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1 cemetery found

Ellesmere (Scottsdale Ellesmere)Bridport Rd, Scottsdale TAS 726012

12 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
Betts (Jensen)Rose Evelyn2 Oct 190621 May 197972dau/Hans & Helen (Shearer); b. Scottsdale, TAS; w/Ronald KeithEllesmere TAS
Bissett (Jensen)Emily Christina12 Feb 191231 May 199482dau/Hans & Helen (Shearer); b. Scottsdale, TAS; w/Hubert SpencerEllesmere TAS
BissettHubert Spencer190416 Jul 196662?h/Emily Christina (Jensen)Ellesmere TAS
BissettJoyce Laura21 Oct 193520 Apr 201680dau/Hubert Spencer & Emily Christina (Jensen)Ellesmere TAS
HardyMartinJan 1868h/May Ann (Peck)Ellesmere TAS
Hardy (Peck)Mary Ann1833189966?b. Tas; w/MartinEllesmere TAS
JensenAlfred Edgar15 Nov 191717 Jun 200284son/Hans & Helen (Shearer); b. Scottsdale, TASEllesmere TAS
JensenErnest4 Nov 190919 Aug 196050son/Hans & Helen (Shearer); b. Scottsdale, TAS; h/Jean (Wadley)Ellesmere TAS
JensenFrank23 Oct 189615 Dec 197478son/Hans & Helen (Shearer)Ellesmere TAS
JensenHans14 Jul 187512 May 196488b. Denmark; h/Helen (Shearer)Ellesmere TAS
Jensen (Shearer)Helen3 Oct 18713 May 195078b. Scottsdale, TAS; w/HansEllesmere TAS
Jensen (Wadley)Jean18 Jun 191118 Mar 199583w/ErnestEllesmere TAS

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