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1 cemetery found

ClermontCemetery Rd, Clermont QLD 47211674

1664 inscriptions found - showing from 1 to 500

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?b. Dublin, IrelandClermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?Clermont QLD
?1898?6 Sep 19057Clermont QLD
???Clermont QLD
??5 Apr 184823 May 191365y 1m 18db. Doon County Cavan, IrelandClermont QLD
?BoyClermont QLD
?BoyClermont QLD
?HClermont QLD
?Ross?Clermont QLD
?SwagmanClermont QLD
?WomanClermont QLD
?WomanClermont QLD
?WomanClermont QLD
?WomanClermont QLD
AbsolonAlbert Arthur1893?13 May 197784Clermont QLD
AbsolonBeryl1900?12 Mar 197676Clermont QLD
AhernAnnie5 Mar 18699 Jan 196595Clermont QLD
AhernJames1859?23 Dec 194485Clermont QLD
AlbertClive15 Jan 192526 Oct 197146h/Ellen Rose (Tibbs)Clermont QLD
Albert (Tibbs)Ellen Rose14 Nov 19208 Jun 201089w/CliveClermont QLD
AlbertLily May1892?1 Jun 194957w/William HenryClermont QLD
AlbertWilliam Henry1889?16 Jun 195061h/Lily MayClermont QLD
AlbertWilliam Henry3 Jul 1917Clermont QLD
AlbertsBrendan Aaron16 Jan 197618 Jan 19804Clermont QLD
AlbertsDaphne Blanche5 Dec 194830 Apr 196011Clermont QLD
AlbertsHenry William2 Feb 191115 Oct 198372Clermont QLD
AlbertsJean Eileen6 Nov 191117 Apr 201098Clermont QLD
AllanAlec1845?21 Feb 191570Clermont QLD
AllenCecilia Louisa1910?24 May 197464Clermont QLD
AllenWilliam Charles1894?16 Jul 194753h/Cecilia LouisaClermont QLD
AllwoodAlice18785 May 192647Clermont QLD
AllwoodGeorge29 Aug 187424 Apr 192853Clermont QLD
AllwoodHenry Herbert1900?30 Jan 196767Clermont QLD
Allwood (Deeley)Ivy Maud24 Feb 191112 Apr 198372dau/Eli & Florence (Haden); b. QLD; w/Robert FrancisClermont QLD
AllwoodMary Ann22 Jul 190118 Sep 194140Clermont QLD
Allwood (Scharf)May Elizabeth1913?29 Jan 200289Clermont QLD
AllwoodRichard193119310son/Mary AnnClermont QLD
AllwoodRobert Francis28 Oct 190916 Aug 198070son/George & Alice (Smith); b. QLD; h/Ivy Maud (Deeley)Clermont QLD
AllwoodValma HazelClermont QLD
AmbroseAnnie Jane1842?8 Nov 190462Clermont QLD
AndrewsArthur1880?20 Jul 195474Clermont QLD
AndrewsArthur Leo1941?15 Jun 197837h/DesireeClermont QLD
AndrewsFrancis James1912?25 Jun 197563QX48054Clermont QLD
AndrewsJulianna1901?17 Sep 198584w/Albert ProwseClermont QLD
AndrewsKnickel0Clermont QLD
AndrewsMay6 Jan 190513 Feb 200095Clermont QLD
AndrewsMillie1882?17 Aug 196684Clermont QLD
AndrewsR G D1882193856Clermont QLD
AndrewsThomas1874?18 Jul 193157Clermont QLD
AndrewsThomas9 Apr 19047 Nov 196359Clermont QLD
AppletonAnthony CharlesOct 1915?12 Sep 19248y 11mClermont QLD
AppletonAnthony Paul [Appo]1935?13 Jan 196732Clermont QLD
AppletonAnthony William12 Dec 18901 Apr 194352h/SarahClermont QLD
AppletonKenneth Paul1923?30 Dec 197653h/PatriciaClermont QLD
AppletonLouisa1846?6 Aug 188943formerly McLeod; w/Angus (McLeod) & CorneliusClermont QLD
AppletonPansy29 Sep 1982Clermont QLD
AppletonRay10 Sep 1974Clermont QLD
AppletonRobertApr 1926?1 Feb 19358y 10mClermont QLD
AppletonSarah1890?27 Jun 196171w/Anthony WilliamClermont QLD
AppletonVictor John20 Sep 189420 Sep 197783Clermont QLD
AppletonVictor William Graham [Bill]18 Feb 192210 Jul 200785Clermont QLD
ArundelHelen Ethel1888?1 May 194254Clermont QLD
AspinallHelen Elizabeth [Betty]1935?11 Feb 194510Clermont QLD
AspinallRobert Edward1881?11 Jul 194564Clermont QLD
AveryHepsebeth1829?20 Sep 190273Clermont QLD
BaconElizabeth1859?23 Dec 192364w/WilliamClermont QLD
BaconWilliam18 Dec 1933h/ElizabethClermont QLD
BaconWilliam Howard1895?12 Apr 18972son/William & Elizabeth AClermont QLD
BagnallPhilip Blake13 May 18844 Oct 195369Clermont QLD
Bagnall (Wright)Rebecca29 Sep 184112 Nov 192381dau/Alexander & Elizabeth (Tucker); b. Essex, England; w/William ThomasClermont QLD
BagnallWilliam Thomas12 Jul 18402 Jul 190665h/Rebecca (Wright)Clermont QLD
BaileyEllen Elizabeth24 Aug 1966Clermont QLD
BaileyTerence John23 Sep 194012 Aug 199453h/Theresa Catherine (O'Sullivan)Clermont QLD
Bailey (O'Sullivan)Theresa Catherine17 Oct 19413 Dec 198847w/Terence JohnClermont QLD
BainbridgeHenry John Patrick1889195465h/Ivy MaudClermont QLD
BainbridgeIvy Maud1895197277w/Henry John PatrickClermont QLD
Baker (Marsh)Amelia Ellen1867?11 Jun 195285dau/Henry Ireland & Sarah Jane (Troughton); w/John ThomasClermont QLD
BakerCatherine1887196275Clermont QLD
BakerJohn Thomas1 Jan 186410 Jan 193066son/Henry James & Jane (Collyer); b. Wollombi , NSW; h/Amelia Ellen (Marsh)Clermont QLD
BakerRobert James1948?14 Feb 198133Clermont QLD
BakerRowena1866?16 Dec 195387Clermont QLD
BakerThomas Joseph1901?19 Oct 196160Clermont QLD
BakerWilliam1888?29 Jul 195264Clermont QLD
BarberWilliam HerbertSep 187531 Dec 190833b. EnglandClermont QLD
BardsleyMargaret Jane1880?22 Nov 18833Clermont QLD
BarkerEdward18911962714378Clermont QLD
BarkerG C1924?16 Apr 201591h/Edna; QX38616Clermont QLD
BarkerGeorge Henry1847?12 Oct 192578h/ZillahClermont QLD
BarkerJames5 Aug 1916Clermont QLD
BarkerThomas187711 Jul 194972Clermont QLD
BarkerWilliam18881958702146Clermont QLD
BarkerZillah1851?4 Apr 190756w/George HenryClermont QLD
BarnesEthel1902?19 Aug 199290Clermont QLD
BarnesHenry George1901?9 Feb 198786Clermont QLD
BarnesJohn William27 Nov 193027 May 201584Clermont QLD
BarracloughF W [Frank]23 Feb 190522 Jan 193428son/?Clermont QLD
BarracloughFrank8 Nov 186824 Jun 194678son/Edward Roberson & Martha (Porter); b. Helidon, Qld; h/Ida Sophie Auguste (Madge)Clermont QLD
BarrettDenis1903?21 Dec 193532h/Mary JosephineClermont QLD
BarrettMary Josephine4 Jun 190412 Mar 199590w/DenisClermont QLD
Barron (Angove)Josephine23 Feb 187323 Feb 191643dau/Charles Henry; w/WilliamClermont QLD
BarronWilliam24 Apr 18683 Jan 191546son/John & Jane (Falconer); h/Josephine (Angove)Clermont QLD
BartonEdward Bruce Ainslie4 Feb 197615 May 19760Clermont QLD
BashamJames Frederick [Jim]Nov 1951?4 May 19553y 6mClermont QLD
BattyJames Albert1935198752Clermont QLD
BayleyArthur Wellesley1899?2 Nov 194344Clermont QLD
BeardAlbert Daniel1918?18 Sep 195941son/Albert Daniel & Anne (McLeod); 8171Clermont QLD
BehanJames2 Feb 18362 Jun 187842b. Kildare, IrelandClermont QLD
BehrBenjamin [Benno]Aug 1855?9 Jul 193579y 11mClermont QLD
BehrEnid GertrudeDec 1910?10 Mar 19121y 3mClermont QLD
BehrMary Gertrude1869?9 Dec 191849Clermont QLD
BeilbyElva EllenClermont QLD
BeileiterKeith [Shadow]23 Sep 1977Clermont QLD
BellArthur1894?8 Apr 18973son/Robert & AnnieClermont QLD
BennMalcolm John22 Feb 194214 Oct 198240Clermont QLD
BennettA D1921?13 Jun 201089QX60857Clermont QLD
BennettAnnie28 Feb 1920Clermont QLD
BennettChristina1892?23 Oct 195765Clermont QLD
BennettErnest William John1916?23 May 195438Clermont QLD
Bennett (Burnett)Hazel Mary1917?2 Nov 200992w/JohnClermont QLD
BennettJ R [Mrs]1876?8 Aug 195175w/W.J.Clermont QLD
BennettRobertClermont QLD
BennettRobert28 Dec 1916Clermont QLD
BennettRobert James1919?7 Dec 196142Clermont QLD
BennettThomas1895?21 Oct 192126Clermont QLD
BennettWilliam Crofton Moat1891?14 Jan 194958Clermont QLD
BennettWilliam John18 Mar 1934Clermont QLD
BenneyJefrey Graham21 May 19582 Jun 199133Clermont QLD
BenneyJohn1886?14 Sep 195468h/Ruby ElizabethClermont QLD
BenneyMichael Lewis15 Jan 196414 Jan 196511m 3w 6dClermont QLD
BenneyNora Hannah1896?21 Dec 196872Clermont QLD
BenneyRichard1889?2 Aug 196980Clermont QLD
BenneyRuby Elizabeth1890?11 Jul 197787w/JohnClermont QLD
BernieIvy Florence1914?20 Nov 192410dau/Thomas & Ellen Beatrice (Taylor)Clermont QLD
BerryMay Elizabeth1891?2 Aug 193241Clermont QLD
BerryRobert William Ward1873?22 Nov 194370Clermont QLD
BerryThomas Ward24Clermont QLD
BerryWilliam1845?14 Feb 190964Clermont QLD
BerryWilliam Robert Ward22 Jan 195928 Jul 199031Clermont QLD
BetteleyCharles John Edwin26 Oct 19293 Feb 195929Clermont QLD
Betteley (Morriss)Iris Joan8 Mar 19301 Sep 199666Clermont QLD
BettridgeAlbert Augustus1901?10 Dec 195150Clermont QLD
BettridgeAlbert Edward1859?28 May 193879Clermont QLD
BettridgeAlbert Lewis31 Jan 191820 Apr 201496son/Martin Edward & Gladys Henrietta (Lette); b. Clermont, QLD; h/Dorothy Myra (Hoy); 150459Clermont QLD
BettridgeAngelina Ada [Ada]1925?8 Jul 201085w/Charles George [Charlie]Clermont QLD
BettridgeAnnie Mary1865?18 Jul 194782Clermont QLD
BettridgeBarbara AnnApr 1950?4 Jun 195114mClermont QLD
BettridgeCharles George1858?13 Jun 193476Clermont QLD
BettridgeCharles George [Charlie]1916?20 Jun 197660h/Angelina Ada [Ada]Clermont QLD
BettridgeDaphne J27 Jun 192712 Aug 19292Clermont QLD
BettridgeEthel1894?4 Aug 197076Clermont QLD
BettridgeFrank1888?29 Dec 196375Clermont QLD
BettridgeGeorge Edward1886?19 Mar 195670Clermont QLD
BettridgeGladys H1896?20 Aug 193943Clermont QLD
BettridgeJessie Laura1901?2 Dec 195857Clermont QLD
BettridgeKay9 Feb 1956Clermont QLD
BettridgeMartin E1887?29 May 195063Clermont QLD
BettridgeMary1867?11 Sep 194679Clermont QLD
BettridgeMary Martha1888?24 Feb 196880Clermont QLD
BettridgeMay Gladys1903?7 Jun 194441Clermont QLD
Bettridge (Andrews)N L1897196669Clermont QLD
BettridgeNorma JessieDec 1920?13 May 19254y 5mClermont QLD
BeveridgeEarl Alfred1913?4 Jul 198168Clermont QLD
BianchiAlice1883?23 Feb 191330w/CharlesClermont QLD
BianchiMaudeDec 1910?21 Feb 191214mdau/C. & A.Clermont QLD
Biddle (White)Eliza1868?18 Nov 194981dau/Joseph; w/ThomasClermont QLD
Biddle (Titmarsh)Eunice Isabel10 May 190310 May 197874dau/Alfred & Sarah Elizabeth (James); w/Joseph WilliamClermont QLD
BiddleGordon Joseph193523 Aug 195217?son/Joseph William & Eunice Isabel (Titmarsh)Clermont QLD
BiddleJoseph William1890?21 Aug 196272h/Eunice Isabel (Titmarsh)Clermont QLD
BiddleSamuel11 Sep 190024 Aug 194646son/Thomas & Eliza (White)Clermont QLD
BiddleThomas83h/Eliza (White)Clermont QLD
BielbyMontgomery [Monty]1907?5 Oct 194538Clermont QLD
BirchallLena Selena1893193340Clermont QLD
BirdGeorge Edward1924?8 Nov 197854h/Beryl Mavis BettyClermont QLD
BlackKatrina Louise1969?2 Aug 198819dau/Edwin & PatriciaClermont QLD
BlackburnFrederick M1915?1 Feb 197358Clermont QLD
BoalDavid Rex1948?13 Sep 200355Clermont QLD
BoalDelma Joan1949?28 Jan 197122Clermont QLD
BoalErnest John George1914?13 Jan 198571Clermont QLD
BoalMargaret Elizabeth1913?7 Mar 197259Clermont QLD
BobreFrank [Franz]18814 Mar 193957b. LithuaniaClermont QLD
BobreLily26 Mar 191714 Jan 193012Clermont QLD
Bobre (Gudeik)Wilhelmina188321 Nov 193956b. LatviaClermont QLD
BoltonMarion18 Nov 1959w/WilliamClermont QLD
BoltonWilliam25 Dec 1933h/MarionClermont QLD
BorlElizabeth1857?15 Dec 190144w/P.A.M.Clermont QLD
BourkePatrickClermont QLD
BowlerPatrick1838?13 Aug 190365Clermont QLD
BrandinburgBilly11 May 195315 May 19534dClermont QLD
BrandinburgWilliam A15 Feb 192029 Jan 199473h/Lily Amelia MayClermont QLD
BrayPClermont QLD
BrennanBrian Justin25 Jan 197721 Nov 199821Clermont QLD
BrentAllen James11 Jun 195328 Dec 19535mson/Markur & VeraClermont QLD
BrentCClermont QLD
BrentMarkur Allan28 Sep 193016 Jun 200574h/Vera EllenClermont QLD
BridgemanKenneth James15 Dec 196225 Dec 19631y 10dClermont QLD
BrieseJohann Gottlieb27 Mar 1949Clermont QLD
BrownDaniel1861?10 Nov 193776h/MaryClermont QLD
BrownEric ThomasNov 1910?9 Feb 19113mClermont QLD
BrownGeorge ThomasNov 1873?10 Sep 191339y 10mClermont QLD
BrownGeorge William?Jul 187136Clermont QLD
BrownJames1889?20 Apr 191829Clermont QLD
BrownJames Gompertz18 Jan 186924 Aug 187?Clermont QLD
BrownKevin DonaldOct 1956?7 Feb 195816mClermont QLD
BrownMary1860?16 Dec 191959w/DanielClermont QLD
BrownMay E P1895?18 Jul 193944Clermont QLD
BrownRobyn Annette29 Jun 196721 Aug 199023Clermont QLD
BrownRuth1921?29 Sep 196140Clermont QLD
BrownWilliam George1890?4 Oct 191727Clermont QLD
BruceChristina1873?27 Sep 194168Clermont QLD
Bryan [O'Brien] (Neil)Mary182928 Jun 189768b. Kilmain, IrelandClermont QLD
BryantAdelaide [Addy]15 Aug 19196 Jan 200585w/LesClermont QLD
BryantDouglas George1914?19 Sep 198369QX46809Clermont QLD
BryantElsie Maud1913?18 Dec 197663w/Frederick Stanley [Fred]Clermont QLD
BryantFrederick Stanley [Fred]1909?27 Jan 199384h/Elsie MauddClermont QLD
BryantGeorge6 Feb 188413 Jan 193449Clermont QLD
BryantJoseph1835191479Clermont QLD
BryantJoseph William1900?9 Apr 195959Clermont QLD
BryantLes1910198070Clermont QLD
BryantStanley M1913?18 Jun 194734Clermont QLD
BryceFreda6 Oct 1942Clermont QLD
BullEileen Isabel1 Oct 1928Clermont QLD
BullLouisa Emma1870?8 Jan 195282Clermont QLD
BurgerGeorge Ronald22 Apr 194724 Aug 201164Clermont QLD
BurgessAllan Donald1930?3 Feb 199060Clermont QLD
BurgessPatricia Maree1962?28 Jul 197614Clermont QLD
BurnettAlbert E1882?26 Jan 194866h/CharlotteClermont QLD
BurnettCharlotte1888?31 Mar 197486Clermont QLD
BurnettColin Gilbert1912?28 Aug 197361Clermont QLD
BurnettGraham Charles1950?2 May 196919Clermont QLD
BurnettStephen A22 Dec 191316 Aug 198773Clermont QLD
BurnsMargaretClermont QLD
BurrowsFred30 Jul 189310 Feb 196773Clermont QLD
BurrowsHerbert19 Feb 18628 Sep 193371h/KeziahClermont QLD
BurrowsKeziah1861?10 Oct 191958w/HerbertClermont QLD
ButlerR J1916?14 Jul 197862h/Emily; QX17850Clermont QLD
Byrnes (Hauenschild)Katherina Maria1868194375Clermont QLD
ByrnesMichael1866?8 Jan 191953son/John & Mary (Christian); h/Katherina Maria Christiana (Hauenschild)Clermont QLD
ByrnesWilliam Henry6 Jan 18932 Feb 192330son/Michael & Katherina Maria Christiana (Hauenschild); b. Clemont, QldClermont QLD
CableEdith Maud1912?10 Mar 196553Clermont QLD
CadleRyder16 Feb 194716 Feb 19470Clermont QLD
CaldwellJane Hutchison1886?9 Mar 190923dau/R.J. & M.Clermont QLD
CalliganMegan Louise6 Dec 19886 Dec 19880dau/Richard & PatriciaClermont QLD
CalvinBruceFeb 1950?20 Apr 195114mClermont QLD
CameronBertram Edward1900?22 Oct 194747Clermont QLD
CampbellMargaret Hughina18?111 Sep 1875Clermont QLD
CampionJoan Margaret21 Feb 192311 Oct 199673Clermont QLD
CampionJohn Vivian29 Jul 192829 May 199364Clermont QLD
CandyIrene21 Dec 192028 Jun 199069Clermont QLD
CapellKathClermont QLD
CapellRonClermont QLD
CardewEdith Mary Reina1897?17 Aug 198790Clermont QLD
CardewJames Joseph Hunter1890197181Clermont QLD
CardewJames Joseph Hunter5 Nov 192424 Sep 200883Clermont QLD
CardewRoy J H1923?18 Aug 194320Clermont QLD
CarlsonGrace Caird1871?28 Sep 193665Clermont QLD
CarlsonHelena Christinab. SwedenClermont QLD
CarlsonJohn C7 Oct 188916 Jun 18900Clermont QLD
CarlsonJohn Magnus1 Aug 184920 Feb 193282b. SwedenClermont QLD
CarneHenry Broughton1859?30 Dec 192263son/William Joseph & Emma (Woodhouse); h/Alice Elizabeth (Cutten)Clermont QLD
CarrollAnna36Clermont QLD
CarrollAnnie2y 6mClermont QLD
CarrollArthur Simon6Clermont QLD
CarrollDaniel1860?29 Jul 190747b. Anack, Tipperary, IrelandClermont QLD
CarrollJohn1848?9 Jan 190557Clermont QLD
CarrollM A [Mrs]16 Oct 186215 Jul 189835Clermont QLD
CarrollSimon James35Clermont QLD
CarrollStella4Clermont QLD
CarrollViolet8Clermont QLD
CarstenEva Mary1890?28 Dec 191626dau/KateClermont QLD
CarstenFamilyClermont QLD
CarstenGretta1894?28 Dec 191622dau/KateClermont QLD
CarstenKate1866?28 Dec 191650Clermont QLD
CarstenMaud Margaret1886?28 Dec 191630Clermont QLD
CarstenSimon HenryOct 1915?28 Dec 191614mson/Maud MargaretClermont QLD
CaseyAndrew1849?10 Jun 193586Clermont QLD
CaseyCecilia1854?24 Apr 192470w/AndrewClermont QLD
CaseyCharles Edmund Newbury10 Jun 188525 Jun 188515dson/Edmond & JessieClermont QLD
CaseyGeorge B26 Sep 1896Clermont QLD
CaseyJerry D31 Oct 194420 May 197227Clermont QLD
CaseyKevin SClermont QLD
CaseyMary AnnFeb 1950Clermont QLD
CaseyRobert Costello1917?8 Apr 198366QX8006Clermont QLD
CaseyRobert WClermont QLD
CaseyThomas BJan 1944Clermont QLD
CastleEdgar Hilton1870?13 Jul 196090h/Mary EllenClermont QLD
CastleHorace18 Apr 1917Clermont QLD
CastleMary Ellen1877?18 Dec 195982w/Edgar HiltonClermont QLD
CatonIvy82Clermont QLD
CatonJoe89Clermont QLD
CavillMay EileenOct 1914?15 Jan 19227y 3mClermont QLD
ChalkEmily Jessie1867?3 Sep 195285Clermont QLD
ChalkEric Harold1900?12 Apr 194848h/Francis JaneClermont QLD
ChalkFrancis Jane26 Jul 1967w/Eric HaroldClermont QLD
ChalkIsabel Edna1889?14 Jul 1989100Clermont QLD
Chalk (Rolfe)Mary Ann20 Mar 184729 Jun 188639w/ThomasClermont QLD
ChalkThomas1847?9 Jul 192477Clermont QLD
ChalkThomas A1889?10 Nov 196778Clermont QLD
ChalkWilliam George Richard1891?4 Feb 191928son/ThomasClermont QLD
ChambersHarryClermont QLD
CharlesEileen1937198548Clermont QLD
CharlesJames Stewart [Jimmy]1923198766Clermont QLD
CharlesKeith James1949?3 Sep 196718son/James Stewart & Veronica May (Weir)Clermont QLD
ChaseCecil1896?16 Oct 197074Clermont QLD
ChaseRuby24 Dec 189423 Jan 198187Clermont QLD
ChiconiPhilip Henry1868?5 Jul 192860Clermont QLD
ChiconiWilliam1871?16 Sep 195281Clermont QLD
ChisolmBertha Amy1865?19 Apr 190944w/JohnClermont QLD
ChristianElizabeth Jane1869?26 Jul 194879Clermont QLD
ClarkEsther1847?18 Jun 192477w/John HenryClermont QLD
ClarkePeter Dudley Leandre7m 2wson/Leandre & NancyClermont QLD
ClarkeSara Suzanne11 Oct 191322 Nov 19136wdau/Leandre Armitage & Nancy LewersClermont QLD
CleinDennis James1942198947son/Henry & EthelClermont QLD
CleinDoreen Phyllis1913?20 Jul 199683Clermont QLD
CleinDorothy1900199090w/FrederickClermont QLD
CleinEthel1909198374w/HenryClermont QLD
CleinFrank1893?10 Jan 197481Clermont QLD
CleinFrederick1901194948h/DorothyClermont QLD
CleinHenry1893197885h/EthelClermont QLD
CleinIrene6Clermont QLD
Clein (Ireland)Mary8 Aug 186317 Apr 194884w/William HenryClermont QLD
CleinReginald John1928199062Clermont QLD
CleinWilliam Henry28 Nov 186326 Dec 193572h/Mary (Ireland)Clermont QLD
CleinWilliam henry1924?8 Jan 197450Clermont QLD
CleinWilliam John George1904?29 Dec 196965Clermont QLD
ClelandMarjory KathleenClermont QLD
ClementsAlice Elizabeth1885?20 Jan 195570Clermont QLD
ClementsAlice Elizabeth1909?3 Nov 195243Clermont QLD
ClementsCaroline May1911?29 May 197362Clermont QLD
ClementsVictor Stanley1914?7 Jan 197561QX38944Clermont QLD
ClementsWilliam James [Jnr]1913?2 Apr 198269QX20465Clermont QLD
ClementsWilliam James [Snr]1884?15 Nov 197490Clermont QLD
CoadArthur James [Jimmy]26 Nov 19696 Oct 199323son/CoralClermont QLD
CoadCoral12 Feb 19235 Apr 201592Clermont QLD
ColbertEthel May16 Jul 1973Clermont QLD
ColeCharles Henry7 Jan 191121 Jun 199079Clermont QLD
ColeEvelyn Amy25 Jun 19161 Mar 201396Clermont QLD
ColeGeorge William1865?7 Jan 193873son/George John & Emma (Fraser); h/Maud Ellen (Fowler)Clermont QLD
Cole (Fowler)Maud Ellen12 Feb 187828 Nov 194769dau/Robert & Mary (Madigan); w/George WilliamClermont QLD
ColeThomas John189912 May 194647h/VeraClermont QLD
CollinsHarold1896?4 Feb 197579558Clermont QLD
CollinsPatrick1870?18 Mar 191141h/AmyClermont QLD
ComleyFrederick14 Apr 18532 Apr 189945y 11m 18h/AliceClermont QLD
CondrenAnnie25 Jun 1936Clermont QLD
CondrenJames1855?1 Dec 193378Clermont QLD
ConnellyElizabeth1876?3 Sep 191539b. Killarglin, County Kerry, IrelandClermont QLD
Connelly (Finger)Elsie Agnes1913200390w/John FrancisClermont QLD
ConnellyJohn Francis1901?22 May 198382h/Elsie AgnesClermont QLD
ConnellyMichael1865?14 Apr 194984b. County Galway, IrelandClermont QLD
ConnellyThomas1908?7 Mar 19113Clermont QLD
ConnellyThomas Patrick [Bob]1946199852son/Elsie AgnesClermont QLD
CookEmily17 Jul 189020 Jun 194958w/JamesClermont QLD
CookHenry5 Jun 183620 Dec 191074b. Germany; h/MariaClermont QLD
CookJames2 Oct 189324 Apr 195763h/EmilyClermont QLD
CookJohanne Marie Eleonore28 May 182316 Dec 189875b. Germany; w/HenryClermont QLD
CookJohn Thomas [Tom]28 Dec 191730 Nov 200688h/Margaret Annie (Navin)Clermont QLD
CookLaurence Joseph8 Jun 192513 Mar 199064Clermont QLD
Cook (Navin)Margaret Annie11 Jul 191516 Jan 199377w/John Thomas [Tom]Clermont QLD
CookTherese1951?27 Aug 196110Clermont QLD
CookeEmily Maud1887?27 Oct 197083w/George Henry ThomasClermont QLD
CookeEmma Strickland1863?13 Nov 188623Clermont QLD
CookeGeorge Anthony1943?2 Oct 19430son/Stanley & MaryClermont QLD
CookeGeorge Henry Thomas1886?6 Oct 196882h/Emily MaudClermont QLD
Cooper (Higgins)Elizabeth1857?25 Aug 194285dau/Thomas & Mary (Kelly); w/WilliamClermont QLD
CooperJohn Joseph1921?8 Jun 19513078384Clermont QLD
CooperMary13 Jun 188631 May 197386w/ThomasClermont QLD
CooperThomas13 Oct 18786 Sep 192445h/MaryClermont QLD
CooperThomas13 Oct 18786 Sep 192445son/William & Elizabeth (Higgins); b. QLDClermont QLD
CooperThomas William [Pat]Dec 1909?30 Nov 196959y 11mClermont QLD
CooperWilliam1853?28 Sep 192269son/Thomas & Harriet (Mann); h/Elizabeth (Higgins)Clermont QLD
CowanAlice Sophia1875?12 Jan 192146w/Charles HClermont QLD
CrawfordAlice Ellen1895?28 Dec 196166Clermont QLD
CrawfordAllan Clifford29 Oct 192710 Sep 201284Clermont QLD
CrawfordAllan Henry27 Dec 189313 Jun 196975Clermont QLD
CrawfordJames54Clermont QLD
CrawleyAlice1891?8 Feb 193140Clermont QLD
CreagheGerald Harry19 Jan 18849 Aug 195268son/Harry Alington & Emily Caroline (Robinson); h/Mary Lilla Somerville (Scott)Clermont QLD
CreagheMary Lilla Somerville1879?9 Aug 196283w/Gerald Harry PierceClermont QLD
CrispJack15 Jun 1980Clermont QLD
CrispLorna Ellen10 Apr 1976Clermont QLD
CrispLucy29 May 1965Clermont QLD
CrockettRoss21 Mar 192727 Sep 198154Clermont QLD
Crofts (Hauenschild)Dora Eileen Mary28 Oct 19059 Jul 197771dau/John Henry & Jane Elizabeth (Gibson); b. QLD; w/Frederick Isaac PoteClermont QLD
CroftsFrederick Herbert13 Oct 186125 Jul 192967son/William & Sarah (Hall); b. QLD; h/Gertrude Mary Agnes (Howard)Clermont QLD
CroftsFrederick Isaac Pote8 Jan 19061 May 197973son/Frederick Herbert & Gertrude Mary Agnes (Howard); b. Clermont, QLD; h/Dora Eileen Mary (Hauenschild); QX25722Clermont QLD
Crofts (Howard)Gertrude Mary Agnes1866?14 Nov 195286dau/Edward Pote & Emily (Banning); w/Frederick HerbertClermont QLD
CroftsRobert Ernest27 Sep 190623 Sep 197670son/Frederick Herbert & Gertrude Mary Agnes (Howard); b. QLDClermont QLD
CroftsThomas Deepwater11 Jan 186010 Jun 191151y 5mson/William & Sarah (Hall); b. Surat, QLD; h/Maria Margaret (Considine)Clermont QLD
CronauCharles Jacob190819102Clermont QLD
CrosbieAnnie Barbara2y 3dClermont QLD
CrosbieWilliam29Clermont QLD
CroydonBaby0Clermont QLD
CroydonDaisy6Clermont QLD
CroydonEva1891?21 Nov 196978Clermont QLD
CroydonGeorge1889?198495Clermont QLD
CroydonJames Arthur1845?15 Jun 191267b. New York, USAClermont QLD
CruickshankAnnie?Jun 186929w/R. D.Clermont QLD
CurrieAlfred Charles1905198479h/RoseannaClermont QLD
CurrieCharles Edward1938199860son/Alfred Charles & RoseannaClermont QLD
CurrieRoseanna1908199587w/Alfred CharlesClermont QLD
CutlerE T1891?15 Nov 1942516926Clermont QLD
D'ArcyAlan George1856193982Clermont QLD
DaltonPatrick1851?27 May 189544Clermont QLD
DalyGeorge Raymond1911?13 Jul 198271Clermont QLD
DalyJohn Ambrose1871?13 Apr 192655Clermont QLD
Damianovich [Damjanovic]Anne6 Dec 188113 Feb 18864Clermont QLD
Damianovich [Damjanovic]Julia5 Apr 189111 Jan 18931Clermont QLD
Damianovich [Damjanovic]Mary Catherine8 Aug 18923 Dec 18920Clermont QLD
Damianovich [Damjanovic]Mary Ellen15 Sep 1883Oct 18841Clermont QLD
Damianovich [Damjanovic]Mary Josephine7 Jan 18944 Feb 18940Clermont QLD
Damianovich [Damjanovic]Paul25 Apr 188026 Oct 18833Clermont QLD
Damianovich [Damjanovic]Terrence8 Nov 190123 Sep 19020Clermont QLD
Damianovich [Damjanovic]Violet14 Jan 188526 Feb 18861Clermont QLD
DamkeAnnie Maude4Clermont QLD
DamkeLeo E1872?17 Sep 192452Clermont QLD
Daniels (Landsberg)Ethel Emily Phyllis [Phil]21 Aug 19111 Feb 196149Clermont QLD
DanielsFlorence Amy Longman1884?26 Jun 198197w/George JeremiahClermont QLD
DanielsGeorge Jeremiah1883?6 Mar 195875h/Florence Amy LongmanClermont QLD
DanielsL G1920?4 Sep 195434h/Jill; QX12421Clermont QLD
DanielsLorna Florence26 Oct 191610 Jan 193215Clermont QLD
DanielsVincent Alan24 Apr 191818 Mar 197455Clermont QLD
DavidsonJohn?Feb 193573Clermont QLD
DavidsonJohn Geoffrey6 Feb 19544 May 197117Clermont QLD
DavidsonMargaretClermont QLD
Davidson (Healy)Margaret1882?26 Dec 191634Clermont QLD
DavidsonR1896?22 Feb 195155h/Daisy; Q302302Clermont QLD
DavisonEthel Florence1900?4 Jun 195252Clermont QLD
DavisonGladys Irene May1903?1 Jul 198178Clermont QLD
DavisonMary54Clermont QLD
DavisonMary1862?28 Dec 191654Clermont QLD
DavisonThomas Charles Fisher1899?12 Nov 198788Clermont QLD
DawsonDavid Edward20 Nov 195428 May 19616y 2wClermont QLD
DawsonElizabeth Mary13 Jul 191725 Dec 199376Clermont QLD
DayAnnie Helen1896?25 Jan 197680Clermont QLD
DayCecil Angus Roy24 May 192328 Feb 19249m 4dson/Frank & AnnieClermont QLD
DayFrank Ernest1878?17 Dec 192547Clermont QLD
DearloveGeorge Howard30 Jan 18987 Nov 196668Clermont QLD
DeeleyEliJun 1873?30 Apr 193056y 10mClermont QLD
DeeleyErnest F1914?8 Nov 195137Clermont QLD
DeeleyFlorence1877195780Clermont QLD
DeeleyGeorge Henry1901?4 Jun 197271h/Vera CarolineClermont QLD
DeeleyVera Caroline1910?11 Feb 197969w/George HenryClermont QLD
DelvesM E1922?7 Jul 199573h/Mabel; 411487Clermont QLD
DelvesMabel Annie10 Oct 192026 Mar 200584Clermont QLD
DennisCatherine Ailsa4 Nov 19233 Jun 200177Clermont QLD

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