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1 cemetery found

Eidsvold NewRoss Crossing Road, Eidsvold QLD 4627121

121 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
??Eidsvold New QLD
??Eidsvold New QLD
??Eidsvold New QLD
AppoJake Tim3 Dec 1996son/AgnesEidsvold New QLD
BeezleyBill Mathew15 Dec 196519 Sep 200640Eidsvold New QLD
BeezleyEdna Violet22 Mar 193319 Jul 200976w/Lloyd BertEidsvold New QLD
BeezleyJayvin John2 Jan 2009Eidsvold New QLD
BeezleyLloyd Bert29 Jan 19259 Mar 201287h/Edna VioletEidsvold New QLD
BirchleyFrancis Gerard5 Dec 195827 Nov 199637Eidsvold New QLD
BlighDelphine Thelma1924?4 Mar 199773Eidsvold New QLD
BlighHazel Jean1952?14 Feb 201159Eidsvold New QLD
BowlingAaron James [AJ]21 Sep 200715 Feb 20102son/Steven & TammyEidsvold New QLD
BoyleStella25 Oct 19294 Jun 200070Eidsvold New QLD
BoyterStella Margaret3 Nov 19375 Jul 200466Eidsvold New QLD
BrownAlexander McClean [Alex]5 May 19254 Apr 200478Eidsvold New QLD
BrownMary Isobel1920?1 Feb 199777w/AlexEidsvold New QLD
CavanaghET [Ted]1933?29 Sep 200370h/FLM [Fran]Eidsvold New QLD
CavanaghFLM [Fran]1936?30 Jul 199862w/ET [Ted]Eidsvold New QLD
ChapmanCaiden Tyrese24 Sep 200924 Sep 20090son/JoanEidsvold New QLD
ChapmanCassandra Lee10 Oct 197124 Jan 201442Eidsvold New QLD
ChapmanDarcy1878?28 Aug 194062Eidsvold New QLD
ChapmanGerald Sharkey1964?1 Jul 200339Eidsvold New QLD
ChapmanGloria1954?7 Jun 201359Eidsvold New QLD
ChapmanLuke James [Drifter]1973?1 Jun 199926Eidsvold New QLD
ChapmanNeville1 Sep 19392 Feb 201272Eidsvold New QLD
ChapmanPenny1955?11 Jun 201156Eidsvold New QLD
CollinsIvan Gregory [Demo]22 Feb 193320 Nov 200976Eidsvold New QLD
CoochieStewart Geoffrey1930?19 Apr 200878Eidsvold New QLD
CorryGerald B1922?10 Mar 199775QX37532Eidsvold New QLD
CowburnClifford John10 Jul 193115 Sep 200978Eidsvold New QLD
CowburnRobert William27 Mar 193916 Jan 201171Eidsvold New QLD
DaviesBeryl AmyMar 1926?15 Jan 200275y 10mEidsvold New QLD
DaviesCyrilEidsvold New QLD
DaviesLloyd GeorgeJun 1915?16 May 199983y 11mEidsvold New QLD
DoddDouglas Victor1924?20 Sep 200480Eidsvold New QLD
DoddFrederick1927?31 Aug 200578Eidsvold New QLD
DoddMalcolm Henry1969?4 Apr 201546Eidsvold New QLD
DoddRita1935?6 Jul 201681Eidsvold New QLD
DunneEdward John1925?2 Feb 200277Eidsvold New QLD
DunneJoan Marie1928?5 Aug 200476Eidsvold New QLD
FalconerColin [Sykes]1916?17 Aug 200488h/Myrtle JoyceEidsvold New QLD
FalconerMyrtle Joyce1933?5 May 201279w/Colin [Sykes]Eidsvold New QLD
FarmerNeville James1939?14 Feb 200768Eidsvold New QLD
FlaxmanSusan Mary25 Feb 19508 Dec 199747Eidsvold New QLD
GardinerNorma Phylis1935?23 Dec 200772Eidsvold New QLD
GearyReginald James1937?16 Jun 200871Eidsvold New QLD
Geary (Monk)Tonia Carol27 Feb 194023 Mar 201474Eidsvold New QLD
GoodaElizabeth [Betty]1932?28 May 201280Eidsvold New QLD
GoodaEstelle Violet [Bumbles]1 Feb 1997Eidsvold New QLD
GoodaNorman1925?8 Dec 200176Eidsvold New QLD
HamiltonDavid16 Jan 190528 Jan 196257Eidsvold New QLD
HamiltonEva Agnes17 Apr 191019 Jan 200594w/DavidEidsvold New QLD
HamiltonGeoffrey Sinclair10 Apr 193829 Oct 196123Eidsvold New QLD
HamiltonRobert William12 Feb 192924 Jul 200273Eidsvold New QLD
HampsonBurnice Valery25 Jul 192828 Dec 200678Eidsvold New QLD
HartwigBernard Laurence1915?6 May 199782Eidsvold New QLD
HartwigLorna Joan1939?11 Jun 200162Eidsvold New QLD
HartwigRonald Albert1922200280Eidsvold New QLD
HarwoodLisa Maree7 Feb 197215 Feb 201341Eidsvold New QLD
Hill (Boase)Melissa Jane8 Jun 19695 Oct 199829Eidsvold New QLD
HillNelson Wayne9 Mar 20014 May 20010Eidsvold New QLD
Himstedt (Williams)Dawn17 Nov 194728 Aug 201567dau/Sydney 'Ike' & Mabel Gillian (Barra); w/EdwardEidsvold New QLD
HornBevan Noel11 Jun 192723 Feb 200779Eidsvold New QLD
HornDesmond John9 Aug 191715 Nov 200386Eidsvold New QLD
IrelandWilliam Edward [Bill]13 Apr 19121 Jan 201097Eidsvold New QLD
JenkinsBrian John20 Dec 19432 Dec 200965Eidsvold New QLD
JenkinsColin Cedric [Ric]1920?2 Nov 199777Eidsvold New QLD
JenkinsMorfydd Wilson3 Aug 19245 Feb 201186Eidsvold New QLD
KingTrevor James1947?1 Feb 199043son/Mary IsobelEidsvold New QLD
KrauseDennis Brian18 Nov 19488 Jan 200354Eidsvold New QLD
KrauseKurt Ronald [Boof]16 Mar 197916 May 200223Eidsvold New QLD
Larsen (Bickerdike)Audrey1937?6 Jan 201376Eidsvold New QLD
LawEdward David18 Mar 19471 Sep 200053h/ElizabethEidsvold New QLD
LawMervyn [Big Law]61h/EileenEidsvold New QLD
Lister-FisherCordell Bailie Gordon30 Jan 200220 Feb 201513Eidsvold New QLD
LuckelGeorge Neville1926?5 Nov 200882Eidsvold New QLD
MaslenRobert Allan [Bobby]1952?11 Jul 201058Eidsvold New QLD
McEwanLeslie James [Tex]1934?19 Sep 200268Eidsvold New QLD
McLennan (Dodd)Grace Margaret25 Feb 192619 Oct 200576Eidsvold New QLD
MerrickCharles Thomas George1 Jun 191123 Feb 199987b. Bangalore, India; h/Dorothy; VX26247 (81809)Eidsvold New QLD
Monk (Wilschefski)Marjorie Jean22 Jun 191830 Oct 201294w/William BernardEidsvold New QLD
MonkWilliam Bernard19 Sep 201213 Feb 198725h/Marjorie Jean (Wilschefski)Eidsvold New QLD
MorrisonDulcie3 May 192316 Jul 200279w/IanEidsvold New QLD
NeboVera Irene1915?24 Feb 200388Eidsvold New QLD
NeumannGraham Kensley4 Nov 19309 Oct 200473h/RosemaryEidsvold New QLD
Neumann (Geiszler)Lola Pauline Mary [Pauline]20 Jun 193423 Mar 201378Eidsvold New QLD
NietheGloria May22 May 193511 Jan 200468w/LeonardEidsvold New QLD
NietheLeonard23 Dec 192827 Apr 200475h/Gloria MayEidsvold New QLD
PascoeCharles Edward5 Oct 19052 Jul 199993h/Irene GwendolineEidsvold New QLD
PascoeIrene Gwendoline25 May 191313 Mar 200995w/Charles EdwardEidsvold New QLD
PointonKirsty Leeanne1 Jan 199125 Oct 19954dau/Elvis & KimEidsvold New QLD
PokarierAlan Robert31 Jul 193713 Oct 201073son/Henry John & Agnes May (Boyle); h/Yvonne (Chapman)Eidsvold New QLD
PopeDean Mervyn14 Dec 19837 Mar 200925Eidsvold New QLD
PopeLeo Burnett [Cowboy]Eidsvold New QLD
PownallRaymond Leslie23 Dec 192515 Aug 200680Eidsvold New QLD
RadelCynthia Mavis18 Mar 192518 May 200378w/Gordon VincentEidsvold New QLD
RadelGordon Vincent23 Jun 191810 Sep 199678h/Cynthia MavisEidsvold New QLD
RoseKim Maree14 Feb 196510 Nov 201146Eidsvold New QLD
RothDennis Benjamin4 Jul 193726 Mar 201173Eidsvold New QLD
RothJoshua Peter25 Feb 19903 Apr 200818Eidsvold New QLD
RothMervyn Alfred [Digger]14 Dec 192422 Nov 200883150047Eidsvold New QLD
SchaferChloe Helen30 Jan 199013 Feb 19966y 2wdau/CatrinaEidsvold New QLD
SchaferGeorge1904?15 Dec 199995Eidsvold New QLD
SchuhCyril1911?17 Nov 199786h/Ismay DardanelliceEidsvold New QLD
SchuhIsmay Dardanellice1916?1 Jun 199983w/CyrilEidsvold New QLD
ShieldElsie Hope1913?5 Nov 199885Eidsvold New QLD
SpencerCraig Andrew24 Mar 196922 Mar 200232Eidsvold New QLD
SpencerDouglas James14 May 194128 Dec 201473h/Joan OliveEidsvold New QLD
Spencer (McDuff)Janice May7 Feb 194329 Aug 201370w/BillEidsvold New QLD
SpencerJoan Olive7 Dec 19448 Dec 200460w/Douglas JamesEidsvold New QLD
StewartJames Francis [Jimmy]20 Jun 194029 Aug 200868Eidsvold New QLD
TroncDavid Frederick [Troncy]31 Mar 194415 Jun 201369Eidsvold New QLD
Tucker (Nielsen)ACW Gean Daisy27 Feb 19215 Sep 199877w/LenEidsvold New QLD
WairauDebra Ann1963?22 Jun 200845Eidsvold New QLD
WarrenKeith Ernest1927?5 Jul 201487Eidsvold New QLD
WedemeyerDouglas Ian1934?23 Aug 200167Eidsvold New QLD
WestGeorgeEidsvold New QLD
WilliamsDarrell20 Sep 19554 Mar 201357Eidsvold New QLD
WilschefskiLaurence Desmond1919?16 Nov 199778h/Muriel MayEidsvold New QLD
WilschefskiMuriel May1921?21 Dec 200786w/Laurence DesmondEidsvold New QLD
YoungPeter Leonard21 Apr 196124 Jan 200442y 9mEidsvold New QLD

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