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1 cemetery found

Back River (Lawitta Cemetery)Lawitta Rd, New Norfolk TAS 714039

39 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
Anstie (Crooks)Margaret Mary1926200781?Back River TAS
Triffett (Triffitt)Frances Louisa Sarah185417 Jun 189945?w/William Frederick JamesBack River TAS
TriffittAlice Jane28 Jan 185722 Jun 18603dau/John & Elizabeth (Hayes); b. New Norfolk, TASBack River TAS
TriffittAnn25 Mar 18162 May 188973b. Marga, TAS; w/William FrancisBack River TAS
TriffittAnnie Elizabeth19 Sep 18836 Jun 18851dau/John Thomas; b. Hamilton, TASBack River TAS
TriffittBeatrice Madge1888?23 Sep 192840w/George FrederickBack River TAS
TriffittCarroll Bernard1890?30 Dec 195464h/Doris CatherineBack River TAS
TriffittCatherine Elizabeth1921Back River TAS
TriffittCharlotte Mary1880?19 May 195373Back River TAS
Triffitt (Young)Charlotte Victoria4 Oct 184427 Aug 194196dau/Maria (Hay); b. New Norfolk, TAS; w/Edwin CharlesBack River TAS
TriffittColin Robert1905?25 Oct 198580h/Dorothy AlexandraBack River TAS
TriffittDoris Catherine1896?27 Oct 197175w/Carroll BernardBack River TAS
TriffittDorothy1908?6 Oct 193426dau/George Frederick & Beatrice MadgeBack River TAS
TriffittDorothy Alexandra1903?25 Nov 196461w/Colin RobertBack River TAS
TriffittEdwin Charles11 Feb 185617 Jul 193781b. New Norfolk, TAS; h/Charlotte Victoria (Young)Back River TAS
TriffittElijahFeb 18421 Jan 18430Back River TAS
TriffittEllen13 Jun 1900Back River TAS
TriffittEllen1863?29 Aug 194077w/Isaac ElishaBack River TAS
TriffittErnest William Charles1869?24 Apr 188718Back River TAS
TriffittGeorge Frederick1876?16 Jun 195478son/James Albert & Emma (Howard); h/Beatrice MadgeBack River TAS
TriffittHenrietta15 Dec 185326 Nov 18540dau/William Francis & Ann (Triffett)Back River TAS
TriffittIris Kathleen1918?17 Mar 194527dau/Carroll Bernard & Doris CathleenBack River TAS
TriffittIrvineBack River TAS
TriffittIsaac Elisha184617 Feb 192881?son/William Francis & Ann (Triffett); h/Louisa (Hay) & EllenBack River TAS
TriffittJack Bradford5 Oct 19208 Nov 198363b. New Norfolk, TAS; h/Auriel; TX8691Back River TAS
TriffittJoan1924?15 Aug 194723dau/George Frederick & Beatrice MadgeBack River TAS
TriffittJohn Frederick23 Sep 182912 Jun 191383son/Thomas & Mary (Scattergood); b. New Norfolk, TASBack River TAS
TriffittJonas1840?18 Oct 189858Back River TAS
TriffittLeslie Hamilton1882?10 Dec 189816Back River TAS
TriffittLionel Bill1924?4 Oct 198258h/NormaBack River TAS
Triffitt (Hay)Louisa3 Dec 184427 Apr 190560w/Isaac ElishaBack River TAS
TriffittMinna May Victoria10 Dec 18838 Aug 189410dau/Edwin Charles & Charlotte Victoria (Young); b. New Norfolk, TASBack River TAS
TriffittRex Vale1927?4 Jan 198861son/Colin & DorothyBack River TAS
TriffittRobert George15 Mar 1959Back River TAS
TriffittSamuel William9 Nov 183422 Jun 192085son/James & Elizabeth; b. New Norfolk, TASBack River TAS
TriffittThomas Sholto5 Apr 18383 Jun 191678son/William Francis & Ann (Triffitt); b. New Norfolk, TAS; h/Catherine (Mulhere)Back River TAS
TriffittWilliam1807?15 Oct 188578Back River TAS
TriffittWilliam Francis27 Feb 181715 Oct 189579son/Thomas & Mary; b. Hobart, TAS; h/AnnBack River TAS
TriffittWillie Matthew Edinburge Scattergood1870?11 Aug 190838h/Elizabeth GBack River TAS

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