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Maclean Lawn (Townsend)Brooms Head Road, Maclean NSW 24633887

3887 inscriptions found - showing from 1 to 500

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AdamsKevin Raymond1933?27 Oct 199865h/IvyMaclean Lawn NSWLwn O93
AdamsMerle Ann23 Sep 194316 May 200157w/TedMaclean Lawn NSWLwn W93
AddisonNoel James1925?15 Nov 198358Maclean Lawn NSWLwn A
AeschlimannGreg1947?20 Dec 199245h/TerriMaclean Lawn NSWLwn Q60
AffleckColin Stuart24 Jan 192828 Feb 200476h/Muriel Gladys Cecila; NX504649Maclean Lawn NSWCol
Affleck (Lang)Muriel Gladys Cecila12 Sep 19208 Aug 199372w/Colin Stuart; NF466135Maclean Lawn NSWCol
AhearnFrancis Joseph1903?24 Jun 198481Maclean Lawn NSWLwn Q24
AikenCharles Daniel1929?3 Sep 199162Maclean Lawn NSWLwn C71
AlbertArthur George1895?18 Jan 197478Maclean Lawn NSWCol
Albert (McPherson)Daphne Myrtle1910?27 Jul 200292w/William ClarenceMaclean Lawn NSWLwn B
Albert (Grainger)Doreen Mary1919?3 Jun 201092w/IvanMaclean Lawn NSWLwn G103
Albert (Kempnich)Ena Sybil1911?29 May 200897w/Ernest EdwardMaclean Lawn NSWLwn T17
AlbertErnest Edward14 Apr 190511 Sep 198479h/Ena Sybil (Kempnich); NX177180Maclean Lawn NSWLwn T
AlbertIvan Edgar7 Oct 191725 Sep 200284son/John Andrew & Ada (McMillan); b. New South Wales, Australia; h/Doreen Mary (Grainger)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn G
AlbertKelvin Charles1920?24 Jul 200585h/Olga Josephine (Smith); 37620Maclean Lawn NSWLwn G
AlbertLillie Emily1904?24 Jun 199086Maclean Lawn NSWCol
Albert (Smith)Olga Josephine1914?22 Oct 200288w/Kelvin CharlesMaclean Lawn NSWLwn G
AlbertThomas James1888?9 Aug 197284Maclean Lawn NSWLwn I
AlbertWilliam Clarence1900?25 May 198282h/Daphne Myrtle (McPherson)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn B
AlcockDaphne Joyce20 Aug 192826 Jun 200475w/Harold JonasMaclean Lawn NSWLwn X
AlcockHarold Jonas7 May 191813 Mar 200485h/Daphne Joyce; NX47588Maclean Lawn NSWLwn X
AlexanderGeorge Maurice2 Nov 191421 Feb 199984Maclean Lawn NSWCol
AlfordBrian9 Aug 194520 Oct 201469h/BettyMaclean Lawn NSWLwn LL112
AlfordBrian Wooton1908?8 Sep 198072h/Stella May (Gibson)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn D16
AlfordMarie Claire1921?14 Sep 201190Maclean Lawn NSWLwn C41
AlfordWilliam1924?17 Jul 198157Maclean Lawn NSWLwn D41
AlgieArthur Edward21 Jan 19156 Jun 199075h/Olive Mabel (Walkley); 20633Maclean Lawn NSWLwn G65
Algie (Walkley)Olive Mabel (Dot)191828 Feb 199475dau/John Henry & Caroline Olive Elizabeth (Swadling); b. Gosford,NSW; w/Arthur EdwardMaclean Lawn NSWLwn G65
AllenAgnes Pearl (Bonnie)9 Nov 193214 Mar 200673w/HarryMaclean Lawn NSWLwn R102
Allen (Tait)Joyce Lena19 Jun 2004w/Kenneth LeonardMaclean Lawn NSWLwn K
AllenKenneth Leonard18 Sep 2001h/Joyce Lena (Tait)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn K106
AllenPeter John24 Apr 193820 Nov 200870Maclean Lawn NSWLwn AA106
AllenPeter John (Rio)20 Nov 2008Maclean Lawn NSWLwn AA
AllenRoss John22 Apr 194629 May 199852h/NitaMaclean Lawn NSWLwn M77
Allgood (Olive)Phyllis Ida1926?1 Apr 198458w/Benjamin EdwardMaclean Lawn NSWLwn S12
AllisonDaniel Adrian25 Nov 193915 Jul 200969h/MargeryMaclean Lawn NSWShrub Post C5
AllisonDaniel Adrian25 Nov 193915 Jul 200969h/MargeryMaclean Lawn NSWGdn
AmosArnold James Edward4 Jun 19171 Oct 198467son/Howard John & Florence Louisa (Norley); b. Maclean, New South Wales, Australia; N165881Maclean Lawn NSWLwn S
AmosEdward ThomasFeb?191712 Sep 197659h/Olive Joan (Niland)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn H5
AmosHerbert Clive1906?9 Jun 198377Maclean Lawn NSWLwn L
AmosJoseph John21 Apr 193723 Nov 200871h/MargaretMaclean Lawn NSWLwn
AmosJoseph John (Joe)23 Nov 2008Maclean Lawn NSWLwn AB
AmosLinda Isabel1907?13 Jan 197567Maclean Lawn NSWLwn L
Amos-MarshLetitia Marion1914?30 Jul 200995Maclean Lawn NSWLwn H56
AndersonAlbert James (Jim)1933?12 Apr 199158Maclean Lawn NSWLwn D42
AndersonBenjamin Jones1901?19 Feb 198987Maclean Lawn NSWLwn A8
Anderson (McGregor)Betty Norma1931?18 Feb 198957w/Wallace BryanMaclean Lawn NSWLwn X43
AndersonCatherine M1896?26 Jul 198286Maclean Lawn NSWLwn A9
AndersonColin Ross13 Aug 192026 Apr 197251h/Iris Caridas Martha; 405535Maclean Lawn NSWLwn I9
AndersonDavid Ernest1907?19 Feb 197971h/Lily EstherMaclean Lawn NSWLwn J37
AndersonDorothy Ann1906?10 Jan 200194Maclean Lawn NSWLwn A
Anderson (Matheson)Gladys1914?4 Jul 200086w/Sidney CharlesMaclean Lawn NSWCol
AndersonGordon Really1902?22 Feb 199289h/Jessie MargaretMaclean Lawn NSWLwn M74
Anderson (Lewis)Hayesel Florence1912?30 Jul 199482w/Ronald Alexander JamesMaclean Lawn NSWLwn W68
AndersonIris Caridas Martha1916?27 Jun 199882w/Colin RossMaclean Lawn NSWLwn I9
Anderson (Doust)Jean Valmere1915?30 Oct 199075w/Keith AlexanderMaclean Lawn NSWLwn C25
Anderson (Martin)Jessie Margaret1903?26 Feb 199389w/Gordon ReallyMaclean Lawn NSWLwn M75
AndersonKeith Alexander1913?29 Dec 198067h/Jean Valmere (Doust)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn D25
Anderson (Llewellyn)Lily Esther1901?26 Jan 197371w/David ErnestMaclean Lawn NSWLwn J37
AndersonMark Anthony1953?1 Jan 199541h/NatalieMaclean Lawn NSWLwn B85
AndersonNorman (Gus)1916?7 Oct 197256son/DavidMaclean Lawn NSWCol
Anderson (Studdon)Olive RachaelNov?19088 Aug 198980w/PeterMaclean Lawn NSWLwn U37
AndersonPeterDec 1903?7 Sep 198783h/Olive RachaelMaclean Lawn NSWLwn U36
AndersonPhyllis13 Dec 192712 Apr 201183Maclean Lawn NSWMem Gdn
AndersonRonald Alexander James1912?29 Mar 200188h/Hayesel FlorenceMaclean Lawn NSWLwn W69
AndersonSidney Charles1910?11 Apr 197262h/GladysMaclean Lawn NSWCol
AndersonWallace Bryan1930?20 Oct 199464h/Betty NormaMaclean Lawn NSWLwn X44
AndersonWilliamina Purdie1898?15 Jun 197072Maclean Lawn NSWLwn K27
AndrzejewskiDavid GeorgeMay?19741 Feb 199015Maclean Lawn NSWLwn E
AndrzejewskiWally1950?9 Nov 199141Maclean Lawn NSWLwn G
AnscombeEarle Hay17 Dec 191911 Jan 198666son/Arthur William & Eliza Jane Mary Ocella (Johnston); b. Bellingen NSW; h/Ruth Estelle Manning (Towell); 414122Maclean Lawn NSWLwn Q47
AppsAlexander Charles1920?5 Jul 200585h/Heather Merle (Curtis); NX95564Maclean Lawn NSWLwn P
AppsDaisy ValerieOct?191821 Feb 198869Maclean Lawn NSWLwn U51
AppsDudley Gordon1900?18 Jan 198180h/EllaMaclean Lawn NSWLwn I
AppsEdwin AlfredFeb?19152 Dec 199176Maclean Lawn NSWLwn U52
Apps (Philp)Ella1904?22 Jan 197166w/Dudley GordonMaclean Lawn NSWLwn I8
Apps (Tunks)Elsie Ellen1911?1 Jan 199078w/Henry BernardMaclean Lawn NSWLwn G8
Apps (Williams)Florence Isabel9 Oct 190725 Jul 199183w/Francis GeorgeMaclean Lawn NSWCol
AppsFrancis George22 Oct 190715 Jul 198880h/Florence IsabelMaclean Lawn NSWCol
AppsFrederick Gordon (Bill)14 Apr 192920 Apr 201586Maclean Lawn NSWLwn E124
AppsFreeman Clyde (Puna)1917?3 Aug 200487h/Ivy CavallMaclean Lawn NSWLwn A
AppsHenry Bernard (Bunny)1904?10 Oct 197672h/Elsie EllenMaclean Lawn NSWLwn G8
Apps (Ensby)Ivy Cavall1916?9 Nov 200791w/Freeman ClydeMaclean Lawn NSWLwn A99
AppsKenneth Henry1930?22 Sep 197848Maclean Lawn NSWCol
Apps (Murray)Linda Jane6 Jun 1986w/Stanley SylvesterMaclean Lawn NSWLwn T45
AppsMax Henry1935?16 Oct 199358Maclean Lawn NSWCol
Apps (Young)Nancy Margaret1944?4 Aug 199551w/Trevor E.Maclean Lawn NSWLwn C81
AppsStanley Sylvester1916?29 Dec 199579h/Linda JaneMaclean Lawn NSWLwn T46
AppsTrevor Edward5 Jul 19428 Jan 201875h/NancyMaclean Lawn NSWLwn C, 82
AppsTrevor Edward5 Jul 19428 Jan 201875h/Nancy M. (Young)Maclean Lawn NSWC, 82
AppsWilliam Earl (Ducket)1913?12 Nov 196855NX46610Maclean Lawn NSWLwn L27
ArcherAnnie11 Jan 2009Maclean Lawn NSWLwn A
ArcherAnnie Jessica1915?11 Jan 200994w/StewartMaclean Lawn NSWLwn A103
ArcherDaphne22 Jan 19262 Jun 201892w/RaymondMaclean Lawn NSWLwn DD, 123
Archer (Sutherland)Georgina1883?3 Feb 196985w/Harold LamoMaclean Lawn NSWLwn L26
ArcherGordon Stewart1910?19 Aug 200494h/AnnieMaclean Lawn NSWLwn A
ArcherHarold Lamon1889?19 Aug 198596h/GeorginaMaclean Lawn NSWLwn L26
Archer (Davis)Leila Muriel1909?16 Feb 199585w/Sydney AlbertMaclean Lawn NSWLwn G20
ArcherRaymond Clarence9 Oct 19231 Aug 201389h/DaphneMaclean Lawn NSWLwn DD123
ArcherRonald Milton1922?14 Dec 197048son/Gordon William H & Agnes MaryMaclean Lawn NSWLwn J
ArcherSydney Albert1903?1 Dec 197572h/Leila MurielMaclean Lawn NSWLwn G20
Archinal (Dearin)Beatrice Rose1891?20 Jan 199199dau/Thomas Henry & Ann Jane (Rofe); w/Stanley HMaclean Lawn NSWLwn K
ArchinalBeatrice Sylvia1917?30 Apr 199679dau/Stanley H & Beatrice RoseMaclean Lawn NSWLwn K
ArmstrongArthur Henry1909?27 Mar 197767son/Alexander & KathleenMaclean Lawn NSWLwn H19
ArmstrongCraig Robert John10 Jan 196717 Jan 200740son/Ray & SylviaMaclean Lawn NSWLwn U84
Armstrong (Bateman)Elaine Nora15 Jan 192717 Dec 201790w/John Alister (Allie)Maclean Lawn NSWX, 90
ArmstrongEmily Jean1915?9 Nov 201095Maclean Lawn NSWLwn K105
Armstrong (Rogers)Florence Ellen9 Oct 192013 Jul 200483w/Robert Bruce; 93130Maclean Lawn NSWLwn F
ArmstrongJohn Allister1918?13 Jul 200183h/Elaine Nora (Bateman)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn X
ArmstrongKenneth William1915?9 Sep 200186h/Emily Jean (Young)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn K
ArmstrongNorman Stanley1914?30 Oct 199985Maclean Lawn NSWLwn R61
ArmstrongPatricia Lorna1927?20 Aug 199265Maclean Lawn NSWLwn R60
ArmstrongRaymond Percival (Ray)24 Apr 19308 Dec 200070h/Sylvia Mary (Nicholson)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn U83
ArmstrongRobert Bruce1921?12 Jun 200382h/Florence Ellen; 15130Maclean Lawn NSWLwn F
AscoliClarrie1939?5 Oct 199758Maclean Lawn NSWLwn V18
Ascoli (Larkin)Ellen Jane (Ellie)1913?31 Jan 200187w/VincentMaclean Lawn NSWLwn J80
Ascoli (Lollback)May Jane1916?18 Mar 198770w/Clarence FelixMaclean Lawn NSWLwn V20
AscoliSten (Clarence Felix)Nov?19155 Jul 200084Maclean Lawn NSWLwn V21
AscoliVincent Alexis O1918?30 Mar 19977837729Maclean Lawn NSWLwn J
AshtonKeith John21 Feb 192925 Mar 200475Maclean Lawn NSWLwn D
AuldJean Lorraine (Lorree)21 Nov 192715 Oct 201082Maclean Lawn NSWMem Gdn
AuldWilliam Anthony2 Oct 192122 Apr 199573Maclean Lawn NSWCol
Austen (Shepherd)Eileen Mary1904?20 Mar 199085w/Leslie VerdonMaclean Lawn NSWLwn E
Austen (Yager)Ethel Emma Irene189827 Jan 198081dau/John George & Emma (Davis); b. Ulmarra, NSW; w/William JamesMaclean Lawn NSWLwn F
AustenLeslie Bryan1935?7 Apr 201277Maclean Lawn NSWLwn E101
AustenLeslie Verdon1908?16 Jun 199183h/Eileen MaryMaclean Lawn NSWLwn E
AustenWilliam James1896?19 Nov 197882h/Ethel Emma Irene (Yager)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn F
AustinEdwin Michael (Mick)31 May 193619 Aug 201377h/Margaret EthelMaclean Lawn NSWLwn EE118
AustinMargaret Ethel19 Feb 19388 Oct 201274w/Edwin Michael (Mick)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn EE118
AustonDerrick18 Feb 19359 Nov 201681h/Patricia M. (Pat)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn LL, 80
AustonPatricia Merle25 Apr 194226 May 201371w/DerrickMaclean Lawn NSWLwn LL79
Avard (Lyons)Ina Christian1901?2 Oct 198483w/Leslie ErnestMaclean Lawn NSWCol
AvardLeslie Ernest1905?29 Jul 199186h/Ina ChristianMaclean Lawn NSWCol
Avery (Marsh)Elsie Mary Ann1893?16 Jul 197784w/Leslie ReginaldMaclean Lawn NSWLwn H29
AveryLeslie Reginald1898?28 Apr 198486h/Elsie Mary AnnMaclean Lawn NSWLwn H29
Avery (Withford)Maureen Olive1925?28 Aug 197853w/Allan MacleanMaclean Lawn NSWLwn P17
BaileyAlbert Ernest1907?22 Apr 197568Maclean Lawn NSWCol
Bailey (Watkins)Alma Grace1912?5 Mar 198875w/Peter KMaclean Lawn NSWLwn U57
BaileyArthur Henry27 May 188422 Oct 196884son/Thomas & Elizabeth (Baker)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn L
Bailey (Garde)Blanche Elizabeth2 Dec 192221 Feb 201492dau/Edward & Jessie; w/SidMaclean Lawn NSWLwen S75
BaileyBrian Joseph (Tom)1940?17 Jul 198747Maclean Lawn NSWCol
BaileyE M (Snow)1907?6 Mar 197971Maclean Lawn NSWLwn E13
BaileyElsie May Ethal1912?18 Jun 200694Maclean Lawn NSWLwn K90
BaileyFlorence Sarah1899?20 Feb 198484Maclean Lawn NSWLwn A A, 55
Bailey (Winkler)Gladys Ascoli1918?6 Jan 199778w/Mervyn LewisMaclean Lawn NSWLwn G
BaileyJoseph1894?1 Dec 199399Maclean Lawn NSWLwn A54
BaileyMervyn Lewis1912?2 Mar 197663h/Gladys AscoliMaclean Lawn NSWLwn G33
BaileyPercy Robert1909?10 Aug 198980Maclean Lawn NSWLwn B73
BaileySamuel Joseph5 Sep 19098 Aug 200292h/Susan FlorenceMaclean Lawn NSWLwn K
BaileySidney Alfred12 Dec 1911?29 Aug 199382h/Dolly; NX46293Maclean Lawn NSWLwn S74
Bailey (Towner)Susan Florence1915?21 Aug 199782w/Samuel JosephMaclean Lawn NSWLwn K79
BaileyWilbur Clarence Stephen1911?15 Sep 199786Maclean Lawn NSWLwn K89
Baillie (Cloke)Kathleen Mary17 Sep 192411 Jul 199671w/Kenneth RussellMaclean Lawn NSWLwn G
BaillieKenneth Russell7 Jul 192423 Mar 201994h/KathleenMaclean Lawn NSWLwn G, 84
BainHugh (Scottie)22 Feb 192721 Jul 199972b. Perth, Scotland; h/NancyMaclean Lawn NSWLwn R
BainNancy22 May 19289 Oct 201688b. Kirknewton, Scotland; w/HughMaclean Lawn NSWR, 88
BakerBruce Ian1927?15 Jun 199063h/Bessie Olwyn (Brown); NX178778Maclean Lawn NSWLwn G
BakerColin John28 Oct 193318 Jun 201985h/DotMaclean Lawn NSWLwn HH, 126
BakerDaniel Ernest Henry4 Mar 189524 Jan 197277son/Henry James & Lucy Jane (Hemfil); b. Grafton, NSW, Australia; h/Doreen Elizabeth Phyllis (Dawn) (Hayes); 2822Maclean Lawn NSWLwn J28
BakerDonald Douglas1917?16 Sep 197659h/Vera F; NX46064Maclean Lawn NSWLwn G
Baker (Hayes)Doreen Phyllis Elizabeth (Dawn)25 Jul 192121 Nov 201392formerly Beazley; dau/Arthur Edward & Clara (Anderson); b. Broadwater, NSW, Australia; w/Mervyn Thomas (Beazley) & Daniel Ernest HenryMaclean Lawn NSWLwn J28
BakerDouglas Edward17 Mar 193830 Aug 200567h/Dawn Eileen (Gillespie)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn P
BakerJames (Jim)12 Oct 193412 Jun 201277Maclean Lawn NSWLwn W109
Baker (Ford)Miriam Mary1919?21 Apr 198263w/William JamesMaclean Lawn NSWLwn K
Baker (Edwards)Thelma May1922?1 May 200179w/Thomas GeorgeMaclean Lawn NSWLwn W
BakerThomas George24 Aug 191731 May 200385h/Thelma May; NX56932Maclean Lawn NSWLwn W
BakerWilliam James1916?28 Jul 197458h/Miriam MaryMaclean Lawn NSWLwn K
BakerWinifred Elizabeth4 Jul 19078 Aug 200598w/RonMaclean Lawn NSWLwn O
Baker-Montague (Boulton)Vera Isabel21 Aug 192313 Nov 201693b. Boinka, Vic.; w/Frank & Don; VFX128993Maclean Lawn NSWLwn A G, 4
Bale (French)Alma Lavender1915?28 Nov 199479w/Clarence GordonMaclean Lawn NSWLwn X74
BaleClarence Gordon1911?13 Jun 200291h/Alma LavenderMaclean Lawn NSWLwn X
BaleHarold Edward26 Jun 191315 Apr 198773h/Ina Anne; 131908Maclean Lawn NSWLwn S
Bale (Sutherland)Ina Anne1909?13 Feb 198575w/Harold EdwardMaclean Lawn NSWLwn S
BalfourAlan Stewart12 Dec 192520 Nov 201084h/Elsie; N466777Maclean Lawn NSWLwn AA128
BalfourElsie Georgina6 Sep 192712 Jul 202193dau/Jane; w/Alan StewartMaclean Lawn NSWC AB, 129
BallAlbert Edward1914?2 Jul 197662h/Amelia FlorenceMaclean Lawn NSWLwn H
Ball (Drew)Amelia Florence1914?28 Jul 198369w/Albert EdwardMaclean Lawn NSWLwn H
BallMichael Daniel29 Jan 19474 Apr 200962h/DeniseMaclean Lawn NSWCol
BallardAngus21 Dec 198920 Aug 200919son/Mick & KerryMaclean Lawn NSWLwn X97
BallardClem17 Jul 2007Maclean Lawn NSWLwn X
BallardClem Scott19 Oct 198817 Jul 200718son/Mick & KerryMaclean Lawn NSWLwn X96
BancroftCharles1906?25 Dec 198882h/Holly MyrtleMaclean Lawn NSWLwn W
Bancroft (Horder)Coral Mary1927?4 Mar 199466w/Kelvin StewartMaclean Lawn NSWLwn O
BancroftElla Gladys1911?26 Apr 200594w/GordonMaclean Lawn NSWCol
BancroftGordon1913?6 May 198976h/Ella Gladys; NX72725Maclean Lawn NSWCol
Bancroft (Woods)Holly Myrtle1906?5 Nov 199791w/CharlesMaclean Lawn NSWLwn W
BancroftKelvin Stewart1924?13 May 199268h/Coral; NX41414Maclean Lawn NSWLwn O
BannermanLendal Freddie10 Apr 193119 Apr 200271h/PatriciaMaclean Lawn NSWLwn J
BarnardNarelle1932?1 Feb 201684w/BillMaclean Lawn NSWLwn T30
BarnardWilliam George (Bill)1925?23 Mar 198559Maclean Lawn NSWLwn T
BarnettJoan1 Apr 191714 Aug 201194w/LeslieMaclean Lawn NSWLwn C79
BarnettJoan1 Apr 191714 Aug 201194w/LeslieMaclean Lawn NSWLwn C79
BarnettLeslie12 Jun 19197 Jul 199576h/Joan (Clapham); 32457Maclean Lawn NSWLwn C
BarnettLeslie12 Jun 19197 Jul 199576h/Joan; 32457Maclean Lawn NSWLwn C79
BarnierCecil Royce23 Jan 191218 Apr 199179son/Ernest & Amy May Beatrice (Eggins); b. Grafton, New South Wales, Australia; h/Joyce Arabelle (Black) & Alice Beatrice (Luther)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn K
BarnierDorothea1920?6 Feb 201292w/HerbertMaclean Lawn NSWLwn AB105
Barnier (Waterhouse)Gertrude May1902?7 Jul 199189w/Roy GordonMaclean Lawn NSWLwn M
BarnierHerbert Clyde1912?13 Jun 199482h/Dorothea (Beel)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn W62
BarnierKeith Henry1915?20 Sep 199782Maclean Lawn NSWLwn J
BarnierM Jean1909?20 Jul 199182Maclean Lawn NSWLwn H
Barnier (Castle)Maree Clare1962?19 Jan 200947dau/Kevin Francis & Doreen ValmaiMaclean Lawn NSWLwn U24
BarnierPercy Ernest8 Dec 1972267Maclean Lawn NSWLwn I
BarnierReginald Bryan1904?14 Nov 197268son/Thomas & FannyMaclean Lawn NSWLwn I
BarnierRoy Gordon1902?11 May 197573h/Gertrude MayMaclean Lawn NSWLwn M
BarnsleyElaine Margaret (E)1947?28 Dec 200356Maclean Lawn NSWLwn C
BarnsleyHenry William1910?6 Nov 197868Maclean Lawn NSWLwn F10
BarnsleyHenry William1910?6 Nov 197868Maclean Lawn NSWLwn F
BarnsleyJean Anne1914?22 Jan 201399Maclean Lawn NSWLwn F10
BarrettMargaret Caroline1926?5 May 198862w/StanMaclean Lawn NSWLwn X
BarrettStanley Edwin1914?29 Jun 200086Maclean Lawn NSWLwn V
BartonBruce Burfield191828 Aug 199678son/Frank B & Susan J (Evans); b. Sydney NSW, Australia; h/Mary Beryl N (Slingo); N50891Maclean Lawn NSWLwn G
BastianAllan28 Dec 194811 Jan 201263Maclean Lawn NSWLwn AB130
BatemanCedric James (Bronk)6 Oct 192526 Feb 200478h/Gloria Dawn (Ainsworth)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn D
BatemanJoseph Francis (Mick)25 Sep 192131 Aug 201694h/Phylis E. (Wiblen); N165885, NX160822Maclean Lawn NSWLL, 109
Bateman (Wiblen)Phylis Enid24 Aug 192122 Sep 201594w/Joseph Francis (Mick)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn LL108
BatemanThomas Esmond1928?29 Nov 199567Maclean Lawn NSWLwn D
BathgateMairi Fraser (Sr)12 Jun 190630 May 200396dau/Charles & Annie; NFX12620Maclean Lawn NSWLwn H
BatsonMalcolm David19562002Maclean Lawn NSWLwn J
BatsonStanley Walter1911?27 May 199382VX33338Maclean Lawn NSWLwn K
BatsonTootsie Ellen1909?31 Jan 199181Maclean Lawn NSWLwn K
BattColin Benjamin1928?22 Aug 198153Maclean Lawn NSWLwn D
Batt (Bruce)Violet May1897?3 Nov 197477w/Benjamin JMaclean Lawn NSWLwn K
BattinAllan Sydney28 Mar 193117 Apr 200574h/MargaretMaclean Lawn NSWLwn M
BaulchKenneth Ellis20 Sep 192821 Jan 199162h/Marjorie AllisonMaclean Lawn NSWLwn K
BaulchMarjorie Allison25 Apr 19293 Dec 200677w/KenMaclean Lawn NSWLwn K61
BaulchMarjorie Allison25 Apr 19293 Dec 200677w/Kenneth EllisMaclean Lawn NSWLwn K61
BaxterErnest1892?21 Mar 198491Maclean Lawn NSWLwn S
BaxterJohn E Royal1908?17 Jul 197668h/Nance Mary ChristianMaclean Lawn NSWLwn G
Baxter (Freshwater)Nance Mary Christian1915?5 Aug 198065w/John E RoyalMaclean Lawn NSWLwn G
BeanNorman Henry9 Sep 19214 Aug 199169NX203050Maclean Lawn NSWCol
BeckSamuel Frederick19141998Maclean Lawn NSWLwn M
Beckman (Sheargold)Betty Joan20 Aug 193224 Mar 201784w/Kenneth I.Maclean Lawn NSWAA, 114
Beckman (Peterie)Isabella Frances1904?28 May 197369w/JacobMaclean Lawn NSWLwn I
BeckmanJacob1898?21 Jan 197778h/Isabella FrancisMaclean Lawn NSWLwn I
BeckmanKenneth Innes (Becky)1 Apr 193729 Jan 200870h/Betty Joan (Sheargold)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn AA, 114
Bedson (Masen)Janice Mary9 Oct 19394 Oct 200868dau/Charles John & Lily; w/ReubenMaclean Lawn NSWLwn
BeebyNicholas Colin15 Sep 198423 Feb 200318son/Allan MacKenzie & JaneMaclean Lawn NSWLwn H
Beech (Hyde)Barbara May25 Aug 193513 Sep 201277Maclean Lawn NSWLwn N49
BeelAthol Mervyn25 Jul 192720 Feb 200981Maclean Lawn NSWCol
BeelEdward Joseph1918?18 Sep 199173Maclean Lawn NSWLwn X
BeelEric Thomas1917?5 Apr 198871Maclean Lawn NSWLwn X
BeelJohn Edric1912?24 Dec 198775son/John Thomas & Mary; h/Maud M (Muter)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn V
BeesleyAnnabella1901?20 Jun 197776Maclean Lawn NSWLwn O
BelcherRichard Albert30 Jan 195221 Oct 201361Maclean Lawn NSWLwn D119
Bell (Bacon)Beryl Elizabeth Ann1916?6 May 200286w/Herbert GeorgeMaclean Lawn NSWCol
BellDonald1894?19 Jun 197379son/IsabellaMaclean Lawn NSWLwn I
Bell (Davis)Dorothy May5 Sep 192931 Dec 201485w/Frederick G.Maclean Lawn NSWLwn E126
Bell (Kempnich)Edna Pearl1909?5 Aug 200091w/George AndrewMaclean Lawn NSWLwn G
BellFrederick George15 Sep 19285 Jan 201687h/Dorothy M. (Davis)Maclean Lawn NSWE, 126
BellGeorge Andrew1901?25 Jun 197675h/Edna PearlMaclean Lawn NSWLwn G
BellHerbert George (Bert)1914?4 Dec 200793h/Beryl Elizabeth AnnMaclean Lawn NSWCol
BellMax Cecil15 Sep 192819 Sep 200981h/AnnMaclean Lawn NSWCol
BellMeleta May22 Oct 193523 Feb 201276w/JackMaclean Lawn NSWLawn AB116
BellRoy William1913?24 Feb 198369Maclean Lawn NSWLwn I
BennettAnita Ruth (Anne)15 Jul 195221 Feb 201057w/AndrewMaclean Lawn NSWLwn AA120
BennettNoel Clifford24 Dec 193115 Oct 200270son/Clifford & Jessie Mackay (Miller); h/Sandra Gay (Davis)Maclean Lawn NSWCol
BennettSpencer1927?30 Aug 199871h/CecilyMaclean Lawn NSWCol
BennettTerrence Cecil20 Mar 197010 Feb 200231h/NardeenMaclean Lawn NSWLwn L
BensonDonald David (Dick)4 Jun 19507 Jul 198737h/RobynMaclean Lawn NSWLwn V
Benson (Blanchard)Marjorie Merle13 Nov 192416 May 201792w/Ronald HoraceMaclean Lawn NSWCol H
BensonMatthew James23 May 197326 Aug 201744son/Donald D. (Dick) & RobynMaclean Lawn NSWLwn B, 41
BensonRonald Horace20 Jan 192618 Jul 200882h/Marjorie Merle (Blanchard)Maclean Lawn NSWCol H
BentleyLance Clark20 Feb 19107 Dec 198272h/Lola Millicent; 37194Maclean Lawn NSWCol
Bentley (Watson)Lola Millicent21 Jun 191711 Sep 200992w/Lance Clark; 93632Maclean Lawn NSWCol
BermanRalph William11 Aug 19176 Feb 201496NX44523Maclean Lawn NSWMem Gdn
BetterridgeAlbyn (Moose)1939?12 Jan 200262Maclean Lawn NSWLwn L
BetterridgeAugustus Gordon6 Dec 189812 Apr 199192h/Allene E (Nicholson)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn H
BetterridgeEdgar RoyMar?190523 Nov 196863h/Gladys U (North)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn L
BetterridgeEdna AnnieDec 1908?23 Oct 197970Maclean Lawn NSWLwn F
BetterridgeGladys Venetha11 May 190710 Apr 199789Maclean Lawn NSWCol
Betterridge (Carr)Pearl Enid1902?6 Mar 199289dau/Abraham & Ruth; b. Maclean, NSW, Australia; w/Wesley ClifdenMaclean Lawn NSWLwn J
BetterridgeReginald James1901?10 Jun 198786h/Edna A (Bunfield)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn E
BetterridgeWesley Clifden19029 May 197269son/George Clifden & Emily Jane (Wilson); b. Maclean, NSW, Australia; h/Pearl Enid (Carr)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn J
BewleyClarence EdwardNov 1909May 200696son/George & RoseMaclean Lawn NSWLwn X92
BewleyWilliam Geoffrey1912?16 Jul 200189son/George & RoseMaclean Lawn NSWLwn X
BichselChristopher Maurice5 Aug 194412 Sep 200965Maclean Lawn NSWLwn AA77
BiddleAlan Sinclair13 Mar 192628 Jun 200276h/FayMaclean Lawn NSWLwn G
BiddleColin Harrison26 Sep 193023 Nov 200575h/ColleenMaclean Lawn NSWCol
Biddle (Eggins)Fay1926?23 Aug 199670w/Alan SinclairMaclean Lawn NSWLwn G
BiddleGraeme17 Oct 194927 Jun 201363Maclean Lawn NSWLwn EE115
BiddleIan William1931?6 Oct 198958Maclean Lawn NSWCol
BiddleIvan Hedley1919?1 Nov 197152h/Marion JaneMaclean Lawn NSWLwn I
BiddleJames Albert24 May 18963 Jun 198791h/Vera Kathleen; 1318Maclean Lawn NSWLwn A
BiddleKhale Robert5 May 199225 Aug 200210son/Neale & JaniceMaclean Lawn NSWChildren
Biddle (Page)Marion Jane1917?30 May 199275dau/Thomas N & Emily J; w/Ivan HedleyMaclean Lawn NSWLwn I
BiddleMaryOct?18911 Jun 198997Maclean Lawn NSWLwn B
Biddle (Harrison)Vera Kathleen12 Oct 189631 Mar 198386w/James AlbertMaclean Lawn NSWLwn A
BiddleWilliam25 Jun 190030 Jun 199191NX46065Maclean Lawn NSWLwn B
BillsFrancis Leonard26 Apr 19337 Jul 200370h/Helen Dawn (Nelson)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn K114
Bills (Shutt)Grace1916?5 Mar 198972w/LeonardMaclean Lawn NSWLwn X
Bindley (Gregory)Colleen Dawn4 Jan 193324 Apr 201885w/Raymond KennethMaclean Lawn NSWLwn B, 25
Bindley (Willis)Ivy Eleanor1907?19 Jan 199284w/William EdwardMaclean Lawn NSWLwn A
BindleyRaymond Keith (Sheriff)1 Sep 193112 Sep 200978h/Colleen D. (Gregory)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn B33
BindleyWilliam Edward1904?4 Jun 198379h/Ivy EleanorMaclean Lawn NSWLwn A
BirchallElizabeth Mary1918?6 Mar 198364Maclean Lawn NSWCol
BirksWinifred Mary (Peggy)6 Aug 191328 Jun 2014100w/ArnoldMaclean Lawn NSWCol A
BlackAthol Gordon (Max)1924?17 May 197753h/Marie Doris (Williams); NX176359Maclean Lawn NSWLwn H36
BlackKenneth18 Sep 19327 Sep 201784Maclean Lawn NSWLwn F, 34
Black (Williams)Marie Doris1 Oct 1988w/Athol GordonMaclean Lawn NSWLwn H36
BlackRaymond Charles30 Aug 2008son/Douglas James & Agnes Maria (Barber)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn AB
BlackRaymond Charles5 Jan 192831 Aug 200880h/JoanMaclean Lawn NSWLwn AB110
BlackwellElaine May1935?11 Aug 200570Maclean Lawn NSWCol
Blair (Clark)Iris Aileen19 Aug 2006w/KennethMaclean Lawn NSWLwn S
BlairJohn David26 Nov 194019 Aug 201877h/MargaretMaclean Lawn NSWCol F
BlairKenneth3 Oct 2007h/Iris AileenMaclean Lawn NSWLwn S
BlairLance1905?28 Oct 199590Maclean Lawn NSWCol
BlakeLawrence William31 Mar 191315 Aug 200491Maclean Lawn NSWLwn A
BlakeLawrence William (Junior)10 Jun 193725 Feb 201274Maclean Lawn NSWLwn A101
Blanch (Kratz)Amy Evelyn191919 Aug 198969formerly Towner; dau/William Thomas & Emily Ellen (Causley); b. Maclean, NSW, Australia; w/Edward (Towner) & ClaudeMaclean Lawn NSWLwn A68
BlanchCecil KeithJun?190328 Aug 198380h/May KirkMaclean Lawn NSWLwn B
BlanchClarence Euston1907?1 Apr 199184h/Helen JeanMaclean Lawn NSWLwn K72
BlanchClaude8 Aug 2007son/Alfred A & Annie M; h/Amy EvelynMaclean Lawn NSWLwn A
BlanchClyde1918?2 Jul 201294Maclean Lawn NSWLwn X61
BlanchEdna Joy7 Mar 19339 Jan 201177w/BruceMaclean Lawn NSWCol
BlanchEdna Joy7 Mar 19339 Jan 201177w/BruceMaclean Lawn NSWCol F
Blanch (Hough)Eva Valerie1915?27 Jul 200186w/Gordon StanleyMaclean Lawn NSWLwn K
BlanchFelicia May1920?8 Sep 199474Maclean Lawn NSWLwn X60
BlanchGordon Stanley1911?31 Oct 200190h/Eva ValerieMaclean Lawn NSWLwn K99
BlanchHarold Frederick1904?27 Nov 197571h/Lila HazelMaclean Lawn NSWLwn G18
Blanch (McFarlane)Helen Jean1910?12 Jul 200595w/Clarence EustonMaclean Lawn NSWLwn K
Blanch (Fuller)Joan Annie1924?5 Jan 199469w/ThomasMaclean Lawn NSWLwn S47
BlanchLeslie Edward1914?10 Sep 198167Maclean Lawn NSWLwn D45
Blanch (Jefferies)Lila Hazel1904?29 Jul 199995w/Harold FrederickMaclean Lawn NSWLwn G
Blanch (McKinnon)May KirkMay?190917 Aug 199081w/Cecil KeithMaclean Lawn NSWLwn B52
BlanchRonald Clarence (Don)1902?29 Jun 199088h/Winifred MaudeMaclean Lawn NSWLwn G73
BlanchWalter Harvey1911?13 Dec 198270Maclean Lawn NSWLwn B26
Blanch (Want)Winifred Maude1909?28 May 199485w/Ronald ClarenceMaclean Lawn NSWLwn G74
Bleasdale (Grimes)Jean Elizabeth29 Nov 192617 Aug 200881w/NevilleMaclean Lawn NSWLwn W105
BleasdaleNeville27 Aug 192525 Jun 200781h/Jean ElizabethMaclean Lawn NSWLwn W104
BockAlbert Christian1903?18 May 198582h/Annie (Donnellan)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn R
BodenElsie1886?24 Jul 197589Maclean Lawn NSWLwn G3
BodkinEric Howard (Ace)1927?29 Aug 200073Maclean Lawn NSWLwn A7
BodkinHenry Francis1908?24 Jul 198274Maclean Lawn NSWLwn A6
Bodycote (Rhodes)Barbara Ellen16 Oct 193810 May 201374w/Clarence George (Clarrie)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn A, 115
BodycoteClarence George (Clarrie)30 Aug 192814 Jun 201889h/Barbara Ellen (Rhodes)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn A, 115
Bodycote (Cannon)Emily (Emma)189722 Mar 199597dau/George & Annie (Davison); b. Ulmarra, NSW; w/Walter HaroldMaclean Lawn NSWLwn H38
BodycoteHanorah Loloma9 Aug 193424 Jan 201681w/William N. (Norman)Maclean Lawn NSWGdn
BodycoteWalter Harold13 Nov 18919 Feb 197886son/John & Mary Ann (Green); b. Bemboka, NSW; h/Emma Lavinia Lidia (Cannon); 4085 N425247Maclean Lawn NSWLwn H38
BodycoteWalter Raymond17 Aug 193015 Sep 200979Maclean Lawn NSWShrub Post B5
BodycoteWilliam Norman1926201791h/Maureen Aileen Greta (Lamont) & Hanorah L.Maclean Lawn NSWGdn
BoermaRoelof Pieter (Pieter)8 Jul 19394 Oct 201475h/JaniceMaclean Lawn NSWShrub Post
BolandBetty May14 May 19268 Jul 199064Maclean Lawn NSWLwn E76
BolandNeville David14 Oct 19216 Oct 200280Maclean Lawn NSWLwn E76
BoltonCharles Leslie1925?6 Apr 200580h/KathleenMaclean Lawn NSWLwn N
BoltonGeoffrey John6 Sep 192820 Nov 201890h/JeanMaclean Lawn NSWLawn N157
Bolton (Ward-Smith)Kathleen1915?9 Feb 199882w/Charles LeslieMaclean Lawn NSWLwn N79
BoltonKaye Maree23 Mar 196030 Jul 201858w/GarryMaclean Lawn NSWLawn N158
BoltonNigel Paul29 Nov 199729 Nov 19970Maclean Lawn NSWLwn Q159
BoltonPatricia Valerie1934?18 Sep 199763Maclean Lawn NSWLwn N161
BonaccorsiFay Mavis22 Mar 193613 Nov 201478w/GeorgeMaclean Lawn NSWLwn EE124
Bond (Frood)Margaret Anne11 Jun 194321 Jan 201874w/Ronald ErnestMaclean Lawn NSWN, 144
Bondfield (Marsh)Mary Ann Maud1908?23 Apr 197971w/Walter JamesMaclean Lawn NSWCol
BondfieldWalter James2 Jul 190813 Apr 199788h/Mary Ann MaudMaclean Lawn NSWCol
BonfantiConcetta10 Mar 19355 Jul 201681w/GabrieleMaclean Lawn NSWKK, 97
BonfantiGabriele18 Nov 192316 Aug 201490h/ConcettaMaclean Lawn NSWLwn KK96
BonfantiGabriele18 Nov 192316 Aug 201490h/ConcettaMaclean Lawn NSWLwn KK96
BonifaceDoris1919?27 Dec 200990Maclean Lawn NSWLwn A50
BonifaceDoris1919?27 Dec 200990Maclean Lawn NSWLwn A50
BonifacePercy29 Sep 19147 Oct 198470b. Mackay, QLD; NX55611Maclean Lawn NSWCol
BonifaceReginald1 Nov 191528 Nov 198368son/Walter & Mary Blanche; b. Innisfail, QLD; h/Doris (Rothwell); N444437Maclean Lawn NSWLwn A
BonnettJohn1934?27 Nov 199258h/ValMaclean Lawn NSWCol
BoormanReginald Stewart1942?3 Jul 200058Maclean Lawn NSWLwn W8
BoormanRodney DavidSep?19706 Jun 198817Maclean Lawn NSWLwn W7
BoothbyThomas Wilfred1902?13 May 197068son/George Henry & Sarah (Butters); h/Ethel Martha (Boorman) & Kathleen May (Capple)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn K14
BoothbyThomas Wilfred1902?13 May 197068son/George Henry & Sarah (Butters); b. Ulmarra, NSW, Australia; h/Ethel (Boorman)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn k14
BosJohn1929?20 Mar 197343Maclean Lawn NSWCol
BougenFrederick John1904?22 Jul 198379h/Margaret BerylMaclean Lawn NSWLwn B
Bougen (Munro)Margaret Beryl (Meg)14 Feb 19131 Dec 200794w/Frederick JohnMaclean Lawn NSWLwn B
BourkeGeorge Cyril1918?29 Jul 199981h/MollieMaclean Lawn NSWCol
Bourke (Blegg)Mollie1917?22 Jul 199477w/George CyrilMaclean Lawn NSWCol
BowenEddy Cyril1913?5 Mar 197965Maclean Lawn NSWLwn E11
BowlerJoseph Colin13 Feb 192717 Sep 200275h/Muriel Dorothy (Williams)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn P
BoydAlexander James1913?24 Sep 200390h/Thelma JoyceMaclean Lawn NSWLwn N
Boyd (Peck)Annie May1912?22 Jul 200492w/William CliveMaclean Lawn NSWLwn I
BoydNola Isabel15 Nov 192623 Jun 201386w/William Richard (Bill)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn DD131
Boyd (Child)Thelma Joyce1916?16 Apr 199882w/Alexander JamesMaclean Lawn NSWLwn N91
BoydWilliam Clive1910?20 Mar 197362h/Annie MayMaclean Lawn NSWLwn I47
BoydWilliam Richard (Bill)6 Aug 19231 Oct 201289h/Nola IsabelMaclean Lawn NSWLwn DD131
BoyesWilliam George1928?23 Aug 200981Maclean Lawn NSWCol
BoyleBerenice Hurley1916?1 May 198771w/AtholMaclean Lawn NSWLwn U20
BoyleDawn1934?9 May 200066w/IvanMaclean Lawn NSWLwn V
BoyleEdna Chorline1933?16 Jul 198350Maclean Lawn NSWLwn R12
BoyleEdwin David3 Jun 194011 Sep 201878h/ElaineMaclean Lawn NSWGdn
BoyleHenry Federal190612 May 198073son/Robert & Eliza (Smith); b. Maclean, NSW, Australia; h/Marion (Law)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn D5
BoyleIvan4 Jan 192313 May 200178h/Dawn; NX175517Maclean Lawn NSWLwn V
Boyle (Law)Marion1913?20 Dec 199986dau/George & Lilian Olive Gertrude (Parkinson); b. Harwood Island, N S W, Australia; w/Henry FederalMaclean Lawn NSWLwn C5
Boyle (Olive)Thelma May1918?1 Aug 199880w/William JamesMaclean Lawn NSWLwn H46
BoyleWilliam James Robert1919?15 May 197859h/Thelma MayMaclean Lawn NSWLwn H46
BradfieldAllan Robert1955?24 May 199338Maclean Lawn NSWLwn P76
BradfieldDelma Joy1932?4 Apr 197644Maclean Lawn NSWLwn G35
BradfieldGeorge Vincent1922?1 Apr 199472NX47782Maclean Lawn NSWLwn A35
Bradfield (Beel)Mavis Doreen1929?23 Jun 198960w/Robert ThomasMaclean Lawn NSWCol
BradfieldNeville Colin1922?13 Nov 198361Maclean Lawn NSWLwn B
BradfieldRobert Thomas21 Dec 1994h/Mavis DoreenMaclean Lawn NSWCol
BradleyJohn Clive Bernard13 Jul 190412 Jan 197974b. England; 37234Maclean Lawn NSWCol
BradleyLoretta Elizabeth18 Aug 19423 Feb 200461w/KeithMaclean Lawn NSWLwn C
BradleyPhyllis (Pat)1908?18 Sep 199082w/John Clive BernardMaclean Lawn NSWCol
Brady (Dalzell)Joan Katherine1913?27 May 199784w/William AlexanderMaclean Lawn NSWLwn X71
BradyWilliam Alexander1914?25 Sep 199480h/Joan KatherineMaclean Lawn NSWLwn X70
BrailsfordAustin George13 Dec 194117 Jan 200866Maclean Lawn NSWLwn AB
BrailsfordAustin George13 Dec 194117 Jan 200866Maclean Lawn NSWLwn AB100
BrailsfordMarlene Rae10 Aug 194419 Jul 201065Maclean Lawn NSWLwn AA97
BransbyHeather22 Jun 19316 Nov 201887Maclean Lawn NSWLwn
BransdonEdward R (Ted)1928?19 Apr 197345Maclean Lawn NSWLwn I49
BransdonEdward Robert (Ted)1928?19 Apr 197345h/Norma BettyMaclean Lawn NSWLwn I
BransdonNorma B (Billie)1926?4 Aug 200882Maclean Lawn NSWLwn I49
BransdonNorma B (Billie)1926?4 Aug 200882Maclean Lawn NSWLwn I49
Bransdon (Lowe)Norma Betty (Billie)1926?4 Aug 200882dau/Stuart & Pike (Elsie Irene); w/Edward RobertMaclean Lawn NSWLwn I
BrazJadvidga1901?19 May 198483Maclean Lawn NSWLwn P47
BrazKazys1898?14 Dec 198082Maclean Lawn NSWLwn O47
BreckenridgeBevan Ross (Marbuck)7 Oct 19701 Jun 201544son/Arthur & JudithMaclean Lawn NSWLwn EE121
BreckenridgeDwayne Edward26 Oct 196419 Jul 201449h/LeanneMaclean Lawn NSWLwn DD120
BreckenridgeSteven Arthur4 Feb 196628 Jul 201347son/Arthur & Judith; h/SonyaMaclean Lawn NSWLwn DD121
BrettJohn Falconer1908?16 Sep 197870Maclean Lawn NSWLwn F8
Brett (Bell)Lorraine Jennifer8 Sep 195714 Sep 200952w/WarrenMaclean Lawn NSWLwn
BridgeIrene20 Apr 2000w/JesseMaclean Lawn NSWLwn T
BridgeJesse20 Apr 2008h/IreneMaclean Lawn NSWLwn T
BridgeJesse20 Apr 2008h/IreneMaclean Lawn NSWLwn T92
BristolNeville Arthur19271998h/PamelaMaclean Lawn NSWCol
Bristol (Thorne)Pamela19302003w/Neville ArthurMaclean Lawn NSWCol
BroadfootEric James14 Mar 193622 Aug 200973son/William & Helen; h/ElaineMaclean Lawn NSWLwn AB85
BroadfootEric James14 Mar 193622 Aug 200973son/William & Helen; h/ElaineMaclean Lawn NSWLwn AB85
BroadfootRaewyn Elinor30 Nov 19673 May 201951dau/Eric & ElaineMaclean Lawn NSWLwn AA, 85
BrodieDouglas Ian1916?19 Aug 199680Maclean Lawn NSWLwn G
BronZachary Anthony5 Jan 2006Maclean Lawn NSWChildren
BronotteJohn1930?8 Oct 199060Maclean Lawn NSWLwn J66
BrookeBrian Francis31 May 193030 Apr 200271h/Antonietta (Conti)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn I
BrooksArthur Johnson1906?15 Dec 197872h/Myrtle Eileen (Carr)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn F14
BrooksJoan Eva18 Sep 192218 May 201087Maclean Lawn NSWCol
BrosnanPatrick1922?11 Jul 196947son/Michael & MaryMaclean Lawn NSWLwn M
BrossmanAnthony Raymond9 Aug 19345 Jan 201378h/MargaretMaclean Lawn NSWLwn D128
BrossmanAnthony Raymond9 Aug 19345 Jan 201378h/MargaretMaclean Lawn NSWLwn D128
BrownArthur Charles (Spriggy)19 Mar 19305 Mar 200372Maclean Lawn NSWLwn D30
BrownBarbara Tate1901?30 Jul 199089Maclean Lawn NSWLwn H60
BrownCharles Joseph1906?31 Aug 198983Maclean Lawn NSWLwn C30
BrownFrancis Cyril30 Apr 191520 Feb 201599b. Grenfell NWMaclean Lawn NSWLwn S113
BrownFrederick James1938?16 Apr 200769Maclean Lawn NSWLwn P21
BrownGeoffrey Charles1933?16 Jun 197037son/John & DorothyMaclean Lawn NSWLwn M17
BrownGeorge1898?16 Aug 1978804267Maclean Lawn NSWLwn F2
BrownHarold George24 Oct 192623 Apr 200881h/Margaret PaulineMaclean Lawn NSWLwn A84
BrownHarold George24 Oct 192623 Apr 200881h/MargaretMaclean Lawn NSWLwn A84
BrownHelen Lilian1915?1 Aug 198570Maclean Lawn NSWLwn Q28
BrownHenry Ariel1937?7 Jan 198850h/ValMaclean Lawn NSWLwn V54
BrownHenry Harold1894?10 Jun 197379h/Muriel May; 4670Maclean Lawn NSWLwn I45
BrownJames Alexander1910?11 Jun 198878h/Leona BerylMaclean Lawn NSWLwn O15
Brown (Ward)Jeanette Roseal1940?13 Jul 201676w/Ronald Jeffery (Ron) (RJ)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn F, 118
Brown (Bulmer)Leona Beryl1914?5 Apr 197864w/James AlexanderMaclean Lawn NSWLwn O15
Brown (Shanahan)Margaret Pauline28 Aug 19261 Apr 199568w/HaroldMaclean Lawn NSWLwn A83
Brown (Baker)Muriel May1900?29 May 199292w/Henry HaroldMaclean Lawn NSWLwn I45
Brown (Budd)Rita Margaret16 Oct 191625 Nov 200690b. Canbelego; w/Francis CyrilMaclean Lawn NSWLwn S112
BrownRuby Doris1908?26 Feb 198172Maclean Lawn NSWLwn D30
BrownStewart Morris1947?26 Jan 198638Maclean Lawn NSWLwn Q53
BrownValerie1937?5 Sep 201477w/HenryMaclean Lawn NSWLwn U54
BrownWilliam Albert1921?20 Jul 200180h/Audrey; NX146831Maclean Lawn NSWLwn X93
BrowningAlbert Edward1910?20 Oct 197565h/Enid AlmaMaclean Lawn NSWLwn G
Browning (Cameron)Alice Maude1901?12 Jan 197068dau/William & MaryMaclean Lawn NSWLwn M14
BrowningAllen Royce (Billo)1929?1 Dec 199364Maclean Lawn NSWLwn V60
Browning (Martin)Annie Ruth1916?15 Nov 199781w/Clarence JohnMaclean Lawn NSWLwn K65
BrowningAnthony Max18 Jul 19359 Nov 201580h/HermioneMaclean Lawn NSWCol C
BrowningClarence John13 Jun 1910?8 Feb 199182h/Annie RuthMaclean Lawn NSWLwn K64
Browning (McLeay)Ena Merle1916?20 May 199579w/Percy HenryMaclean Lawn NSWLwn E44
Browning (North)Enid Alma1911?24 Jun 199079w/Albert EdwardMaclean Lawn NSWLwn G11
BrowningFrederick Harold1905?27 Mar 198478h/Henny Isabella MaryMaclean Lawn NSWLwn S6
Browning (Bale)Henny Isabella Mary1912?29 Oct 199179w/FrederickMaclean Lawn NSWLwn S7
BrowningPercy Henry1900?9 Dec 197979h/Edna Merle (McLeay)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn F44
BrowningRichard James (Dick)1913?15 May 197663Maclean Lawn NSWCol
BruggyKatharine Annie1889?26 Feb 198090Maclean Lawn NSWLwn F52
BruggyVera Dorothy1904?30 Aug 198783Maclean Lawn NSWLwn E52
BruinsmaHenry14 Jun 195613 Nov 199741son/Wopke & Antje; h/LesleyMaclean Lawn NSWCol
BruinsmaWopke (Bob)10 May 193126 Aug 200877h/AntjeMaclean Lawn NSWCol
BrunellHarold John1912?26 May 199179h/Ida MayMaclean Lawn NSWCol
Brunell (Wickham)Ida May1919?11 Jun 198869w/Harold JohnMaclean Lawn NSWCol
BrushBenjamin KennethMay 1989?14 Jul 199014mMaclean Lawn NSWLwn Q150
BryantA G (George)1921?26 May 199473Maclean Lawn NSWCol
BuchananJohn Henry24 Feb 192421 Sep 201591h/Helen; 121370Maclean Lawn NSWLwn 83
BuchananRobyn Anne19 Jan 194431 Aug 201672w/ColinMaclean Lawn NSWLwn
BucklandFrank E1921?12 Aug 198564Maclean Lawn NSWCol
BullockAdrian Joseph29 Apr 194411 Apr 198035h/Margaret AnneMaclean Lawn NSWLawn O36
BullockAdrian Joseph29 Apr 194411 Apr 198035h/Margaret A. (Bennett)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn O36
Bullock (Bennett)Margaret Anne27 Jul 194218 Jun 201875w/Adrian J.Maclean Lawn NSWLwn O, 36
BultitudeEdwin (Ted)1906?11 Dec 198882h/Katherine BerthaMaclean Lawn NSWCol
BultitudeJames Henry1937?10 Jan 197941Maclean Lawn NSWCol
BultitudeJohn Edmund Palmer1908?17 Jun 199284h/UnaMaclean Lawn NSWCol
Bultitude (Pateman)Katherine Bertha (Kate)1911?16 Mar 200593w/EdwinMaclean Lawn NSWCol
Bultitude (Langshaw)Una Maud12 Jun 191912 Jul 201394Maclean Lawn NSWShrub Post
BurgessColin David30 Jun 195924 Jul 200243h/SherylMaclean Lawn NSWLwn I
BurgessKeith Herbert14 May 193025 Jul 200575Maclean Lawn NSWCol
BurkeAlfred Barry1917?10 Jan 198466Maclean Lawn NSWCol
BurkeRobert John19 Jul 194821 Mar 200455Maclean Lawn NSWCol
BurnesDavid William11 Apr 197223 Dec 200331Maclean Lawn NSWCol
BurnesLeslie Joseph31 Mar 192330 Jun 200481h/Marie; 21706Maclean Lawn NSWNavy Wall
BurnesMargaret Sylvia30 Sep 195014 Nov 201767w/MikeMaclean Lawn NSWCol AB
BurnesWilliam James (Bill)1917?30 Sep 199578h/Ethel (Lambert)Maclean Lawn NSWLwn C87
BurnettHarold Alexander (Jock)13 Jan 19212 Aug 201089h/BettyMaclean Lawn NSWLwn D121
BurnsBeryl Jean24 Apr 19302 Jun 200474Maclean Lawn NSWLwn B108
BurnsClarence Patrick1918?13 Nov 199476N167183Maclean Lawn NSWLwn W50
BurnsGeoffrey Joseph1926?18 Apr 199569Maclean Lawn NSWLwn X46
BurnsHenry1923?11 Jan 199470Maclean Lawn NSWLwn S49
BurnsJohn13 Mar 19287 May 201082Maclean Lawn NSWLwn B107
BurnsMargaret Nellie1920?8 Mar 198968Maclean Lawn NSWLwn W48

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