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1 cemetery found

YalwalYalwal Rd, Yalwal NSW 254022

18 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
?Yalwal NSW
?Yalwal NSW
?Yalwal NSW
BoltWilliam1833?1 Aug 189461Yalwal NSW
MinnikinEdwardMar 1894?17 Dec 18940Yalwal NSW
HeronRobert Archbold30 Jan 189413 Jul 18962son/Thomas & MaryYalwal NSW
FletcherDavid1832?20 Jan 190270son/Edward & Ellen; h/Margaret Isabella (Waddington)Yalwal NSW
PrinceStanley MasonApr 1902?23 Jun 19042son/James W & MariaYalwal NSW
PayneJohn Henry1906?18 May 19115son/Charles & Harriett AYalwal NSW
PayneLeslie Roy1908?18 May 19113son/Charles & Harriett AYalwal NSW
PaynePhyllis Amelia1910?17 May 19111dau/Charles & Harriett AYalwal NSW
GalbraithCaroline1848?15 Jul 191466dau/Richard & MaryYalwal NSW
FletcherThomas (Tom)1878?23 Feb 191739son/David & MargaretYalwal NSW
Fletcher (Waddington)Margaret Isabella1840?13 Oct 192181dau/James & Margaret; w/DavidYalwal NSW
FletcherHarry1873?4 Aug 196491son/David & MargaretYalwal NSW
FletcherRex2 Oct 189912 Jan 199191son/William & Madeline MYalwal NSW
FletcherMyrtle Irene25 May 189825 May 199294dau/William & Madeline MYalwal NSW
Pincombe (Fletcher)Sheila5 Apr 191311 Jun 201299dau/Henry & Maude H; w/Thomas TYalwal NSW

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