 191424 Aug 194329NX29600South Grafton NSW
BrownSamuel Isaac4 Mar 18854 Sep 196176son/Wellington Isaac & Susan (Gentle); h/Florence Alice MaudSouth Grafton NSW
BrownSidney Vivian1892?16 Nov 195664h/Vera BramhallSouth Grafton NSW
BrownVera Bramhall1893?6 Dec 197885w/Sidney VivianSouth Grafton NSW
BrownWellington Isaac28 Nov 183825 Jun 191577son/Joseph & Izetta (Lisson); h/Susan (Gentle)South Grafton NSW
Browne (Shelton)Emily1881?12 Apr 195978dau/John & Emily (Garrett); w/Henry FrederickSouth Grafton NSW
BrowneHenry Frederick1880?26 Jul 194868h/Emily (Shelton)South Grafton NSW
Bugden (Bruggy)Ellen Theresa1881?2 Jan 194260w/JohnSouth Grafton NSW
BugdenJohn1872?22 Jun 195179h/Ellen TheresaSouth Grafton NSW
BullLena M1920?11 Jul 196242South Grafton NSW
BullLeslie W1909?9 Nov 199586h/Merle; NX127273South Grafton NSW
BullSelwyn Norman1892?5 Feb 196572855South Grafton NSW
Burgess (Gillett)Catherine Theresa1875?11 Apr 194570w/JamesSouth Grafton NSW
Burgess (Robinson)Elizabeth Exana V1894?4 Jul 195965w/George LSouth Grafton NSW
BurgonPatricia1875?28 Dec 195883South Grafton NSW
BurnettAlexander John1885?28 Feb 195771South Grafton NSW
BurnsWilliam1835?31 Oct 187439South Grafton NSW
BurrellMary1875?31 Jul 193863South Grafton NSW
BurtonJohn William1887?4 Sep 196578h/Minnie SybellaSouth Grafton NSW
Burton (Philip)Minnie Sybella1883?29 Sep 196582w/John WilliamSouth Grafton NSW
Butters (Manewell)Druicella1888?13 Nov 193244w/William EllisSouth Grafton NSW
ButtersLillie Vera1901?14 Apr 198180w/William EllisSouth Grafton NSW
ButtersValmay1936?5 Aug 195519dau/William Ellis & Lillie VeraSouth Grafton NSW
ButtersWilliam Ellis1886?5 Jan 197386h/Lillie VeraSouth Grafton NSW
Caley (Sargent)Maude1891?6 Jul 198796w/William JosephSouth Grafton NSW
CaleyWilliam Joseph1891?14 Aug 195463h/MaudeSouth Grafton NSW
CameronHugh1850?25 May 194595h/SarahSouth Grafton NSW
CameronLeonard COct?19122 Mar 19152son/Arthur G & Mary ESouth Grafton NSW
CameronSarah1852?30 May 193179dau/George & Sarah; w/HughSouth Grafton NSW
CampbellAlbert Edley1883?4 Nov 196885h/IsabellaSouth Grafton NSW
CampbellIsabella1885?8 Aug 196479w/Albert EdleySouth Grafton NSW
CampbellMary4 Jun 19570dau/Eric James & Melva JosephineSouth Grafton NSW
CannyErin Margaret1941?29 Jun 195312dau/Charles William & Hazel May (Cotten)South Grafton NSW
CannyJames Joseph1883?12 Jul 194562h/Margaret CeciliaSouth Grafton NSW
Canny (Weatherstone)Margaret Cecilia1882?3 Jun 196785w/James JosephSouth Grafton NSW
CarlinJosephine1839?8 Apr 191778South Grafton NSW
CarltonBede Anthony1901?8 Oct 195453h/MurielSouth Grafton NSW
Carlton (Burgess)Ellen1852?6 Apr 191967w/DanielSouth Grafton NSW
Carlton (Shannon)Ivy May1898?2 Oct 195456w/RobertSouth Grafton NSW
Carlton (Atkins)Muriel1907?13 Apr 200093w/Bede AnthonySouth Grafton NSW
CarltonRobert1881?23 Dec 196483h/Ivy MaySouth Grafton NSW
CarpenterArthur1893?14 Sep 195764h/Edith S; 1100South Grafton NSW
Carpenter (Hogbin)Edith S1898?4 Jun 198284w/ArthurSouth Grafton NSW
Carroll (Blanch)Edna P1904?30 Jan 197772w/ThomasSouth Grafton NSW
CarrollRosanna Mary1910?20 Apr 193626South Grafton NSW
CarrollThomas1905?5 Oct 196156h/Edna PSouth Grafton NSW
CarterAnna Louisa1875?19 Apr 194065South Grafton NSW
CarterLillian Adeline1888?20 Dec 193345South Grafton NSW
Cavanagh (Johnson)Barbara Kathleenw/Patrick J.South Grafton NSW
CavanaghPatrick Johnh/Barbara K. (Johnson)South Grafton NSW
ChambersJanette Kerr22 Apr 1955dau/Alexander & MarySouth Grafton NSW
Chapman (Curtis)Ann1905?12 Jul 198984w/Walter HenrySouth Grafton NSW
ChapmanDerry1932?15 Apr 19386dau/Ernest Raymond & Kathleen IsabelSouth Grafton NSW
ChapmanJoseph1913?6 Nov 196552h/Mary GertrudeSouth Grafton NSW
Chapman (Gray)Mary Gertrude1915?6 Sep 198065w/JosephSouth Grafton NSW
ChapmanWalter Henry1903?13 Jul 196663h/AnnSouth Grafton NSW
Chaseling (Reid)Amy Margaret (Dibby)25 Jul 190212 Oct 198482formerly Findlay; dau/Joseph & Mary Jane (Layton); b. Grafton, NSW, Australia; w/William Stewart (Findlay) & WilfordSouth Grafton NSW
ChaselingLyla Joyce (Bub)May?192928 Nov 19378dau/Lyle Roland Ernest & Ida ClariceSouth Grafton NSW
Child (Goodenough)Adelaide Jane1874?25 Oct 194672w/David ThomasSouth Grafton NSW
ChildDavid Thomas1870?20 Dec 193868h/Adelaide JaneSouth Grafton NSW
ChristophersonViolet1889?31 May 196677South Grafton NSW
ChurchChristine Clare1948?24 Dec 19557dau/Reginald Walter & Nada ImeldaSouth Grafton NSW
ClarkAlfred1842?7 Oct 191573son/JohnSouth Grafton NSW
ClarkRoy Edrick1903?16 Mar 195551son/Robert & Anna MatildaSouth Grafton NSW
Clarke (Jukes)Jocean19181975w/Mervyn HenrySouth Grafton NSW
ClarkeMervyn Henry (Curly)1915?28 Aug 196348h/Jocean; NX85904South Grafton NSW
Clugston (Johnston)Elizabeth Ann1887?30 Sep 195972w/RonaldSouth Grafton NSW
ClugstonRonald1878?30 Oct 195173h/Elizabeth AnnSouth Grafton NSW
Cobcroft (Ker)Emily Isobel11 Jul 1961w/Ernest HopeSouth Grafton NSW
CobcroftErnest Hope1869?17 Jan 195282h/Emily IsobelSouth Grafton NSW
Collett (Smith)Edith Caroline18839 Feb 193350dau/James & Frances (Maynard); b. Sale, Victoria, Australia; w/HenrySouth Grafton NSW
CollettEliza AnnJan 1835?19 Aug 190570b. Surrey, England; w/JosephSouth Grafton NSW
CollettFrederick1867?26 Aug 191952h/Helena RosamondSouth Grafton NSW
CollettGeorge C1869?20 Jan 194373h/Rose V MSouth Grafton NSW
Collett (Smith)Helena Rosamond1886?15 Nov 194963w/FrederickSouth Grafton NSW
CollettHenry1864?26 Jan 193671son/Joseph & Eliza AnnSouth Grafton NSW
CollettJames20 Jul 186215 Jan 191350son/Joseph & Eliza AnnSouth Grafton NSW
CollettJoseph1831?20 Jan 189462b. Oxfordshire, England; h/Eliza AnnSouth Grafton NSW
CollettRose V M1882?20 Aug 196280w/George CSouth Grafton NSW
Collins (Rieson)Annie Kathrine1897?8 May 194952w/Cecil GeorgeSouth Grafton NSW
CollinsCecil George1893?26 Aug 196774h/Annie KathrineSouth Grafton NSW
ComerfordJohn1879?13 Apr 195778son/Denis & EllenSouth Grafton NSW
ComerfordWilliam1872?13 Aug 195684son/Denis & EllenSouth Grafton NSW
ConnellyJames Gilston ( Gibson)188017 Dec 196080son/Charles James Roy & Elizabeth Mary (Smith); h/Laura Ann (Williams)South Grafton NSW
Connelly (Williams)Laura Ann1883?9 Jul 196481dau/Charles & Ann; w/James GibsonSouth Grafton NSW
ConnorKatherine Mary1889?15 May 196576South Grafton NSW
ConroyCharles Clarence3 Jan 190227 Aug 199189son/Martin & LouisaSouth Grafton NSW
ConroyHenry John1899?19 Apr 192425son/Martin & LouisaSouth Grafton NSW
ConroyLaurence Bede1913?20 Dec 199986h/Vivian MaySouth Grafton NSW
Conroy (Rooke)Louisa1874?31 Jul 195480w/MartinSouth Grafton NSW
Conroy (Rooke)Lucy Elizabeth1871?15?Nov 194574w/ThomasSouth Grafton NSW
Conroy (Quinn)Margaret184829 Sep 193086dau/Patrick & Ellen (Dwyer); w/MartinSouth Grafton NSW
ConroyMartin1838?22 Jun 191476h/MargaretSouth Grafton NSW
ConroyMartin1873?7 May 196491h/LouisaSouth Grafton NSW
ConroyMichael1877?26 Nov 194669son/Martin & MargaretSouth Grafton NSW
ConroyRaymond Bede1947son/Laurence Bede & Vivian MaySouth Grafton NSW
ConroyThomas1864?1 Nov 193874h/Lucy ElizabethSouth Grafton NSW
ConroyThomas Laurence23 Apr 194319 Mar 201773son/Laurence B. & Vivian MaySouth Grafton NSW
CookCharles Henry1873?10 Jun 195178h/Frances HelenaSouth Grafton NSW
Cook (Yager)Frances Helena1881?7 May 195069w/Charles HenrySouth Grafton NSW
CooteFlora1862?191755South Grafton NSW
CooteFrederick1865?30 Oct 193267son/John & ElizabethSouth Grafton NSW
CorbettAlan Eric12 Mar 19430son/Eric David & Emily JoyceSouth Grafton NSW
CorbettGraeme John21 Apr 193511 Dec 19438son/John & Myra MaySouth Grafton NSW
CorcoranHilda12 Oct 1948South Grafton NSW
CorfeEdith May1905?8 Apr 198883w/Northan Thomas WSouth Grafton NSW
CorfeNorthan Thomas W (Tom)1907?18 Feb 196254h/Edith MaySouth Grafton NSW
CorkDavid Bruce19470son/Lionel & Kathleen JeanSouth Grafton NSW
CornwallFrances Elizabeth18901955South Grafton NSW
CotterGeraldine Patricia M19560dau/John Sylvester & Rita FrancesSouth Grafton NSW
CowanDonald Smail1865?7 Oct 195186h/MarySouth Grafton NSW
CowanJames S1872?26 Jul 193563South Grafton NSW
Cowan (Ellis)Mary1885?27 Mar 196983w/Donald SmailSouth Grafton NSW
CowanRoy William15 Mar 1966South Grafton NSW
CowlingAlfred Augustus1858?2 Apr 194486son/Charles & Jane; h/Elizabeth AnnSouth Grafton NSW
CowlingArthur William14 Jul 1958son/Alfred Augustus & Elizabeth AnnSouth Grafton NSW
Cowling (McPherson)Catherine Ann4 Dec 188227 Mar 196380dau/John & Susan (Saul); b. Grafton, New South Wales, Australia; w/Charles MajorSouth Grafton NSW
CowlingCharles Major8 Sep 187520 Feb 195176?son/John & Mary Ann (Morrow); b. Grafton, New South Wales, Australia; h/Catherine Ann (McPherson)South Grafton NSW
CowlingElizabeth Ann1866?23 Aug 193771w/Alfred AugustusSouth Grafton NSW
Cowling (Ellem)Elsie Ada1892?18 Jul 197482w/Herbert JohnSouth Grafton NSW
CowlingEmily Jane1855?28 Feb 194387dau/Thomas & IsabellaSouth Grafton NSW
CowlingFrederick1862?23 Apr 193674h/SusanSouth Grafton NSW
CowlingHerbert John1890?3 Nov 196070h/Elsie AdaSouth Grafton NSW
Cowling (Williams)Isabel Ann1888?31 Jan 195061w/Horace HSouth Grafton NSW
Cowling (Parker)Johanna Maria1889?7 Jul 196374w/Temple FreemanSouth Grafton NSW
CowlingJohn1846?18 Dec 193084son/Charles & Jane; h/Mary Ann (Morrow)South Grafton NSW
Cowling (Morrow)Mary Ann30 Sep 185521 Aug 194387dau/William Robert & Sarah Jane (Coote); b. Paterson, NSW; w/JohnSouth Grafton NSW
Cowling (Ellis)Susan1868?1 Nov 192456w/FrederickSouth Grafton NSW
CowlingTemple Freeman1891?30 Apr 195362h/Johanna MariaSouth Grafton NSW
CowlingThomas1855?13 Aug 193883h/Emily JaneSouth Grafton NSW
CoxEmily1888?2 Mar 191728w/MervynSouth Grafton NSW
CrabbeLouise Jane1876?29 Jun 191539w/RichardSouth Grafton NSW
CrabbeRichard LMay 19106 Sep 19100son/Richard & Louise JaneSouth Grafton NSW
CraigCharles Philip1909?25 May 196657son/William Charles J & Matilda ElizabethSouth Grafton NSW
CraigMargaret Fay1937?4 Jun 196225w/BrianSouth Grafton NSW
Cramp (Ward)Charlotte1871?18 May 195584w/JohnSouth Grafton NSW
CrampJohn1877?1 Jul 192952h/CharlotteSouth Grafton NSW
CrawleySabina1866?3 Sep 195286South Grafton NSW
CreaseyAlbert Marfleet1872?29 Jan 194168h/Frances AnnieSouth Grafton NSW
Creasey (Davis)Frances Annie1876?10 Dec 194468w/Albert MarfleetSouth Grafton NSW
CroninJohn Patrick1886?31 Oct 197084son/Patrick & Anne; h/Mary AnnSouth Grafton NSW
CroninMary Ann1886?4 Feb 196679w/John PatrickSouth Grafton NSW
CunninghamThomas Goode1881?13 May 196079son/William & AgnesSouth Grafton NSW
CurnowWilliam JohnDec 1944?6 Apr 19461son/Arthur Thomas & Elsie MaySouth Grafton NSW
CurranDennis8 Nov 18629 May 194684?son/Daniel; h/ElizabethSouth Grafton NSWGen B16
Curran (English)Elizabeth7 Oct 18757 Aug 192850?dau/John & Annie Mary (Jones); w/DennisSouth Grafton NSWGen B16
CurtisCharles Richard1880?12 May 196181South Grafton NSW
Cusick (Schwinghammer)Leita Juel M. (Juel)16 Apr 193131 Dec 201584dau/Carl T. & Gwendoline G. (Gwen); w/Alton RichardSouth Grafton NSW
DalyJudith20 Feb 1956South Grafton NSW
DalyPatrick1837?17 Dec 190467son/Patrick & Jane (Fahy); b. Co Clare, Ireland; h/Mary (Wall)South Grafton NSW
Darke (Lurcock)Irene Esther1897?18 Oct 198891w/William CharlesSouth Grafton NSW
DarkeWilliam Charles1893?13 Apr 196471h/Irene EstherSouth Grafton NSW
Davenport (Skinner)Gertrude Jean1911?11 Apr 199483w/Augustus NormanSouth Grafton NSW
DaveyEvan Llewellyn187023 Aug 195586son/Thomas Henry & Magdalene (Morrow); b. Shoalhaven NSW; h/Lavinia AnnSouth Grafton NSW
Davey (Luckett)Lavinia Ann1865?10 Nov 193065w/Evan LlewellynSouth Grafton NSW
DavidsonBeatrice Willa1927?13 Feb 196133dau/Joseph Clarence & Rita Daphne ReidSouth Grafton NSW
DavisAllan JamesJan 1933?28 Nov 195825h/Norma PearleSouth Grafton NSW
DavisGeoffrey Earle1869?23 Jan 191444son/Alfred & JaneSouth Grafton NSW
DavisRoger JamesJul 195728 Apr 19580son/Basil Bernard & Shirley DawnSouth Grafton NSW
DavisStephen JamesOct?195512 Dec 19627son/Allan James & Norma PearleSouth Grafton NSW
DavisThomas Buchan1884?1 Aug 197187son/Alfred & JaneSouth Grafton NSW
Davison (Schipp)Minnie Dulcie1899?30 May 198283w/Robert ClarenceSouth Grafton NSW
DavisonRobert Clarence1880?25 May 196080h/Minnie DulcieSouth Grafton NSW
DavisonRobert T1933?1 Jun 197845South Grafton NSW
DavisonThomas1912?26 May 195846son/Robert Wilson & Mabel MaudSouth Grafton NSW
Day (Hopkinson)Betsy Elizabeth1858?19 Jan 191557b. Armidale, NSW, Australia; w/AlfredSouth Grafton NSW
DayNetta May1909?2 Jun 195950dau/Walter & ElizabethSouth Grafton NSW
Dee (Ayres)Selina Ada1879?6 Jan 194666w/Walter SidneySouth Grafton NSW
DeeWalter Sidney1880?8 May 194565h/Salina AdaSouth Grafton NSW
DelaneyMary1805?19 Jun 189388South Grafton NSW
DemeryCharles John10 Mar 190025 May 196666son/John & Elizabeth; b. Dapto, NSW, Australia; h/Edith Mary (Alderton); N388036South Grafton NSW
DennisJohn1887son/JohnSouth Grafton NSW
DennyStella Gertrude1915?22 Jul 199176South Grafton NSW
DentJohn Loahman1905?16 Aug 192621son/John & AliceSouth Grafton NSW
DentLillian Freda1905?24 Mar 192418dau/George F & RoseSouth Grafton NSW
DentRose1880?26 Oct 194262w/George FSouth Grafton NSW
DethickJohn Holmes1862?8 May 194987son/George & ElizaSouth Grafton NSW
Devereaux (Rediger)Emma Louisa1900?12 Jul 198686w/Walter PeterSouth Grafton NSW
DevereauxWalter Peter1892?21 May 195967h/Emma LouisaSouth Grafton NSW
DillonWilliam Robert15 Jul 193511 Dec 19438son/Frederick Robert & OlgaSouth Grafton NSW
DixonJames1842?19 Dec 190866h/MariaSouth Grafton NSW
DixonJames1877?22 Mar 194264son/James & MariaSouth Grafton NSW
DixonJohn Thomas1860?8 Aug 190141son/Michael & Mary; h/Ellen M (O'Meally)South Grafton NSW
Dixon (O'Gorman)Maria1846?31 Mar 193689w/JamesSouth Grafton NSW
DixonMary1843?24 Jun 192178w/MichaelSouth Grafton NSW
DixonMichael1841?19 Aug 187938h/MarySouth Grafton NSW
DohertyBernard1815?18 Nov 190287h/SusannaSouth Grafton NSW
DohertyDaniel1850?20 Mar 193685son/Bernard & SusannaSouth Grafton NSW
DohertyDaniel1889?1 Aug 193849son/Michael & MargaretSouth Grafton NSW
DohertyJames Bernard1896?3 Oct 196266son/Owen & Jane AnnSouth Grafton NSW
Doherty (Maloney)Jane Ann1865?3 Sep 194176w/OwenSouth Grafton NSW
Doherty (Murphy)Margaret1858?21 Sep 193375w/MichaelSouth Grafton NSW
DohertyMichael1847?10 Nov 192477h/MargaretSouth Grafton NSW
DohertyOwen1853?29 Jun 192269h/Jane AnnSouth Grafton NSW
DohertyPatrick1883?18 Dec 196582South Grafton NSW
DohertySusanna1825?2 May 189065w/BernardSouth Grafton NSW
DonnellyClifford Gerald1922?19 May 194826son/Alfred & Kelleth Ethel; NX47787South Grafton NSW
Donnelly (Webb)Marie Violet21 Jan 193024 Oct 196030South Grafton NSW
DonoghueJames EJul 190429 Sep 19040son/John & MarySouth Grafton NSW
DonoghueJohn1871?12 Dec 195079son/Jeremiah & Mary; h/MarySouth Grafton NSW
DonoghueKathleen1897199295dau/John & Mary; b. Ulmarra, NSW; w/Cyril R. (Aspinall)South Grafton NSW
DonoghueMary1841?16 May 192988South Grafton NSW
Donoghue (Duckworth)Mary1874?8 Mar 195075w/JohnSouth Grafton NSW
DonohoeElizabeth1837?4 Oct 192083w/PhilipSouth Grafton NSW
DonohoeJames Michael1913?6 Jan 195844son/Michael & Catherine SarahSouth Grafton NSW
Donohoe (Daley)Martha Jane1874?9 Dec 194975w/MatthewSouth Grafton NSW
DonohoeMatthew1856?28 Dec 195094son/Philip & Elizabeth; h/Martha JaneSouth Grafton NSW
DonohoePhilip1832?4 Sep 191482h/ElizabethSouth Grafton NSW
DonohueMichael1866?5 Apr 194074son/Patrick & Johanna (Lynch)South Grafton NSW
DouslingRuby Bawden1907?27 Jun 193124w/CecilSouth Grafton NSW
Dreise (Little)Alice Josephine1881?26 Nov 195372w/NicholasSouth Grafton NSW
Dreise (Baxter)Eileen Rita191116 Mar 200492dau/John & Margaret; b. Maclean, NSW; w/Thomas J.South Grafton NSW
Dreise (Hughes)Eva Mary1883?28 Jun 195673w/JamesSouth Grafton NSW
DreiseJames1884?10 Feb 196075h/Eva MarySouth Grafton NSW
DreiseMary M1886?20 Nov 194660South Grafton NSW
DreiseNicholas1879?12 Aug 196687h/Alice JosephineSouth Grafton NSW
DreiseThomas John1907?2 Nov 196154h/Eileen R. (Baxter)South Grafton NSW
DruryWilliam McAuley1897?18 Jul 196265son/William James & Ada JaneSouth Grafton NSW
Duckworth (Layton)Ethel Francis1885?28 Jun 197489dau/Edward D & Eleanor Jane (Andrews); b. Grafton, NSW; w/WilliamSouth Grafton NSW
Duckworth (Want)Julia184929 Jul 192576dau/James & Hannah; b. Suffolk, England; w/WilliamSouth Grafton NSW
DuckworthWilliam1935son/Joseph & Mary; h/JuliaSouth Grafton NSW
DuckworthWilliam20 Jan 187814 Jul 195072son/William & Julia (Want); h/Ethel Francis (Layton)South Grafton NSW
DuffyIzetta1845?23 Nov 192580w/JosephSouth Grafton NSW
DuffyIzetta Katherine1873?25 Jul 194875dau/Joseph & IzettaSouth Grafton NSW
DunnHector O1909?13 May 196354South Grafton NSW
DunnHelen19 Feb 1963dau/Kelvin & Joan MaySouth Grafton NSW
DunnJohn1869?16 May 195788h/RosettaSouth Grafton NSW
DunnNorman1931?15 Jun 195221South Grafton NSW
Dunn (Roles)Rosetta1878?6 Sep 195173w/JohnSouth Grafton NSW
Duroux (Maskey)Isabella Jane1880?20 Nov 196080w/Joseph JulesSouth Grafton NSW
DurouxJoseph Jules1876?2 Oct 194973h/Isabella JaneSouth Grafton NSW
DurringtonArthur Ernest15 Feb 18688 Oct 195486son/Thomas & Mary AnnSouth Grafton NSW
Durrington (Holmes)Ellen1864?28 Jun 194682dau/James & Mary Ann (Niland); b. First Falls, Southampton, District of Grafton, Australia; w/William JohnSouth Grafton NSW
Durrington (Shelton)Harriet Mary Jane29 Jul 18819 May 193958?w/Arthur ESouth Grafton NSW
DyerJohn David1897?30 Jul 196164h/Mary; 44South Grafton NSW
DyerQueenie May1906?21 Dec 194438w/John DavidSouth Grafton NSW
EatherHorace Edgar W1887?23 Jun 193144son/William A & Cecilia; h/Sarah AliceSouth Grafton NSW
Eather (Fraizer)Sarah Alice1888?21 Jan 196879dau/John & Fanny Elizabeth; w/Horace EdgarSouth Grafton NSW
EddlestonIsabella1830?24 May 192696South Grafton NSW
Edwards (Hudson)Alice Elizabeth1882?22 Feb 194764dau/George Austen & Anne Jane; b. Grafton, New South Wales; w/Frederick CecilSouth Grafton NSW
EdwardsAlma3 Jun 1926dau/Roland & Anna ElizabethSouth Grafton NSW
Edwards (Lentfer)Anna Elizabeth24 May 187922 Apr 195070dau/Marx & Catherina (Sahran); b. Daly, South Australia, Australia; w/Rowland C (aka Roland)South Grafton NSW
EdwardsEdward Sackville1814?13 Nov 189379b. London, England; h/Sarah Ann (Ward) & Mary (Briggs)South Grafton NSW
Edwards (Wrotten)Eliza Lavina1859?14 Aug 193475w/George G LSouth Grafton NSW
EdwardsGrantley Ernest1909?12 Jun 193122son/Frederick & Alice ESouth Grafton NSW
Edwards (Briggs)Mary184528 Apr 189449dau/James & Bridget (Malone); b. South Grafton, New South Wales, Australia; w/Edward SackvilleSouth Grafton NSW
EdwardsRowlad C187220 Oct 194371son/Edward Sackville & Mary (Briggs); b. Bostobrick, New South Wales, Australia; h/Anna Elizabeth (Lentfer)South Grafton NSW
EgginsJo-Ann Mary11 Jul 196213 Jul 19620dau/Francis Henry & Joan OliveSouth Grafton NSW
Eggins (Dousling)Patrica Catherine24 Nov 192927 Nov 198152dau/Cecil & Ruby Bawden (Austen); w/Ronald AlbertSouth Grafton NSW
ElderFrancis William1913?28 May 194027son/John William & Sarah TheresaSouth Grafton NSW
ElderJohn William1875?21 Dec 194974h/Sarah TheresaSouth Grafton NSW
Elder (Browning)Sarah Theresa1883?9 Jan 196682w/John WilliamSouth Grafton NSW
Elkerton (Courisari)Angelini1855?1 Aug 188328w/JamesSouth Grafton NSW
Elkerton (Edwards)Jean Mary1912?3 Dec 194937w/John HenrySouth Grafton NSW
ElkertonYvonne4South Grafton NSW
EllemAndrew George18613 May 193675son/George & Sarah (Dixon); h/Sarah CSouth Grafton NSW
EllemAndrew John19 Mar 189015 Jan 196675h/Irene Linda Ethel VioletSouth Grafton NSW
Ellem (Moxon)Annie1886?4 Oct 197892w/Charles FrederickSouth Grafton NSW
EllemArthur William1888?1 Apr 196678h/Mary ElizabethSouth Grafton NSW
EllemCecil Thomas1903?8 Sep 198481h/Jessie AladeneSouth Grafton NSW
EllemCharles Frederick (Fred)1883?18 Nov 195673h/AnnieSouth Grafton NSW
Ellem (Watkins)Ellen Selina13 Jun 189231 Mar 198188w/Richard HenrySouth Grafton NSW
EllemErnest HenryApr?193317 Jan 194713son/Cecil Thomas & Jessie AladeneSouth Grafton NSW
EllemErnest Leslie1894?19 May 196672son/Labon & Jane; 3213South Grafton NSW
EllemFrances E1859?4 Feb 191151dau/John & MarySouth Grafton NSW
EllemFrancis William12 Aug 18587 Sep 194486son/George & Sarah (Dixon); b. Congewai Creek,NSW; h/Sarah AnnSouth Grafton NSW
EllemHilton1882?19 May 193048h/Flora M (Graham)South Grafton NSW
Ellem (Morrow)Irene Linda Ethel Violet19 Jun 190415 Jul 197773dau/John James & Matilda (Sharpe); b. Grafton, NSW; w/Andrew JohnSouth Grafton NSW
EllemIsabel1857?23 Jan 193476w/RichardSouth Grafton NSW
Ellem (McPherson)Jessie Aladene1903?31 Dec 198885w/Cecil ThomasSouth Grafton NSW
EllemJohn20 Dec 183216 Jun 191683son/Richard & Charlotte (Huxley)South Grafton NSW
EllemJohn1857?1 Jan 194284son/John & MarySouth Grafton NSW
EllemLavinaMay?190321 Nov 19118dau/Francis William & Sarah AnnSouth Grafton NSW
EllemLeslie1878?16 Apr 193860h/Mary AnnSouth Grafton NSW
EllemMary1836?8 Dec 191781w/JohnSouth Grafton NSW
Ellem (McCaughey)Mary Ann1873?3 Jul 194572w/LeslieSouth Grafton NSW
Ellem (Green)Mary Elizabeth1890?18 Dec 197585w/Arthur WilliamSouth Grafton NSW
EllemRichard1855?21 Jun 193681son/Richard & Susan; h/IsabelSouth Grafton NSW
EllemRichard Henry30 May 188825 May 194859h/Ellen SelinaSouth Grafton NSW
EllemRobert John5?May 188119 Dec 18810son/James & IsabellaSouth Grafton NSW
EllemRonald John4 Feb 192528 Jan 199569h/Enid (Irving)South Grafton NSW
Ellem (Sneesby)Sarah Ann1862?22 Mar 193168w/Francis WilliamSouth Grafton NSW
Ellem (Perring)Sarah C1864?17 Sep 194884w/Andrew GSouth Grafton NSW
ElliottChristine Gay7 Mar 196917 Jun 19690dau/Ronald Isaac & Valda Ada (Yardy)South Grafton NSW
ElliottJohn JosephMay?188410 Feb 193853South Grafton NSW
EllisAmy1878?31 Aug 196789w/George RSouth Grafton NSW
EllisArthur Stanley1907?23 Nov 193427son/George R & AmySouth Grafton NSW
EllisArthur W ThomasMar 189120 Nov 18910son/William & Janet ASouth Grafton NSW
EllisAubrey FrancisJul?19058 Nov 199590h/Elsie Blanche (Liddell)South Grafton NSW

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