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1 cemetery found

Back River (Lawitta Cemetery)Lawitta Rd, New Norfolk TAS 714039

39 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
TriffittCatherine Elizabeth1921Back River TAS
TriffittEllen13 Jun 1900Back River TAS
TriffittIrvineBack River TAS
TriffittRobert George15 Mar 1959Back River TAS
TriffittWilliam1807?15 Oct 188578Back River TAS
TriffittAnn25 Mar 18162 May 188973b. Marga, TAS; w/William FrancisBack River TAS
TriffittWilliam Francis27 Feb 181715 Oct 189579son/Thomas & Mary; b. Hobart, TAS; h/AnnBack River TAS
TriffittJohn Frederick23 Sep 182912 Jun 191383son/Thomas & Mary (Scattergood); b. New Norfolk, TASBack River TAS
TriffittSamuel William9 Nov 183422 Jun 192085son/James & Elizabeth; b. New Norfolk, TASBack River TAS
TriffittThomas Sholto5 Apr 18383 Jun 191678son/William Francis & Ann (Triffitt); b. New Norfolk, TAS; h/Catherine (Mulhere)Back River TAS
TriffittJonas1840?18 Oct 189858Back River TAS
TriffittElijahFeb 18421 Jan 18430Back River TAS
Triffitt (Young)Charlotte Victoria4 Oct 184427 Aug 194196dau/Maria (Hay); b. New Norfolk, TAS; w/Edwin CharlesBack River TAS
Triffitt (Hay)Louisa3 Dec 184427 Apr 190560w/Isaac ElishaBack River TAS
TriffittIsaac Elisha184617 Feb 192881?son/William Francis & Ann (Triffett); h/Louisa (Hay) & EllenBack River TAS
TriffittHenrietta15 Dec 185326 Nov 18540dau/William Francis & Ann (Triffett)Back River TAS
Triffett (Triffitt)Frances Louisa Sarah185417 Jun 189945?w/William Frederick JamesBack River TAS
TriffittEdwin Charles11 Feb 185617 Jul 193781b. New Norfolk, TAS; h/Charlotte Victoria (Young)Back River TAS
TriffittAlice Jane28 Jan 185722 Jun 18603dau/John & Elizabeth (Hayes); b. New Norfolk, TASBack River TAS
TriffittEllen1863?29 Aug 194077w/Isaac ElishaBack River TAS
TriffittErnest William Charles1869?24 Apr 188718Back River TAS
TriffittWillie Matthew Edinburge Scattergood1870?11 Aug 190838h/Elizabeth GBack River TAS
TriffittGeorge Frederick1876?16 Jun 195478son/James Albert & Emma (Howard); h/Beatrice MadgeBack River TAS
TriffittCharlotte Mary1880?19 May 195373Back River TAS
TriffittLeslie Hamilton1882?10 Dec 189816Back River TAS
TriffittAnnie Elizabeth19 Sep 18836 Jun 18851dau/John Thomas; b. Hamilton, TASBack River TAS
TriffittMinna May Victoria10 Dec 18838 Aug 189410dau/Edwin Charles & Charlotte Victoria (Young); b. New Norfolk, TASBack River TAS
TriffittBeatrice Madge1888?23 Sep 192840w/George FrederickBack River TAS
TriffittCarroll Bernard1890?30 Dec 195464h/Doris CatherineBack River TAS
TriffittDoris Catherine1896?27 Oct 197175w/Carroll BernardBack River TAS
TriffittDorothy Alexandra1903?25 Nov 196461w/Colin RobertBack River TAS
TriffittColin Robert1905?25 Oct 198580h/Dorothy AlexandraBack River TAS
TriffittDorothy1908?6 Oct 193426dau/George Frederick & Beatrice MadgeBack River TAS
TriffittIris Kathleen1918?17 Mar 194527dau/Carroll Bernard & Doris CathleenBack River TAS
TriffittJack Bradford5 Oct 19208 Nov 198363b. New Norfolk, TAS; h/Auriel; TX8691Back River TAS
TriffittJoan1924?15 Aug 194723dau/George Frederick & Beatrice MadgeBack River TAS
TriffittLionel Bill1924?4 Oct 198258h/NormaBack River TAS
Anstie (Crooks)Margaret Mary1926200781?Back River TAS
TriffittRex Vale1927?4 Jan 198861son/Colin & DorothyBack River TAS

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