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1 cemetery found

LilyvaleLilyvale QLD 435230

25 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BalfourDavid Petrie1809?30 Aug 187667Lilyvale QLD
BalfourDavid Petrie1868?1 Aug 188517Lilyvale QLD
BegWhane1877?4 Aug 1877Lilyvale QLD
BierEmile1 Feb 1870Lilyvale QLD
BinsheadCharles1878?21 May 1878Lilyvale QLD
BolgerPeter20 Dec 1868Lilyvale QLD
ChineseJohnny14 Oct 1870Lilyvale QLD
CollinsThomas1820?31 Jan 188666Lilyvale QLD
DevinePatrick1878?13 Apr 1878Lilyvale QLD
GaitzJustos1839?11 Jul 186526Lilyvale QLD
GordonSamuel Thomas1833?3 Jan 187643Lilyvale QLD
HardyFrederick1836?7 Jul 186630Lilyvale QLD
HigginAlexander1825?19 Aug 187651Lilyvale QLD
JaquesCharles George1866?10 Oct 190438h/Mildred (Whitwell)Lilyvale QLD
JoeJohn1836?5 Jan 187640Lilyvale QLD
LyonsWilliam John1878?5 Jul 18835Lilyvale QLD
MeryardAugust1866?1 Feb 18704Lilyvale QLD
MeryardLudwig1 Feb 1870Lilyvale QLD
MeryardWilliam1 Feb 1870Lilyvale QLD
RoxburghMary1868?13 Aug 188517Lilyvale QLD
RoxburghWilliam Scott1834?16 Feb 188652Lilyvale QLD
ShannonGeorge1837?24 Sep 186932Lilyvale QLD
SlaterSarah1847?4 Nov 187831Lilyvale QLD
WalkerWilliam1833?5 Dec 187037Lilyvale QLD
WilliamTommy1823?20 Jan 187451Lilyvale QLD

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