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1 cemetery found

WillowieWilmington-Orroroo Rd, Willowie SA 543135

35 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BarrieJack Francis20 Oct 191519 Feb 201195h/Ruth JoyceWillowie SA
Barrie (McCallum)Ruth Joyce5 May 192019 Feb 201089w/Jack FrancisWillowie SA
BlightJames1849190960Willowie SA
BlightJane Grace1849192879Willowie SA
BrooksMary Jane1881?21 Jul 196180Willowie SA
BrooksSamuel Lemm1881?22 Jul 196786Willowie SA
BullFrank1882?14 Jun 195371h/Sybil GertrudeWillowie SA
BullSybil Gertrude1885?8 Aug 197186w/FrankWillowie SA
ColyerJohn8 Jul 1974Willowie SA
ColyerPatricia8 Jul 1995Willowie SA
GreigDonald Royson/Roy S C & Hulda DorothyWillowie SA
GreigHulda Dorothy1906?8 Nov 199488w/Roy S CWillowie SA
GreigJoan Valmai1929?1 Aug 198354dau/Roy S C & Hulda DorothyWillowie SA
GreigRoy S C1895?10 Oct 196469h/Hulda DorothyWillowie SA
HitchIris1924?15 Oct 201389w/Maxwell JohnWillowie SA
HitchMaxwell John1924?23 May 198258h/IrisWillowie SA
JackaPhillip OatesWillowie SA22
JonesEllen Sophia1852?7 May 191866Willowie SA
LangMartha1819?13 Nov 189980Willowie SA
McCallumAnna Louise1893?12 Feb 196673w/Stanley GordonWillowie SA
McCallumJean1930?25 Aug 200575w/Lindsay IvanWillowie SA
McCallumLindsay Ivan1930?29 Sep 198959h/JeanWillowie SA
McCallumNorman Rex1925?19 Apr 198661h/ShirleyWillowie SA
McCallumStanley Gordon1889?10 Jul 196677h/Anna LouiseWillowie SA
O'LearyJack Maxwell1921?28 Sep 201190h/Margaret BethWillowie SA
O'LearyMargaret Beth1932?8 Feb 200876w/Jack MaxwellWillowie SA
ParkinsonDoreen Betty22 Feb 193229 Dec 199563Willowie SA
PixVictor George10 Aug 189920 Sep 197980Willowie SA
RumnickElizabeth23 Jun 1968Willowie SA
RumnickIan Jamieson6 Nov 19339 Jun 201076h/Margaret MontroseWillowie SA
RumnickRobyn25 May 196326 May 19630Willowie SA
SchmidtJohn Heinrich1850?4 Sep 190757h/Selma LouiseWillowie SA
SchmidtSelma Louisa1858?10 Jan 193981w/John HeinrichWillowie SA
StoneMuriel Evelyn1904?7 Nov 197066Willowie SA
StoneWilliam Clifford1902?16 Nov 196765Willowie SA

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