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1 cemetery found

Redcliffe267 MacDonnell Rd, Kippa-Ring, Redcliffe QLD 402083

25 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BellingerMary1869?12 Oct 195182Redcliffe QLD3 H, 6
ForemanIvy Margaret1931?12 Sep 197342w/Richard EdwardRedcliffe QLD100 H, 20
ForemanRichard Edward1929?15 May 200576h/Ivy MargaretRedcliffe QLD100 H, 20
MooreBetty1920?23 Apr 201393Redcliffe QLDRose Garden Pink, 96
MooreRobert kenneth1915?18 Jan 198368Redcliffe QLDRose Garden Pink, 97
NichollsJohn Royston1921?9 Feb 198867Redcliffe QLD4 L, 5
NichollsMarie1928?8 Sep 196436Redcliffe QLD4 L, 6
NicholsAlexander Charles1893?28 Nov 1970777298Redcliffe QLD3 H, 6
NicholsAlton George Drew1912?5 Jan 200088Redcliffe QLDRose Garden Pink, 11
NicholsEva Alice1893?10 Aug 196572w/Eva AliceRedcliffe QLD3 H, 6
NicholsMargaret Merle1945?27 Feb 200863Redcliffe QLD105 FF, 92
NicholsRosa Ann1914?31 Jan 199682Redcliffe QLDRose Garden Pink, 10
OgdenRita Clair1927?30 Jul 200376w/Stanley RayRedcliffe QLD105 FF, 5
OgdenStanley Ray24 May 19245 Apr 199167son/Herbert Felix & Sarah Ann (Smart); b. Roma, Queensland, Australia; h/Reta Claire; QX59648Redcliffe QLD105 FF, 5
QuantrillElsie Harriett Bond1899?22 Jul 196061w/WilliamRedcliffe QLD1 G, 26
StevensonAlaexander Radcliffe1868?16 Jul 195385h/Elizabeth AnnRedcliffe QLD1 G, 25
StevensonAthol25 Apr 191316 Dec 197966h/Frederica Eugenie (Nichols)Redcliffe QLD104 G, 3
StevensonBeverley Joan194014 Mar 199958Redcliffe QLD104 H, 1A
StevensonDanny James1966?30 Oct 198317son/Lola RobinaRedcliffe QLD105 L, 8
StevensonElizabeth Ann1877?6 Aug 196992w/Alexander RadcliffeRedcliffe QLD1 G, 25
Stevenson (Nichols)Frederica Eugenie25 Mar 19164 Feb 199982w/AtholRedcliffe QLD104 G, 3
StevensonLola Robina26 Dec 194230 Oct 200764Redcliffe QLD105 L, 8
TurveyMary Susan Maud1894?11 Jan 198187Redcliffe QLD100 H, 71
Wilson (Madigan)Ethel Mary24 Feb 191017 Sep 198070dau/Patrick Michael & Ethel Mary (Chapman); w/Norman JohnRedcliffe QLD104 K, 15
WilsonNorman John16 Jun 190819 Sep 198581b. Goondiwindi Qld; h/Ethel May (Madigan)Redcliffe QLD105 P, 35

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