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Lowood GeneralClarendon Rd, Clarendon QLD 4311161

159 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AllenAlfred G1866?26 Jul 195488Lowood General QLD
AllenAnnie E1866?12 Sep 194781Lowood General QLD
AllenGeof1901?24 May 193332Lowood General QLD
AndersonAxel1886?24 May 196377Lowood General QLD
AndersonElizabeth1863?14 Jun 194986Lowood General QLD
AndersonEthel M1882?6 Jul 195775Lowood General QLD
AndersonGeorge1901?15 May 196665Lowood General QLD
AndersonHilda May1904?24 Jun 198682w/AndersenLowood General QLD
AndersonLily May1901?6 Sep 199089Lowood General QLD
AndersonRobert1858?5 Aug 192163Lowood General QLD
AndersonRobert1895?1 Sep 197681Lowood General QLD
Ashley-RiddleBarbara Krystyna1951?28 Jube 200958Lowood General QLD
AtkinsonJune1938?31 Mar 201577Lowood General QLD
AtkinsonJune1938?31 Mar 201577Lowood General QLD
Beduhn (Ruhl)Ann Louise189831 Aug 199698dau/Herman & Bertha (Lehmann); b. Qld; w/Frederick ErnestLowood General QLD
BeduhnFrederick Ernest18957 Apr 195660son/Karl Wilhelm Frederick & Marie Bertha Louise (Krisanski); b. Qld; h/Ann Louise (Ruhl)Lowood General QLD
Bernes-KlassJessie Edna1924?9 Aug 199470Lowood General QLD
BernhagenWilliam1885?18 Jul 195570Lowood General QLD
BoardDorothy Ella1892?2 Jan 190917Lowood General QLD
ButterfieldJohn1857?24 May 191962Lowood General QLD
CanningMary Elizabeth1913?24 Jul 199582Lowood General QLD
CathcartEdna Victoria30 Jul 191626 Jun 200993Lowood General QLD
ChislettThomas1906?26 Nov 191913Lowood General QLD
ChristensenHilda A5 Jul 190529 Jan199388Lowood General QLD
CoatesJoseph R1878?17 Oct 195375Lowood General QLD
CollessLeslieLowood General QLD
ComptonMary ann1870195080Lowood General QLD
DammaschAnna1924?5 Mar 200783Lowood General QLD
DammaschWalter George1926?8 Jul 201084Lowood General QLD
De Jong-MaeseeleLudovica Paulina1 Dec 192526 May 201388Lowood General QLD
EdwardsIvan1912?6 Dec 199482Lowood General QLD
EdwardsMary Ellen1916?12 Sep 198973Lowood General QLD
ElliottThelma Jean31 Oct 193119 Jun 199160Lowood General QLD
ElmesEileen TeresaJun 1936?Jun 199963yLowood General QLD
FinlayFrancis May1865193166Lowood General QLD
FisherFrederick Batson2 Jun 193116 Jun 199564Lowood General QLD
FisherPhyllis Delma22 Feb 193916 Jul 200970Lowood General QLD
Flewell SmithEmily Herriott12 Jun 183929 Mar 191172Lowood General QLD
Flewell SmithIanSep 1904?28 Nov 190514mLowood General QLD
Flewell SmithJohn29 Aug 183711 Sep 190568Lowood General QLD
Flewell SmithStephen1976?2 Jan 199216Lowood General QLD
FriedrichMargaret Elizabeth Anne21 Dec 195026 Aug 200656Lowood General QLD
FrielsJames Bennantyne14 Sep 191114 May 199887Lowood General QLD
FrielsLorna Louise14 Aug 19141 Jun 200490Lowood General QLD
FromRobert Ian23 Dec 192523 Dec 199772son/F.c.e.; h/BelmaLowood General QLD
FromRobert Ian23 Dec 192523 Dec 199772h/SelmaLowood General QLD
FromSelmaJan 1929?21 Jan 199768yLowood General QLD
FromSelma1929?21 Jan 199768w/Robert IanLowood General QLD
GalrsonNorman1912?23 Sep 197765Lowood General QLD
GoebelMargaret Ellen1892?11 Jan 195361w/AndersenLowood General QLD
HarrisNigel Hugh Harrison1936?7 Apr 200569Lowood General QLD
HarrisNigel Hugh Harrison1936?7 Apr 200569Lowood General QLD
HarrisPatrick Guy Harrison1931?11 Dec 201382Lowood General QLD
Heers (Feldhahn)Amelia1875?21 Mar 195984dau/Michael & Wilhelmina (Breggat); w/John August William (Johann August Wilhelm)Lowood General QLD
HeersJohn August William (Johann August Wilhelm)1876?6 Oct 194771son/Frederick Charles August & Emma (Michel); h/Amelia (Feldhahn)Lowood General QLD
HellyarRichard David1936?6 Sep 198347Lowood General QLD
HorstPaul Otto Thiele1930?19 Dec 200474Lowood General QLD
HughesShane Anthony1972?16 Apr 19764Lowood General QLD
IsileliSimilamoti24 May 195516 Oct 199237Lowood General QLD
JaenkeArthur E A1882?18 May 196583Lowood General QLD
JaenkeDarby William1908?16 Nov 198577Lowood General QLD
JaenkeIsabella Grace1910?2 Jan 198373Lowood General QLD
JaenkeNellie Maud1915?10 Oct 197863Lowood General QLD
JensenAmy Esther1898?26 Feb 1999101Lowood General QLD
JensenArthur Raymond Hans1887?3 Mar 196073Lowood General QLD
Jervislloyd jesse (Archie)1946?26 Jul 200054Lowood General QLD
JonesRuby Evelyn May17 May 191230 Sep 198371Lowood General QLD
KirbyDaphne Mabel Ellen28 Jan 19239 Nov 201087Lowood General QLD
KirbyJohn1920?27 Jul 200989Lowood General QLD
KlassByrne1 Jan 191919 Nov 200889Lowood General QLD
LeeWilfren Joseph11 May 193520 Jul 201277Lowood General QLD
LubkeDoris1911?28 Aug 200392Lowood General QLD
LubkeWilliam Albert1910?11 Sep 199383Lowood General QLD
LubkeWilliam Albert1910?11 Sep 199383h/McFadyenLowood General QLD
LubkeWilliam Albert1910?11 Sep 199383h/DorisLowood General QLD
LubomirZnebe Janek12 May 192630 May 199670Lowood General QLD
Mac DonaldHugh A1913?13 Jun 194734Lowood General QLD
MacDonaldRoderick JohnFeb 1912?26 Apr 19122mLowood General QLD
MacphersonRaymond John1957?5 Jun 200548Lowood General QLD
MaeseelePierre Maria Henri21 Feb 192825 Ocr 200173Lowood General QLD
MallonGlynn Phillip1929?30 Aug 200980Lowood General QLD
Manutenitala'aho (Fungalei)Congia29 Oct 193022 Jan 200878Lowood General QLD
McCallumBruce St ClairMar 1934?9 Mar 201480y 9Lowood General QLD
McGrathKeith Vincent29 Feb 19282 Jul 199567Lowood General QLD
McKenzieMargaret Janet1939?23 Sep 201576Lowood General QLD
McKenzieSusan Margaret1959?10 Jan 201354Lowood General QLD
MillinerErnest Stanley1909?20 Nov 199687Lowood General QLD
MontgomeryBrian Nelson James1940?2 Jul 196020son/Leslie & Muriel Caroline (Anderson)Lowood General QLD
MorrisonKeith Geoffrey1842?6 Jun 191371Lowood General QLD
MunroJames1868?13 Oct 191143Lowood General QLD
Munro (Woolacott)Myra Enid1932?13 Mar 201381w/Leonard RoyLowood General QLD
Munro (Woolacott)Myra Enid1932?13 Mar 201381w/DorisLowood General QLD
Munro (Woolacott)Myra Enid1932?13 Mar 201381formerly Woolacott; w/Leonard Roy (Woolacott)Lowood General QLD
NunnErnest C1869195586Lowood General QLD
NunnGrace Victoria1898198183Lowood General QLD
NunnMartha R1874195783Lowood General QLD
OggThomas David1919?3 Aug 199071QX41172Lowood General QLD
Patrick (Stuart)Amelia Chistina7 Jun 186714 Aug 195184dau/James & Mary (Youdale); b. Fowlis Easter, Perth, Scotland; w/ThomasLowood General QLD
PatrickStuart5 Jul 190218 Dec 198179Lowood General QLD
PatrickThomas1848?3 Apr 191870Lowood General QLD
PatrickViolet May27 May 190317 Apr 196360Lowood General QLD
PaynterAnthony Frank, Revd29 Mar 2006Lowood General QLD
PaynterElizabeth MaryMay 2010w/Anthony FrankLowood General QLD
PhippenCarolyn Gail28 Apr 19588 Sep 201052Lowood General QLD
PointingJames1862?4 Apr 193371Lowood General QLD
PointingMaria1865?1 Nov 194984Lowood General QLD
PotterR L1922?12 Sep 198462QX33131Lowood General QLD
PotterShirley Betty23 Sep 192623 Aug 199973Lowood General QLD
ReimersCharles R7 Dec 190621 May 198680Lowood General QLD
ReimersElizabeth E23 Jul 191313 Jul 198875Lowood General QLD
SandersSusanne Margaret31 May 193219 May 198653Lowood General QLD
SchmidtThelma Jean27 Jul 192729 Jan 199264Lowood General QLD
ScottCecil William192126 Aug 198665Lowood General QLD
ScottClara Jane1896?16 Jul 198286Lowood General QLD
ScottDorothy Catherine192313 Jun 197451Lowood General QLD
ScottFrederick1860?14 Mar 194888Lowood General QLD
ScottMervyn Alfred1935?12 Jan 200368Lowood General QLD
ScottNorman Reuben1902?01 Aug196765Lowood General QLD
ScottSarah1859?3 Jul 194889Lowood General QLD
ShapkofStojan1934198753Lowood General QLD
SharpeBessie1892?23 Sep 196775Lowood General QLD
SharpeMary1866195084Lowood General QLD
SharpeSamuel1865194580Lowood General QLD
SharpeWilliam1888?16 Dec 196375Lowood General QLD
ShcrorderHerman6 Mar 190718 Jul 199487Lowood General QLD
SimpsonAllan Bruce1942?30 Jun 200159Lowood General QLD
SimpsonBeryl Phoebe1918?21 Oct 200183Lowood General QLD
SimsJ.W1922?30 Apr 199775Q273366Lowood General QLD
SmithBelinda1890?1 Aug 196272Lowood General QLD
SmithRobert1874?20 Oct 194975Lowood General QLD
SmithWilliam John15 May19382 Mar 199456Lowood General QLD
StrattonLeonard Charles1919198061Lowood General QLD
ThornElsie H L12 Dec 191624 Sep 199478Lowood General QLD
ToftGordon Arthur9 Feb 192924 May 198556Lowood General QLD
TurnbullEdwin George1924?6 Aug 200278Lowood General QLD
TwigtKeanna Rosina3 Aug 199812 Aug 19989dw/DorisLowood General QLD
Van KuilenburgEva17 Dec 193724 Apr 200669Lowood General QLD
VineRaymond1927?2 Oct 200174Lowood General QLD
Walden (Friedrich)Gladys2 Apr 192414 Dec 199773w/NormanLowood General QLD
WaldenNorman3 Jul 191828 Mar 201193h/Gladys (Friedrich)Lowood General QLD
WalkerEllen1871?13 Oct 191140Lowood General QLD
WaltersAlice Mary1866?7 Jun 192054Lowood General QLD
WaltersJohn1865?16 Nov 194883Lowood General QLD
WaltersJohn Samuel28 Nov 190329 Apr 198380Lowood General QLD
WarrenCharles24 Dec 19023 Jun 198482Lowood General QLD
WatsonEliza1861?3 Feb 192362Lowood General QLD
WatsonGwendoline Jane1883?16 Sep 196178Lowood General QLD
WatsonJohn1853?25 Nov 193178Lowood General QLD
WatsonRichard John1898?7 Jun 195254Lowood General QLD
WebsterGordon Kingsley1 Jul 191816 Sep 200284Lowood General QLD
WebsterGordon Kingsley1 Jul 191916 Sep 200283Lowood General QLD
WellsCgristopher Shane1952?1 Jun 201159Lowood General QLD
West (Hellyar)Susan Joy26 Dec 19626 May 199331Lowood General QLD
WidaleElizabeth T1871?14 Aug 194776Lowood General QLD
WilliamsStanley Llewellyn23 Feb 192122 Oct 200281Lowood General QLD
WoodwardFlorence G1872?17 Jan 190836Lowood General QLD
WoolacottLeonard Roy21 Aug 196613 Mar 201339h/MyraLowood General QLD
YoungFlorence Mary Elizabeth1913?13 Feb 200996Lowood General QLD
ZischkePercy1925?30 Jan 193510Lowood General QLD

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