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1 cemetery found

Warrill Park Lawn12 Anderson Bay Drive / Cunningham Highway, Willowbank QLD 4306637

639 inscriptions found - showing from 1 to 500

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AartsJoseph1929?23 Oct 198859son/Martinus & Josephina Maria (Hollanders)Warrill Park Lawn QLD
AddisonBetty1924?31 May 201490w/RobertWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
AddisonRobert Gordon1930?4 Feb 201181h/BettyWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
AdkinsJoyce Fay1932?31 May 198957w/Thomas WilliamWarrill Park Lawn QLD
AdkinsThomas William1929?2 Apr 201081h/Joyce FayWarrill Park Lawn QLD
AhernCoral Alice (Mama)1928?18 Jan 201183w/ThomasWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
AhernThomas Joseph1920?24 Oct 200888h/CoralWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
AlexanderDoris1918?21 Jun 198769Warrill Park Lawn QLD
AlfordLilian Amelia18 Oct 19209 Sep 200483w/Clarence WilliamWarrill Park Lawn QLDGdn
Allen (O'Donohue)Jean1919?14 Oct 197657dau/Thomas Clive & Rebecca (Gordon); w/Kevin EdwardWarrill Park Lawn QLD
AllenKevin Edward1925?17 Aug 201388h/JeanWarrill Park Lawn QLD
AllenShane Andrew196419717Warrill Park Lawn QLD
AmosFrederick John18 Sep 191510 Dec 200893son/Howard J. & Florence Louisa (Norley); b. Grafton, NSW, Australia; h/Bertha Eclipse May (Law); A2203Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
Andersen (Knights)Walter John24 Mar 192217 Jan 198865b. TownsvilleWarrill Park Lawn QLD
Andersen (Knights)Walter John24 Mar 192217 Jan 198865b. Townsville; h/Ethel Mavis (Ruthenberg)Warrill Park Lawn QLD
AndersonAlexander1909?5 Jun 197465h/EssieWarrill Park Lawn QLD
AndersonDorothy Enid (Dot)4 May 192612 Jul 201488w/Robert J. (Bert)Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
AndersonEssie1914?3 Mar 199076w/AlexanderWarrill Park Lawn QLD
AndersonIan R W1957?9 Oct 198225Warrill Park Lawn QLD
AndersonJoan Leslie1962?28 Apr 201351Warrill Park Lawn QLD
AndersonRobert Joseph (Bert)24 Dec 192314 May 201088h/Dorothy E. (Dot)Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
AndersonTyrone1940?23 May 198747Warrill Park Lawn QLD
AndersonWalter1936?1 Jan 198448Warrill Park Lawn QLD
AppletonFlorence Jean1910?8 Jan 200292Warrill Park Lawn QLD
ArchibaldLeona Mary1922?18 Mar 201694w/RonaldWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
ArchibaldRonald Keith1921?23 Nov 200685h/LeonaWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
Arifovic (Ukras)Edith16 Aug 192725 Aug 198861b. Essen, Germany; w/MerdzanWarrill Park Lawn QLD
ArifovicMerdzan17 Apr 19195 Aug 200182b. Yugoslavia; h/EdithWarrill Park Lawn QLD
ArifovicRobert17 Apr 196218 May 199331Warrill Park Lawn QLD
AuldOswald Edwin1923?7 Aug 197956Warrill Park Lawn QLD
BaileyDavid Campbell1922200785h/Shirley FrancesWarrill Park Lawn QLD
BaileyShirley Frances1930197646w/David CampbellWarrill Park Lawn QLD
BaillsDoreen28 Mar 193812 Oct 198951Warrill Park Lawn QLD
BarclayC P1924?12 Aug 197955QX11553Warrill Park Lawn QLD
BarrColin James29 Aug 194023 Jul 200261Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
BarrettAnna Louisa5 May 19092 Oct 197162w/Charles GordonWarrill Park Lawn QLD
BarrettCharles Gordon29 May 19106 Mar 199787h/Anna LouisaWarrill Park Lawn QLD
BeatieSamuel Currie1924?1 Aug 197652Warrill Park Lawn QLD
BeavisAlan John1927?1 Mar 201184Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
BeethamLydia Mary10 May 192313 Sep 201188Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
BellCyril John31 Mar 192317 Apr 201289h/HazelWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
BellHazel22 Dec 192120 Apr 200684w/CyrilWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
BellJohn S L1923?13 Aug 198562h/LynneWarrill Park Lawn QLD
BellLynne20 Feb 1981w/JohnWarrill Park Lawn QLD
BergChristine1924?5 Feb 199066Warrill Park Lawn QLD
BerghauserDoris May1917?22 Jul 200689Warrill Park Lawn QLD19/CA 1/3
BerghauserEric John7 Jan 191224 Mar 199078son/Johann & Hedwig Olga (Argow); h/Jessie May (Lloyd)Warrill Park Lawn QLD2/2 38/BN
BerghauserErnest John3 Jan 2011Warrill Park Lawn QLD35/AU 3/8
BerghauserHoward Randall196428 Mar 198419?son/Mervyn Charles & Violet Doreen (Parslow)Warrill Park Lawn QLD12/AB 2/1
BerghauserJayd Maree198626 Jul 19882?dau/John Stuart & Sharon Lynette (Berghauser)Warrill Park Lawn QLD21/J 1/1
Berghauser (Lloyd)Jessie May4 Oct 19143 Jul 200388dau/Arthur Sidney James & Elsie May (White); w/Eric JohnWarrill Park Lawn QLD2/2, 38/BO
BerghauserMervyn John9 Sep 1979son/Mervyn Charles & Violet Doreen (Parslow)Warrill Park Lawn QLD21/J 1/1
BerghauserSelwyn22 Dec 19191 Nov 197858son/Johann & Hedwig Olga (Argow)Warrill Park Lawn QLD19/CA 1/3
BerlinEdward John16 Jun 194226 Nov 201674Warrill Park Lawn QLDGdn
BerridgeAllen1929?13 Oct 198859Warrill Park Lawn QLD
BertlingLeonard1927?18 Jan 197750Warrill Park Lawn QLD
BindleyThomas31 Oct 19042 Mar 199086Warrill Park Lawn QLD
BirchGordon Frederick30 Apr 192019 Jun 197555h/Lorna May (Ruie)Warrill Park Lawn QLD
Birch (Ruie)Lorna May17 Sep 192230 Mar 201189w/Gordon FrederickWarrill Park Lawn QLD
BlackstockArthur George1897?8 Sep 198083son/George & Shiela (Gardner)Warrill Park Lawn QLD
BlakeRonald Roy1935?11 Jan 201580Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
BliesnerCatherine Eileen17 Dec 190521 Aug 197368Warrill Park Lawn QLD
BlundellMary Josephine1921?2 Nov 200483w/Vincent NoelWarrill Park Lawn QLD
BlundellVincent Noel1920?9 Dec 197757h/Mary JosephineWarrill Park Lawn QLD
BognudaKenneth Gordon1937?27 May 201780Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
BoneDaphne6 Nov 192830 Jul 200475w/KennethWarrill Park Lawn QLDGdn
BoneKenneth W25 Feb 192711 Sep 200679h/DaphneWarrill Park Lawn QLDGdn
BoolMelvyn Colin1942?17 Sep 200159Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
BourkeEdward Wilson8 Mar 1976Warrill Park Lawn QLD
BriaultKenneth (Ken)1934?10 Sep 200975Warrill Park Lawn QLDGdn
BrownFrederick W1920?10 Apr 197757Warrill Park Lawn QLD
BrownGeoffrey S1960?8 Jul 197818Warrill Park Lawn QLD
BuchananDonald B.1920?21 Apr 200080h/Eileen M.Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
BuchananEileen M.1923?23 Mar 201491w/Donald B.Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
BuckleyJohn Paul28 Jun 192231 May 199168son/James; b. Ipswich, Qld; QX51534Warrill Park Lawn QLD
BullockAlbert Clyde1920?18 Jan 200282h/MargaretWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
BullockMargaret Jean1920?20 Feb 201494w/Albert ClydeWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
BurrowsKathleen Rose12 Nov 191710 Sep 200588Warrill Park Lawn QLD
BurrowsLloyd Edward26 Apr 19175 Aug 198770h/Kathleen RoseWarrill Park Lawn QLD
BurrowsMark1884?13 Dec 197692h/Maud LenaWarrill Park Lawn QLD
BurrowsMaud Lena1887?30 Jun 1987100w/MarkWarrill Park Lawn QLD
BygraveAmy Ivy1921?8 Jun 200584w/Ernest JohnWarrill Park Lawn QLD
BygraveErnest John10 Mar 192110 Nov 198059h/AmyWarrill Park Lawn QLD
BygraveErnest John1947?15 Jul 198639son/Ernest John & AmyWarrill Park Lawn QLD
CageAllan Paul18 May 195527 Dec 201762Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
CampbellJosephine McMichael27 Jan 192230 May 201492Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
CampbellMary1925?20 Jul 200378Warrill Park Lawn QLD
CampbellMatthew Joseph5 Nov 197919 Feb 201535Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
CarrGlenys Fay1944?13 Feb 200763w/NoelWarrill Park Lawn QLDGdn
CarrNoel William1941?26 Oct 200564h/GlenysWarrill Park Lawn QLDGdn
CassimatisCharlotte1917200487w/JohnWarrill Park Lawn QLD
CassimatisJohn1915197358h/CharlotteWarrill Park Lawn QLD
ChandlerFrances Anne18 Dec 191123 Nov 200795w/GordonWarrill Park Lawn QLDGdn
ChandlerGordon Campbell7 Apr 19141 Aug 200389h/FrancesWarrill Park Lawn QLDGdn
ChandlerNarelle Glenys2 Mar 195330 Mar 201057Warrill Park Lawn QLDGdn
ChristensenBenjamin Christopher15 May 198823 Jun 19888db. AustraliaWarrill Park Lawn QLDNursery Section 2 10
ChristensenThomas Michael26 Dec 198926 Dec 19890b. Queensland, AustraliaWarrill Park Lawn QLDNursery Section 2 10
ChristisonElsie May Pearl1921?19 Mar 200483Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
ChristisonRobert (Bob)1936?18 Jun 201781Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
CigariniAmalia1926?23 Jan 200478w/MarioWarrill Park Lawn QLD
CigariniMario1915?17 Dec 199883h/AmaliaWarrill Park Lawn QLD
ClarkJohn William1953?4 Mar 201461Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
ClarkRobert Bell25 Apr 192614 Feb 199064Warrill Park Lawn QLD
CostelloEdward Joseph John26 Sep 191022 May 200594b. Emerald, Qld; h/Ethel; QX20156Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
CostelloEthel May4 Oct 19179 Jul 201496w/E J J (Ted)Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
CowardMalcolm William (Mel)1928?8 Feb 199062Warrill Park Lawn QLD
CoxDeborah Leigh1967?10 Mar 201245Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
CoxNaomi Leslie23 Nov 199626 Nov 19963dWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
CrabbeFaye Marion19 Apr 195926 Feb 201353Warrill Park Lawn QLDGdn
CraigJames Christopher1921?29 Aug 200281h/MaryWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
CraigMary1923?21 Aug 200380w/JamesWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
CrimeanDoreen Mary1928?20 Jan 198052w/WilliamWarrill Park Lawn QLD
CrimeanWilliam1924?20 Jul 198561h/Doreen MaryWarrill Park Lawn QLD
Crosland (Bennett)Charmaine17 Jan 19585 Oct 202264dau/Robert George & Kathleen May (Carle); b. gympie qld, Australia; w/Warren LeonardWarrill Park Lawn QLD3 r19, 3r19
CrudenDennis Reginald22 Mar 19503 Oct 200959Warrill Park Lawn QLD
CrudenFrancesWarrill Park Lawn QLD
CrummyKeith Gordon1913?28 Jun 198370h/MaudWarrill Park Lawn QLD
CrummyMaud1905?9 Nov 197671w/Keith GordonWarrill Park Lawn QLD
CupittPhillip James7 Jan 194825 Aug 200759son/Cecil Charlton & Mary Agnes (Howe); h/Donna Maree (Conway) & Maria Aleidd (Cornelius)Warrill Park Lawn QLD
CurtisAlan Josiah1 Apr 1998Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
CuskellyHilton Francis1940?27 Nov 201575h/CWarrill Park Lawn QLDGdn
CuthbertAnne1906?25 Apr 198175w/BasilWarrill Park Lawn QLD
CuthbertBasil L1907?23 Sep 198073h/AnneWarrill Park Lawn QLD
DahtlerDaphne Maud30 Mar 193521 Sep 201681Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
DaltonNeville Percy1933?25 Jan 198148Warrill Park Lawn QLD
DancerDoreen E.1929?19 Apr 201485w/Hubert J.Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
DancerHubert James22 Aug 192613 Jul 201184son/James & Isabella Mary Evelyn (Thompson); b. Ipswich, QLD; h/Doreen E.; 170872Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
DaniellsDaphine Hilda4 Oct 192624 Nov 199973w/KevinWarrill Park Lawn QLD
DaniellsKevin (Toby)17 Feb 191625 Nov 200084h/Daphine HildaWarrill Park Lawn QLD
DannWilliam H13 May 190314 Jul 197270Warrill Park Lawn QLD
Dare (Hearne)Marjorie1915?20 Nov 200186Warrill Park Lawn QLDGdn
DauberLudwik31 Oct 191912 Oct 198970Warrill Park Lawn QLD
Davidson (Richards)Rayma Audrey1931?13 Oct 198049Warrill Park Lawn QLD
DavisL A1934?12 Jul 198450Warrill Park Lawn QLD
Davis (Idiens)RobynWarrill Park Lawn QLD
DayRichard John8wWarrill Park Lawn QLD
DaylightDaryl Bruce2 May 196521 Aug 199530Warrill Park Lawn QLD
DeanYvonne Michelle26 Aug 197027 Oct 19799Warrill Park Lawn QLD
DennisonRichard Reginald (Dick)3 Jan 192613 Apr 200377b. India; h/TheresaWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
DennisonTheresa (Tess)5 Jul 192823 Mar 200879w/RichardWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
DevantierRobert John1940?30 Jan 199050Warrill Park Lawn QLD
DickinsonMavis1925?4 Oct 199166w/MaxWarrill Park Lawn QLD
DickinsonMax1926?10 Dec 198761h/MavisWarrill Park Lawn QLD
DixonJennifer Gweneth23 Mar 195415 May 199541Warrill Park Lawn QLD
DobbsJody LeeOct 1981?27 Oct 19817hWarrill Park Lawn QLD
DobsonWilliam Ness1914?5 Apr 199076Warrill Park Lawn QLD
DoeblienSylvia Anne1922?15 Jan 201290Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
DonaldsonCharles1911198776son/Andrew & Ethel Maud (O'Connor); h/Gwendoline IsabelWarrill Park Lawn QLD
DonaldsonGwendoline Isabel1920200383w/CharlesWarrill Park Lawn QLD
DorFlorence (Joan)1941?7 Jun 201775Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
DosselEric1909197465Warrill Park Lawn QLD
DraperIrene Matilda1906?19 Feb 198781w/John BenedictWarrill Park Lawn QLD
DraperJohn Benedict1901?8 Jun 197675h/Irene MatildaWarrill Park Lawn QLD
DwyerDanny John25 Jan 196919 Jan 198717son/John & KayWarrill Park Lawn QLD
DwyerHarlin Bernard1920?16 Jan 197858Warrill Park Lawn QLD
DwyerKay Dawn6 Sep 194510 Oct 200762Warrill Park Lawn QLD
EastwoodJohn Booth17 Dec 19202 Aug 200281QX44511Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
EdwardsChristina Leslie31 Jan 191413 Sep 200187w/WilliamWarrill Park Lawn QLD
EdwardsWilliam Allen Edward23 Oct 191231 Mar 199179h/ChristinaWarrill Park Lawn QLD
ElmerCharles William Keen13 Aug 192024 May 200786h/EllenWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
Elmer (Schy)Ellen Susan28 Apr 192326 Sep 199875w/CharlesWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
Ezzy (Rush)Muriel Isaline Susannah188818 Apr 198495?dau/Edwin Sibson & Emily Jane (Simpson); b. Maclean, New South Wales, Australia; w/Thomas VictorWarrill Park Lawn QLD
EzzyThomas Victor4 Mar 188729 Sep 197386son/Thomas Richard & Elizabeth Eunice (Myers); b. Cabbage Tree Road, Richmond NSW, Australia; h/Muriel Isaline Susannah (Rush)Warrill Park Lawn QLD
FaschingbauerDoris Andrea1963?22 Jan 197815Warrill Park Lawn QLD
FlynnEric Wilfred4 Feb 191717 Oct 198063son/John Reubin Edward & Annie Harriett (Dumbrell); b. Parkes, NSW; h/Kathleen (Henderson); QX9346Warrill Park Lawn QLDW30
Flynn (Henderson)Kathleen1920?8 Nov 198565dau/John & Ellen (Gilbert); b. Ipswich, Qld; w/Eric WilfredWarrill Park Lawn QLD
Ford (Richards)Mabery1913?15 Jan 200188Warrill Park Lawn QLD
FoulstoneArthur J1912?27 Apr 199179Warrill Park Lawn QLD
FramptonHarold J19 May 2008h/Pearl (Payne)Warrill Park Lawn QLD44
Frampton (Payne)Pearl1921?19 May 200887dau/Charles; w/HaroldWarrill Park Lawn QLD44
FrankErnest Roy1916?22 Jul 198367Warrill Park Lawn QLD
FrankMark Graham1957?18 Feb 197720Warrill Park Lawn QLD
FreemanLily Ann1907?23 Dec 198780Warrill Park Lawn QLD
FrostickPhilip Ayton1892197583Warrill Park Lawn QLD
FryerBeverley Hill1947?9 Dec 200457Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
GalvinJohn Alan Stirling (Alan)1942?30 Nov 200159son/John Dominic & Phyllis; b. Queensland, AustraliaWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
GardnerLambert R B1899?20 Feb 199091Warrill Park Lawn QLD
GeeEvelyn B14 Feb 19138 Sep 197158w/Victor NWarrill Park Lawn QLD
GeeVictor N15 Apr 19119 Feb 199079h/Evelyn BWarrill Park Lawn QLD
GehrkeNorman George3 Sep 192120 May 201392Warrill Park Lawn QLD
GeleijnWillem Johannes1923?19 Sep 200986Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
GibsonGlen Wallace6 Sep 194624 Mar 201669h/MaryWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
GibsonRuby69w/WilliamWarrill Park Lawn QLD
GibsonWilliam87h/RubyWarrill Park Lawn QLD
GilmoreHilda Dawn17 Dec 19403 Apr 201675Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
Glasby (Moore)Ethel Edith20 Sep 191629 Nov 200488dau/Samuel (aka Stanley) & Priscilla Blanche (Chase); b. Kempsey, NSW; w/William JosephWarrill Park Lawn QLDHoya Ave Sec 2 7
GodboldHerbert William1913198067h/Jessie Agnes VeronicaWarrill Park Lawn QLD
GodboldJessie Agnes Veronica1914197662w/Herbert WilliamWarrill Park Lawn QLD
Goodman (Jenkins)Daphne Adeline Frances22 Nov 190813 Jan 197364dau/Arthur Daniel & Lucy Ann (Rofe); b. Mt Hunter, NSW, Australia; w/Archibald TheodoreWarrill Park Lawn QLD
GottPatricia Mary1939?17 Oct 200465Warrill Park Lawn QLD
GottVincent S G1934?13 Jan 200773Warrill Park Lawn QLD
GoughWilliam Thomas1913?13 Jun 200289Warrill Park Lawn QLD
GrantzHans23 May 1973Warrill Park Lawn QLD
GranzienAlvenia1912?11 Jul 197765Warrill Park Lawn QLD
GriffithsKeith Charles11 Apr 193317 Jan 201581Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
GuildJohn Wayne23 May 195820 Oct 201759Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
GyuraszevicsKalman1901?21 Sep 198079Warrill Park Lawn QLD
HaffendenPeter John7 Mar 193829 Mar 201375Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
Hall (Jones)Pauline AnneJul 195414 Feb 201560Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
HallettArnold Llewellyn1927?9 Feb 200275Warrill Park Lawn QLDGdn
HallettEric Norman1907?15 Nov 197265h/Sylvia GarlandWarrill Park Lawn QLD
HallettSylvia Garland1903?27 Sep 197875w/Eric NormanWarrill Park Lawn QLD
HansenWilliam Leslie14 Aug 19252 Aug 200781son/William; 151464Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
HardyAlfred1910?19 Dec 199787Warrill Park Lawn QLD
HarneyMaureen Joy1931?4 Mar 198352Warrill Park Lawn QLD
HawleyKenneth Walter1930?8 Aug 201484Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
HefferanLawrence1916?24 Aug 198771h/Ruby IsabelWarrill Park Lawn QLD
HefferanRuby Isabel1926?3 Apr 198963w/LawrenceWarrill Park Lawn QLD
HeilbronnFrancis Charles (Frank)27 Oct 193410 Jul 201177h/JoanWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
HeilbronnJoan Alisa Mooreen21 Jan 19315 Dec 201382w/FrankWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
HeiligMerril Fay23 Jan 193824 Dec 201678Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
HendriksFrederick Antionus11 Aug 196228 Dec 201250son/Frederick & CorneliaWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
HendryAnnette Maree17 Apr 194924 Oct 199142Warrill Park Lawn QLD
HerriottEdward Cresswell1893?2 Mar 197380Warrill Park Lawn QLD
HesseBrian John1933201481Warrill Park Lawn QLD
HiltonDesmond Roy23 Jun 19492 Feb 201969son/Shirley Esme (Laurie); b. Texas QldWarrill Park Lawn QLD
HiltonLionel Henry22 Feb 1929199970son/Henry Charles John James (Charlie) & Laura (Harper); h/Shirley Esme (Laurie)Warrill Park Lawn QLD
Hilton (Laurie)Shirley Esme3 Dec 19325 Jan 191715dau/Pearl Irene (Laurie); b. Goondiwindi Qld; w/Lionel HenryWarrill Park Lawn QLD
HingstDesmond Aaron Douglas1932?18 Jun 200876Warrill Park Lawn QLD
HingstFrank Val-Aron Henry1936?9 Jul 198953h/Lloyd EdwardWarrill Park Lawn QLD
HingstFrank Val-Aron Henry1936?9 Jul 198953Warrill Park Lawn QLD
Hirsch (Monch)Gertrud21 Dec 191411 Aug 197762dau/Edmond & Ida (Hering); w/SiegfriedWarrill Park Lawn QLDGdn
HirschSiegfried16 Sep 19166 Nov 197761dau/Alois & Ernstine (Fuchs); b. Hamburg; w/Gertrud (Monch)Warrill Park Lawn QLDGdn
HogarthMyrtle D1893?30 Sep 198087Warrill Park Lawn QLD
HolnessGeorge A1920?14 Aug 199979h/Olive EWarrill Park Lawn QLD
HolnessOlive E1902?21 Jan 197573w/George AWarrill Park Lawn QLD
HolzheimerEric Carl Frank1916?16 Oct 199781Warrill Park Lawn QLD
HolzheimerKlara1912?13 Sep 197967Warrill Park Lawn QLD
HolznagelRobert Douglas26 Jan 195814 Jun 198931Warrill Park Lawn QLD
HornMichael Jonathan23 Jun 195910 Jun 199737Warrill Park Lawn QLDBX 58, 2
HortonJoyce Evelyn22 Dec 19246 May 201691Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
HughesHerbert Walter1878?23 Nov 197294h/Sarah HelenWarrill Park Lawn QLD
HughesLorna Joyce1925?16 Aug 201590Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
HughesSarah Helen1887?17 Jul 197487w/Herbert WalterWarrill Park Lawn QLD
HumphreysLillian Mills1919?22 Apr 198869w/Oscar CharlesWarrill Park Lawn QLD
HumphreysOscar Charles1916?18 Feb 197761h/Lillian MillsWarrill Park Lawn QLD
HuthHenrietta Emma3 Jul 1972Warrill Park Lawn QLD
HuthHenry10 Feb 1977Warrill Park Lawn QLD
HydeJohn Richard (Jack)1930?5 Aug 200070Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
HydeLeonard1954?21 May 201359Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
InnesRobert W1913197259Warrill Park Lawn QLD
JackwitzAnnie1892?4 Aug 197684w/FriedrichWarrill Park Lawn QLD
JackwitzFriedrich1888?8 Oct 198193h/AnnieWarrill Park Lawn QLD
JarrettDarceyApr 19238 Sep 200481h/JeanetteWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
JarrettJeanette12 Aug 19273 May 201688w/DarceyWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
JefferyAlexis1990?16 Mar 201424Warrill Park Lawn QLDGdn
JeffreyMary Millar2 May 1917dau/Andrew Phillip & Elizabeth (Adamson); b. QldWarrill Park Lawn QLD
JeffreyPercy David1919?5 Apr 198364Warrill Park Lawn QLD
JenningsKevin John4 Dec 19439 Jul 198643Warrill Park Lawn QLD
JensenEric Raymond1917?21 Mar 196750son/Charles Peter Neilsen & Edith Sarah (Gillam)Warrill Park Lawn QLDAng
JessenJane1890198595w/John HenryWarrill Park Lawn QLD
JessenJohn Henry1888197183h/JaneWarrill Park Lawn QLD
JohnstonMaria Rosaria1944?31 Jul 198844Warrill Park Lawn QLD
JonesArnold Pearse24 Jun 192610 Apr 201487son/Robert; b. Ipswich, Qld; h/Gladys; 170375Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
JonesBaden Stanley27 Jun 192029 May 200987son/Albert; b. Newrybar; h/Sheila; NX47761Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
JonesEthel May1891?17 May 198291w/James ThomasWarrill Park Lawn QLD
JonesGladys28 Mar 19287 May 201587w/ArnoldWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
JonesJames Thomas1898?14 Oct 198082h/Ethel MayWarrill Park Lawn QLD
JonesJoseph Samuel1889?26 Oct 197687h/Mary EllenWarrill Park Lawn QLD
JonesMargaret May27 May 194715 Aug 201366Warrill Park Lawn QLD
JonesMery Ellen1892?25 Nov 197987w/Joseph SamuelWarrill Park Lawn QLD
JonesSheila1926?18 Sep 200377w/BadenWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
KadelEdward James8 Mar 19304 Oct 199969Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
KellyLeo Stephen11 Apr 193114 Sep 201685Warrill Park Lawn QLDGdn
KellyShaun Graham25 Dec 19618 Nov 201553son/Graham & IreneWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
Kent (O'Brien)Ellen Josephine1923?1 Jul 199774dau/John Patrick & Evelyn May (Nalder); b. Australia; w/John Henry (Jack)Warrill Park Lawn QLD1 CS, 12
KentJohn Henry (Jack)1915?21 Apr 197257h/Ellen Josephine (O'Brien)Warrill Park Lawn QLD1 CS, 12
KickbuschMyrtle1916?3 Nov 198872Warrill Park Lawn QLD
KingLance25 Jan 195728 Aug 201457Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
KirstenfeldtLeonard B1933197239Warrill Park Lawn QLD
KirstenfeldtStephen B1959198450Warrill Park Lawn QLD
Kitson-WhiteReginald John1907?17 Jan 197366Warrill Park Lawn QLD
Kitson-WhiteRobert William John1943?18 Nov 200158Warrill Park Lawn QLD
KlupfelJohn W1910197363Warrill Park Lawn QLD
KnoxPhyllis June8 Jan 19243 Apr 198258dau/Emily (Nean); w/Ronald CharlesWarrill Park Lawn QLD
KnoxRonald Charles9 Aug 19182 Mar 198062son/John & Carrie (McGrady); h/Phyllis JuneWarrill Park Lawn QLD
KrauseMartha Ottilie30 Jul 190119 Feb 199089Warrill Park Lawn QLD
KublerClifford9 May 19154 Jan 200185h/Ethel (Forster)Warrill Park Lawn QLDGdn
Kubler (Forster)Ethel3 Nov 19159 Aug 198872dau/Frederick William & Ellen Nellie (Howman); w/CliffordWarrill Park Lawn QLDGdn
LaackEric7 Jul 19305 Jan 201786Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
LamprechtCarl Friedrich1901?10 Apr 198786Warrill Park Lawn QLD
LamprechtCharles1909?9 Jul 197667h/MurielWarrill Park Lawn QLD
LamprechtMuriel1913?21 Jun 199885w/CharlesWarrill Park Lawn QLD
LawranceHenry James11 Sep 19215 Jan 200583b. Rosevale, Qld; h/Lorna; Q128400Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
Lawrance (Pankhurst)Lorna Sybil19 Jun 192413 Aug 200884w/HenryWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
LawsonHenry Clifford1 Jul 193627 Jan 199072Warrill Park Lawn QLD
LawsonLorraine Beverley8 Mar 193817 Jul 199456Warrill Park Lawn QLD
LeadleyMaxwell M1928?12 Dec 198961Warrill Park Lawn QLD
LehrAilsa Mary Joan1922?26 Feb 200583w/Eenest CharlesWarrill Park Lawn QLD
LehrErnest Charles1917?17 Mar 198770h/Ailsa Mary JoanWarrill Park Lawn QLD
LewisAda1916?16 Jun 199579w/ReginaldWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
LewisGraham Fredrick1961?3 Mar 197312Warrill Park Lawn QLD
LewisPeter Kevin1953?14 Feb 198734Warrill Park Lawn QLD
LewisRaymond Charles13 Jul 192420 May 198763Warrill Park Lawn QLD
LewisReginald (Taffy)1 Dec 191324 Sep 201096h/AdaWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
LindebergCecil Raymond1926?30 Mar 199064h/Johanna PriscillaWarrill Park Lawn QLD
LindebergJohanna Priscilla1925?21 Jul 200479w/Cicil RaymaodWarrill Park Lawn QLD
LitzowLancelot1920197252Warrill Park Lawn QLD
LivermoreEvelyn L M1911199786w/Leslie WWarrill Park Lawn QLD
LivermoreLeslie W1908197163h/Evelyn L MWarrill Park Lawn QLD
LockEdward (Harry)12 May 19409 Dec 201575Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
LockRaymond George1939?9 Sep 197132Warrill Park Lawn QLD
LockeCharles A1905?28 Sep 197671h/MavisWarrill Park Lawn QLD
LockeMavis1909?18 Nov 200192w/Charles AWarrill Park Lawn QLD
LucasTimothy BruceMar 1980?1 May 198114mWarrill Park Lawn QLD
LuntFrederick1918?18 Mar 198769Warrill Park Lawn QLD
LynchRobert (Bob)1928?8 Feb 200678Warrill Park Lawn QLDGdn
MacKenzieEdna May19 Jun 19356 Dec 201681Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
MacKenzieErnest8 Nov 191420 Jul 198773h/EsmeWarrill Park Lawn QLD
MacKenzieEsme20 Aug 191429 Jul 199985w/ErnestWarrill Park Lawn QLD
MacPhersonAlan Maxwell1919?26 Apr 198768h/Eva Ann; QX44218Warrill Park Lawn QLD
MacPherson (Hoffmann)Eva Ann1924?10 Nov 201288w/Alan MazwellWarrill Park Lawn QLD
MacSweenDenise Helen13 Mar 194123 Aug 201069Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
MaddickMargaret Mary1906?27 Feb 197872Warrill Park Lawn QLD
MaguireRonald Thomas20 Mar 192013 Sep 200181son/William; b. Hobart, Tas; VX63369Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
MailmanColin Fredrick15 Jul 1996Warrill Park Lawn QLD
MailmanMary Evelyn13 Mar 1992Warrill Park Lawn QLD
MailmanWayne Colin Dahl1961?29 Apr 199029Warrill Park Lawn QLD
MannGertrude M1886?31 Aug 197286w/Thomas SWarrill Park Lawn QLD
MannThomas S1887?11 Aug 197285h/Gertrude MWarrill Park Lawn QLD
ManzAdeline L R1890197282Warrill Park Lawn QLD
ManzAugust H1902198583Warrill Park Lawn QLD
MarstaellerFrances Walter1911?16 May 198877h/Mary MWarrill Park Lawn QLD
MarstaellerMary M1912?16 Jun 198775w/Frances WalterWarrill Park Lawn QLD
MartinMira Amelia1909?10 Feb 198374w/Robert ThorneWarrill Park Lawn QLD
MartinRobert Thorne1901?3 Oct 198786h/Mira AmeliaWarrill Park Lawn QLD
MatterfaceRoy e1922?15 May 198361Warrill Park Lawn QLD
MatthysenVernon Paul1969?22 Jun 198718Warrill Park Lawn QLD
MaxwellPeter John1955?16 Feb 197621Warrill Park Lawn QLD
McCarthyEugene J1902?19 Jul 197775h/Mary A VWarrill Park Lawn QLD
McCarthyMary A V1907?4 Nov 198679w/Eugene JWarrill Park Lawn QLD
McCartneyLetitia Mary (Tracy)13 Feb 196010 Jul 201757Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
McCreaBasil8 Aug 193525 Dec 201277Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
McCullyDonald Robert15 Jul 192822 Aug 201587Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
McDougallJoyce Fay1919?26 May 199475w/Robert CharlesWarrill Park Lawn QLD
McDougallRobert Charles1919?9 Jun 199172h/JoyceWarrill Park Lawn QLD
McDowallMervyn John22 Nov 19231 Aug 201793son/Walter; b. Ipswich, Qld; QX60544Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
McEwanJudith Ann1942?5 Feb 201775Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
McGrathThomas Paul6 Aug 195612 Sep 201660son/Barry & WilmaWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
McKenzieAndrew Charles1962?2 Oct 198220Warrill Park Lawn QLD
McKenzieEric (John)24 Jul 19598 Dec 201354Warrill Park Lawn QLD
McKenzieRoderick Chaeles1928?27 Sep 198456Warrill Park Lawn QLD
McKerracher (Moir)Sarah Hutchinson1889?1 Aug 196879dau/Alexander & Mary (Donaldson)Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
McLeanEileen Mary29 Dec 193224 May 201381w/Thomas JamesWarrill Park Lawn QLD
McLeanThomas James15 Feb 192915 Oct 200475h/Eileen MaryWarrill Park Lawn QLD
McManusJames Joseph1896?9 Dec 197781h/Jane KathleenWarrill Park Lawn QLD
McManusJane Kathleen1901?26 Aug 199190w/James JosephWarrill Park Lawn QLD
MehmetZenel29Warrill Park Lawn QLD
MensforthGeorge Herbert21 Dec 190130 Mar 197977son/Edward & Emily Ann (Barrett); b. Willowbank Queensland, Australia; h/Lily (Schumacher); Q119227Warrill Park Lawn QLD1 AL, 24
Mensforth (Schumacher)Lily15 May 190522 Jun 199388dau/Johan Peter & Marie Louise (Retschlag); b. Clumber Queensland, Australia; w/George HerbertWarrill Park Lawn QLD1 AK, 24
MerliFiore Domenico17 May 19223 Sep 198967Warrill Park Lawn QLD
MilesDarren Lance28 May 19663 Sep 198317son/William Stanley & Fay Evelyn (Ryan); b. Ipswich Queensland, AustraliaWarrill Park Lawn QLD2 Y, 07
Miles (Salmon)Rhonda Viola12 Aug 192428 Feb 200277dau/John Armitage & Esther May (Becker); b. Queensland, Australia; w/Albert EdwardWarrill Park Lawn QLD
Milford-RobertsonIan Charles17 Apr 19465 Sep 201771Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
MillersGayle Margaret24 Oct 195522 May 201458w/LaurieWarrill Park Lawn QLDGdn
MillersLaurie James23 Nov 195419 Dec 199541h/GayleWarrill Park Lawn QLDGdn
MilsomLance Robert Cecil1943?22 Jan 201269Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
MissenGeorge Edward1910?17 Nov 198070h/PatriciaWarrill Park Lawn QLD
MissenPatricia1913?10 Feb 200390w/George EdwardWarrill Park Lawn QLD
MitchellAlma Eva14 Feb 194013 Dec 200767w/Lawrence G.Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
MitchellLawrence Groves14 Jul 19248 Mar 200782h/Alma E.Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
MitchellMarie9 Jan 194510 Aug 198944Warrill Park Lawn QLD
Moir (Donaldson)Mary1860?Jun 194484dau/James & Ellen (Millar); w/AlexanderWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
MolloyHenry1915?25 Jun 197863Warrill Park Lawn QLD
MooreDavid Ernest1946?16 Dec 199953Warrill Park Lawn QLD
MorcusJohannes13 Jan 191515 Jun 198974Warrill Park Lawn QLD
MorganRobert (Bobby)25 Apr 194822 Dec 201466Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
MorrisonPatricia Ann1946?15 Jan 199549Warrill Park Lawn QLD
MorrowE W11 Oct 2013Warrill Park Lawn QLDSection 3 6
Morrow (Duncan)Ellen Janet190721 Apr 198880dau/William Hugh & Helen Robertson (McKenzie); w/Frederick WilliamWarrill Park Lawn QLD
MorrowEsme Veronica14 Nov 19264 Nov 200578Warrill Park Lawn QLDSection 3 6
MorrowFrederick William8 Aug 190515 May 199083son/Robert & Wilhamina Ansertina (Kruger); b. Harrisville, Qld; h/Ellen Janet (Duncan); QX37166Warrill Park Lawn QLD
MorrowRon28 Feb 193721 Aug 199861Warrill Park Lawn QLDRose Garden 6
MorrowSkie Lorane12 Mar 199222 Mar 19920dau/Bradley Ronald & Bronwen Louise (Brady)Warrill Park Lawn QLDNursery Section 2 5
Morrow-BorchertVicki Maree31 Jan 2000Warrill Park Lawn QLD
MoyleHarold (Skeet)16 Feb 193626 May 201175Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
MoyleMichael7 Jan 196031 Jan 201151Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
MuirElizabeth Violet1912200593w/Stuart JohnWarrill Park Lawn QLD
MuirStuart John15 May 1999h/Elizabeth VioletWarrill Park Lawn QLD
MullinsRaymond John9 Aug 195924 Oct 201354son/John & AudreyWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
MuntKevin R16 Nov 19282 Feb 201586Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
MurphyIvy Marion1908?22 Sep 198072w/JamesWarrill Park Lawn QLD
MurphyJames1919?4 Mar 200081h/Ivy MarionWarrill Park Lawn QLD
NealeRonald Victor1922?16 Aug 198260Warrill Park Lawn QLD
NeesHeinz Wolfgang (Harry)20 Mar 193329 Nov 199562Warrill Park Lawn QLD
NeesWilma19 Jan 19317 Apr 199059Warrill Park Lawn QLD
NelsonJoan Elizabeth20 Apr 19404 Nov 201575w/RaymondWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
NelsonRaymond James4 May 193922 Jun 201677h/JoanWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
NicholsonCorinna M1929?30 Oct 197950Warrill Park Lawn QLD
NunnHilda Irene1899?9 Sep 197980Warrill Park Lawn QLD
NygaardRene Mohr1962?12 Nov 198826Warrill Park Lawn QLD
O'Brien (Mensforth)Daphne Moreen12 Aug 19251 Nov 201691formerly Macdonald; dau/George Herbert & Lily (Schumacher); b. Ipswich, Australia; w/William (Macdonald) & Denis Matthew; QF272281Warrill Park Lawn QLD1 AL, 24
O'BrienDenis Matthew2 Sep 192911 Jun 198959son/John Patrick & Evelyn May (Nalder); b. Ipswich Queensland, Australia; h/Daphne Moreen (Mensforth)Warrill Park Lawn QLD2 BD, 32
O'BrienJosephine1933?26 Oct 201784Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
O'BrienMathew Adam1977?5 Nov 201538Warrill Park Lawn QLDGdn
O'ConnellEthel Merle16 Jul 193131 Jan 201785Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
O'DempseyJames Patrick21 Aug 189519 Sep 198085son/Thomas Joseph & Catherine Elizabeth (Cavanagh); b. Qld; h/Teresa (Bpurke)Warrill Park Lawn QLD
O'Dempsey (Bourke)Teresa15 Oct 190219 May 198683dau/James & Mary (Ryan); b. Qld; w/James PatrickWarrill Park Lawn QLD
O'HalloranDuang Duan6 Jul 2006w/JohnWarrill Park Lawn QLD
O'HalloranJohn1944?18 May 197935h/DuangWarrill Park Lawn QLD
O'KeefeKyle Jay1995?1 Sep 20027Warrill Park Lawn QLD
O'KeefeKyle Jay1995?1 Sep 20027Warrill Park Lawn QLD
O'NeilPhilip Andrew20 Jul 191924 Jan 201393Warrill Park Lawn QLD
O'ReillyCorey Douglas15 Apr 1990Warrill Park Lawn QLD
O'ReillyDaniel15 May 19362 May 201276Warrill Park Lawn QLD
OlsenMichael Lawrence5 Oct 196225 Feb 200542Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
PalfreyGraham John28 Sep 194710 Apr 201365Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
PeacockAlfred Thomas (Tom)24 Feb 192110 Feb 199372b. London, EnglandWarrill Park Lawn QLDM 41, 1
Peacock (Iovacchini)Iole Irma Ines28 Apr 19257 Dec 201489b. Atessa Abruzzo, ItalyWarrill Park Lawn QLDM 41, 2
PeelWilliam Beaumont1925?16 Apr 199065Warrill Park Lawn QLD
PennellBrett Andrew30 Oct 197029 May 19716mWarrill Park Lawn QLD
PennellNeville Thomas13 Jan 193922 Jan 201071Warrill Park Lawn QLD
PerrettJames W1 Feb 191521 Dec 198772h/MurielWarrill Park Lawn QLD
PerrettMuriel P8 May 191521 Dec 198772w/JamesWarrill Park Lawn QLD
PershouseArnold George17 Nov 19313 Mar 198856son/George Ernest & Helen Kate (Lewis); b. Gladstone, Qld, AustraliaWarrill Park Lawn QLD2, BG 26
Pershouse (Lewis)Helen Kate26 Aug 190820 Sep 199991dau/Fred Nicholas & Margaret Barron (Wood); b. Charters Towers, Qld, Australia; w/George ErnestWarrill Park Lawn QLD3, BH 11
PetersenMervyn19 Nov 19298 Sep 198859son/Peter Christian & Sophia (Current); b. Gympie, Queensland; h/Valma Jean (Jones)Warrill Park Lawn QLD
PhilpottFrancis Richmond1900?30 Nov 198181son/Samuel & Mary (Fairburn); h/OliveWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
PhilpottOlive1905?23 Mar 199085w/Francis R.Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
PloetzGordon Hunter1905?5 Mar 198378h/SarahWarrill Park Lawn QLD
PloetzJohn Joice1929?31 Jul 201081h/MargaretWarrill Park Lawn QLD
PlotzkiPhyllis22 Jul 191715 Aug 201093Warrill Park Lawn QLD
PlotzkiWilliam Eric23 Nov 19146 Dec 198773Warrill Park Lawn QLD
PocockErnest Cyril25 Sep 1984Warrill Park Lawn QLD
PocockHilda Annie1909?2 Jan 200192Warrill Park Lawn QLD
PocockKerry John1944?9 Aug 201369Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
PodlichIvan Henry24 Nov 19318 Apr 201280Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
PriceJoseph1908?29 Mar 199082Warrill Park Lawn QLD
PriceJoseph1908?29 Mar 199082Warrill Park Lawn QLD
ProfkeCarl (Charles)1914?7 Dec 197763Warrill Park Lawn QLD
ProfkeDavid Vincent28 Oct 192227 Jun 201592Warrill Park Lawn QLD
ProfkeHarold Albert1917?8 Sep 198063Warrill Park Lawn QLD
Profke (Robb)Ilma Ada29 Nov 19209 Oct 201392Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
ProfkeNorman Leslie1955?20 Sep 197722Warrill Park Lawn QLD
ProudLachlan Arnold Fisher (Lockie)1943?6 Dec 197633son/David Fisher & Margaret Isobella (Arnold)Warrill Park Lawn QLDGdn
PryorAthalie Penelope12 Oct 2003Warrill Park Lawn QLD
PryorDesmond13 Nov 19249 Jan 201591Warrill Park Lawn QLD
RamsayBasil Edward21 Feb 193918 Sep 200667Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
RamsayTammy6 Sep 19718 Jul 201039Warrill Park Lawn QLD
RasmussenBeryl I20 Sep 19277 Sep 200577w/ErlingWarrill Park Lawn QLDGdn
RasmussenErling M16 Aug 192126 Feb 200078h/BerylWarrill Park Lawn QLDGdn
RasmussenPhillip Charles17 Sep 193921 Jun 201575Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
RayHilary1931200271w/MichaelWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
ReadfordCecillia1900?17 Jan 198989w/Thomas AlfredWarrill Park Lawn QLD
ReadfordThomas Alfred1903?9 Jan 197875h/CecilliaWarrill Park Lawn QLD
ReichmannCharles Frederick George1908?9 Apr 199082Warrill Park Lawn QLD
RichardsLena1917?22 Jun 198265Warrill Park Lawn QLD
RichardsLiza MaySep 1981?20 Sep 19811hWarrill Park Lawn QLD
RidgwayMartha Marie13 Mar 189424 Jan 198389Warrill Park Lawn QLD
RieneckerWilliam Bruce27 Dec 19278 Dec 200678Warrill Park Lawn QLDGdn
RissonMuriel Ruth1914197359Warrill Park Lawn QLD
RissonStanley Charles1912199078Warrill Park Lawn QLD
RobertsCharlie William1907?30 Jul 199588h/EffieWarrill Park Lawn QLD
RobertsEffie1915?26 May 199176w/Charlie WilliamWarrill Park Lawn QLD
Ronan (Rowe)Patricia Marie28 Jun 194014 Aug 201272Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
RoseDiane Maree1958?28 Jul 197618Warrill Park Lawn QLD
RossHilda May1917?27 Jul 200184w/WilliamWarrill Park Lawn QLD
RossRaymon Robert26 Oct 193624 Apr 201174h/JeanetteWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
RossWilliam Stewart1915?31 Jul 197257h/HildaWarrill Park Lawn QLD
RossowArthur Ernest William1910?1 Oct 198979h/Rosey MayWarrill Park Lawn QLD
RossowRosey May1918?12 Jul 197759w/Arthur Ernest WilliamWarrill Park Lawn QLD
RowbothamHilda Alvina15 Oct 19101 Oct 200897Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
RumbleJohn Eric9 Sep 194820 May 199042b. Australia; h/Pierina (Peacock)Warrill Park Lawn QLDCB 35, 1
Rumble (Peacock)Pierina30 Jun 195320 Jan 200552dau/(Tom) Alfred & Iole Irma Ines (Iovacchini); b. England; w/John EricWarrill Park Lawn QLDCB 35, 3
RundlePeter McGregor5 Apr 192528 Apr 199163b. Bellshill, Scotland; Q213942Warrill Park Lawn QLD
RushJames Thomas (Jim)30 Jul 196611 Oct 200236Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
RussellAdelaide Stella72w/Matthew ClaudeWarrill Park Lawn QLD
RussellMatthew Claude78h/Adelaide StellaWarrill Park Lawn QLD
RuthenbergAdolph W1893?2 Jan 197784h/AnnieWarrill Park Lawn QLD
RuthenbergAnnie1896?11 Feb 197781w/Adolph WWarrill Park Lawn QLD
RuthenbergLloyd Francis1938?24 Jun 200163Warrill Park Lawn QLD
SanderEric19 Jun 193827 Dec 200365Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
SanderMichael Kevin1964?20 Aug 198824Warrill Park Lawn QLD
SavageHerbert James1907?10 Nov 198881h/Mary JaneWarrill Park Lawn QLD
SavageHilda Florence1913?15 Jul 200592w/JamesWarrill Park Lawn QLDCol
SavageJames (Horrie)1912?3 Sep 200391h/Hilda F.Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
SavageMary Jane1911?19 Dec 199988h/Herbert JamesWarrill Park Lawn QLD
SbeghenJoseph1916?15 Sep 197963h/Mabel EllenWarrill Park Lawn QLD
SbeghenMabel Ellen1915?5 Jun 200489w/JosephWarrill Park Lawn QLD
SchafferiusHilda E J1912?26 Jul 197563w/RonaldWarrill Park Lawn QLD
SchafferiusRonald A1917?30 Jan 198366h/HildaWarrill Park Lawn QLD
SchillingClaude Alfred William1908?30 Jul 200092son/Henry & Ellen; h/Phyllis HarriettWarrill Park Lawn QLD
SchillingDavid John14 Oct 19821 Aug 201229Warrill Park Lawn QLDGdn
SchillingDonald Arthur1935?8 May 199863h/JuneWarrill Park Lawn QLDGdn
SchillingEllen1887?13 Jul 197689w/HenryWarrill Park Lawn QLD
SchillingHenry F1881?11 Jun 196988h/EllenWarrill Park Lawn QLD
SchillingJune1938?17 Nov 201375w/DonaldWarrill Park Lawn QLDGdn
SchillingPhyllis Harriett1908?15 Jun 199183w/Claude Alfred WilliamWarrill Park Lawn QLD
SchipplockVera Myrtle10 Nov 192813 May 199870Warrill Park Lawn QLD
SchipplockWilliam August (Jim)16 Oct 192020 Aug 198868Warrill Park Lawn QLD
SchluterDoris1914?11 Nov 200591w/WilliamWarrill Park Lawn QLD
SchluterLyall1948?12 Dec 197729Warrill Park Lawn QLD
SchluterWilliam1905?15 Apr 198378h/DorisWarrill Park Lawn QLD
SchneiderKathleen Elizabeth1939?15 Jul 201273Warrill Park Lawn QLDCol
SchossowLouisa May1905?29 Jan 197469Warrill Park Lawn QLD
SchultzDoris Louisa1902?21 Jun 198381w/Gustav WilhelmWarrill Park Lawn QLD
SchultzGustav Wilhelm1901?24 Oct 197675h/Doris LouisaWarrill Park Lawn QLD
SchultzHerman G1896197478h/MaryWarrill Park Lawn QLD
SchultzMary M1898199092w/HermanWarrill Park Lawn QLD
SchulzEvelyn R M1910?17 Jul 199989w/Herbert EWarrill Park Lawn QLD

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