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BlanchetownSouth Terrace, Blanchetown SA 535718

18 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
??Blanchetown SA
??Blanchetown SA
??Blanchetown SA
??Blanchetown SA
AllenTrevor Ernest15 Dec 193910 Jan 200565yBlanchetown SAGeneral
BrandJamesJul 1832?1 Jul 187442yson/William & Sarah (Coward); b. EnglandBlanchetown SAGeneral 6
Corcoran (Ryan)Mary AnnJul 1841?30 Jul 190564yb. Tipperary, Ireland; w/MichaelBlanchetown SAGeneral 28
Crabb (Chinner)Mary Ann29 Aug 182822 Sep 190375ydau/Charles & Ann [ Died 7 Nov 1845 at sea, aboard 'The Templar' ] (Bazely); b. Banbury, Northamptonshire, England; w/WilliamBlanchetown SAGeneral 37
CrabbRichard Stapleton2 May 18488 Mar 190152yson/William & Mary Ann (Chinner); b. Angaston, South Australia, AustraliaBlanchetown SAGeneral 36
CrabbWilliam11 Apr 182413 May 190581son/Richard & Sarah (Stapleton); b. Liskeard, Cornwall, England; h/Mary Ann (Chinner)Blanchetown SAGeneral 38
EwensEthel Kate187519 Mar 18767mdau/John Reynolds & Annie Maria (Worth); b. AustraliaBlanchetown SAGeneral 22
HurstHerbert Edward [Ned]18 Jun 186110 Jun 194482yson/Herbert & Eliza (Thomas); b. Spring Hill, South Australia, AustraliaBlanchetown SAGeneral 67
James?Ray?Blanchetown SA
KnightStella Isabel / Isabelle3 Jan 18977 Aug 191619ydau/George & Rosetta Adelaide [Rose] (Small); b. Piggie Flat, South Australia, AustraliaBlanchetown SAGeneral 33
RossiterJamesSep 1819?8 Dec 189980yson/William; h/Rose (O'Reilly) & Susannah [Mrs Forbes] (Harrison)Blanchetown SAGeneral 1
Rossiter (Harrison)SusannaMar 1826?29 Mar 189670yformerly Forbes; dau/William; w/John (Forbes) & JamesBlanchetown SAGeneral 2
ShawThomasSep 1865?11 Sep 193873yh/Johanna Ernestine [Mrs Wilhelm Peter PETERSEN] (Wendt)Blanchetown SAGeneral 65
Woolley (Worth)Sarah12 May 182214 Mar 186543ydau/William & Ann (Quincey); b. Bourne, Lincolnshire, England; w/John MaudeBlanchetown SAGeneral 21

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