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1 cemetery found

Dennis FamilyDaisy Hill Rd, Daisy Hill QLD 412723

23 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
CoxAilsa1937?11 Dec 201881Dennis Family QLD
DennisAlbert7 Jul 188317 Jul 18830son/James & Mary Ann (Markwell)Dennis Family QLD
DennisAlbert28 Apr 188629 Jun 18860son/James & Mary Ann (Markwell)Dennis Family QLD
DennisAllen Henry1 Feb 19524 Jan 201461Dennis Family QLD
DennisCharlotte Barker4 Jul 187716 Sep 18781dau/James & Mary Ann (Markwell)Dennis Family QLD
DennisDavid19 Aug 187810 Sep 18780son/James & Mary Ann (Markwell)Dennis Family QLD
Dennis (Brigg)Doris Isabel14 Apr 191616 Jul 201195w/Joseph SamuelDennis Family QLD
DennisErnest William21 Oct 192010 Jun 198968son/Joseph & LilyDennis Family QLD
DennisFrancis Edward28 Apr 192227 Jul 200078Dennis Family QLD
DennisGeorge Edwin1 May 192131 May 19210son/Joseph & Lily (Goan)Dennis Family QLD
DennisJames7 Jun 184211 Oct 189351son/John & Mary (Ellis); h/Mary Ann (Markwell)Dennis Family QLD
DennisJoseph10 May 189123 May 195362son/James & Mary Ann (Markwell)Dennis Family QLD
DennisJoseph Samuel19 May 19155 Nov 201095h/Doris Isabel (Brigg)Dennis Family QLD
DennisLillian12 Jul 189121 Jan 197482Dennis Family QLD
DennisLucy27 May 18759 Dec 190025dau/James & Mary Ann (Markwell)Dennis Family QLD
Dennis (Markwell)Mary AnnAug 184922 Aug 192071?dau/Samuel & Mary Ann (Shearman); w/JamesDennis Family QLD
DennisThomas27 Jun 18742 Jul 18740son/James & Mary Ann (Markwell)Dennis Family QLD
DennisThomas Henry13 Jan 20116 May 198978son/Joseph & LilyDennis Family QLD
Hampson (Dennis)Florence Ellen (Poppy)20 Jun 192526 May 201690dau/Joseph & LilyDennis Family QLD
HemsworthClifford Laurence13 Jul 191911 Jun 200585Dennis Family QLD
Hemsworth (Dennis)Mona11 Sep 191321 Oct 199077dau/Joseph & LilyDennis Family QLD
MiltonRaymond John1946?12 Jun 198741Dennis Family QLD
WoottenAlf1903?21 Nov 198784Dennis Family QLD

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