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1 cemetery found

Stuart Memorial (Alice Springs Pioneer)George Crescent, Alice Springs NT 087020

20 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BoxerJohn Richard186211 Sep 189735?Stuart Memorial NT
BradshawErnest Thurmon187428 Jan 190126?Stuart Memorial NT
ByrneJohn Thomas18583 Jan 190344?Stuart Memorial NT
ChapmanHarry Bruce Farrington19089 Sep 192820?son/H. B & I. F. PStuart Memorial NT
CookFrederick184726 Jun 190962?Stuart Memorial NT
CumminsJohn187027 Oct 192050?Stuart Memorial NT
DraperMaxwell Keith2 Feb 192317 Jan 19240Stuart Memorial NT
EarwakerHenry23 Jan 18611 Jul 190342son/John Scott & Mary (Baxter)Stuart Memorial NT
EspieClarenceDec 192228 Feb 19230son/EdithStuart Memorial NT
EspieHarold31 Jan 193210 Feb 19320son/EdithStuart Memorial NT
RyanGeorge186815 Apr 190839?Stuart Memorial NT
SegermanCarl Gustav Wilhelm186026 Jun 192666?b. SwedenStuart Memorial NT
SmithClarence Andrew19038 Nov 193128?Stuart Memorial NT
SpicerFred7 Jul 18588 Nov 188931son/William Clarke & Mary (Pariss); b. Wakefield, SAStuart Memorial NT
TilmouthChristopher18669 Aug 191852?Stuart Memorial NT
TuohyJames186329 Nov 193067?Stuart Memorial NT
WelbourneWilliam1870?18 Jul 192858Stuart Memorial NT
WeldonWilliam George184914 Jul 192677?b. VICStuart Memorial NT
WillisJames18549 Aug 189743?Stuart Memorial NT
WubkeEdie23 Feb 192526 Feb 19250Stuart Memorial NT

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