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MeandarraMeandarra QLD 442268

68 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BarnesKenneth John13 May 19321 Nov 199866Meandarra QLD
BlandAudrey Joyce1919?15 Sep 199980Meandarra QLD
BlandNorman Leslie1915?2 Feb 197963Meandarra QLD
BradyRussell Joseph29 Apr 19323 Jun 200573Meandarra QLD
BrawneGrace Catherine1908?19 Jul 199183Meandarra QLD
BrawneJoseph Wilton Metcalfe (Toby)1907?24 Dec 199588Meandarra QLD
BrownHarold Roy Augustus9 Jan 19217 May 199675Meandarra QLD
CarterReginald Edgar9 Feb 19169 Apr 200185Meandarra QLD
CorcoranKatie May1898?26 May 196466w/Thomas HenryMeandarra QLD
CorcoranThomas Henry1890?14 Jun 195161h/Katie MayMeandarra QLD
DillonRoy Vincent21 Sep 190721 Oct 199184h/HannorahMeandarra QLD
EverettGeorge James1906?15 May 197872Meandarra QLD
FarringtonArthur Thomas1904?24 Aug 197874Meandarra QLD
GordonLeo18 Jul 193516 Jul 198246Meandarra QLD
Hamilton (Walter)Kathleen May26 Mar 192221 Oct 200583w/Leslie ErlMeandarra QLD
HamiltonLeslie Erl30 May 191624 Oct 200488h/Kathleen MayMeandarra QLD
HughesRoy Lawrence28 Jun 19203 Jun 199978h/Sylvia MonicaMeandarra QLD
HughesSylvia Monica24 Oct 192313 Oct 199369w/Roy LawrenceMeandarra QLD
JohnstoneWayne Andrew19691982Meandarra QLD
KellyEdward Patrick James (Eddie)1936?31 Mar 197942Meandarra QLD
LaheyJoseph Alexander1908?6 Sep 197264Meandarra QLD
LaheyThelma1919?3 Apr 197657Meandarra QLD
LaxtonEdward29 May 186010 Sep 193575son/William & Helen (Dawes); b. Lamplough, Stawell, Vic; h/Fanny Priscilla (Smith)Meandarra QLD
Laxton (Smith)Fanny Priscilla1871?22 Feb 195987dau/James & Fanny (Coleman); w/EdwardMeandarra QLD
LovellJohn Patrick1909?22 Apr 195748Meandarra QLD
McDonaldDonald Archibald Victor13 Jun 19032 Feb 198985h/Rita MayMeandarra QLD
McDonaldRita May1910?6 Jun 197868w/Donald Archibald VictorMeandarra QLD
McIntoshAlexander James14 Jun 19208 Mar 199675h/JacqualineMeandarra QLD
McIntoshBeatrice Maud18853 Mar 1970b. Corack Vic; w/John Andrew OMeandarra QLD
McIntoshHarold Douglas8 Jul 192129 Mar 196442Meandarra QLD
McIntoshJohn Andrew O1883195471b. Corack Vic; h/Beatrice MaudMeandarra QLD
McIntoshOliverFeb?192412 Aug 19251son/JMeandarra QLD
McIntoshWesley1928son/JMeandarra QLD
McIntoshWesley Graham19 Jun 192813 Oct 197749Meandarra QLD
MeacleBeatrice Thelma Noreen9 May 191130 Jun 199079Meandarra QLD
MeacleDavid Luke1904?9 Oct 198076son/Richard E & Marion H; h/MaryMeandarra QLD
Meacle (Roberts)Marion Helen1874?17 Feb 194368w/Richard EyreMeandarra QLD
MeacleMary1906?27 Jan 198982w/David LukeMeandarra QLD
MeacleMichael Joseph1900?22 Jul 197676son/Richard Eyre & Marion HelenMeandarra QLD
MeacleRichard Eyre1867?30 Nov 193669h/Marion HelenMeandarra QLD
MeacleRichard Eyre1897?2 Aug 196669Meandarra QLD
MeacleWalter James1898?19 Feb 197475Meandarra QLD
MillerCatherine (Cap) Ellen21 Jan 19143 Jan 199479w/Donald MacNaughtonMeandarra QLD
MillerDonald MacNaughton13 May 19209 Jan 200584h/Catherine Ellen; QX14136Meandarra QLD
MillerMichael MacNaughton (Hooksie)13 Sep 19506 Apr 199847son/Donald MacNaughton & Catherine EllenMeandarra QLD
NortonPatrick1909?12 Aug 198879QX16461Meandarra QLD
O'BrienJohn Malcolm1927?18 May 195427Meandarra QLD
O'TooleKenerick JohnOct?195122 Jan 19542Meandarra QLD
O'TooleKenrick John (Chook)17 Dec 192029 Apr 198665Meandarra QLD
ParkerCharles Jesse1860?25 Oct 194989son/John & WagstaffMeandarra QLD
PurcellSarah Constance (Connie)1914?5 Oct 200086Meandarra QLD
ReibeltAllen Spencer1896?6 Dec 198488Meandarra QLD
RiellyJames Dominic1871?17 Feb 194876Meandarra QLD
ShepherdVictor Laurence21 Apr 19281 Aug 199264Meandarra QLD
ThompsonArthur1882?4 Jan 194764Meandarra QLD
TierneyAnnie M M1895?15 Aug 193540Meandarra QLD
WalterColin Joseph1909?31 Jan 196757son/Rose; h/BuntyMeandarra QLD
WalterRose1884?12 Jul 195470Meandarra QLD
WalterWilliam Ernest1907?28 Jan 196658Meandarra QLD
WaltonMay Lillian1899?12 Apr 194142w/WilliamMeandarra QLD
WaltonOrmond Ernst1892?15 Dec 195664Meandarra QLD
WaltonRose Gladys1904?4 Jun 197773Meandarra QLD
WaltonWilliam1882?8 Jul 196179h/May LillianMeandarra QLD
WardBenjamen JohnFeb 19415 Jun 19410Meandarra QLD
WolfeVicki Louise3 Jan 198629 Apr 19860Meandarra QLD
WrightCatherine1901?11 Jan 197472w/Neville TMeandarra QLD
WrightNeville T1899?15 Jun 196566h/CatherineMeandarra QLD
WrightRonald Wallis (Ronnie)29 Jul 193117 Jul 200169Meandarra QLD

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