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1 cemetery found

GalgaCemetery Rd, Galga SA 530841

41 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AndriskeBlondina Lisette1894?10 Aug 197783w/Johann FriedrichGalga SA
AndriskeChristian Herrmann4 Sep 189423 Oct 198086h/Elda Frieda (Zadow)Galga SA
Andriske (Zadow)Elda Frieda9 Nov 19016 Mar 197573w/Christian HerrmannGalga SA
AndriskeHeinrich Ernst1887?4 Apr 196275h/Johanne Elizabeth (Zadow)Galga SA
AndriskeJ E Wilhelm1858?5 Aug 192668h/M PaulineGalga SA
AndriskeJohann Friedrich1882?4 Feb 194765h/Blondia LisetteGalga SA
Andriske (Zadow)Johanne Elizabeth1901?15 Aug 199190w/Heinrich ErnstGalga SA
AndriskeJohannes Wilhelm1889?3 Mar 195061son/Wilhelm & PaulineGalga SA
AndriskeJohn1928?26 Jun 196032h/MiriamGalga SA
AndriskeM Pauline1858?7 Mar 193274w/J E WilhelmGalga SA
AndriskeRonald1929?30 Mar 19323son/Hermann & EldaGalga SA
DomaschenzMary1850?4 Aug 194181Galga SA
EvansHilda Margaret1910?8 Aug 199282w/John BalfourGalga SA
EvansJohn Balfour1893?3 Sep 195259h/Hilda MargaretGalga SA
EvansRoy Gladstone1900?29 Oct 196868h/Selma AgnesGalga SA
EvansSelma Agnes1887?1 Dec 199598w/Roy GladstoneGalga SA
EvansSheila Marie1974?26 Feb 19784dau/Jeff & ChrisGalga SA
JantkeCarl H (Henry)1886?8 Nov 196276h/Ida Lydia MatildeGalga SA
JantkeIda Lydia Matilde1890?26 Apr 196070w/Carl Heinrich SGalga SA
JantkeLouis Arthur29 Jun 192119 Mar 200583h/JoyceGalga SA
KossatzAndrew George1905?29 Apr 193429Galga SA
KossatzWilhemina Paulina1872?16 Jul 195987Galga SA
KossatzWilliam Heinrich Gustav1901?3 May 198281Galga SA
KuehnA Martha6 Mar 188414 Dec 196278h/AlfredGalga SA
KuehnAlfred L18 Apr 1874?14 Nov 195480w/A MarthaGalga SA
KuehnHerbert Harold18 Sep 192017 Jun 200180son/Gus & SelmaGalga SA
KuehnLudwig Gustav3 Sep 18676 Apr 194274h/Selma AgnesGalga SA
LehmannWilliam Heinrich1869?22 Nov 195990Galga SA
PfitznerAlbert Theodore1883?29 May 195976h/Mathilde P Sophia (Schwarz)Galga SA
Pfitzner (Schwarz)Mathilde P Sophia1884?27 Dec 194965w/Albert TheodoreGalga SA
ReichsteinAugust Carl1886?29 Sep 196781Galga SA
ReichsteinAugust Herman1861?1 Jan 193776h/Ernestine PaulineGalga SA
ReichsteinClara Lydia1900?3 Apr 198888w/Otto FrederichGalga SA
ReichsteinErnestine Pauline1860?12 Jun 193474w/August HermanGalga SA
ReichsteinOtto Frederich1888?27 May 196072h/Clara LydiaGalga SA
ReichsteinPaul Edmund1896?14 Feb 198286h/Sophie BerthaGalga SA
ReichsteinSophie Bertha1898?27 Jan 197981w/Paul EdmundGalga SA
SachseDora E19 Jul 191514 Mar 201094w/Johann HGalga SA
SachseJohann H13 Oct 19091 Jul 200595h/Dora EGalga SA
SemmlerEdward Gustav1880?1 Sep 196282h/Ida EliabethGalga SA
SemmlerIda Elizabeth1886?13 Jul 194660w/Edward GustavGalga SA

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