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1 cemetery found

Walker Flat4638 Angas Valley Road, Walker Flat SA 523724

24 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BondIan Murray19 Sep 192910 Jul 200474h/MirleneWalker Flat SA
BrownEva Mary1907?15 Nov 198982w/Frederick JohnWalker Flat SA
BrownFrederick John1906?25 Oct 199892h/Eva MaryWalker Flat SA
EngelmannPeter5 May 196512 Feb 200741son/Rolf & SusanneWalker Flat SA
FarrarMax15 Feb 193324 Aug 201178h/VonWalker Flat SA
HettnerAlice Melva18 Oct 192129 Mar 200078w/Sydney AlfredWalker Flat SA
HettnerAmanda Hermine1882?20 Apr 197189w/Friederich WilhelmWalker Flat SA
HettnerAnna Emilie Lisette1852?17 Dec 191563Walker Flat SA
HettnerAnna Ernestine1876?20 Jan 190529Walker Flat SA
HettnerAudrey May19199 Nov 19190Walker Flat SA
HettnerCarl Gottlieb1893?27 Feb 191421Walker Flat SA
HettnerErnest Richard1917?13 Apr 198669Walker Flat SA
HettnerErnst Gottlieb1850?13 Nov 191363Walker Flat SA
HettnerFriederich Wilhelm1883?27 Aug 195370h/Amanda HermineWalker Flat SA
HettnerSydney Alfred1920?29 Apr 198262h/Alice MelvaWalker Flat SA
KnuckeyEthel Christina May1911?8 Sep 197665w/Laurence JohnWalker Flat SA
KnuckeyLaurence John1906?14 Jan 197872h/Ethel Christina MayWalker Flat SA
LangsfordSidney Ernest6 Feb 191814 Jul 19957726702Walker Flat SA
McQuirkLiidia Rose1 Dec 197814 Feb 200527Walker Flat SA
ScaddingArthur Benjamin31 Jan 191916 Jul 19278Walker Flat SA
SouthCharles Arthur Norman1920?15 Nov 199575h/Shirley Joyce; PA1380Walker Flat SA
TembyAlbert Adair (Alby)8 May 192713 Sep 201184h/Chrissie; 154888Walker Flat SA
WestDonald Mack1912?14 Nov 199381h/Phyllis ShylieWalker Flat SA
WestPhyllis Shylie1913?23 Feb 199481w/Donald MackWalker Flat SA

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