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1 cemetery found

Angas ValleyOpposite 2377 Angas Valley Road, Mannum SA 523827

27 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
ArnoldGottlieb Wilhelm30 Mar 18916 May 18932Angas Valley SA
ArnoldHeinrich Albert19 Mar 188915 Mar 18944Angas Valley SA
ArnoldJohann Gottlob14 Apr 182214 Apr 189270Angas Valley SA
Beckmann (Schlatow)Anna2 Sep 185620 Nov 189337Angas Valley SA
Bottroff (Klose)Helene Bertha7 Feb 18789 Apr 191335Angas Valley SA
EllikerJohn Henry1858?1 Nov 190143Angas Valley SA
FalkenbergErnst Gottlieb1854?17 Jun 189642Angas Valley SA
HamdorfGottlieb29 May 185027 Sep 191161h/Maria (Stelzer)Angas Valley SA
Hamdorf (Stelzer)Maria2 Dec 185116 Sep 189745w/GottliebAngas Valley SA
HerbigCarl Heinrich26 Feb 186812 Feb 192455son/J Gottlieb; b. Krampe, Gruenberg, Silesia, Prussia; h/Louise W A (Walloscheck)Angas Valley SA
HerbigCarl Otto5 Feb 189718 Aug 18992son/Carl Heinrich & Louise W A (Walloscheck); b. Angas Valley, SA, AustraliaAngas Valley SA
HerbigGustav Adolph10 Sep 189525 Dec 18953mson/Carl Heinrich & Louise (Walloscheck); b. Angas Valley, SA, AustraliaAngas Valley SA
HerbigHeinrich Oscar17 Apr 189926 Aug 18994mson/Carl Heinrich & Louise W A (Walloscheck); b. Angas Valley, SA, AustraliaAngas Valley SA
KlugeHerbert Gustav22 Apr 19054 Nov 19084Angas Valley SA
QuastAlwine Selma23 Sep 189813 Dec 18980Angas Valley SA
QuastCarl Edwin3 Sep 190210 May 19052Angas Valley SA
Quast (Fielke)Ernstine Wilhelmine4 Nov 18358 Sep 190670Angas Valley SA
RettkeHeinrich Albert20 Dec 189216 Aug 18996Angas Valley SA
RochowBerthold Hugo16 Nov 189824 Jul 19001Angas Valley SA
SchroderF August1871?29 Oct 192352h/M LouiseAngas Valley SA
SchroderJohann Friedrich Wilhelm7 Jan 18335 Jun 191077Angas Valley SA
Schroder (Kroehn)Johanne Caroline21 Oct 18405 Feb 192685Angas Valley SA
SchroderM Louise1879?31 Aug 195576w/F AugustAngas Valley SA
Stengert (Eichberg)Charlotte181824 Aug 191092?b. Schlesien, Germany; w/VincentAngas Valley SA
StengertErnst Bernhard26 Jul 189026 Oct 18911Angas Valley SA
StengertVincent9 May 181110 Jan 189482h/Charolette (Eichberg)Angas Valley SA
WiebrechtJohann Friedrich1839?9 Aug 189152Angas Valley SA

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