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1 cemetery found

DuaringaKing St, Duaringa QLD 471278

18 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
ReedAlfred Arthur1888?2 Jun 191325Duaringa QLD
ComollattiAnne1860?5 Mar 193272w/AntonioDuaringa QLD
ComollattiAnthony Leonard15 Oct 20096 Jul 20109mDuaringa QLD
ComollattiAntonio1837?15 Aug 191275h/AnneDuaringa QLD
DettrickArthur1901?4 Jun 198786h/MaryDuaringa QLD
BeattieBridget Tess1870?4 Jul 188111dau/JohnDuaringa QLD
DraperDaniel Alfred1896?17 Oct 197781Duaringa QLD
ReedGeorge1864?28 Jun 194177h/MaryDuaringa QLD
ReedHannah1835191580w/WilliamDuaringa QLD
DiamondHenry6 Jan 1885h/ElizabethDuaringa QLD
BeattieJohn1829?5 Dec 190071Duaringa QLD
DettrickMary1910?18 May 200292w/ArthurDuaringa QLD
ReedMary1879?25 Jun 193758w/GeorgeDuaringa QLD
ComollattiMonotti21 Jan 1920Duaringa QLD
Comollatti (Dettrick)Neta14 Mar 190626 Jan 198579w/ProtassieDuaringa QLD
ComollattiProtassie2 Feb 189512 Aug 196570spouse/Neta (Dettrick)Duaringa QLD
DettrickThomas Arthur1944?19 Sep 197329Duaringa QLD
ReedWilliam1834190672h/HannahDuaringa QLD

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