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1 cemetery found

Bishopsbourne Anglican (Holy Nativity)Bishopsbourne Rd, Bishopsbourne TAS 730113

13 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
Badcock (Page)Elma May22 Mar 19204 Apr 199979dau/John Thomas & Rose Alice Rebecca (Clarke); b. Launceston, TAS; w/Eric WilliamBishopsbourne Anglican TASB, 66
BadcockEric William28 Feb 191128 May 199685son/Melvyn George & Evelyn (Richardson); b. Bishopsbourne, TAS; h/Elma May (Page)Bishopsbourne Anglican TASB, 66
Brooks (Spencer)Blanche Galatia8 Oct 189124 Jun 198088dau/George Tasman & Sarah Ellen (Mann); b. Launceston, TAS; w/Edward HenryBishopsbourne Anglican TASA, 33
BrooksEdward Henry10 Jul 188919 Aug 196374b. Longford, TAS; h/Blanche Galatia (Spencer)Bishopsbourne Anglican TASA, 33
Goss (McKendrick)Anne185622 Mar 192770?b. Bracknell, TAS; w/WilliamBishopsbourne Anglican TASA, 30
GossWilliam30 Nov 184118 Sep 191876son/John & Ann (Ayres); b. at sea; h/Clara Charlotte (Spencer) & AnneBishopsbourne Anglican TASA, 54
SpencerArthur Thomas16 Nov 188421 Oct 195267son/George Tasman & Sarah Ellen (Mann); b. Bishopsbourne, TAS; h/Bertha Mary (McQueen)Bishopsbourne Anglican TASB, 35
Spencer (McQueen)Bertha Mary15 Jul 187815 Oct 196082b. Bishopsbourne, TAS; w/Arthur ThomasBishopsbourne Anglican TASB, 35
SpencerGeorge Tasman9 Aug 185717 Jul 193375h/Sarah Ellen (Mann)Bishopsbourne Anglican TASA, 32
Spencer (Goss)Ruby Pearl30 Apr 189215 Apr 193239dau/William & Anne (McKendrick); b. Bracknell, TAS; w/William JohnBishopsbourne Anglican TASA, 54
Spencer (Mann)Sarah Ellen20 Jan 185618 Mar 192973b. Westbury, TAS; w/George TasmanBishopsbourne Anglican TASA, 32
SpencerVictor James7 Mar 189322 Apr 197178son/George Tasman & Sarah Ellen (Mann); b. Bishopsbourne, TASBishopsbourne Anglican TASA, 29a
SpencerWilliam John30 Jan 188716 Feb 195265son/George Tasman & Sarah Ellen (Mann); h/Ruby Pearl (Goss)Bishopsbourne Anglican TASA, 54

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