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1 cemetery found

Ingham Old (Old Ingham)Bruce Highway, Ingham QLD 48502002

2002 inscriptions found - showing from 1 to 500

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
?1911?17 Dec 19110Ingham Old QLDMixed 122
?1913?24 Sep 19130Ingham Old QLDMixed 166
??Ingham Old QLD
??1925?8 Apr 19250b. Ingham QldIngham Old QLDMixed 529
?John William1878?23 9 189517Ingham Old QLD
AbbottCharlie1939?12 May 19390son/BiddyIngham Old QLDAng 1294
Abdoolah1848?12 Nov 190355b. IndiaIngham Old QLDMixed 52
AccatinaNatalie1924?9 Apr 19251b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 530
AccorneroC1935?4 Feb 19350Ingham Old QLDRC 1053
AccorneroPaulo1925?17 Nov 19305Ingham Old QLDRC 848
AccorneroRita1938?24 Oct 19380b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 1257
AdamsEmma Alice1873?31 May 194370b. England; w/JamesIngham Old QLDAng 1492
AdamsJames1870?8 Dec 193666h/Emma AliceIngham Old QLDAng 1161
Adar1821?7 Apr 1931110Ingham Old QLDMixed 863
AdattW2 Jul 1910Ingham Old QLDMixed
AffleckJohn Stephen1884?7 Sep 191632b. GippslandIngham Old QLDAng 251
AhBow1928?25 Oct 19280Ingham Old QLDMixed 733
AhChew1846?19 Jul 191266b. ChinaIngham Old QLDMixed 138
AhChok1843?13 Dec 191168b. ChinaIngham Old QLDMixed 121
AhChut1848?16 Mar 190254b. ChinaIngham Old QLDMixed 31
AhGow1839?8 Feb 192182b. ChinaIngham Old QLDMixed 378
AhLing1871?11 Jul 191140b. ChinaIngham Old QLDMixed 111
AhMee1852?7 Apr 190250b. ChinaIngham Old QLDMixed 34
AhSam1841?16 Sep 191473b. ChinaIngham Old QLDMixed 192
AhSue1848?14 Aug 190052b. ChinaIngham Old QLDMixed 12
AhYuen1872?19 Sep 192654b. ChinaIngham Old QLDMixed 636
Ah (Ah Khoe)Jock1847?22 Oct 190255b. ChinaIngham Old QLDMixed 40
Ah LongJimmy1858?31 Mar 191456b. ChinaIngham Old QLDMixed 182
AhernJames1871?18 May 192150b. IrelandIngham Old QLDRC 387
AldredChristopher George26 Jul 189721 Nov 192427son/William Ingram & Gertrude Eileen Elsie (Neville); b. Charters Towers, Qld, Australia; AIF #3454Ingham Old QLDUniting 517
AlfardAngelina E1928?31 Mar 19379b. Long PocketIngham Old QLDRC 1181
Alick1872?10 Sep 191745b. MALAY STATEIngham Old QLDMixed 271
AllaraFelice1936?12 Dec 19371b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 1212
AllaraLuigi1903?3 May 194239Ingham Old QLDRC 1450
AllenIrene Violet4 Mar 19027 May 19031dau/Samuel James & Prudence Ellen (Bosworth); b. Ingham, Qld, AustraliaIngham Old QLD
AllenSamuel James1859?7 Oct 192768son/Pharoah & Katherine (Varcoe); b. England; h/Prudence Ellen (Bosworth)Ingham Old QLDAng 679
AlleyAhlmeth1841?21 Aug 192180b. MALAY STATEIngham Old QLDUniting 394
AllsworthJames1867?9 Nov 192457b. EnglandIngham Old QLDMixed 516
AlstonAnnie Elizabeth1858?21 Jun 192971Ingham Old QLDAng 768
AlstonRowland Simpson1859?15 Oct 192566b. EnglandIngham Old QLDAng 566
Althaus (Bell)Emma1889?10 Sep 191324b. Townsville, Australia; w/Samuel AlexanderIngham Old QLDUniting 163
AlthausGeorge Robert1900?5 Oct 191818b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 305
Althaus (Wilson)Mary Ann1864?12 Jul 192258b. Ipswich, Australia; w/William HenryIngham Old QLDRC 419
AlthausWilliam Henry1867?25 Jul 194679h/Mary Ann Agatha (Wilson)Ingham Old QLDUniting 1656
Ambrose (Wilson)Beatrice Florence28 Feb 189023 Aug 191424dau/Robert William & Annie (Whyles); b. Clermont, Qld, Australia; w/AlfredIngham Old QLDMixed 191
AmijairOlave1900?24 Dec 193737Ingham Old QLD1214
AmisanoGiuseppina1888?3 Nov 194961b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1769
AmisanoOlivero1919?29 Jan 195435b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 1796
AmisanoSalvino1885?4 Nov 197085b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1862
AmosPercy1914?9 Dec 193824b. Bundaberg, AustraliaIngham Old QLDAng 1267
AmosRaymond John1948?6 Jun 19480b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDAng 1746
AndersenAgnes1860?5 Nov 194080Ingham Old QLDUniting 1373
AndersenNeil Michael1888?24 Nov 194254Ingham Old QLDAng 1476
Anderson1927?10 Dec 19270Ingham Old QLDMixed 688
Anderson1927?10 Dec 19270Ingham Old QLDMixed 689
Anderson3 Nov 19383 Nov 1938sbIngham Old QLDMixed 1260
Anderson18 Dec 194418 Dec 1944sbb. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDMixed 1573
AndersonAlan Michael1942?27 Jun 19431b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDAng 1496
AndersonAlexander1888?29 Aug 196880b. Ripple CreekIngham Old QLDUniting 1857
AndersonCarolyn Roslyn1945?12 Oct 19450b. Brisbane, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 1615
AndersonCharles Richard1864?23 Oct 193672Ingham Old QLDAng 1151
AndersonClara1941?20 Mar 19410Ingham Old QLDAng 1389
AndersonE J1900?2 Jun 197171b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDUniting 1864
AndersonPeter1847?21 Oct 192578b. DenmarkIngham Old QLDAng 569
AndersonPeter1871?8 Feb 194170Ingham Old QLDAng 1387
AndersonThomas1874?7 Jun 194470b. IrelandIngham Old QLDUniting 1546
AndersonVivian Frances1904?3 Nov 193935b. Mount Morgan, AustraliaIngham Old QLDUniting 1320
AnderssenBernice1937?10 Mar 19370b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 1176
AnderssenMary Margaret1880?13 Apr 193050Ingham Old QLDRC 813
AndrewsHenry1866?2 Nov 193670b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDMixed 1155
AndrewsNeville Eric1934?10 Sep 19340Ingham Old QLDAng 1030
AngusAlexander1861?7 Nov 192362b. ScotlandIngham Old QLDUniting 472
AngusAlice Gertrude1872?9 Aug 191240b. EnglandIngham Old QLDUniting 140
AngusJames1866?29 Mar 193771b. ScotlandIngham Old QLDMixed 1180
Anisjarivi (Ainisjarvi)Olavi1901?25 Dec 193736Ingham Old QLDMixed
Annaboon1939?28 Jul 19390Ingham Old QLDAng 1307
Annaboon1939?18 Dec 19390Ingham Old QLD1331
AnnaboonRosie1940?1 Sep 19400Ingham Old QLDAng 1361
Annie1928?23 Feb 19280Ingham Old QLDMixed 698
Annie1928?28 Jul 19280Ingham Old QLDMixed 724
AntonoffAlex1873?14 Jul 191845b. RussiaIngham Old QLDAng 297
AntonyHerbert St John1911?3 May 192514b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 541
AntonyJoseph1881?22 Aug 196887b. CONSTANTINOPLEIngham Old QLDRC 1856
AntonyQueenie Ellen1889?18 Feb 192435b. TRIPOLIIngham Old QLDRC 486
AobaJae1874?21 Nov 191036b. S.S.ISLANDIngham Old QLDMixed 99
ApiGeorge1865?1 Jan 194479Ingham Old QLDAng 1519
AraminiAugusta1891?19 Oct 193342Ingham Old QLDRC 988
ArmanelliGaicomo (Jack Emo)1920?11 May 19200Ingham Old QLDMixed 357
ArmourJohn1946?28 Feb 19460b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDUniting 1635
ArnotJohn Thomson22 Oct 18296 Mar 189868Ingham Old QLD
ArrellWilliam Henry1863?11 Feb 191047son/Henry & Esther Jane (Arrell); b. IrelandIngham Old QLDUniting 90
ArteiroVincenzo1928?16 Mar 19280Ingham Old QLDMixed 704
ArthurKath E1916?2 Nov 194125Ingham Old QLDRC 1426
AstainTom1862?30 Aug 193977b. JAVAIngham Old QLDMixed 1312
AtkinsonH J1934?5 Jul 19340Ingham Old QLDUniting 1019
AtkinsonWilliam1860?30 Sep 192565Ingham Old QLDRC 564
Attard1925?18 Dec 19261b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 647
Austin1835?14 Dec 191580b. New South Wales, AustraliaIngham Old QLDAng 228
AyreWalter R1942?18 Jan 19420Ingham Old QLDRC 1441
BachielloGuiseppina1911?8 Oct 193423Ingham Old QLDRC 1037
BackeyHammet1942?10 Jan 19420Ingham Old QLDAng 1440
BahneAllan1898?4 Aug 194143Ingham Old QLDUniting 1412
BaileeAndrew1894?2 Nov 193945b. Stone RiverIngham Old QLDAng 1319
Bailey1918?4 Jan 19180b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDMixed 278
Bailey1932?11 Sep 19320Ingham Old QLDUniting 926
BaileyAnnie1850?30 May 193282Ingham Old QLDUniting 909
BaileyBertha1933?25 Nov 19330Ingham Old QLDRC 997
BaileyCecil Robert H1890?18 Mar 193343Ingham Old QLDAng 949
BaileyConstante D1940?25 Feb 19400b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDUniting 1332
BaileyMargaret1864?12 Jan 192662dau/Archibald & Winifred (Collins); b. ScotlandIngham Old QLDRC 583
BaillieEtheline1875?5 Feb 194166Ingham Old QLDUniting 1386
BaillieLewis M1869?7 Jul 193465Ingham Old QLDUniting 1020
BakerErnest Arthur1871?9 Oct 195483b. EnglandIngham Old QLDAng 1802
BakerFlorence May1894?13 Aug 192329b. Melbourne, AustraliaIngham Old QLDUniting 462
BakerJoseph John1839?17 Nov 191475b. EnglandIngham Old QLDUniting 198
BakerMargaret1870?27 Jul 193767Ingham Old QLDRC 1193
BakerMaria1847?6 Dec 191871b. EnglandIngham Old QLDUniting 310
BalettiPitar1896?22 Jun 192529b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 552
BallHarold T Albert1921?4 May 193110Ingham Old QLDAng 866
BallHarold Thos1894?4 May 193137Ingham Old QLDAng 867
BallMary Ellen1899?4 May 193132Ingham Old QLDAng 865
BarbagelloSebastiano1896?4 May 192529b. ItalyIngham Old QLDMixed 542
BarberaIrma1935?8 Sep 19372b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 1198
Barboon1872?28 Jul 193260Ingham Old QLDMixed 919
BarellaGiacinto1898?21 Oct 193335Ingham Old QLDRC 990
BarkerAnnie1867?3 1 194376b. Victoria, AustraliaIngham Old QLDPbn 1479
Barnes1921?29 Aug 19210Ingham Old QLDMixed 396
BarnesFrancis George1884?8 Dec 194157Ingham Old QLDAng 1435
BarnesJane1857?23 Mar 190144b. EnglandIngham Old QLDAng 19
BarnesJessie1858?1 Jun 191456b. EnglandIngham Old QLDAng 184
BarraAndrea1891?19 Dec 196372b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1840
BarraBernardo1919?11 Mar 19190b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 323
BarraPietro1898?27 Feb 193537Ingham Old QLDRC 1058
BarronGeorge1845?17 May 192984Ingham Old QLDMixed 765
BarronJack1929?26 Feb 19290Ingham Old QLDMixed 755
BarryDalby1943?17 Feb 19430b. Palm Island, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 1483
BarryHarry1916?22 Jun 194226Ingham Old QLDRC 1458
BarryWilliam1865?27 Jul 191550b. Rockhampton, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 215
BartoloG D1904?26 Jun 193228Ingham Old QLDRC 912
BasileGuiseppe1934?11 Feb 19340Ingham Old QLDRC 1004
BasiliAntonio1941?29 May 19410Ingham Old QLDRC 1399
BassignanaEugenia1904?16 Feb 193935b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1282
BassignanaMaria1895?29 Sep 197378Ingham Old QLDRC 1282
BatesRichard Wood10 Apr 1905Ingham Old QLD
BauGuiseppe1938?1 May 19380Ingham Old QLDRC 1234
BaxterDavid1860?14 Nov 191454b. EnglandIngham Old QLDAng 197
BeasleyBlanch Edna1921?15 Mar 19210b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDAng 380
BeetrootCharlie1859?24 Aug 193980Ingham Old QLDMixed 1311
BellIrving1864?25 May 194278Ingham Old QLDAng 1453
BellJohn1883?28 Sep 193653Ingham Old QLDRC 1150
BellWilliam1864?23 Sep 191854b. Queensland, AustraliaIngham Old QLDAng 304
BellWilliam John (John)1883?22 Jun 192037b. IrelandIngham Old QLDRC 360
BelleroOlympia1860?2 Dec 194585b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1625
BelvisaFrederic Ricco1891?27 May 192433b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 499
BenhamFrederick J1862?18 Sep 191957b. EnglandIngham Old QLDAng 336
Bennet1843?25 Apr 192582b. EnglandIngham Old QLDMixed 537
BennettsAnnie1927?30 Nov 19270b. Ingham, QLDIngham Old QLDMixed 683
BennettsFrederick1927?1 Dec 19270b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDMixed 684
BenneyNeil1927?2 Sep 19270b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDAng 676
BensonLeslie Lawrence1892?11 Nov 194452Ingham Old QLDAng 1567
Benton23 Dec 193823 Dec 1938sbb. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDUniting 1270
BenyonHenry James1859?13 Dec 193778b. Sydney, AustraliaIngham Old QLDUniting 1213
BernardiniGiovanni B1882?26 Apr 194664b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1645
Besser (Mohamedan)Charles1872?25 Jun 192957Ingham Old QLDMixed 769
BetherasAda Maud1900?13 Jun 192828Ingham Old QLDMixed 717
BettinelliAlessandro1936?23 Jan 19360Ingham Old QLDRC 1112
BianchiA1928?14 Jan 19280Ingham Old QLDMixed 692
BianchiGiovanni B1887?23 Feb 193952b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1284
BiancottiLuigi1900?14 Jul 193131b. VILLA DI TIRANO, ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 880
BickmoreHo1941?16 Sep 19410Ingham Old QLDUniting 1421
Biddy1907?7 Feb 194235Ingham Old QLDRC 1443
Bill1927?28 Jun 19270b. Queensland, AustraliaIngham Old QLDMixed 668
Bilone1867?6 Apr 190235b. S.S. ISLANDIngham Old QLDMixed 33
BinghamJames1871?5 Nov 194271Ingham Old QLDMixed 1474
BirdFrancis1876?22 May 194064Ingham Old QLDAng 1339
BirdPercy Frederick1909?12 Apr 193829Ingham Old QLDAng 1229
BirdReginald Victor1914?14 Sep 195743b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDAng 1817
BirdVictor Thomas1928?5 Jun 19280Ingham Old QLDMixed 714
BirdViolet May1901?5 Nov 19098b. Townsville, AustraliaIngham Old QLDAng 84
BirdWalter James1876?4 Aug 194064Ingham Old QLDAng 1360
BirdWalter James1900?25 Feb 198787Ingham Old QLDAng 1817
Birkby (Gillanders)Robert James1876?31 7 188711Ingham Old QLD
BlackBob1923?9 Jul 19230Ingham Old QLDMixed 454
BlakeWilliam1881?28 Nov 193453Ingham Old QLDAng 1043
BlancoMaria1944?30 May 19440b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 1545
BlancoPasquala1877?17 Sep 195982b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1824
BlancoSalvatore1877?12 Mar 194568b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1588
BlancyJames1870?23 Jun 192454b. Mackay, AustraliaIngham Old QLDMixed 500
BlissAlexander1874?31 Jan 194167Ingham Old QLDAng 1384
Bloxsom (Hambrook)Isabella1 Aug 190410 Jan 193328dau/William Charles & Isabella (Goldfinch); b. QLD; w/Albert SteaveIngham Old QLDRC 940
BloxsomSteave1926?7 Jan 19260son/Albert Steave & Isabella (Hambrook); b. Ingham, QLDIngham Old QLDRC 582
BluffCharlie1860?19 Jul 192565Ingham Old QLDMixed 557
BlundellWilliam1928?18 Jan 194517son/William John & Lucy (Woods); b. Ingham, QLDIngham Old QLDAng 1576
Bob1844?6 Jul 191975b. NEW HEBRIDESIngham Old QLDAng 330
Bob1920?2 Feb 19200b. CeylonIngham Old QLDMixed 346
Bolemtanga1928?28 Jul 19280b. JapanIngham Old QLDMixed 725
BonningAnnie1864?21 Nov 194682b. IrelandIngham Old QLDUniting 1677
BonningCharles1862?14 Dec 194583Ingham Old QLDUniting 1626
BonningGeorge1865?12 Oct 192964b. England; h/MaryIngham Old QLDAng 792
BonningMary1864?12 6 195591b. Ireland; w/GeorgeIngham Old QLDAng 1804
BonningSydney Charles1923?2 Dec 19241b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDUniting 518
Bonventi1927?22 Jan 19270Ingham Old QLDMixed 657
Booka Booka1854?10 Sep 192470b. S.S. ISLANDIngham Old QLDAng 511
Booka BookaRonie1863?16 Jul 192360Ingham Old QLDAng 456
BoothHerbert1935?19 Aug 19350Ingham Old QLDAng 1088
BorelloAventino Giovanello1874?10 Jun 194268Ingham Old QLDRC 1454
BorganniCarlo1873?24 Apr 194168Ingham Old QLDRC 1395
BosworthAdelize1847?26 Dec 192982Ingham Old QLDAng 800
BosworthHenry James1843?5 2 193592Ingham Old QLDAng 1054
BottriErnesto1930?10 Jun 19300Ingham Old QLDRC 820
BourkePatrick (Francis)1864?18 Mar 190036b. New South Wales, AustraliaIngham Old QLDMixed 5
BovellJames1900?24 Jun 192424b. ScotlandIngham Old QLDMixed 501
BowdenArthur1898?8 Jul 192224b. Charters Towers, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 418
BowdenClare1879?18 Oct 195677Ingham Old QLDRC 1812
BoydAdam Virtue1877?28 Jan 190528son/William & Catherine; b. Strathfield, NSWIngham Old QLD
BoydPaul1938?13 Jun 19380b. BLUE RANGEIngham Old QLDAng 1245
BoydePeter1938?6 Jun 19380b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDAng 1243
BrabonRichard1868?5 Nov 192355b. Maryborough, AustraliaIngham Old QLDAng 471
BradfordJohn1854?7 Jul 193278Ingham Old QLDAng 916
BradleyWilliam1933?23 May 19330Ingham Old QLDMixed 961
BraikenridgeArthur1900?14 Jul 197373b. Mossman, AustraliaIngham Old QLD1869
BraikenridgeArthur K1931?5 Dec 194817Ingham Old QLDUniting 1760
BraikenridgeDoreenIngham Old QLDMixed
BraikenridgeT S1973?30 Jul 19730b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLD1871
BrannanMary Ann1865?4 Sep 193873b. GlasgowIngham Old QLDUniting 1251
BrayThomas1861?14 Jan 192665b. Victoria, AustraliaIngham Old QLDUniting 584
BreadyMona1918?25 May 194830b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 1744
BrendalErnest8 Jul 1969Ingham Old QLDAng 1090
BrendalLena1890?2 Sep 193545Ingham Old QLDAng 1090
BrescianiniAngelo1910?14 Feb 193828b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1222
BrescianiniM G27 Sep 193127 Sep 1931sbIngham Old QLDRC 890
BridgeEdward William1883?22 Mar 190724Ingham Old QLD
BridgeJanet Millet1934?14 Feb 19340Ingham Old QLDUniting 1007
BrightEthel May1889?5 Jul 192637b. Charters Towers, AustraliaIngham Old QLDUniting 614
BrooksEdward Victor1892?27 Jul 191422son/J C & M J; b. Charters Towers, AustraliaIngham Old QLDUniting 189
BrooksJohn1860?11 Sep 194080Ingham Old QLDAng 1362
BrownAndrew1935?22 Jul 19350Ingham Old QLDUniting 1084
BrownJohn Leonard1875?13 Jul 194368Ingham Old QLDAng 1498
BrownKathleen Jane1929?19 Aug 19290Ingham Old QLDRC 776
BrownTheresa Marie18 Jul 1918Ingham Old QLDMixed
BrunaGiori Antonio1866?25 Aug 192458b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 508
BryantClifford1934?17 Mar 19340Ingham Old QLDUniting 1011
BryantWalter Clarence Lewis1883?4 Nov 193552h/BerthaIngham Old QLDAng 1099
Bube1935?10 Nov 19350Ingham Old QLDUniting 1101
BubeCarman1875?13 Jan 193358Ingham Old QLDRC 942
BubeJosefa1941?5 Nov 19410Ingham Old QLDRC 1427
BucaloCarmelo1936?2 Jan 19360Ingham Old QLDRC 1108
BuchananJohn1829?19 Aug 190273b. West IndiesIngham Old QLDAng 39
BulgarooKitty1876?24 Dec 192650b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDMixed 651
BullJohn1918?7 Jan 19180Ingham Old QLDMixed 280
BurdekinBilly1896?6 Jan 194852Ingham Old QLDRC 1726
BurdonMaud Frances1897?18 Jul 192629b. KingsboroughIngham Old QLDRC 618
BurkbyIngham Old QLDMixed
BurkeElsieNov 1895?10 Oct 189611mdau/Peter & SarahIngham Old QLDMixed
BurkittJohn Henry1859?2 Oct 190849b. EnglandIngham Old QLDAng 67
BurnessChristina1859?5 Nov 193071Ingham Old QLDMixed 846
BurnsJohn1879?4 Jan 192445Ingham Old QLDRC 481
BurrowsAlfred Arthur1874?12 Nov 191541b. Victoria, AustraliaIngham Old QLDUniting 223
BurtonMartha1929?21 Aug 19290Ingham Old QLDAng 777
BurtonPercy1904?26 Dec 193632Ingham Old QLDUniting 1164
BurtonRobert1934?13 Sep 19340Ingham Old QLDAng 1031
BussiDomenico P1888?5 Dec 197890b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1881
Butler18 Oct 194518 Oct 1945sbb. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDMixed 1617
ByrneEileen1935?26 Dec 1935infdau/James & Jessie Maud (Thompson); b. Ingham, QldIngham Old QLDRC 1107
Caelli12 Apr 195112 Apr 1951sbb. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 1778
CairdCharles Thomas1879?7 Jan 192950Ingham Old QLDRC 743
CairnsThomas1930?16 Jul 19300Ingham Old QLDUniting 827
CalagariIda1919?20 Aug 19223b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDAng 425
CallaghanChristina3 9 185126 Mar 1942Ingham Old QLDMixed 1445
CalpisEmanuel1875?13 Aug 194671Ingham Old QLDAng 1661
CalviGiuseppe1902?18 Oct 192624b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 640
CalviOttavia1895?14 Aug 194752b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1705
Camelito1937?15 Nov 19370b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDMixed 1207
Camenzuli23 Sep 194423 Sep 1944sbb. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDAng 1559
CamenzuliMaria1877?28 Jul 193457Ingham Old QLDRC 1026
CameronFinlay1857?23 Dec 191154b. GippslandIngham Old QLDMixed 123
CameronPeter1887?12 Apr 193750Ingham Old QLDMixed 1183
Campanavo1941?20 Nov 19410Ingham Old QLDRC 1432
CampanottiGina1942?20 May 19420Ingham Old QLDRC 1452
CampanottiMaria1917?6 Jul 194225Ingham Old QLDRC 1459
CampbellDuncan Henry1913?28 Apr 192411son/J H & K E; b. Richmond, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 496
Campbell (Willcox)Hilda May7 6 191529 Jul 199782b. Croydon, Qld, Australia; w/William JohnIngham Old QLDAng 1898
CanarisMick1916?13 Aug 19248b. Port Hedland, AustraliaIngham Old QLDAng 506
CanbarePeter1855?30 Jan 194590Ingham Old QLDMixed 1582
CanetAntonia1873?2 Sep 192956b. SpainIngham Old QLDRC 782
CanetAntonio1868?1 Apr 194173Ingham Old QLDRC 1390
CannEdwin1853?10 Apr 193582Ingham Old QLDUniting 1067
CannyDaniel Thos1849?6 Sep 192071b. IrelandIngham Old QLDRC 367
CantamessaGuiseppe1892?27 3 194755b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1690
CantamessaMaggiori1900?20 Jul 193838b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1249
CantamessaMaria Alda1902?21 Jan 199290b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 229
CantamessaPeter1923?18 6 193815Ingham Old QLDRC 1247
CantamessaPietro9 Nov 191815 Nov 19190b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 339
CantoniIngham Old QLDMixed
CantoniIda1940?13 Oct 19400Ingham Old QLDRC 1368
CaoLuigi1935?7 Nov 19350Ingham Old QLDRC 1100
CappellariNatalia1921?4 Feb 193716b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1169
CardilloSanta1900?12 Apr 193333Ingham Old QLDRC 952
CardwellIngham Old QLDMixed
CardwellBilly1871?11 Jul 194675Ingham Old QLDMixed 1654
CarenoEnminia1922?2 Sep 19220b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 428
CarlevaroIdilia1905?23 Feb 199792b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1894
CarlevaroIdilla1821?7 Jun 190584Ingham Old QLDRC 1008
CarlevaroPietro1934?16 Feb 19340Ingham Old QLDRC 1008
CarleyWilliam1856?4 Feb 194185Ingham Old QLDRC 1385
CarlsenAugusta1856?10 Jun 193175Ingham Old QLDAng 872
CarlsonFrederick G14 Jun 193114 Jun 1931sbIngham Old QLDAng 874
CarlsonHans Ramono1856?29 May 193882b. DenmarkIngham Old QLDAng 1241
CarmazolaMartisio1890?1 Feb 191929b. ItalyIngham Old QLDMixed 316
CarmazolaStefanna1897?31 Jan 191922b. ItalyIngham Old QLDMixed 315
Carmichael1929?27 Feb 19290Ingham Old QLDMixed 756
CarmignolaDino1934?5 Oct 19340Ingham Old QLDRC 1036
Carnes13 Dec 193513 Dec 1935sbIngham Old QLDUniting 1103
CarolusAde1872?3 Jul 190230b. CeylonIngham Old QLDMixed 37
CarrJim1922?16 Mar 19220b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDUniting 414
CarrRobert Victor1884?29 Jun 192743b. Warwick, AustraliaIngham Old QLDAng 669
CarsonJames Henry1846?12 Sep 192478b. ScotlandIngham Old QLDUniting 512
CarterGeorge1858?20 Apr 193173Ingham Old QLDAng 864
CarterGeorge Lemmon24 Sep 18713 Oct 193766son/James Ashley & Mary Ann (Lemmon); b. Beenleigh, QLDIngham Old QLDAng 1202
CartisGenare1888?28 Dec 191628b. SARDINIAIngham Old QLDRC 259
CartwrightJ W1924?18 Oct 19240Ingham Old QLDMixed 514
CasablancaGuiseppa1892?22 Oct 194553b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1618
CaseyCecil1901?11 Jan 193231Ingham Old QLDRC 898
CashmereCharlie1876?30 Oct 194165Ingham Old QLDUniting 1425
CassimaCharlie1856?12 Apr 194690Ingham Old QLDAng 1641
CassudtLily1902?11 Feb 192725b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDMixed 660
CastellaroGuiseppe1884?31 Jul 194359b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1503
CastellaroMaria1885?13 Aug 197691b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1877
CastelliFiorenza1875?27 Mar 193560Ingham Old QLDRC 1061
CastelliPhillip1876?24 Feb 192347b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 440
CastleArthur1865?1 Jul 193267Ingham Old QLDAng 913
CastleChristina1875?31 Mar 194469b. DenmarkIngham Old QLDUniting 1537
CastorinaSalvatore1929?7 May 19290Ingham Old QLDRC 762
CatastiEnulio1922?19 Mar 193816Ingham Old QLDMixed 1225
CatastiGuido1925?31 Jan 19250b. Halifax, AustraliaIngham Old QLDMixed 522
CatlingFrederick1868?28 Nov 190234b. EnglandIngham Old QLDAng 43
CatrastelleroCatherina1883?26 Aug 195976b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1823
CatrastelleroDomenica1857?1 Feb 192366b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 438
CatrastelleroFrancesco1861?16 Sep 194887b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1753
CatrastelleroFrancesco1886?24 Jan 194559b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1579
CatrastelleroGiuseppe1828?26 6 189668b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1808
CatrastelleroTeresa1890?13 Oct 194252Ingham Old QLDRC 1471
CattoneoW G1941?13 Jun 19410Ingham Old QLDRC 1400
CavalloRita Maria1948?3 May 19480b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 1742
CavalloRosina1930?6 Apr 19300Ingham Old QLDRC 812
CazzulinoErnesto29 Nov 193829 Nov 1938sbb. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 1264
CazzulinoPureno1933?19 Jul 19330Ingham Old QLDRC 973
CeldriaGiuseppe1893?12 Dec 194855b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1761
Ceruti1928?25 Oct 19280Ingham Old QLDMixed 736
CesaloGiovanni1934?26 Feb 19340Ingham Old QLDRC 1010
CessarePina1937?29 Dec 19370Ingham Old QLDMixed 1216
ChamberlainThos1835?7 Nov 190166b. New South Wales, AustraliaIngham Old QLDAng 29
ChangYee1855?3 Jun 190045b. ChinaIngham Old QLDMixed 10
ChardIsabella1857?8 Oct 193275Ingham Old QLDAng 930
Charlie1868?11 Sep 191345b. S.S. ISLANDIngham Old QLDMixed 164
CheethamArthur1910?26 Dec 19100b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDUniting 102
ChellingworthJohn1894?16 Aug 192935Ingham Old QLDAng 774
ChencryArthur1865?8 Nov 192358b. Maryborough, AustraliaIngham Old QLDUniting 473
CheyneMargaret1865?14 Dec 193469Ingham Old QLDUniting 1044
ChiesaAlbino1933?3 Jul 19330Ingham Old QLDRC 969
ChiesaBruno1931?7 Sep 19387b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 1252
ChignoneVictorio1903?4 Feb 192926Ingham Old QLDRC 752
Chircup1927?9 Dec 19270Ingham Old QLDMixed 687
ChristensenThomas1900?25 Sep 19088son/C & E K; b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDAng 66
ChristensenWilliam Frances1902?23 Jun 194644b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDAng 1653
ChristiansenEva Maria1882?8 Jan 190927b. FinlandIngham Old QLDAng 71
ChristiansenMary Rosina1881?12 Feb 192544b. Brisbane, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 524
ChristieM S1886?30 Jun 197387Ingham Old QLDUniting 1867
ChristieThomas C1880?14 Nov 194060Ingham Old QLDUniting 1375
ClarkMary Ann1934?21 Oct 19340Ingham Old QLDRC 1038
ClarkNorman Charles1939?21 Apr 19390Ingham Old QLDMixed 1292
ClarkeGordon1920?26 Sep 193919b. Greenvale, AustraliaIngham Old QLDAng 1315
ClayHenry1862?14 May 194078b. DUNHOLM, LINCOLN, EnglandIngham Old QLDAng 1338
ClayLucy Elizabeth1932?21 Dec 19320b. SUND, SURREY, EnglandIngham Old QLDAng 938
ClemmentsKieron1976?2 Sep 19760b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLD1878
ClemmentsTimothy Bevan1973?11 Oct 19785b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLD1880
CockranePatrick John1858?6 Dec 190850b. ScotlandIngham Old QLDAng 69
CockrellAlfred C1882?11 Nov 196886b. Charters Towers, AustraliaIngham Old QLDAng 1858
CockrellAlfred Herbert1916?2 Jul 19160b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDAng 245
CockrellCaroline Amelia1841?26 Jan 192483b. EnglandIngham Old QLDAng 483
CockrellIrene Amelia1911?8 Dec 199584b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDAng 1730
CockrellLewin Blandford187912 Dec 194364b. Cooktown, AustraliaIngham Old QLDAng 1516
CockrellLewin Chas1841?7 Feb 191675b. EnglandIngham Old QLDAng 236
CockrellMatilda Dorothea1884?10 Apr 193854Ingham Old QLDMixed 1228
CockrellWilliam Charles1909?24 Oct 194839b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDAng 1758
CocoAntonio1924?18 Mar 19251Ingham Old QLDRC 526
CoeClarence Thos1888?2 Oct 192739b. Maryborough, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 678
ColeIngham Old QLDMixed
ColeClarence1897?24 Nov 192326b. New South Wales, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 474
ColeJames1860?29 Apr 191959b. England; h/IsabelIngham Old QLDMixed 326
CollinsCharlotte M1911?19 Jun 194332b. KingsboroughIngham Old QLDAng 1494
CollinsTimothy1864?7 Oct 191147b. IrelandIngham Old QLDMixed 116
ColomerPedro1883?13 Nov 190825b. SpainIngham Old QLDRC 68
CombaGiovanni1878?1 Jan 192749b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 655
CombaTeresa Maria1884?17 May 195167b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDUniting 1780
ConaghanWilliam1865?28 May 192661son/Peter & Ida (Mackay); b. ScotlandIngham Old QLDRC 608
ConianzVincenzo1892?23 Feb 194654b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1634
ConiglioJohn1902?3 Apr 194139Ingham Old QLDAng 1391
Conn5 Mar 19365 Mar 1936sbIngham Old QLDRC 1118
ConnelWilliam1928?21 May 19280Ingham Old QLDRC 712
Connellan30 Dec 193430 Dec 1934sbIngham Old QLDUniting 1049
ConnollyHanora1861?2 Nov 194483b. IrelandIngham Old QLDRC 1564
ConnollyJohn1870?30 Apr 193363Ingham Old QLDRC 956
ConnollyPeter1866?28 Feb 192458b. EnglandIngham Old QLDRC 490
ConroyHelen Mary1859?25 Oct 193677Ingham Old QLDAng 1152
ConroyJohn Philip1857?3 Oct 193073Ingham Old QLDAng 844
ConroyLewis1821?29 Jun 190382b. EnglandIngham Old QLDAng 47
ConroyPatrick1872?29 Sep 192351b. IrelandIngham Old QLDRC 467
ConsidincMartin1926?16 Jan 19260b. IrelandIngham Old QLDRC 586
ContarinoFrancesco1943?16 May 19430b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 1490
ContarinoVincenzo1879?6 Jun 194061Ingham Old QLDRC 1342
ContrioJoseph1871?30 Jul 192150b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 392
CookAlfred1876?28 Dec 192650b. EnglandIngham Old QLDAng 653
CookAnnie1877?11 Jun 193356Ingham Old QLDAng 963
CookJackson1871?7 Jan 193968b. EnglandIngham Old QLDAng 1274
CookSamuel1852?7 Mar 190149b. EnglandIngham Old QLDAng 18
CooperAbel William1936?8 Jun 19360Ingham Old QLDRC 1139
CooperEllen1879?12 Aug 192445b. Bathurst, AustraliaIngham Old QLDAng 505
CooperHannah Georgina1895?18 Feb 194348b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDUniting 1485
CopnellWilliam1884?2 Nov 194056Ingham Old QLDAng 1372
CoppoCopacno Luici1896?18 Aug 192327b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 463
CorbettKevin Francis1920?12 Aug 19255b. Townsville, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 561
CorbettVincent A1887?23 Mar 195770b. Charters Towers, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 1814
CorbuttMabel1888?14 Dec 195163b. Townsville, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 1783
CornettiSilvio1893?29 Apr 193946b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1293
CornishMabel Elizabeth1902?4 Jul 191715dau/R & E; b. Townsville, AustraliaIngham Old QLDUniting 267
Cosgrove1937?11 Dec 19370b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDMixed 1211
CosgroveBeatrice Mary1903?15 Nov 19030b. Townsville, AustraliaIngham Old QLDMixed 53
CosgroveHerbert John1913?11 Jul 19141b. East Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 188
CosgroveJohn1868?22 Mar 192456b. New South Wales, AustraliaIngham Old QLDAng 493
CostaberberAnthony1947?30 May 19470b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 1694
CostaberberFrank1947?30 May 19470b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 1694
CostelloOswold R1880?24 Apr 194060Ingham Old QLDMixed 1336
CowardHenry1851?5 Jan 192271b. EnglandIngham Old QLDAng 403
CowleyIngham Old QLDMixed
CraperiEirello1864?26 Oct 193874Ingham Old QLDMixed 1258
CraperiNandino1914?31 Dec 193824b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1272
CravenFrances Emily1887?22 Mar 194053b. Stone RiverIngham Old QLDUniting 1334
CravenGeorge Cranswick1890?3 Oct 197888b. Queensland, AustraliaIngham Old QLD1879
CrestaMaria1909?26 Nov 194031Ingham Old QLDRC 1378
Cripps (Barker)(Thomas)1897?21 Sep 192225b. Charters Towers, AustraliaIngham Old QLDAng 430
CrispEllen Josephine1904?27 Sep 194541Ingham Old QLDRC 1613
CrispGeorgina1934?24 Oct 19340Ingham Old QLDAng 1039
CrispWilliam Henry1875?19 Sep 194873Ingham Old QLDAng 1754
CrispWilliam James1898?6 Apr 194547b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 1594
CristaudoCarmela1900?16 Sep 193232Ingham Old QLDRC 927
Critchley1928?29 Jan 19280Ingham Old QLDMixed 693
Critchley1928?30 Jan 19280Ingham Old QLDMixed 694
CritchleyJosephineIngham Old QLDMixed
CromboStraw1848?4 Jun 194597b. JAVAIngham Old QLDMixed 1599
CrossGeorge1877?9 Jul 192750b. Ipswich, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 671
CrossJohn1868?2 Oct 193971Ingham Old QLDAng 1316
CrossMaurice1863?13 Jun 194178b. DRIMSAREE, COUNTY KILDARE, IrelandIngham Old QLDRC 1401
CrossmanRichard Nelson1923?15 Apr 19241b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDAng 495
CrothersLuke1846?2 Dec 191670b. EnglandIngham Old QLDMixed 257
Croton (Lee)Amelia1840?2 Feb 192282dau/James & Ruth (Warren); b. EnglandIngham Old QLDAng 409
CrotonEdward Kenneth1927?23 May 19270b. Lannercost, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 665
CrotonHarry1923?29 Nov 19230b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDMixed 475
CroweAgnes Josephine1936?22 Aug 19360Ingham Old QLDRC 1145
CruckshankElizabeth1850?7 Jul 190757Ingham Old QLD
CruckshankF1852?29 Dec 193179Ingham Old QLDUniting 896
CruckshankJessamine1907?7 Nov 19125dau/C & I; b. Mt Garnet, AustraliaIngham Old QLDUniting 146
CrustClyde1922?1 May 194624Ingham Old QLDAng 1647
CuguioPeter1856?8 May 191963b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 327
CullenJames1934?23 Nov 19340Ingham Old QLDRC 1042
CumminsAlbert Edward1846?8 4 189448Ingham Old QLDMixed
CumminsMaria Anne1846?10 Nov 190357b. New South Wales, AustraliaIngham Old QLDMixed 51
CunialFlorinda1882?10 Aug 194866b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1750
CurroVictoria1861?30 Dec 194584b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1629
D'agostinoVincenzo1904?31 Jan 193834b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1221
DahlEdward1934?19 Sep 19340Ingham Old QLDUniting 1033
DalglishColin John1944?27 Aug 19473b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDAng 1707
DalyMichael1854?15 Oct 192672b. IrelandIngham Old QLDRC 639
DamicoRosario1886?14 Jul 192842Ingham Old QLDRC 719
DaveyEric1913?27 Jul 19130b. Halifax, AustraliaIngham Old QLDMixed 160
DavidsonCharles F1888?7 Oct 192234b. Pentalnd, AustraliaIngham Old QLDUniting 431
Davies9 Apr 19449 Apr 1944sbb. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDAng 1538
Davies (Cooke)Keith1907?27 Apr 192518b. Mackay, AustraliaIngham Old QLDUniting 538
DavisDave1860?20 Mar 190242b. WalesIngham Old QLDMixed 32
DawsonElijah1869?8 Jan 191849son/Henry; b. England; h/Fanny (Daniells)Ingham Old QLDAng 281
Dawson (Daniells)Fanny1865?18 Nov 191651dau/William & Jane (Washington); w/ElijahIngham Old QLDMixed 256
DawsonGeorge1912?13 Sep 194129Ingham Old QLDAng 1419
DawsonJohn Thomas1851?10 Apr 191059b. EnglandIngham Old QLDAng 93
DawsonPeter1931?26 Nov 19310Ingham Old QLDAng 892
DawsonWillie Elijah1896?27 Apr 193741b. Townsville, AustraliaIngham Old QLDAng 1185
De Campo24 Mar 193824 Mar 1938sbIngham Old QLDRC 1226
De CampoBruno Mario1936?9 Apr 19360Ingham Old QLDRC 1125
De CampoHarro1929?23 Aug 19290Ingham Old QLDRC 778
De GiovanniChristina1899?24 Jan 193536Ingham Old QLDRC 1051
De GiovanniMaria Maud1887?1 Feb 192134b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 375
De LorenzaGiacomi1878?18 Jul 193052Ingham Old QLDRC 828
De Martini (Bisoglio)Cesarina6 Mar 189911 Nov 194747b. Lu, Alessandria, Piemonte, ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1717
De MartiniGiuseppe1890?29 Mar 197484b. ItalyIngham Old QLDRC 1873
DeambrosiAldo1923?25 Apr 19230b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDMixed 447
DeansRobert1854?10 Oct 193985b. ScotlandIngham Old QLDAng 1317
Deloughery1929?25 Jan 19290Ingham Old QLDMixed 748
DelougheryJames1939?5 Apr 19390Ingham Old QLDMixed 1290
DelougheryLewis Baillie1915?2 Dec 19238b. Ingham, AustraliaIngham Old QLDRC 476
Dendy1929?27 Jan 19290Ingham Old QLDMixed 749
DenhamHerbert Kendall7 Sep 186615 Sep 194375son/George Henderson & Helen (Johnston); b. Dublin, Ireland; h/Edith Elizabeth (Styche)Ingham Old QLDAnglican 1508

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