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1 cemetery found

Home HillCnr Fourth St & Burdekin Rd, Home Hill QLD 48061876

1876 inscriptions found - showing from 1 to 500

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
?Home Hill QLD
?Home Hill QLD
?DavidHome Hill QLD
?Harry1933?25 May 19429Home Hill QLD
?Joe26 Feb 192213 Dec 200684b. Fiumefreddo, ItalyHome Hill QLD
AbbottEdith Evylen1899?19 Jul 197273Home Hill QLD
AbbottJohn1898?9 Sep 197678Home Hill QLD
AbellDaryl Robin16 Apr 195420 Jun 201157Home Hill QLD
AboetsMartin1910?16 Jul 193424son/Francesco; b. Viscaya, SpainHome Hill QLD
AchurraBenito1904?28 Oct 196258son/Joseph & Dominga (Calzacorta); b. SpainHome Hill QLD
AchurraJosé Francisco1900?19 Feb 197372h/Maria CristinaHome Hill QLD
AchurraMaria Cristina1907?14 Aug 197669w/José FranciscoHome Hill QLD
AchurraYolandaJul 196829 Oct 19680Home Hill QLD
AdamsArthur Creswell (Artie)30 Aug 190410 Jul 199691son/William & Mary; h/Rita AmeliaHome Hill QLD
AdamsEmily1890?15 Mar 197483w/Ernest EdwinHome Hill QLD
AdamsErnest Edwin1884?1 Sep 192844son/William & Mary (Kingston); h/Emily; 7616Home Hill QLD
AdamsGordon Arnold23 Sep 19204 Feb 200281h/Irene May; QX61174Home Hill QLD
AdamsIrene May25 Apr 192128 Aug 199675w/Gordon ArnoldHome Hill QLD
Adams (Bagnall)Rita Amelia13 Apr 191110 Jul 200392w/Arthur CreswellHome Hill QLD
AgapiouGeorious1903?26 Jul 199087Home Hill QLD
AgapiouMaria1915?26 Aug 199378Home Hill QLD
AgapiouNickolas25 Sep 19238 Jun 199571Home Hill QLD
AitchisonRobert James1963?28 Oct 198522Home Hill QLD
AlexiouPavlos P1897?9 Sep 192326Home Hill QLD
Algie (Ford)Agnes May (Chick)28 Aug 19136 Mar 199379w/SamuelHome Hill QLD
AlgieSamuel1 Jul 19011 Nov 199594h/Agnes MayHome Hill QLD
AllinghamMay Kathleen Bromley Coelli24 Jun 192217 May 201087w/GeorgeHome Hill QLD
AnastasiouAntoni1953?14 Mar 19606Home Hill QLD
AndersenAlice Lilly1898?19 Jun 196365Home Hill QLD
AndersenArthur Henry1918?12 Dec 196648Home Hill QLD
AndersenGeorge Henry1886?25 Jul 197084Home Hill QLD
AndersonAnn McDonald1902?14 Sep 199997Home Hill QLD
Anderson (Cahill)Ettie May1902?25 Jun 195250dau/William John & Emma Martha (Breitkreuz); w/Victor Thomas JamesHome Hill QLD
AndersonGordon James1911?15 Jan 196654Home Hill QLD
AndersonIan James1963?7 Feb 199127Home Hill QLD
AndersonIsobel (Nancy)1916?26 Oct 196852w/GordonHome Hill QLD
AndersonJames1883?10 Oct 194360son/Charles James & Sarah (Eley)Home Hill QLD
AndersonJames1904?11 Apr 197874Home Hill QLD
AndersonJames Alexander25 Apr 19374 Dec 200972Home Hill QLD
AndersonMark James3 Nov 19665 Sep 199326Home Hill QLD
AraldoBartholomeo (Bert)1925?26 Nov 196843Home Hill QLD
ArchieWayne William16 Mar 19688 Jul 19768Home Hill QLD
ArmstrongDulcie19242000w/HaroldHome Hill QLD
ArmstrongElaine19461968dau/Harold & DulcieHome Hill QLD
ArmstrongHarold (Rev)19232002h/DulcieHome Hill QLD
ArthurWilliam GeorgeDec 1948?24 Nov 197021Home Hill QLD
ArtiachFrancisco (Patxi)3 Oct 193116 May 200371b. Navarniz, SpainHome Hill QLD
AsmusEdna Gladys1916?24 Dec 197761w/Stanley ClarenceHome Hill QLD
AsmusHeinrich Julius23 Feb 184920 Sep 192072son/Julius & Sophia (Koch); h/Marie Josephine (Brogle)Home Hill QLD
AsmusLinda21 Feb 195421 Feb 1954sbdau/Stanley Clarence & Edna GladysHome Hill QLD
Asmus (Brogle)Marie Josephine1855?27 Jan 194488dau/Martin & Regina (Sutter); w/Heinrich JuliusHome Hill QLD
AsmusStanley Clarence1911?22 Nov 198170h/Edna GladysHome Hill QLD
AutonThomas Roy1 Jan 191226 Dec 198472QX12138Home Hill QLD
BaileyDesley K25 Mar 195517 Sep 199742Home Hill QLD
BakerAlfred1891?9 Dec 197079h/Mary Jane AgnesHome Hill QLD
BakerEmily Harriet1925?8 Jan 196135dau/Alfred & Mary Jane AgnesHome Hill QLD
BakerHerbert Alfred1897?20 Sep 197275h/MariaHome Hill QLD
BakerJean Wilson1920?16 Jul 197555w/FredHome Hill QLD
BakerJohn William1922?25 Oct 199472Home Hill QLD
Baker (Nipperess)Maria1904?26 Oct 196460dau/Henry P J & Mary E; w/Herbert AlfredHome Hill QLD
Baker (Malone)Mary Jane Agnes1887?6 Jul 196376w/AlfredHome Hill QLD
BanisterHarold Edgar1884?14 May 192642son/John Wells & Margret Taylor (Chapman)Home Hill QLD
BaptyAlbert Lee1857?24 Oct 194487son/Frederick Charles; h/Mary (Hallet)Home Hill QLD
BaptyCyril Lee1890?11 May 196373son/Albert Lee & Mary (Hallet)Home Hill QLD
BarbagalloGiovanni4 Dec 190516 Apr 199892h/RosariaHome Hill QLD
BarbagalloLucia3 Jun 193327 Jan 200571b. Giarre Sicily, ItalyHome Hill QLD
BarbagalloMary Astrea1944?25 Jan 197732Home Hill QLD
BarbagalloRosaria16 Dec 190916 Apr 199888w/GiovanniHome Hill QLD
BarberaLeonardo1901?29 May 197776Home Hill QLD
Barbera (Zappala)Maria Venera1901?195958dau/Conceto & Sabastiana (Coruso)Home Hill QLD
BarberaNancy1941?9 Apr 19476Home Hill QLD
BarberoAngela1876?9 Dec 194872dau/Giovanni BurriHome Hill QLD
BarberoBartholomeo Joaquin2 Jan 194217 Jul 200361Home Hill QLD
BarberoBartolomeo1857?26 Sep 193578son/Domenico & Martha (Capello)Home Hill QLD
BarberoDomenico John1915?1 Jul 199277Home Hill QLD
BarsbyVivian Edward26 May 1922b. Gympie QLD; h/Ivy Eunice (Diefenbach); QX28835Home Hill QLD
BartonColin Arthur7 Jul 192317 Jan 193511son/Geoffrey Viger & Haidee HelenHome Hill QLD
BartonGeoffrey Douglas1917?25 Sep 198871Home Hill QLD
BartonGeoffrey Viger1887?12 Aug 194861son/Henry Auburn & Lucy; h/Haidee Helen (Griffith)Home Hill QLD
Barton (Griffith)Haidee Helen1884?22 Jan 195671dau/Amelius Charles Crofton & Charlotte (McAllan); w/Geoffrey VigerHome Hill QLD
BassoFrancesco1902?29 Jun 197674h/MariaHome Hill QLD
BassoMaria1901?18 Nov 198685w/FrancescoHome Hill QLD
BatesW J1927?17 Jun 200578h/Brenda; 2/1749Home Hill QLD
BattenAlf1907?9 Feb 197870Home Hill QLD
BattenKate1907?25 Sep 197366Home Hill QLD
BattistonFederico24 May 192327 Dec 199976b. Trichiana, ItalyHome Hill QLD
BawdenDaveHome Hill QLD
BawdenPucky7 Oct 1989Home Hill QLD
Bawden (Andrew)Sarah Jane1889?4 Dec 197283w/Thomas FrancisHome Hill QLD
BawdenThomas Francis1884?12 May 194258son/William & Nellie Jane (Hoar); h/Sarah JaneHome Hill QLD
BawdenThomas John (Taffy)20 May 19442 Nov 199854Home Hill QLD
BawdenTibbyHome Hill QLD
BawdenWilliam Edward24 Mar 191626 Apr 199175Home Hill QLD
BaxterMatthew1896?23 Jan 193033son/John & Margaret (Barry)Home Hill QLD
BaylissRHome Hill QLD
BeamesAnnie Cecila1885?30 Sep 194762w/Charles AlfredHome Hill QLD
BeamesCharles Alfred1883?10 Jun 195774h/Annie CecilaHome Hill QLD
BeamesCharles Henry19151967h/EdithHome Hill QLD
BeckeAubrey Semblat10 Jan 19051962QX2113Home Hill QLD
BeckeEuphemia1897?30 Oct 194346Home Hill QLD
Becke (Keller)Myrtle Marie1 Mar 190713 Feb 199082Home Hill QLD
BeckeRupert Frederick1898?23 Sep 196264Home Hill QLD
BellJanet1847?11 Aug 192477Home Hill QLD
BellJohn Robert1904?27 Mar 196358Home Hill QLD
BellMary May1900?3 Mar 198483Home Hill QLD
BellingerRossie9 Nov 192817 May 200273Home Hill QLD
BeltrameSante27 Oct 193111 Mar 200573Home Hill QLD
BenhamJane Margaret6 May 188424 Mar 198297Home Hill QLD
Bennett (Murphy)Isabella18821953w/Henry FleetwoodHome Hill QLD
BennettRedvers Ian19141970son/Henry Fleetwood & IsabellaHome Hill QLD
BenvenutiJanette Terese24 Sep 193722 May 199254Home Hill QLD
BerginEdward Donald (Don)9 Jun 192213 Feb 200885h/Evelyn DaphneHome Hill QLD
BerginEvelyn Daphne (Daph)8 Apr 192412 Jul 200682w/Edward DonaldHome Hill QLD
BergmanDouglas Wilfred27 Feb 191311 Feb 196551Home Hill QLD
BerrymanAbigail (Maimie)1908?9 Jul 195648Home Hill QLD
BerrymanArkles (Harry)1898?13 Sep 198890h/FrancesHome Hill QLD
BerrymanBessie G1907?20 Aug 197265Home Hill QLD
BerrymanElizabeth1884?10 Jun 195672w/SamuelHome Hill QLD
BerrymanFrances1898?6 Jun 193739w/ArklesHome Hill QLD
BerrymanGeorge Albert1911?7 Sep 196453Home Hill QLD
BerrymanHelen (Nellie)25 Dec 19201 Apr 200382Home Hill QLD
BerrymanJames1872?24 Jul 193361h/Jessie HarrieHome Hill QLD
BerrymanJames (Jim)1905?7 Aug 197166Home Hill QLD
Berryman (Pope)Jessie Harrie1876?16 May 195680w/JamesHome Hill QLD
BerrymanMary Ellen1886?5 Feb 197083w/Charles Francis VanderseeHome Hill QLD
BerrymanOlive May1904?25 Oct 198177Home Hill QLD
BerrymanSamuel1880?26 Feb 192948h/ElizabethHome Hill QLD
BervaEugenio22 Aug 189931 May 197676b. ItalyHome Hill QLD
BetteridgeDavid Edward (Dink)Sep?19622 May 198017Home Hill QLD
BidgoodFrank Alexander25 Jun 188327 Feb 193248son/Alfred William & Alice May (Gray); b. Pipe Clay Creek, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia; h/Susan Mary (McCane); WW1 Service Number: 6463. POW.Home Hill QLD
BidgoodSusan1893?30 Jun 197481w/FrankHome Hill QLD
Bidgood (McCane)Susan Mary27 Nov 189230 Jun 197481dau/Owen & Margaret (Farrell); b. Burdekin, Charters Towers, Queensland, Australia; w/Frank AlexanderHome Hill QLD
BiesterWilliam1860?18 Mar 194180Home Hill QLD
BiffantiGiuseppina1938?10 Mar 196122Home Hill QLD
BilbaoYrineo1903?16 Jul 193431son/Victor; b. Viscaya, SpainHome Hill QLD
BirdAlbert1879?9 Aug 195475h/MargaretHome Hill QLD
BirdAlbert Edwin22 Sep 19056 Aug 199690Home Hill QLD
BirdCatherine1918?1 Jan 197556Home Hill QLD
BirdKenneth Roy13 Oct 19296 Jul 200272Home Hill QLD
BirdMargaret1883?30 Aug 196986w/AlbertHome Hill QLD
BirdMoreen Ann23 May 19373 Sep 199558Home Hill QLD
BloomJohn1873?17 Feb 194571h/Mary AnnHome Hill QLD
Bloom (Dixon)Mary Ann1880?20 Feb 195271w/JohnHome Hill QLD
BloukosAndriana1897?25 Sep 192831w/NeoklisHome Hill QLD
BloukosNicolas1925?4 Nov 195732son/Neoklis & AndrianaHome Hill QLD
BoccalatteAlessandro1903?16 Jan 196965h/LuigiaHome Hill QLD
BoccalatteCassandra Jane4 Apr 19820Home Hill QLD
BoccalatteEsterina (Rene)27 Aug 192919 Apr 199262w/FrankHome Hill QLD
BoccalatteFrank31 Aug 192428 Nov 197450h/EsterinaHome Hill QLD
BoccalatteLuigia1912?23 Sep 199583w/AlessandroHome Hill QLD
BoccalatteMatthew Gerard19 Nov 198221 Jan 19830Home Hill QLD
Bohne-KoboAnton4 Apr 19319 Sep 199463Home Hill QLD
Bohne-KoboMargarete Else4 Jul 19253 Mar 199064Home Hill QLD
BojackHelen Joy1950?20 Nov 19588Home Hill QLD
BojackHenry John (Harry)1916?17 Sep 199781Home Hill QLD
BojackHerman1885?14 Nov 195166Home Hill QLD
BojackMargaret Mary18 Jan 19554 Oct 198833Home Hill QLD
BojackMary Jane1884?8 Jan 196883Home Hill QLD
BonannoAlfio1892?6 Apr 196472h/GiuseppaHome Hill QLD
BonannoAmy Cherie26 Jan 198118 Jun 19810Home Hill QLD
BonannoAngela7 Jul 189431 Dec 195359b. Macchia Di Giarre, ItalyHome Hill QLD
BonannoAngela1897?25 Oct 198083Home Hill QLD
BonannoConcettina1927?7 Oct 199568Home Hill QLD
BonannoGiuseppa1903?27 Jul 197572w/AlfioHome Hill QLD
BonannoGiuseppe Alfio20 Sep 19233 Apr 199369b. Sicily, ItalyHome Hill QLD
BonannoGuiseppe1924?2 Feb 199166Home Hill QLD
BonannoMatthew Alfio20 Mar 19793 Jan 19877Home Hill QLD
BonannoSalvatore1893?1 Aug 196067Home Hill QLD
BonominiFrancesco15 Jan 193414 Jul 199662Home Hill QLD
BonominiGiuseppe2 Oct 189710 Sep 197779Home Hill QLD
BonominiMarta Maria21 Jul 190616 Aug 197872Home Hill QLD
BoschiClemente1872?12 Nov 195179Home Hill QLD
BoschiElisa1870?17 Mar 196190Home Hill QLD
BoulterLily May1918?15 Sep 199779Home Hill QLD
BoulterNorman Arthur1916?17 Aug 198670Home Hill QLD
BourkeJohn Patrick26 May 1958Home Hill QLD
BoyceJohn Henry Cooke (Jack)18 Mar 189216 Jan 192331son/John Alexander & Cecelia Annie (Board); b. Toowoomba, Qld; 2369 (AIF)Home Hill QLD
Boyd (West)Joyce Evelyn1929?25 Dec 200778Home Hill QLD
BozzettoGiovanna6 Aug 191626 Sep 200387b. Prata Pordenone, Italy; w/GuerrinoHome Hill QLD
BozzettoGuerrino21 Jun 191610 May 199275b. Treviso, Italy; h/GiovannaHome Hill QLD
BreenEsther Elizabeth1904?15 May 196864Home Hill QLD
BreenSean Alexanda James11 Jun 196914 Jul 19690Home Hill QLD
BrennanDelphina Rose (Del)8 Nov 19329 Dec 200876w/Edward ThomasHome Hill QLD
BrennanEdward1895?2 Mar 196165h/JessieHome Hill QLD
BrennanEdward Thomas (Ted)30 Nov 193129 May 199664h/Delphina RoseHome Hill QLD
BrennanJessie1904?31 Oct 198379w/EdwardHome Hill QLD
BrettArthur1866?2 Nov 193468Home Hill QLD
BrettGrace Mary Veronica23 Jan 19173 Nov 199376Home Hill QLD
Brett (Bradshaw)Mary Jane1864?10 Feb 193772dau/Thomas & Jane (Benson)Home Hill QLD
BrettWilliam27 Oct 19027 Aug 197572Home Hill QLD
Briggs (Fraser)Hazel1912?1 Oct 196654Home Hill QLD
BriggsLawrence John1915?16 Sep 196651Home Hill QLD
BrimmCahill Vivian William1905?27 Nov 195853son/John Augustus & Julia (Cahill)Home Hill QLD
BrombalLena Catherine5 Dec 194513 Nov 200458Home Hill QLD
BrookeVeda Eliza1914?7 Feb 193823Home Hill QLD
BrottoGino Andrea1929?16 Oct 200273Home Hill QLDCol
BrucePhoebe Calma1914?20 May 199783w/Vincent JosephHome Hill QLD
BruceVincent Joseph1902?1 Jul 198583h/Phoebe CalmaHome Hill QLD
BruckerRonald Werner Arthur1932?22 Dec 199462Home Hill QLDCol
BryantElsie Irene1918?12 Feb 199778Home Hill QLD
BryantWilliam Keen1912?23 Jan 198875Home Hill QLD
BulleyMary Elizabeth1882?5 Sep 197896Home Hill QLD
BurelliEnso1945?5 Apr 196318son/Nino & MafaldaHome Hill QLD
BurelliMafalda1908?16 Oct 198072w/NinoHome Hill QLD
BurelliNino1908?28 Mar 195546h/MafaldaHome Hill QLD
BurkeHoward Alexander21 Sep 192924 Jul 200171Home Hill QLD
BurkePearl JoanHome Hill QLD
BurkittAlbert James1912?29 Apr 198977h/EdithHome Hill QLDCol
BurkittEdith1913?16 Sep 200491w/Albert JamesHome Hill QLDCol
Burkitt (Hoskin)Emmeline1877?8 Feb 193557w/WilliamHome Hill QLD
BurkittWilliam (Bill)1869?6 Apr 192960h/EmmelineHome Hill QLD
Burnett (Bawden)Jessie19 Feb 19113 Feb 199987Home Hill QLD
BusseyEdward1863?19 May 192865Home Hill QLD
ButlerJohn1862?27 May 192563Home Hill QLD
ButlerJohn1875?14 Mar 193963h/RosettaHome Hill QLD
ButlerRosetta1877?25 Jan 194466w/JohnHome Hill QLD
ButterworthCharlieHome Hill QLD
ButterworthDylan James18 Nov 19970Home Hill QLD
ButterworthGladysHome Hill QLD
ByrnesFrederick Arthur8 Jul 191212 Jan 199683h/Josephine Isabell (Roach)Home Hill QLDCol
Byrnes (Roach)Josephine Isabell6 Sep 19184 May 200081dau/Joseph & Isabella H (Paterson); b. Portland, NSW; w/Frederick ArthurHome Hill QLDCol
CallowMargaret Gorman (Gretta)19161993Home Hill QLD
CallowMargaret Gorman (Gretta)19161993Home Hill QLD
CallowTom Ray19051976Home Hill QLD
CamerAttilio74Home Hill QLD
CamerDorina1901?25 Dec 198786Home Hill QLD
CamerPietro1896?21 Oct 197377Home Hill QLD
CamerValentino John23Home Hill QLD
CampbellAlexander10 Mar 189210 Feb 198289Home Hill QLD
CampbellLena Sophia29 Dec 189716 Feb 198486Home Hill QLD
CannavanArthur21 Dec 191830 Nov 199879h/Sheila; 414336Home Hill QLD
CannavanBill1892?4 Nov 197280h/WinHome Hill QLD
CannavanBill6 Jul 192529 Jul 199671son/Bill & WinHome Hill QLD
CannavanMax1952?16 Jun 196614Home Hill QLD
CannavanSheila1924?13 Jul 200783w/ArthurHome Hill QLD
CannavanWin1899?7 Jul 197273w/BillHome Hill QLD
CantarellaAlfio13 Jul 191110 Feb 199886b. Giarre, ItalyHome Hill QLD
CantarellaSebastiano1897?21 Jul 197174Home Hill QLD
CarcaryAmelia1900?3 Jun 193333Home Hill QLD
CarelloEugune1874?16 Jul 192551Home Hill QLD
CarmichaelCharles P W1912?23 Feb 196249Home Hill QLD
CarmichaelEnid Charlotte1913?28 Oct 197966Home Hill QLD
CarrNorman Inglis18 Feb 194912 Nov 200657Home Hill QLDCol
CarseAlan Harry24?Oct 19417 Apr 19420Home Hill QLD
CarseMary Albinette1916?20 Dec 200589Home Hill QLDCol
CarseRobert Morrow Gibson1914?5 Jul 200591Home Hill QLDCol
CarterArthur Ernest1885?18 Sep 195368h/LucyHome Hill QLD
CarterLucy18881977w/Arthur ErnestHome Hill QLD
CarterRanghild Caspara1884?31 Aug 196278Home Hill QLD
CarusoGiuseppe19 Sep 19123 Mar 198875b. Calatabiano Sicily, ItalyHome Hill QLD
CarvolthCecil1903?2 Apr 196057h/Hilda MayHome Hill QLD
CarvolthHilda May1905?16 Nov 197671w/CecilHome Hill QLD
CasselsWilliam1876?22 Jun 193458Home Hill QLD
CassinoPaolo3 Jun 193519 Apr 198953Home Hill QLD
CastorinaAngelo15 Feb 19264 Nov 198862b. Italy; h/LeonardaHome Hill QLD
CastorinaLeonarda8 Jan 192516 Oct 200883b. Sicily, Italy; w/AngeloHome Hill QLD
CavallaroAntonino1899?27 May 195859h/RosaHome Hill QLD
CavallaroRosa1903?28 Apr 198582w/AntoninoHome Hill QLD
CavanaghCharles Patrick6 Feb 1931h/Lily; 1924Home Hill QLD
CazzulinoCarolina26 Mar 19038 Dec 198784w/ErcoleHome Hill QLD
CazzulinoErcole28 Feb 189831 May 197476h/CarolinaHome Hill QLD
CazzulinoSeverino1895?1 Sep 197277Home Hill QLD
CazzulinoValerio (Vince)1933?4 Jun 199764Home Hill QLD
CerquiSiro21 Nov 193014 Feb 200978b. ItalyHome Hill QLD
ChalmersHarold3 Nov 19058 Feb 199286Home Hill QLD
ChambersMargaret1919?30 Jun 19256dau/James & MargaretHome Hill QLD
ChapmanPercy Harry1 Oct 192419 Nov 199268161596Home Hill QLD
ChappellGeorge Gordon14 Oct 19177 Aug 197759Home Hill QLD
ChappelowRalph John18691951Home Hill QLD
CharlesJohn Bloomfield (Jack)1912196452son/Thomas Henry PearceHome Hill QLD
ChatfieldCharles30 May 188713 Mar 196173h/Julia; N282289Home Hill QLD
Chatfield (Gulliver)Julia22 Jul 188826 Apr 198495w/CharlesHome Hill QLD
ChatfieldThomas Benjamin1916?25 Sep 199377h/Val; NX39044Home Hill QLD
ChristensenAlbert James1890?12 Sep 197686Home Hill QLD
ChristensenGrace (Christy)1902?13 Jul 198078Home Hill QLD
ChristensenGrace Alice1899?29 Apr 197677Home Hill QLD
ChristensenHerbert Leslie (Bert)19 Aug 192014 May 199372Home Hill QLD
ChristensenKevin1933?23 Nov 195219Home Hill QLD
ChristensenLorens1894?11 Dec 196975Home Hill QLD
ChristopherMary Louisa1894?5 Oct 193743Home Hill QLD
ChristopherWilliam Thomas1890?23 Jul 193949Home Hill QLD
ClancyMavis Heather26 Jun 191010 May 199584Home Hill QLD
ClarkElsie Ada19011983w/Ernest GeorgeHome Hill QLD
ClarkErnest George18991981h/Elsie AdaHome Hill QLD
ClarkeChristine (Chris)26 Jan 195723 Aug 200346Home Hill QLD
ClarkeKevin Robert (Grumpy)30 Oct 19415 Jun 200563Home Hill QLD
ClayHerbert Stathe8 Feb 191219 Dec 198977Home Hill QLD
ClayTheodora Estelle2 Mar 191312 Dec 198875Home Hill QLD
ClaytonArthur Albert7 Apr 1939h/Emily HarrietHome Hill QLD
ClaytonEmily Harriet12 Sep 1954w/Arthur AlbertHome Hill QLD
ClellandDavid William1 Aug 19147 Aug 198572?20561Home Hill QLD
CodegaFelice Mario11 Jan 192516 Jul 199469b. ItalyHome Hill QLD
ColaFrancesco1930?25 Dec 195424Home Hill QLD
ColburnClive Colin18 Sep 192217 Nov 200785QX43679Home Hill QLD
CollinsAnnie Martha1895?10 Dec 196570Home Hill QLD
Collins (Menkens)Elsa Marie1909?22 Sep 198475Home Hill QLD
CollinsFrederick Charles1891?1 May 196776Home Hill QLD
CollsBeatrice M1895?31 Mar 197781Home Hill QLDCol
CollsCamille Maree11 Sep 197512 Nov 199924Home Hill QLD
CollsNeville25 May 192725 Aug 200578Home Hill QLD
CollsR O (Dick)1889?30 Jun 197081Home Hill QLDCol
CollsUrsula6 Mar 193114 Oct 200776Home Hill QLD
ColombanoBeatrice1906?7 Dec 197165Home Hill QLD
ColombanoLuigi1906?9 May 199387Home Hill QLD
CookClive James23 Sep 196117 Jul 198220Home Hill QLD
CookGeorge James14 Feb 19215 Apr 198564Home Hill QLD
CookLionel P1916?13 Dec 197155Home Hill QLD
Cook (McCall)Rebecca Smith1890?19 Feb 197483dau/George Herd & Sarah Jane (Akes); w/GeorgeHome Hill QLD
CoombesBarbara Lilian18 Jul 19403 May 200665Home Hill QLD
CooperAnnie Maria1869?9?Dec 194576w/JamesHome Hill QLD
CooperDale Rodney17 Aug 196817 Nov 19735son/Lance & ShirleyHome Hill QLD
CooperJames1871?7 Aug 1951?80?h/Annie MariaHome Hill QLD
CoricaConcetta Maria1902?24 Oct 196967w/Guiseppe AntonioHome Hill QLD
CoricaFilippo25 Nov 19114 Aug 199987b. Castiglione Sicily, ItalyHome Hill QLD
CoricaGuiseppe Antonio1899?30 Apr 199192h/Concetta MariaHome Hill QLD
CornishRichard Thomas1860?14 Oct 192464Home Hill QLD
CostanzoAntonia21 May 19173 Dec 200386b. Catania Sicily, Italy; w/RosarioHome Hill QLD
CostanzoPalma1 Mar 19196 Aug 200990b. Sicily, Italy; w/SalvatoreHome Hill QLD
CostanzoRosario27 Sep 191212 Jun 199178b. Linguagrossa Sicily, Italy; h/AntoniaHome Hill QLD
CostanzoSalvatore15 Jan 191415 Apr 199581b. Linguaglossa Sicily, Italy; h/PalmaHome Hill QLD
CoulthardThomas1883?1 Aug 193956Home Hill QLD
CoulthardWilliam Clifford1914?12 Mar 197762Home Hill QLD
CouperAlexander Percy1878?19 Aug 196385h/Alice HildaHome Hill QLD
Couper (Bowman)Alice Hilda1891?26 May 197786w/Alexander PercyHome Hill QLD
Couper (Naughton)Laura Winifred1878?4 Sep 195173w/Percy ThomasHome Hill QLD
CouperMervern Arthur1929?4 Feb 194414Home Hill QLD
CouperPercy Thomas1869?29 Dec 195182h/Laura WinifredHome Hill QLD
CowanAlice16 Jan 191823 Sep 200587w/TomHome Hill QLD
CowanTom24 Aug 19011 Dec 197877b. Hensingham, England; h/AliceHome Hill QLD
CoxGladys May1909?23 Sep 197667Home Hill QLD
CoxHarry George1934?9 Sep 197440Home Hill QLD
CraigWallace Halford30 Jun 192424 Dec 198763QX51695Home Hill QLD
CreekRichard Nestor18 Feb 192114 Apr 198665VX146632Home Hill QLD
CrestaniAntonio4 Apr 191429 Jun 200187b. Conco Vicenza, Italy; h/DomenicaHome Hill QLD
CrestaniDomenica25 Mar 19163 Aug 199074b. Conco Vicenza, Italy; w/AntonioHome Hill QLD
CroftDavid Wallace1945?2 Jan 198943son/William & Mary ElizabethHome Hill QLD
CroftMalcolm James1950?22 Dec 19544son/William & Mary ElizabethHome Hill QLD
CroftMary Elizabeth1915?16 Feb 198872w/WilliamHome Hill QLD
CroftPeter William11?Apr 194916 May 19490son/William & Mary ElizabethHome Hill QLD
CroftWilliam1917?3 Dec 198770h/Mary ElizabethHome Hill QLD
CroftonCharles Brook1876?11 Sep 196387h/MollyHome Hill QLD
CroftonHerbert Warry1883?23 Nov 195976h/JaneHome Hill QLD
Crofton (Daly)Jane1884?28 Dec 195773w/Herbert WarryHome Hill QLD
CroftonMolly1896?27 May 197074w/Charles BrookHome Hill QLD
CrossmanAugusta Victoria17 Apr 188026 Jul 195474Home Hill QLD
Crossman (Dixon)Edith Dawson1886?28 Aug 192741w/Edwin RichardHome Hill QLD
CrossmanEdwin Richard1888?4 May 193143h/Edith DawsonHome Hill QLD
CrossmanMary Louisa1898?28 Aug 196567Home Hill QLD
CrossmanMervyn Robert17 Jun 191210 Sep 200290h/Vera MayHome Hill QLD
CrossmanPhilip Henry1906?26 Feb 196356Home Hill QLD
CrossmanVera May12 Jun 19201 Nov 197959w/Mervyn RobertHome Hill QLD
CrossmanWilliam Phillip1878?25 Aug 194971Home Hill QLD
CrottyVirginia E11 Aug 195827 Oct 199739Home Hill QLD
CruickshankElizabeth Ann18961976dau/James & JaneHome Hill QLD
CruickshankJames1864?23 Feb 194075h/JaneHome Hill QLD
Cruickshank (Simpson)Jane1867?23 Sep 195891w/JamesHome Hill QLD
CursioAntonio10 Aug 18975 Oct 195154Home Hill QLD
CursioMichele24 May 192416 Jun 200379b. ItalyHome Hill QLD
CursioRosa1896?Home Hill QLD
CutuliPaolo27 Sep 192111 May 200280b. Sicily, ItalyHome Hill QLD
CvjetanovicFrank Milan1946?24 Jan 196922Home Hill QLD
CvjetanovicPero1901?5 Jul 197776Home Hill QLD
D'AlessandroLibera22 Mar 19359 May 199055Home Hill QLD
D'AlessandroSandro27 Mar 196021 Mar 200443Home Hill QLD
Dal BelloTosolinda1924?28 Jul 197046Home Hill QLD
DaleCyril Thomas (Sid)1914?13 Nov 199682h/MaryHome Hill QLD
DaleMary1911?9 Jan 198876w/Cyril ThomasHome Hill QLD
Dall'OstoJohn1929?3 Oct 200273Home Hill QLDCol
Dall'OstoLuigi1904?23 Aug 197975h/Maria ConcettaHome Hill QLD
Dall'OstoMaria Concetta1906?15 May 198478w/LuigiHome Hill QLD
DaniellBetsy Gwladys28 Oct 19179 Oct 200486Home Hill QLDCol
DaniellLavina1890?28 Jan 198493Home Hill QLD
DaniellLeslie Vincent1919?4 Jan 198666QX47933Home Hill QLD
DaniellNeil William29 May 191625 Dec 199983Home Hill QLDCol
DaniellStanious1856?18 Jan 192871Home Hill QLD
DanzigerColin Ross18 Nov 19543 Aug 200954Home Hill QLD
DarvenizaAndelka (Darvo)15 Aug 19178 Feb 199880b. Croatia; w/RamiroHome Hill QLD
DarvenizaRamiro (Rum)6 Dec 190718 Apr 197769b. Dalmatia, Croatia; h/AndelkaHome Hill QLD
DavenportArthur (Snowy)1906?25 Sep 196660h/Myrtle EvelynHome Hill QLD
DavenportGordon John1936?10 Dec 198852h/Maureen AlisonHome Hill QLD
DavenportMaureen Alison1941?9 Apr 200059w/Gordon JohnHome Hill QLD
DavenportMyrtle Evelyn1914?18 Jul 198571w/ArthurHome Hill QLD
DavidsonFredrick17 Feb 192828 Aug 200173Home Hill QLD
DavidsonHarold Herbert Dennison1875?5 Feb 195983Home Hill QLD
DavidsonMary15 Nov 1934Home Hill QLD
DavidsonMary (Biddy)26 Apr 2000Home Hill QLD
DavidsonPhyllis20 Oct 192018 Apr 200584Home Hill QLD
DaviesAnnie Phyllis (Ann)23 Aug 19082 Jun 199788Home Hill QLD
Davies (Swain)Catherine10 Dec 191121 Nov 199483dau/Henry Augustus & Catherine (Finlayson); b. QLD; w/Edward TrevarthenHome Hill QLD
DaviesEdward Trevarthen27 May 191024 Dec 199787son/Harry Charles & Mary Catherine (Trevarthen); b. QLD; h/Catherine (Swain)Home Hill QLD
DaviesGwendoline Sarah1920?25?Jan 194322Home Hill QLD
DaviesHarry Charles1880?25 Jun 195979Home Hill QLD
DaviesHarry Wilfred1908?18 Nov 197466Home Hill QLD
DaviesJohn Archibald (Jerry)29 Feb 19087 Jun 199486Home Hill QLD
DaviesMary Catherine1886?22 Jan 197487Home Hill QLD
DaviesRaymond Whitby1926?3 Oct 200074h/JacqueHome Hill QLDCol
DaviesRebecca Stewart1908?28 May 195648Home Hill QLD
DayAnnie Lydia1910?28 Dec 198575w/Frederick GeorgeHome Hill QLD
DayCatherine Margaret1881?17 Sep 196685Home Hill QLD
DayFrederick George1904?10 May 195854h/Annie LydiaHome Hill QLD
De DomenicoCarmelo9 Apr 191527 Nov 200590Home Hill QLD
De TenonEdwin Semblat23 Aug 19135 Dec 199380QX11540Home Hill QLDCol
DelaneyJames9 Feb 191612 May 198569b. Waterford, Ireland; h/SylvieHome Hill QLD
DelaneySylvie5 Feb?191121 Nov 199382w/JamesHome Hill QLD
DeleonLouis James14 Jan 194714 Jan 19470son/Dick & BerylHome Hill QLD
DeluisMario1904?23 May 196460Home Hill QLD
Dempsey (Gardner)Agnes1895?2 Apr 197277Home Hill QLD
Di BartoloAngelo1924?7 Mar 198258Home Hill QLD
Di BartoloMaria22 Sep 19002 Mar 195251Home Hill QLD
Di MarzioCarmela1901?8 Oct 196160w/DonatoHome Hill QLD
Di MarzioDonato1897?29 Jan 198385h/CarmelaHome Hill QLD
Di MarzioMaria Carmel3 Feb 196723 Feb 200033Home Hill QLD
Di MauroMario1907?20 Sep 197568h/RosariaHome Hill QLD
Di MauroRosaria1912?3 Apr 200694w/MarioHome Hill QLD
Di MauroSanto19 Apr 192126 Mar 199674b. Giarre Sicily, ItalyHome Hill QLD
DibbsCatherine Susan1919?11 Mar 198464Home Hill QLD
DibbsDouglas Robert3 Oct 191726 Feb 19846640935Home Hill QLD
DibellaIsidoro9 Jan 191623 Sep 199377Home Hill QLD
DidoneMaria1922?25 Jan 196946Home Hill QLD
DingleNathan John4 Jun 19850Home Hill QLD
DingleVera1920?26 Nov 197353Home Hill QLD
DingleVera Maud1898?25 Sep 198082Home Hill QLD
DingwallColin Edward12 Nov 191612 Dec 197862h/Louise; 77854Home Hill QLD
DingwallLouise1919?31 May 201192w/Colin EdwardHome Hill QLD
DippelChristopher Henry1873?7 Aug 194572Home Hill QLD
DonaldAnnie1898?22 Aug 196062w/John CouttsHome Hill QLD
DonaldJohn Coutts1892?4 Dec 194957h/AnnieHome Hill QLD
DongesCatherine18931975Home Hill QLD
DoreSalvatore (Sam)1933?4 Jun 200875Home Hill QLD
DowerAgnes Elizabeth1916?10 May 197862w/Frederick JamesHome Hill QLD
DowerEllen1867?2 Jul 194679Home Hill QLD
DowerFrederick Edward (Tedda)1892?15 Sep 196775Home Hill QLD
DowerFrederick James (Ted)1914?20 Jul 196450h/Agnes ElizabethHome Hill QLD
DowerIvan Edward (Bill)1919?14 Feb 196949Home Hill QLD
DowerOlive1896?21 Apr 197175Home Hill QLD
DowerWilliam Laurence (Duck)1922?10 Jul 198361Home Hill QLD
DowzerJohn Edward1888?31 Jul 198294Home Hill QLD
DowzerMary Beatrice1893?3 Mar 195864Home Hill QLD
DoyleEdward Leslie1917?16 Jun 197154Home Hill QLD
DraytonJohn1885?7 Nov 193752Home Hill QLD
DumaresqRaymond Neil (Doom)10 Sep 194818 Feb 200657Home Hill QLD
Dunlop (Bracewell)Ethel Louise1882?28 Jan 194764w/William HorneHome Hill QLD
DunlopGladys Mary8 Aug 192214 Nov 200583Home Hill QLD
DunlopGordon William10 Jan 191828 Jan 199678Home Hill QLD
DunlopWilliam Horne1873?21 Oct 195683h/Ethel LouiseHome Hill QLD
DunnArchibald Samuel26 Jun 190217 Mar 196158Home Hill QLD
DunnJean Williamson1868?12 Nov 194678w/Samuel ThomasHome Hill QLD
DunnMaud Edith23 Aug 190517 Mar 196155Home Hill QLD
DunnSamuel Thomas1871?16 Sep 193867h/Jean WilliamsonHome Hill QLD
DunphyAthena Stuart McBirnie1905?5 Sep 197368Home Hill QLD
DunphyBrian Edward1932?23 Nov 195220son/John EdwardHome Hill QLD
DunphyJohn Edward1898?29 Apr 196870Home Hill QLD
DurrantEvelyn May17 Sep 191020 Oct 200090w/JohnHome Hill QLD
DurrantJohn31 Dec 1980h/Evelyn MayHome Hill QLD
DuttonVera Watson Mellington1 Jul 190414 Jun 196863Home Hill QLD
DwyerHenry Anthony (Tony)13 Jan 192614 Oct 200882h/JoanHome Hill QLD
EarwakerEllen May Harden1900?10 Jun 197070Home Hill QLD
EarwakerWilliam Henry27 Aug 191217 Oct 196553h/Ellen; QX22335Home Hill QLD
Eaton (Jaques)Mercy Annie25 Jul 191228 Jun 199582Home Hill QLD
EatonSamuel Henry1907?20 Oct 196558Home Hill QLD
EbbageAlbert1902?19 Apr 197674Home Hill QLD
EchevarriaCipriano1926?23 Feb 198356Home Hill QLD
EchevarriaDamian1916?1 Mar 195942Home Hill QLD
EdwardsArthur Ernest1896?9 Jan 196972Q4774Home Hill QLD
EdwardsDorothy Eliza1907?2 Aug 199790Home Hill QLD
EdwardsErnest Charles1904?29 Sep 197672Home Hill QLD
EdwardsHarriet Matilda1893?19 Dec 197683Home Hill QLD
EdwardsHenry George14 Feb 189522 Sep 194247Home Hill QLD
EdwardsLila Pearl1909?24 Jul 193930Home Hill QLD
EdwardsOlive Beatrice22 Oct 190217 Jan 198683Home Hill QLD
EdwardsRaymond Henry26 Feb 193322 Sep 194613Home Hill QLD
EdwardsWilliam John1889?31 Jan 196575Home Hill QLD
EiselFrederick William1924?16 May 196844Home Hill QLD
EiselLudwig (Shorty)1915?30 Mar 199579Home Hill QLD
EiselMartha Ann1892?7 Jul 196371Home Hill QLD
ElliottPearl Amelia17 Jun 1979w/Victor CliveHome Hill QLD
ElliottVictor Clive23 Sep 1974h/Pearl AmeliaHome Hill QLD
ElmazisConstantine Haralumbou86Home Hill QLD
ElmazisEleni (Helen)25 Dec 192010 Nov 200382Home Hill QLD
EmeryGordon Lloyd1927?25 Jul 198255Home Hill QLD
EmeryVera Margaret1925?24 Jan 200377Home Hill QLD
EmmersonMervyn Lindsay1926?19 Dec 200781Home Hill QLD
EmmiMaria Rosa1909?17 Jun 198071w/MarianoHome Hill QLD
EmmiMariano1900?6 Mar 198180h/Maria RosaHome Hill QLD
EnglishFlorence Louisa1893?18 Feb 197177Home Hill QLD
EnglishFrancis Purcer1891?30 Sep 196776Home Hill QLD
EvansAlan Henry Percy1902?29 Jan 192219Home Hill QLD
EvansClara Percy1872?8 Oct 195987Home Hill QLD
EvansDoris Maryw/Frederick PercyHome Hill QLD
EvansFrederick Percy17 Nov 1983h/Doris MaryHome Hill QLD
EvansRichard25 Aug 191510 Apr 198266Home Hill QLD
EverettBrian James1956?1 Dec 197822Home Hill QLD
FabbroGino Pietro8 Aug 19242 May 200176Home Hill QLD
FabrisAngelina1909?28 Jan 197464Home Hill QLD
FabrisUmberto1902?5 Sep 197573Home Hill QLD
FaheyHarriett Emmaline1878?12 Nov 196789Home Hill QLD
FalcoGiuseppe1898?8 Jun 197981h/Maria JosephineHome Hill QLD
FalcoLawrence16 Apr 193527 May 200570h/KemHome Hill QLD
FalcoMaria Josephine1914?26 Jan 199984w/GiuseppeHome Hill QLD
FalkenhagenAlexia Fanny (Lex)2 Jul 19277 Aug 199972Home Hill QLD

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