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Toowoomba Garden of RemembranceRuthven St, Toowoomba QLD 435010391

25 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
SussemsPat28 Mar 192425 May 200682b. Ulverstone, Tasmania, Australia; h/Josephine Melba (Rideout); NX191343Toowoomba Garden of Remembrance QLD
HarrisLeslie Albert28 Sep 189515 Aug 197276son/Alfred Edward & Elizabeth Roxburgh (Smith); b. Goodna, Qld, Australia; h/Doris (Roberts); 2042Toowoomba Garden of Remembrance QLD
MackiePeter James4 Jan 1972h/Deanna (Peckham)Toowoomba Garden of Remembrance QLD
Ward (Andrews)Mary Clarice29 Sep 19203 Nov 198363b. Queensland, Australia; w/Leslie ErnestToowoomba Garden of Remembrance QLD
GeggKeith James Albert7 Mar 192225 Jan 197552son/Charles William & Sarah (Fleming); b. Toowoomba, Qld, Australia; h/Beryl Muriel Mabel (Bates); QX63756Toowoomba Garden of Remembrance QLD
BuddenHector William25 Nov 190826 Aug 197768son/William & Elizabeth (Woods); b. Chinchilla, Qld, Australia; h/Edna Doris (Hobson)Toowoomba Garden of Remembrance QLDWuth Lawn
Mahaffey (Tickner)Lorna Beryl17 Apr 19199 Sep 199879dau/James Henry & Elsie Alberta (Miller); b. Moss Vale, NSW, Australia; w/Roland Thomas (Mahaffrey)Toowoomba Garden of Remembrance QLD
SmithHerbert John Patrick8 Jun 190210 Dec 197977son/John Patrick & Miretta (Carter); b. Goondiwindi, Qld, Australia; h/Thelma May (Ward); Q104428Toowoomba Garden of Remembrance QLD
BuddenKenneth Henry191223 Sep 198068son/Henry William & Martha Emily (Attkins); b. Muswellbrook, NSW, Australia; h/Bertha Ellen (Sheils)Toowoomba Garden of Remembrance QLD
Ward (Budden)Florence May2 Jul 188519 May 196579dau/George & Jane (Graham); b. Gundy, NSW, Australia; w/Ernest EdwardToowoomba Garden of Remembrance QLD
GriffithEric Charles26 Dec 19033 Sep 198480son/John Thomas & Mary Ann (Jones); b. Tingha, NSW, Australia; h/Olive May (Ruming)Toowoomba Garden of Remembrance QLD
Harris (Roberts)Doris190030 Aug 198484dau/Alfred Augustus & Alice Margaret (Budden); b. Muswellbrook, NSW, Australia; w/Leslie AlbertToowoomba Garden of Remembrance QLD
Budden (Lavis)Marguerita Nellie29 Jul 189510 Jul 198590dau/Alfred & Susan Jane (Ackrell); b. Sydney, NSW, Australia; w/David RolandToowoomba Garden of Remembrance QLDWuth Lawn
ButcherStanley Roy24 Feb 191427 Oct 198571son/George Charles & Maud Emily Cora (Maddy); b. Newcastle, NSW, Australia; h/Marjorie Adelaide (Peake); NX22834Toowoomba Garden of Remembrance QLD
WardFlorence Jean7 Mar 19132 Apr 198572dau/Ernest Edward & Florence May (Budden); b. Scone, NSW, AustraliaToowoomba Garden of Remembrance QLD
WardLeslie Ernest5 Mar 19118 Oct 197968son/Ernest Edward & Florence May (Budden); b. Singleton, NSW, Australia; h/Mary Clarice (Andrews); 76686Toowoomba Garden of Remembrance QLD
BriggsClaude Glentist189522 Sep 198893son/William Charles & Theresa Jane Rebecca (Taber); b. Coolac, NSW, Australia; h/Alma E (Wurtz); 2961Toowoomba Garden of Remembrance QLD
MahaffeyRoland Thomas2 Oct 192613 May 198861b. Moree, NSW, Australia; h/Lorna Beryl (Tickner); 166187Toowoomba Garden of Remembrance QLD
Budden (Etheridge)Edna May Hill3 Nov 191710 Aug 199072dau/Wilfred George & Mary Ann (Osborne); b. Barraba, NSW, Australia; w/Eric HenryToowoomba Garden of Remembrance QLD
BuddenEric Henry19 Mar 191320 Mar 199279son/William & Elizabeth (Woods); b. Chinchilla, Qld, Australia; h/Edna Mary Hill (Etheridge)Toowoomba Garden of Remembrance QLD
RixonAlan James23 Apr 1927199265son/Moses Frederick & Alice Jean (McLaughlan); b. Tamworth, NSW, Australia; h/PatriciaToowoomba Garden of Remembrance QLDWuth Lawn
Rowlings (Clarke)Irene Jane14 Nov 19235 Oct 199571dau/Thomas & Mary Jane Adeline (Bridge); b. Queensland, Australia; w/George ThomasToowoomba Garden of Remembrance QLDWuth Lawn
ClarkeMervyn Thomas11 Nov 191530 May 199680son/Thomas & Mary Jane Adeline (Bridge); b. Queensland, Australia; h/Marjorie Gwendolyn (Bates)Toowoomba Garden of Remembrance QLD
ArdillEric Boyd6 Jul 191316 Jul 200491son/Joshua & Mary Jane (Moulder); b. Granville, NSW, Australia; h/Jeanie Grace (Gilmour)Toowoomba Garden of Remembrance QLDCossart Lawn
Smith (Ward)Thelma May9 Sep 190921 Jan 200898dau/Ernest Edward & Florence May (Budden); b. Scone, NSW, Australia; w/Herbert John PatrickToowoomba Garden of Remembrance QLD

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