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1 cemetery found

Nundah (German Station)88 Hedley Ave, Nundah QLD 40123533

12 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AlcockBasil1899?3 Aug 194546b. London, England; h/Olive Parkes; VX110790Nundah QLD
BeebeWilfred John1906?26 Aug 195751b. bendigo victoria; 1684Nundah QLD
CrittendenHerbert Oswald1893?15 Mar 194552b. england; 2116Nundah QLD
DierigPercy Thomas1893?7 Apr 191825son/Minnie; 5574Nundah QLD
KellyGeorge William Victor1877?27 Oct 194972b. beechworth victoria; 4189Nundah QLD
OlesenJohn1888?10 Apr 1952646454Nundah QLD
OlesenLeslie1899?27 Aug 191920323Nundah QLD
OlesenOscar Bochhiemer1894?27 Jul 194955son/Ludwig Henry August; 25463Nundah QLD
RiceJames William1890?29 May 193545son/James William; 3364Nundah QLD
SomervilleJohn1873?17 Dec 1934612242Nundah QLD
StephensWilliam1884?14 Jul 192238b. cumberland england; h/Florence Maria; 2930Nundah QLD
ThomsonParker13 Nov 1933b. manchester england; 1349Nundah QLD

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