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Manton13 Manton Cemetery Road, Manton QLD 481632

32 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BarwickMichael John1997?25 Jun 19992Manton QLD53
CalliganJManton QLD5
Casey (Chenoweth)Caroline Evelyn May20 May 190619 Apr 199386dau/William & Caroline Wordsworth (Murray); w/Patrick HenryManton QLD23
CaseyPatrick Joseph1899?3 Jul 199192son/Henry & Annie (Dooley); h/Caroline Evelyn May (Chenoweth)Manton QLD24
Chenoweth (Murray)Carolyine Wordsworth7 Jun 188114 Oct 197695dau/William & Caroline Wallace (Wordsworth); w/WilliamManton QLD20
ChenowethWilliam1 Nov 188316 Apr 193248son/William & Priscilla (Carkeet); h/Caoline Wordsworth (Murray)Manton QLD3
ChurchTed Ray1923?17 Apr 200885Manton QLD55
CrabbElphiston Willison15 Jan 188912 Jan 188292son/Jonathon & Mary (Willison)Manton QLD21
CrabbJohnathon1855?7 Jul 194287h/Mary (Willison)Manton QLD15
Crabb (Willison)Mary1858?29 May 194082dau/William; w/JonathonManton QLD14
FrazerRManton QLD1
HoganThomas Joseph1903?10 Sep 200198Manton QLD52
Kirk (Chenoweth)Irene Dorothy Louisa3 Apr 191413 Jun 199682dau/William & Caroline Wordsworth (Murray); w/Tom CollinsManton QLD27
KirkKenneth William1934?18 Jun 19373son/Tom Collins & Irene Dorothy Louisa (Chenoweth)Manton QLD2
KirkTom Collins5 Apr 189989son/Williiam & Mary Ann (Atkinson); h/Irene Dorothy Louisa (Chenoweth)Manton QLD22
McdermottDonald Cecil1922?30 Jun 199371Manton QLD26
McdermottMarie1936?30 May 199155Manton QLD25
McphersonCyril Bennett1921?11 Mar 200988Manton QLD30
Murray (Wallace)Caroline Lucette11 Feb 1933dau/Charles & Mary Ann (Haynes); w/WilliamManton QLD9
Murray (Crabb)Charlotte Ruth Willison17 Jan 189328 Oct 197986dau/Jonothan & Mary (Willison); w/William HenryManton QLD16
MurrayCraig Donald11 Aug 19761 Sep 19760son/John Willison & Dorothy Rae (Jones)Manton QLD19
MurrayRobert Henry Gordon William1927?2 Mar 196538son/William Henry & Charlotte Ruth Millison (Crabb)Manton QLD18
MurrayWalter Edward19 Oct 188613 May 196982son/William & Carolina (Wallace)Manton QLD16
MurrayWilliam Henry1 Dec 188331 Jul 195672son/William & Carolina (Wallace)Manton QLD13
MurrayWilliam Wallace6 May 192615 May 19260son/William Henry & Charlotte Ruth Willison (Crabb)Manton QLD8
MurrayWilliam Wallace Snr1850?1 Oct 189545son/Thomas & Bridget (Hall)Manton QLD7
NettlefieldHelen Anne1964?10 Dec 19684dau/Arthur John & Grace Margaret Willison (Murray)Manton QLD17
OneillJonManton QLD6
WordsworthCharles Wallace20 Mar 1949son/Charles Tavell Forth & Caroline Lisette (Wallace); h/Elizabeth Ann (Gibson)Manton QLD10
Wordsworth (Gibson)Elizabeth Anne19 Aug 1956dau/William Edward & Sarah Ann (Alson); w/Charles WallaceManton QLD12
WordsworthRManton QLD4
WordsworthRichard Forth11 Feb 192029 Dec 19200son/Charles Wallace & Elizabeth Evelyn (Bennett)Manton QLD11

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