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1 cemetery found

Miles OldRacecourse Road, Miles QLD 441543

43 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BestArthur John19 Jul 19002 Apr 191918Miles Old QLD
BiceWalter Piggott1879?8 Dec 191435Miles Old QLD
Blackley (Pannan)Bridget Mary10 May 186415 Oct 193874dau/Thomas Peter & Bridget Mary (Bourke); b. Gawler Plains, SA, Australia; w/William HyslopMiles Old QLD
BlackleyJames William Hyslop18915 Sep 196876son/William Hyslop & Bridget Mary (Pannan); b. Netherby, Vic, Australia; h/Caroline Martha Jane (Wallis)Miles Old QLD
BlackleyJohn David17 Mar 19004 Jan 197069son/William Hyslop & Bridget Mary (Pannan); b. Mirboo, Vic, Australia; Q229005Miles Old QLD
Blackley (Reilly)Mary Doris (Nance)11 Jan 190525 May 196256dau/Thomas Joseph & Mary Josephine (Gorman); b. Queensland, Australia; w/Thomas PeterMiles Old QLD
BlackleyThomas Peter19085 Jun 195749son/William Hyslop & Bridget Mary (Pannan); b. Nth Mirboo, Vic, Australia; h/Mary Doris (Reilly)Miles Old QLD
BlackleyWilliam Hyslop8 Jan 18605 Sep 191353son/James & Jane (Hyslop); b. Durrisdeer, Dumfries-shire, Scotland; h/Bridget Mary (Pannan)Miles Old QLD
BrownEthel Naomi26 Dec 187910 Mar 195373w/Philip HenryMiles Old QLD
BrownPhilip Henry9 Jul 18751 Dec 191641son/Walter; b. Parramatta NSW; h/Ethel NaomiMiles Old QLD
Campbell (Rudd)Adelaide Amealia6 May 186227 May 191957formerly Campbell; dau/Edward & Sarah Elizabeth (Brooker); b. Campbelltown, NSW, AUSTRALIA; w/Alfred George & Arthur FrancisMiles Old QLD
CampbellAlfred Milton St Clair1900?28 Jun 191919son/Arthur Francis & Adelaide AmealiaMiles Old QLD
CampbellArthur Francis28 Dec 18737 Jan 195480son/Agesilaus Groves William & Alice (Hobson); b. Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia; h/Adelaide Amealia (Rudd)Miles Old QLD
CarnanshenkoNicholas11 Aug 1913Miles Old QLD
CobbStella M1889191627?Miles Old QLD
CoolingClyde Cavanagh ThomasAug?191017 Dec 19111son/George Henry & Alice (Cavanagh)Miles Old QLD
CoolingIsaac John1895?17 Apr 191520son/George Henry & Alice (Cavanagh)Miles Old QLD
DavidsonMary1861?16 Jun 191958b. Killarney, IrelandMiles Old QLD
DavidsonVioletJul?189515 Nov 191520dau/Peter & MayMiles Old QLD
GarveyJames Thomas5 Apr 191718 May 19181son/Sydney & AnneMiles Old QLD
GearyDenis Robert1876?15 Nov 191135son/John & HanoraMiles Old QLD
GearyHanora14 Apr 184322 Mar 191370?b. Bishopswood, Ireland; w/JohnMiles Old QLD
GearyJohn183827 Dec 192385b. Waterford, Ireland; h/HanoraMiles Old QLD
GearyJohn187118 Sep 1924son/John & Hanora; b. GympieMiles Old QLD
HanrahanNellie1891?10 Aug 191423Miles Old QLD
HillWilliam1892?29 Oct 191826Miles Old QLD
KurtzA18621935Miles Old QLD
KurtzD L18621932Miles Old QLD
KurtzL18561936Miles Old QLD
KurtzS18611919Miles Old QLD
Lindsay (Armstrong)Jessie J May1902?20 May 196058w/AlfredMiles Old QLD
LindseyCecil Patrick1906?6 Aug 192923son/Frank & Katherine (Maguire)Miles Old QLD
MaguireMary Ann1848?29 Jan 194091w/ThomasMiles Old QLD
MaguireThomas1840?23 Sep 191575h/Mary AnnMiles Old QLD
McCreanorCharles Bernard1870?4 Oct 191646son/John & Grace; h/Maude MaryMiles Old QLD
McMullenMuriel Maud Mabel1901?15?Mar 191917dau/William & KathleenMiles Old QLD
McMullenWilliam1865?28 Dec 193368h/Kathleen (O'Brien)Miles Old QLD
MylesVi1890?27 Mar 191827w/JackMiles Old QLD
O'BrienWilliam F1861?25 Mar 191654Miles Old QLD
ParsonsMargaret Jane1875?8 Dec 192146Miles Old QLD
SaundersHenry John HerbertFeb?191025 Aug 19144son/George & LilyMiles Old QLD
SaundersLeslie John HerbertMay?191922 Aug 19201Miles Old QLD
WaltonElizabeth1886?12 Aug 191428w/WilliamMiles Old QLD

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