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1 cemetery found

South Rhine345 Shearers Road, Taunton SA 523547

47 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BeesleyAlison Ruth2 May 195431 Dec 201056dau/Jim & MaysieSouth Rhine SA
BrownseaAlbert Leslie11 Nov 190521 Dec 199085b. London, England; h/Ann Cooper (Robertson)South Rhine SA6, 17
Brownsea (Robertson)Ann Cooper11 May 19129 Feb 199885b. Glenburvie, Scotland; w/Albert LeslieSouth Rhine SA6, 18
DowdenEliza1822?4 Feb 189573w/JohnSouth Rhine SA5, 2
DowdenJohn1822?7 Oct 189179h/ElizaSouth Rhine SA5, 3
FountainBarbara JoanSouth Rhine SA7, 2
FurnerEmily Amelia1890?31 Mar 1991101w/James ThomasSouth Rhine SA
Jenkins (Robson)Betty Katherine12 Mar 19236 Jul 200380w/William RobertSouth Rhine SA7, 20
JenkinsWilliam Robert31 Mar 19158 May 200691h/Betty Katherine (Robson)South Rhine SA7, 21
KempeBruce Andrew1961?2 Feb 199130son/Malcolm & Betty AnnSouth Rhine SA
KempeEdward Hall1888?27 Jul 196375h/Pamela RothwellSouth Rhine SA6, 9
KempePamela Rothwell1892?10 Jul 194957w/Edward HallSouth Rhine SA6, 8
KempeRonald Austin2 Jul 192421 May 200883son/Edward; h/Betty Joan; RAAF 121765South Rhine SA8, 9
KempeStuart Walker1927?10 Oct 1995?68son/Edward & Pamela; h/Ronda?South Rhine SA
KlugeCyril1927South Rhine SA
LillecrappColin George24 May 192624 Apr 200174h/Pamela BeatriceSouth Rhine SA8, 7
LyddonHarriet1892South Rhine SA6, 3
MacDiarmidArchibald MelroseSouth Rhine SA6, 26
MacDiarmidChristina Elizabeth Melrose1950?18 May 200252dau/Hugh & MaureenSouth Rhine SA6, 28
MacDiarmidHugh Melrose1924?29 Aug 199066h/MaureenSouth Rhine SA6, 27
MacDiarmidMaureen1924?25 Feb 200581w/HughSouth Rhine SA6, 29
ManningDorothy13 Aug 191025 Jan 199089w/Alfred EdwinSouth Rhine SA
McCallumFrank James27 Nov 192016 Feb 201089h/BerylSouth Rhine SA
MonteithAlfred Edwin26 Jul 189930 Sep 197475b. Eden Valley, SA; h/Dorothy (Manning); SX25461South Rhine SA
RankineIan Jeffry23 Oct 192112 Aug 200280b. Woodville, SA; SX25731South Rhine SA7, 19
RichardsMary Ann1942South Rhine SA6, 1
RichardsRobertSouth Rhine SA6, 2
RobertsD J Howard1923?8 Jul 198963h/Joann; JX653553South Rhine SA
RobertsonEvelyn Margaret11 May 1912?22 Oct 2005b. Glenburvie, ScotlandSouth Rhine SA6, 16
RoeslerAlfred1978South Rhine SA
RoeslerArthur William20 Apr 189814 Aug 198890h/Mavis IreneSouth Rhine SA7, 9
RoeslerWilliam Alfred13 Aug 190327 May 197874South Rhine SA7, 9
RundleAlbert Bruce24 Jul 192126 Dec 200281h/Kathleen MabelSouth Rhine SA
RundleFlorrie E1896?7 Apr 198084South Rhine SA
RundleKathleen Mabel27 May 192511 Jan 201084w/Albert BruceSouth Rhine SA
RundleSilas1891?30 Jul 197281South Rhine SA
StantonCarolineSouth Rhine SA8, 3
StantonMinnieSouth Rhine SA8, 4
TremlettEmily16 Jan 189320 Sep 196481w/JamesSouth Rhine SA6, 10
TremlettJames2 Dec 18857 Apr 196579h/EmilySouth Rhine SA6, 11
WallacePhoebeSouth Rhine SA7, 3
WasleyMatthew Ryan1974?21 Oct 199420South Rhine SA8, 5
WegenerCarl Edward1880?15 Nov 193454h/JaniferSouth Rhine SA6, 5
WegenerElsie11 Sep 189723 Nov 198487w/IvorSouth Rhine SA
WegenerIvor1 Jul 190510 Sep 199186h/ElsieSouth Rhine SA
WegenerJanifer1863?6 Aug 194279w/Carl EdwardSouth Rhine SA6, 5
WegenerRoslyn Beryl193418 Jun 19350dau/Ivor & ElsieSouth Rhine SA6, 7

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