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1 cemetery found

Albion ParkCroome Road, Albion Park Rail NSW 2527527

53 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
Austin (Campbell)Beryl Annette19 Apr 196227 Sep 200745Albion Park NSWIndependent
BoothLola16 Jul 192318 Aug 200784Albion Park NSWIndependent
BoyesThomas William6 Mar 19382 Jun 201173Albion Park NSWIndependent
BriffaCody20 Oct 201222 Oct 20120Albion Park NSWIndependent
BriffaShannon27 Apr 200827 Apr 20080Albion Park NSWIndependent
BrowneMichelle Fay27 Aug 196622 Jun 201548w/GeoffAlbion Park NSWIndependent
ClarkAmy Elma1922200987?Albion Park NSWIndependent
CornwellJohn Richard5 Jul 19499 Mar 201060Albion Park NSWIndependent
FitzgeraldLeslie James15 Dec 19299 Jan 200878Albion Park NSWIndependent
GanitisVassili Bill28 Apr 19574 May 201962Albion Park NSW
GarrattLeslie Herbert9 Nov 191910 Nov 200889h/Patricia HelenAlbion Park NSWIndependent
GarrattPatricia Helen16 Jul 19217 Jun 201088w/Leslie HerbertAlbion Park NSWIndependent
GreyDonald Keith1930?20 Mar 201888son/Keith Gordon & Edith Mabel (Gower)Albion Park NSWPresbyterian
Hassard (Tucker)Joyce Mavis14 Sep 191926 Feb 201090Albion Park NSWIndependent
HelenevaReetta Heleena28 May 19315 Jul 201079w/KaukoAlbion Park NSWIndependent
HindriksLambert9 May 193610 Nov 201983h/Maria Agatha JohannaAlbion Park NSWIndependent
HindriksMaria Agatha Johanna22 Oct 194222 Nov 201876w/LambertAlbion Park NSWIndependent
HyrattEdna Florence17 Oct 19253 Aug 202094Albion Park NSWIndependent
HyrattTimothy Roy1970200939?Albion Park NSWIndependent
IrwinFrederick14 Jul 192112 Oct 201089h/Nola GwenAlbion Park NSW
IrwinNola Gwen9 Sep 192115 Jun 201896w/FrederickAlbion Park NSW
JonesGrenville Thomas5 May 19361 Nov 201074Albion Park NSWIndependent
KhanLauren Ashley25 Feb 198828 Jul 200416dau/Wendy AnnAlbion Park NSWIndependent
KhanWendy Ann16 Oct 195523 May 201458Albion Park NSWIndependent
KorteVaino4 Jan 19193 Oct 201697h/JuliaAlbion Park NSW
KuntsiSylvi9 Dec 191813 Mar 201293Albion Park NSWIndependent
LorenzettiVera Anne20 May 19411 Jul 200968Albion Park NSWIndependent
MeineckeHanni23 Oct 192524 Dec 201085w/Karl FAlbion Park NSWIndependent
MeineckeKarl F18 May 192117 Nov 201493h/HanniAlbion Park NSWIndependent
MelendezNapoleon31 Oct 193510 Jun 202286h/OrhelinaAlbion Park NSWIndependent
MelendezOrbelina1932201078?w/NapoleonAlbion Park NSWIndependent
MooreTrevor Ronald7 May 196524 Dec 200843h/AnitaAlbion Park NSWIndependent
MullardPhilip Allan1 Oct 194725 Jan 200860son/Frederick Allan & Mary Darling (Reynolds)Albion Park NSWIndependent
MunozJosefa16 Apr 19291 Mar 201989w/RafaelAlbion Park NSWIndependent
NamokelMartha14 Aug 191223 Nov 200997Albion Park NSWIndependent
Okkonen (Minkkinen)Ensi Edla Sofia10 Jun 192919 Nov 201182w/Vaino HenrikAlbion Park NSWInd
RixonDavid25 Aug 192429 Aug 201086h/HelenAlbion Park NSWIndependent
RussellJohn Colin17 Mar 195730 Jun 200750Albion Park NSW
RussellJoyce Lavinia28 Oct 192112 Sep 200886w/Arthur WilliamAlbion Park NSWIndependent
RyanHilda May4 Nov 193123 Aug 200775w/Mark HenryAlbion Park NSWIndependent
RyanMark Henry11 Jun 192816 Oct 201991h/Hilda MayAlbion Park NSWIndependent
ScanlanJean19 Feb 19364 Feb 201982w/PatrickAlbion Park NSW
ScanlanPatrick15 Oct 193523 Sep 200973h/JeanAlbion Park NSW
Schultz (Kortelainen)Terttu Tuulikki13 Jan 194615 Apr 202175Albion Park NSWIndependent
ShepherdElleni Stella22 May 201213 Jun 20120Albion Park NSWIndependent
SlocombeGrace Lilian9 Apr 192430 Oct 201995w/Howard CecilAlbion Park NSWIndependent
SlocombeHoward Cecil26 Mar 192818 Feb 202192h/Grace LilianAlbion Park NSWIndependent
WiktorJan (John)1921200483?h/Rosalie HedwigAlbion Park NSW
WiktorRosalie Hedwig1924200480?w/Jan (John)Albion Park NSWIndependent
WilliamsBeryl Joan2 Aug 194723 Jul 201365w/ColinAlbion Park NSWIndependent
WoodsMary Shirley17 Nov 192913 Mar 200878w/Neville CharlesAlbion Park NSWIndependent
WoodsNeville Charles5 May 19282 Nov 201082h/Mary ShirleyAlbion Park NSWIndependent
ZingelCatherine Ann12 May 2009dau/Matthew & RebekahAlbion Park NSW

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