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1 cemetery found

Philptown (Bible Christian Methodist)North East Road, Chain of Ponds SA 523189

89 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BagshawEleanor Maria1857?193982w/WilliamPhilptown SA
BagshawHenry1811?187564Philptown SA
BagshawWilliam7 Sep 1854194085h/Eleanor MabelPhilptown SA
BethuneIsabella1862?18642Philptown SA
BilesEdith Mary1870?18700Philptown SA
BrooksEliza1866?18660Philptown SA
CarterSarah Susannah1868?18681Philptown SA
CaustAmy1850?10 Jul 191575Philptown SA
CaustAnn1813?188168Philptown SA
CaustBertha Amy1870?18700Philptown SA
CaustCharles Arnold1879?6 Jan 190627Philptown SA
CaustDavid Kennings20 Nov 192523 Aug 196842h/Frances Therese (Kinnane)Philptown SA
Caust (Kinnane)Frances Therese21 Feb 19242 Sep 198561w/David KenningsPhilptown SA
CaustHilda Julia1879?18845Philptown SA
CaustJames1848?188739Philptown SA
CaustJames Phillips1814?189478Philptown SA
CaustWilliam1840?191878Philptown SA
CoadCatherine1823?187653Philptown SA
CockArthur James18695 Jul 187018mson/James & Eliza (Jolly); b. Talunga SAPhilptown SA
CockIda Blanche1874187411mdau/James & Eliza (Jolly); b. Talunga SAPhilptown SA
CockJames1845?11 Oct 187934h/Eliza (Jolly)Philptown SA
CongdonAnn12 Dec 1910w/JamesPhilptown SA
CongdonBill1922?7 May 201290Philptown SA
CongdonJames1820?16 Aug 187656h/AnnPhilptown SA
CookeVerna Margaret1917?19170Philptown SA
CurtisCatherine1876?18760Philptown SA
CurtisEsther Ellen1880?18822Philptown SA
DillonJohn1882?18820Philptown SA
DobsonFrederick James1865?193469Philptown SA
DobsonSophia Ann Caroline1868?193668Philptown SA
FowlerJames1817?187154Philptown SA
HawkeHenry James1885?194055Philptown SA
HawkePercy James1914?19140Philptown SA
HawkeRichard1830?186535Philptown SA
HoadOscar Darcy Ernest Alfred1884?18840Philptown SA
HutchingHenry1818?187564Philptown SA
JollyAlice1814?187460Philptown SA
JollyFrances1793?187279Philptown SA
JollyHerbert1885?18850Philptown SA
JollyJames Henry1876?18760Philptown SA
JollyMary Ann1800?186666Philptown SA
JollyRichard1820?187656Philptown SA
JollyRichard Philip1870?188414Philptown SA
JollyWilliam1823?187653Philptown SA
JollyWilliam Henry1845?191368Philptown SA
McGlewMary Ann1817?187053Philptown SA
OldmanAlbert Smith1873?18730Philptown SA
OldmanAnnie Augustine1870?18733Philptown SA
OldmanMary Ann1842?187230Philptown SA
PhillippsAllen Bennett1876?18771Philptown SA
PhilpJohn1837?188346Philptown SA
PhilpJoseph1866?18660Philptown SA
PhilpLily Alice1870?18755Philptown SA
PhilpSelina1834?186628Philptown SA
RyallFrancis1799?188384Philptown SA
RyallJames Arthur1875?18750Philptown SA
RyallMoses1864?18651Philptown SA
RyallWilliam1835?191378Philptown SA
SymondsAlma Thomasine Mary189118931dau/John & Amelia; b. Talunga, SAPhilptown SA
SymondsAmelia10 Mar 185419 Sep 194288w/JohnPhilptown SA
SymondsAmy Thomasine1867188719dau/Thomas; b. Talunga, SAPhilptown SA
SymondsAnne Evelyn Amelia189018933dau/John & Amelia; b. Talunga, SAPhilptown SA
SymondsCharles1850?29 Jan 194090h/Emma FrancesPhilptown SA
SymondsClaude James Garfield14 Apr 18946 Nov 198894son/John & Amelia; b. Talunga, SA; h/Emmie IrisPhilptown SA
SymondsDeane Pascoe1930?19366son/Claude James Garfield & Emmie IrisPhilptown SA
SymondsEmma Frances1853?3 Nov 192471h/CharlesPhilptown SA
Symonds (Cock)Emmie Iris30 Mar 189625 Feb 198488w/Claude James GarfieldPhilptown SA
SymondsFrancis1795?13 Mar 188590h/Francis & ThomasinePhilptown SA
SymondsFrancis1884?18840son/William & MaryPhilptown SA
SymondsGarfield Pascoe1923Sep 196239son/Claude James Garfield & Emmie Iris; b. Norwood, SAPhilptown SA
SymondsHarry Francis Clifford189513 Mar 192125son/John & Amelia; b. Talunga, SAPhilptown SA
SymondsHedley William189318930son/John & Amelia; b. Talunga, SAPhilptown SA
SymondsHenry Elliot187820 Feb 196586son/Thomas; b. Talunga, SA; h/MabelPhilptown SA
SymondsJohn1843?20 Sep 1913h/AmeliaPhilptown SA
SymondsJohn Gumma Crocker188810 Sep 196678son/John & Amelia; b. Talunga, SAPhilptown SA
SymondsMabel1882?11 Feb 195472w/Henry ElliottPhilptown SA
SymondsSydney Keith1916?28 Feb 194226son/Elliot & MabelPhilptown SA
SymondsThomasine1805?18 Dec 1861?56w/FrancisPhilptown SA
TidyHenry Alfred1851?186817Philptown SA
VercoePhilip1815?188368Philptown SA
WardClara Rebecca1877?192447Philptown SA
WardCordelia1847?194396Philptown SA
WardJames1848?189648Philptown SA
WardLily Florence1875?195472Philptown SA
WardMabel Jessie1887?18947Philptown SA
WillamsPriscilla King1862?194280Philptown SA
WilliamsFrances Ann1833?189461Philptown SA
WilliamsGertrude Mabel1886?31 Mar 190014dau/Charles & Emma FrancesPhilptown SA
WillisonJames1855?18660Philptown SA

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