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1 cemetery found

Cooke Plains BedfordCooke Plains Rd, Bedford SA 526114

14 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AndersonEvelyn Rose1909?17 Jun 19111Cooke Plains Bedford SA
AndersonRobert1843?10 Dec 191269h/SarahCooke Plains Bedford SA
AndersonWalter1886?11 May 195367Cooke Plains Bedford SA
BonnettWalter W1870?11 Mar 191141Cooke Plains Bedford SA
CharlesRaymond Augustine1922?18 Sep 19220Cooke Plains Bedford SA
FollettHarold Aubrey1916?24 Oct 19171Cooke Plains Bedford SA
HoggBaby1922Cooke Plains Bedford SA
HoneymanDoris Ethel1904?21 Sep 19051dau/H F & E CCooke Plains Bedford SA
JamesHarris Lee1904?23 Mar 19040Cooke Plains Bedford SA
LoudonJames Scott1818?15 Aug 190688Cooke Plains Bedford SA
SmallWilliam John (Jackie)1905?7 Jul 19093son/L M & F ECooke Plains Bedford SA
StirlingIaleen1904?15 Feb 19040Cooke Plains Bedford SA
StirlingMaggie1863?6 Jul 191451w/W MCooke Plains Bedford SA
StirlingMuriel Irene1902?11 May 19030Cooke Plains Bedford SA

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