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1 cemetery found

Leigh Creek Old (Leigh Creek Coalfield)Leigh Creek Coalfield via The Outback Highway, Copley SA 573274

74 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AndrewsLeslie Charles28 Jul 19158 Dec 197762h/LilyLeigh Creek Old SA
BagaleneBernard1924?29 Sep 196440Leigh Creek Old SA
BielBronislaw9 Sep 191230 Dec 196351Leigh Creek Old SA
BirkettR P1918?10 Feb 1967492324011 SergeantLeigh Creek Old SA
BobardtWalter August1925?26 Mar 197247Leigh Creek Old SA
BockHerbert Andreas7 Feb 190629 Nov 196559b. Bremen; h/VioletLeigh Creek Old SA
BrightLaurence John1958?28 Sep 19624Leigh Creek Old SA
BrownleeJames1905?23 Aug 197065Leigh Creek Old SA
BuntingThomas1883?26 Nov 195976Leigh Creek Old SA
ButtnerKarl Paul Max1889?23 Oct 196677Leigh Creek Old SA
CallissPauline Anne16 Apr 196417 Sep 19651dau/Don & AnneLeigh Creek Old SA
CampbellWilliam Bernard10 Mar 193626 Feb 196629Leigh Creek Old SA
CarrollJames Ernest Lawlor1906?17 Jul 196155Leigh Creek Old SA
CliftonDenis Graeme19597 Oct 19590Leigh Creek Old SA
ConlyWilliam Henry Charles (Bill)9 May 193424 Apr 197339h/AnneLeigh Creek Old SA
DaubarasPeter1922?27 Nov 197452Leigh Creek Old SA
DaviesJohn1914?7 Jan 197561Leigh Creek Old SA
DunnAndrew Wilson6 Apr 19196 Jun 197152Leigh Creek Old SA
DunnGeorge Desmond24 Jan 192531 Jan 196944h/CloreenLeigh Creek Old SA
EdwardsAlec1900?3 Mar 197272Leigh Creek Old SA
FergusonWilliam Ragless5 Jul 1925?28 Jan 196540?Leigh Creek Old SA
FergusonWilliam Ragless5 Jul 1925?28 Jan 196540?h/BethLeigh Creek Old SA
FittockLarry26 May 192215 Aug 197149Leigh Creek Old SA
GayPeter Beaumont3 Nov 192715 Apr 196840Leigh Creek Old SA
GilbertSamuel Stanley1898?25 Jul 196274Leigh Creek Old SA
GilliesMacville Gregrey (Macca)6 Apr 191525 May 197156h/MaryLeigh Creek Old SA
GraceLeonard Stephen1915?10 Apr 197762Leigh Creek Old SA
GrayBrenda24 Aug 193425 Jul 198147w/RayLeigh Creek Old SA
GrayLevi1920?26 Aug 19634311407315 SergeantLeigh Creek Old SA
HancockTricia25 Feb 196725 Feb 19670Leigh Creek Old SA
HoskinsJoseph James1920?19 Aug 1965?45Leigh Creek Old SA
HutchinsonStephen PatrickMar 1961?7 Aug 1961Leigh Creek Old SA
JohnstonTanya Marie1961?18 Feb 1961Leigh Creek Old SA
KingSusy1966?Apr 19682Leigh Creek Old SA
KouspouElias Demetri1908196860?Leigh Creek Old SA
KramarczikJohan26 Mar 191927 Jul 196142Leigh Creek Old SA
KrauseHorst W1931?12 May 196332Leigh Creek Old SA
LazarskiStanislaw1904?2 Apr 197369Leigh Creek Old SA
LinternWilfred Percival13 Apr 190529 Jun 196964Leigh Creek Old SA
Lucas (Atkin)Jean Margaret14 Dec 1929?25 Nov 197545w/JohnLeigh Creek Old SA
LucasJohn30 Jun 19275 Jan 200072h/Jean Margaret (Atkin)Leigh Creek Old SA
LucasLance A P D8 Aug 196523 Nov 200338son/John & Jean Margaret (Atkin)Leigh Creek Old SA
McCourtMarshall26 Nov 1966?27 Nov 1966Leigh Creek Old SA
MerrickJoyce Isabelle1 Aug 192523 May 198054Leigh Creek Old SA
MertLewis1911?6 Apr 197968h/EileenLeigh Creek Old SA
MielnikJosef2 Mar 192221 Aug 195937Leigh Creek Old SA
MillerPatricia Mary31 Jan 194723 Jun 196619dau/Bob & KathleenLeigh Creek Old SA
O'BrienStephen1932?19 Jun 196533Leigh Creek Old SA
PanosVicki21 Sep 196411 Jul 19661Leigh Creek Old SA
ParkerBob22 Jun 19028 Apr 196765h/FlorrieLeigh Creek Old SA
ParkesDebra Lea18 Nov 19603 Jul 19610dau/Clem & Kath; b. Leigh CreekLeigh Creek Old SA
PaveyThomas1901?17 May 195959Leigh Creek Old SA
PayneLeslie Charles24 Jan 18994 Nov 197879h/MadgeLeigh Creek Old SA
ReynoldsDesmond Francis15 Sep 193514 May 197338h/SophiaLeigh Creek Old SA
RileyJames1882?12 Jan 196280Leigh Creek Old SA
RisskaHans Horst12 Aug 1963?Leigh Creek Old SA
RonaldsonReginald Andrew1899?20 Sep 197374Leigh Creek Old SA
SargeantIsabella Adelaide9 Mar 190214 May 197169w/Norman McGillivrayLeigh Creek Old SA
SargeantNorman McGillivray11 Jan 18998 Jul 197071h/Isabella AdelaideLeigh Creek Old SA
ScobieAlexander George29 Mar 190227 Feb 196664Leigh Creek Old SA
SklodowskiKazimierz22 Dec 19154 Aug 196145Leigh Creek Old SA
SladeMonty William John19 Sep 19098 May 196555son/Johny & Louisa harriet (Booth); b. North Adelaide, South Australia, Australia; h/Elizabeth Mary Harriet (Fuchs)Leigh Creek Old SA
SmartLeslie John1957?19 Jan 19614Leigh Creek Old SA
SmithMichael George (Dollar Mick)21 Nov 188512 Apr 196983Leigh Creek Old SA
SoronWladyslaw21 Feb 191327 Oct 196956Leigh Creek Old SA
StremkeIngrid1955?31 Jul 196510Leigh Creek Old SA
WartyJohn Harold1905?8 Jan 196257Leigh Creek Old SA
WellsClive Robert1918?3 Oct 197860Leigh Creek Old SA
WeymouthWalter James1904?17 Aug 196157Leigh Creek Old SA
WilliamsonJoyce Doreen1 Mar 193214 Apr 196634Leigh Creek Old SA
WilliamsonTom6 Nov 192426 Jun 197551Leigh Creek Old SA
WilsonColin Rae1921?15 Nov 196241Leigh Creek Old SA
WoodWilliam1892?16 Sep 196068Leigh Creek Old SA
YoungWilliam Albert1888?18 Jul 19587030021 DriverLeigh Creek Old SA

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