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1 cemetery found

Noccundra (Nockatunga)Thargomindah Rd, Noccundra QLD 449216

16 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
?Noccundra QLD
?Wangku-Murra Trial PeopleNoccundra QLD
BandicootPoonkillaNoccundra QLD
ConbarNoolpieNoccundra QLD
McCarthyGeorge1888?29 Jul 191830son/JaneNoccundra QLD
MoongaLivelyNoccundra QLD
OnkareeCharlieNoccundra QLD
RichardsElsie1893?15 Jul 191522dau/JaneNoccundra QLD
RichardsJane1864?12 Jan 192056Noccundra QLD
TootabullaTootieNoccundra QLD
TreeWangumitNoccundra QLD
UballieBillyNoccundra QLD
WattaKittyNoccundra QLD
WillichullieDoondillyNoccundra QLD
YeeorgahLizzieNoccundra QLD
YeeorgahMinnieNoccundra QLD

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