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1 cemetery found

Black Hill OldQuarry Road, Black Hill SA 535328

28 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AndriskeAnna Maria24 May 18893 Dec 1909?20?Black Hill Old SABlock 1A, 7
AndriskeWilhelmine Pauline17 Sep 190126 Feb 19020Black Hill Old SABlock 2.I, 3
Blackwell (Rochow)Flora Pauline29 Sep 19109 Sep 199685Black Hill Old SABlock 1A, 74
Budrian (Maltusch)Anna Therese Erdmuthe9 Nov 1909Black Hill Old SABlock 1A, 6
BudrianMargaretha Anna Elizabeth22 Jun 188513 Jul 191934Black Hill Old SABlock 1A, 10
Friedrich CarlRochow1865?16 Sep 193671h/Johanne PaulineBlack Hill Old SABlock 1A, 78
GerhardyErnstine Mathilde24 Jul 18656 Mar 190034Black Hill Old SABlock 1A, 1
JantkeJohann August1842?6 Jun 192078h/Johanne LouiseBlack Hill Old SABlock 1A, 26
JantkeJohanne Louise1847?10 Sep 192578w/Johann AugustBlack Hill Old SABlock 1A, 25
JantkeOtto Reinhold29 Jan 188516 Nov 197287Black Hill Old SABlock 1A, 24
LangeErwin Paul8 Jan 191719 Jan 19170Black Hill Old SABlock 2.I, 9
NelsonBertha Hulda18 Aug 185914 Sep 190849Black Hill Old SABlock 1A, 5
PetersGordon Harold30 Sep 190012 Feb 19021Black Hill Old SABlock 2.I, 2
PurscheEileen Agnes7 Apr 192321 May 19230Black Hill Old SABlock 2.I, 8
PurscheMathilda Norma21 Mar 191421 Apr 19162Black Hill Old SABlock 2.I, 7
Ramm (Schubert)Anna Dorothea Emma26 Aug 18606 Apr 190241dau/Johann Friedrich WILHELM & Johanna Julianne (Schmidt); b. Lobethal, SA; w/Gotthard PaulBlack Hill Old SABlock 1A, 4
RammAnna Pauline (Pauline Anna Sophie)30 Oct 188125 May 190018dau/Gotthard Paul & Anna Dorothea Emma (Schubert); b. Lobethal, SABlack Hill Old SABlock 1A, 2
RammGotthard Paul1 May 185824 Aug 192567son/Johann Daniel & Juliane (Stezel); b. Lobethal, SA; h/Anna Dorothea Emma (Schubert) & Louise Emma (Nuske)Black Hill Old SABlock 1A, 23
RobinsonGeorge1842?20 Jul 191573h/Mary AnnBlack Hill Old SABlock 1A, 8
RobinsonMary Ann1857?25 Sep 192366w/GeorgeBlack Hill Old SABlock 1A, 9
RochowAlfred Rudolph (Rudy)16 Sep 190614 Aug 199992h/Clara Sophia (Jantke)Black Hill Old SA
Rochow (Jantke)Clara Sophia19 Oct 191027 Oct 200494w/Alfred Rudolph (Rudy)Black Hill Old SABlock 1A, 76
RochowFriedrich Carl1865?16 Sep 193671h/Johanne PaulineBlack Hill Old SABlock 1A, 78
RochowJohanne Pauline1876?26 Sep 196791w/Friedrich CarlBlack Hill Old SABlock 1A, 77
SchulzBertha Helene8 Nov 186817 Feb 190231Black Hill Old SABlock 1A, 3
Stone (Rochow)Sophie Helene24 Mar 190412 Jun 199591Black Hill Old SABlock 1A, 77
WalkingtonSilvester Rose1895?19016Black Hill Old SABlock 2.I, 1
WiebrechtRegina Flora Elwira1 Nov 190430 Aug 1905?9mdau/Hugo & Caroline Luise Emma (Donhardt); b. Rhine Villa, Crawford District, SA, AustraliaBlack Hill Old SABlock 2.I, 5

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