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1 cemetery found

Oswald MethodistOswald Lane, Lochinvar NSW 232189

89 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
Badcock (Paine)Hannah1853?26 Dec 192572w/William GOswald Methodist NSW
BadcockWilliam G1854?14 Oct 191965son/George & Harriet; h/HannahOswald Methodist NSW
BishopJonathan Thomas1881?25 Aug 190322son/JohnOswald Methodist NSW
Boughton (Jones)Annie1862?194078w/WinterOswald Methodist NSW
BoughtonFlorence1905?3 Jun 195146dau/Winter & AnnieOswald Methodist NSW
BoughtonPercy Winter1893?30 May 195259son/Winter & AnnieOswald Methodist NSW
BoughtonWalter (Tim)1909193222son/Winter & AnnieOswald Methodist NSW
BoughtonWinter15 Jan 1915son/William & Eliza; h/AnnieOswald Methodist NSW
ChickEliza1806?6 Sep 187973dau/George H & Mary; w/WilliamOswald Methodist NSW
ChickThomas1841?8 Nov 187534son/William & ElizaOswald Methodist NSW
ChickWilliam1812?8 Jan 189279h/ElizaOswald Methodist NSW
Clarke (Hawkins)Harriet Annie1854?27 Dec 188733w/JamesOswald Methodist NSW
Clarke (Harman)Hilda Maud1891?12 Dec 197685w/Oswald JesseOswald Methodist NSW
ClarkeOswald Jesse1888?4 Jun 196375son/James & Harriet AnnieOswald Methodist NSW
CloseOlive1853?19 Jul 190451w/HughOswald Methodist NSW
CooperWilliam Henry1860?9 Dec 189434son/William H & Mary A; h/Mary JaneOswald Methodist NSW
DannHerbertOswald Methodist NSW
Dann (Claude)Margaret Louisa1865?24 Nov 189833w/JohnOswald Methodist NSW
Dann (McElroy)Mary Jane1865?25 Oct 192661formerly Cooper; w/William H (Cooper) & JohnOswald Methodist NSW
DannUnknownw/HerbertOswald Methodist NSW
Dick (Paskins)Esther1877?11 Jun 193154w/Andrew SOswald Methodist NSW
DicksonJames1828?8 Sep 187547son/Thomas & Mary; h/ElizabethOswald Methodist NSW
DicksonJames1860?25 Apr 188222son/James & ElizabethOswald Methodist NSW
DwyerWilliam James1877?21 Aug 190326son/William & Elizabeth; h/Ethel May (Boughton)Oswald Methodist NSW
HarmanAlbert1860?27 Oct 193979h/ElizabethOswald Methodist NSW
HarmanArthur Victor1887?17 May 18925son/Albert & ElizabethOswald Methodist NSW
HarmanCharlotte1821?4 Sep 190786dau/John; w/WalterOswald Methodist NSW
HarmanColin Frederick1905?23 Jul 199792h/Jeanie DavidsonOswald Methodist NSW
HarmanConstance Jane1884?23 Apr 196682w/Hamilton CharlesOswald Methodist NSW
HarmanElizabeth1861?17 Jun 193978w/AlbertOswald Methodist NSW
HarmanHamilton Charles1883?24 Feb 196379son/Albert & Elizabeth; h/Constance JaneOswald Methodist NSW
HarmanJames1849?28 May 190152son/Walter & Mary A; h/Mary AnnOswald Methodist NSW
Harman (Bell)Jeanie Davidson1905?3 Dec 199590w/Colin FrederickOswald Methodist NSW
HarmanLeslie Walter1885?31 Aug 193853son/Albert & ElizabethOswald Methodist NSW
HarmanMary Ann1853?5 Jul 189340dau/Spencer & Charlotte; w/JamesOswald Methodist NSW
HarmanThomas1843?11 Jan 192783son/Walter & Mary AOswald Methodist NSW
HarmanWalter1813?22 Dec 188572son/John & Mary; h/CharlotteOswald Methodist NSW
HarrisAlfred1913?10 Jul 200491Oswald Methodist NSW
Hawkins (Lane)Fanny1859?6 Aug 194081w/JesseOswald Methodist NSW
HawkinsJesse1821?3 Jan 189472son/Thomas & Charlotte; h/Mary AnnOswald Methodist NSW
HawkinsJesse1859?17 Oct 191960son/Jesse & Mary A; h/FannyOswald Methodist NSW
Hawkins (Harman)Mary Ann1834?28 Jul 189662w/JesseOswald Methodist NSW
Heywood (Pryor)Adeline186422 Jan 189530dau/William & Margaret (Hall); b. Maitland, New South Wales, Australia; w/Richard Thomas SOswald Methodist NSW
Heywood (Smith)Elizabeth18227 Jun 187250formerly Vernon; dau/William; b. Kings Nympton, Devonshire, England; w/Arthur (Vernon) & JamesOswald Methodist NSW
HeywoodJames1825?30 May 189873son/William & Sarah; h/ElizabethOswald Methodist NSW
Kauter (Harman)JaneDec 1862?11 Jul 189027w/HerrmanOswald Methodist NSW
Lambert (Brown)Ann1829?5 Dec 187546w/CharlesOswald Methodist NSW
LambertCharles1829?25 Dec 190374son/James & Harriett; h/AnnOswald Methodist NSW
LambertEdwin CharlesJan 18736 Aug 18730son/Charles & AnnOswald Methodist NSW
Lambert (Trill)Harriett28 Jun 18063 Apr 189286dau/John & Jane (Parker); b. Northiam, Sussex, England; w/JamesOswald Methodist NSW
LambertJames180217 Jun 187775?son/George & Fanny (Delves); b. Hollington, Sussex, England; h/Harriett (Trill)Oswald Methodist NSW
Lane (Hawkins)Bethany1862?14 Sep 193674dau/Jesse & Mary Ann Atkins; w/William HenryOswald Methodist NSW
LaneJane1838?20 May 192284w/SamuelOswald Methodist NSW
LaneLydia Jane188723 Jun 195972dau/William Henry & Bethany (Hawkins); b. Greta NSW, AustraliaOswald Methodist NSW
LaneSamuel1836?12 Jun 192084h/JaneOswald Methodist NSW
LaneWilliam Henry1861?10 Jan 193472son/Samuel & Jane; h/Bethany (Hawkins)Oswald Methodist NSW
Leaver (Chick)Charlotte1844?29 Jun 187228w/WilliamOswald Methodist NSW
LeaverJoseph Thomas1866?Aug 18671son/William & CharlotteOswald Methodist NSW
Lee (Close)Eleanor Margaret1883?22 Aug 194259dau/Hugh & OliveOswald Methodist NSW
Morris (Pryor)Sophia Ann1856?21 Oct 192569w/ThomasOswald Methodist NSW
MorrisThomas1852?25 Dec 192472son/John & Phyllis; h/Sophia AnnOswald Methodist NSW
PaskinsElias1867?30 Oct 194578son/Henry & SalomeOswald Methodist NSW
PaskinsHenry1830?24 May 190474son/Job & Sarah; h/SalomeOswald Methodist NSW
PaskinsPhebe1880?2 Aug 193757dau/Henry & SalomeOswald Methodist NSW
Paskins (Harman)Salome1840?14 Jul 191171w/HenryOswald Methodist NSW
PeakThomas James1811?26 Dec 189079son/Matthew & Mary A; h/HarrietOswald Methodist NSW
PorterColin Robert1896?31 Jul 197276h/Mary MatildaOswald Methodist NSW
PorterMary Matilda1906?3 Feb 195346w/Colin RobertOswald Methodist NSW
PryorHerbert18621865son/William & MargaretOswald Methodist NSW
Pryor (Hall)Margaret10 Jun 183126 Jul 189160dau/William & Margaret; b. Maitland, New South Wales, Australia; w/WilliamOswald Methodist NSW
PryorMargaret Elizabeth (Lizzie)185918590dau/William & Margaret (Hall); b. Maitland, New South Wales, AustraliaOswald Methodist NSW
Pryor (Reeves)Mary1836?15 May 192286w/PhilipOswald Methodist NSW
PryorPaulina18741874dau/William & MargaretOswald Methodist NSW
PryorPhilip1831?14 Jul 191180son/James & Anne; h/MaryOswald Methodist NSW
PryorWilliam28 Sep 182718 Feb 192496son/James & Anne; b. Therfield, Hertfordshire, England; h/Margaret (Hall)Oswald Methodist NSW
ReadCharlesOswald Methodist NSW
ReadElizabethOswald Methodist NSW
Reeves (Lambert)Esther1833?25 Aug 191582w/WilliamOswald Methodist NSW
ReevesJoseph1811?31 Aug 188473son/Isaac; h/SophiaOswald Methodist NSW
ReevesJoseph James1870?18 Jul 18733son/William & EstherOswald Methodist NSW
ReevesSophia1812?10 Feb 188168dau/Francis Stephens & Sarah; w/JosephOswald Methodist NSW
ReevesWilliam1832?28 Dec 187745son/Joseph & Sophia; h/EstherOswald Methodist NSW
RoseJohn1818?9 Aug 188769Oswald Methodist NSW
RoseMary1821?22 Sep 189675dau/RichardOswald Methodist NSW
SaywellMary Jane1841?9 Aug 193190dau/William S & MaryOswald Methodist NSW
SneesbyJames1810?20 May 187868son/Henry & Hannah; h/SusannahOswald Methodist NSW
SneesbyStephen1849?9 Apr 188435son/James & SusannahOswald Methodist NSW
SneesbySusannah1811?13 Jan 190290dau/Stephen & Kezia; w/JamesOswald Methodist NSW
WhitcombeWilliam James1898?29 Dec 18991son/George & Linda AOswald Methodist NSW

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