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1 cemetery found

AthertonRockley Rd, Atherton QLD 488337

28 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AldridgeLouise193212 Jan 193311yAtherton QLD
AldridgePhilip1954?5 Sep 196915Atherton QLD
ClaytonDoris Ruby Irene1890?10 Apr 195969Atherton QLD
CollinsAda Jane1885?4 May 195368Atherton QLD
CollinsEvelyn Nettie1918?19 Mar 196547Atherton QLD
DaleyBernard Vine28 Aug 19153 Dec 198166h/Phyllis JeanAtherton QLD
DaleyBrian T25 Nov 1984Atherton QLD
DaleyFrances Ruby Grace17 Jul 18929 Dec 197280Atherton QLD
DaleyOwen Francis22 Oct 1940h/CarolAtherton QLD
DaleyPatrick James16 Jul 191420 Jul 197763QX7613Atherton QLD
DaleyPhyllis Jean8 Mar 19201 Sep 201292w/Bernard VineAtherton QLD
DruryErnest3 Oct 1969h/EvelynAtherton QLD
DruryEvelyn17 Jun 1968w/ErnestAtherton QLD
DruryNereda Margaret1933?8 Feb 197643Atherton QLD
EnglishPeter1945?7 Mar 19450son/Tom & JoanAtherton QLD
Halbert (Jones)Elsia Anglena21 Sep 188818 Aug 193445dau/Allan & Augusta (Dovey)Atherton QLD
HastieAmy Frances1882?4 May 197492Atherton QLD
HastieFrances Warr1877?29 Sep 195376w/HerbertAtherton QLD
HastieHerbert1882?5 Aug 193856h/Frances WarrAtherton QLD
Hastie (Bullock)Margaret1915?11 Dec 197661Atherton QLD
HastieWilliam1873?6 Sep 194572Atherton QLD
IngramJessie Elizabeth1912?16 Mar 195442Atherton QLD
IngramMatthew James13 Jul 187811 Nov 194365Atherton QLD
MaidmentElizabeth1887?10 Sep 197083w/GeorgeAtherton QLD
MaidmentGeorge1885?18 Sep 196984h/ElizabethAtherton QLD
McConnell (Brown)Godiva Jessie3 Aug 189028 Jan 196069b. Tamworth, NSW, Australia; w/JamesAtherton QLD
SmithEdwin Arthur25 Jun 190131 Oct 197069Atherton QLD
StrangRobert Easton1904?10 Jan 195349Atherton QLD

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