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1 cemetery found

YalwalYalwal Rd, Yalwal NSW 254022

18 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
?Yalwal NSW
?Yalwal NSW
?Yalwal NSW
BoltWilliam1833?1 Aug 189461Yalwal NSW
FletcherDavid1832?20 Jan 190270son/Edward & Ellen; h/Margaret Isabella (Waddington)Yalwal NSW
FletcherHarry1873?4 Aug 196491son/David & MargaretYalwal NSW
Fletcher (Waddington)Margaret Isabella1840?13 Oct 192181dau/James & Margaret; w/DavidYalwal NSW
FletcherMyrtle Irene25 May 189825 May 199294dau/William & Madeline MYalwal NSW
FletcherRex2 Oct 189912 Jan 199191son/William & Madeline MYalwal NSW
FletcherThomas (Tom)1878?23 Feb 191739son/David & MargaretYalwal NSW
GalbraithCaroline1848?15 Jul 191466dau/Richard & MaryYalwal NSW
HeronRobert Archbold30 Jan 189413 Jul 18962son/Thomas & MaryYalwal NSW
MinnikinEdwardMar 1894?17 Dec 18940Yalwal NSW
PayneJohn Henry1906?18 May 19115son/Charles & Harriett AYalwal NSW
PayneLeslie Roy1908?18 May 19113son/Charles & Harriett AYalwal NSW
PaynePhyllis Amelia1910?17 May 19111dau/Charles & Harriett AYalwal NSW
Pincombe (Fletcher)Sheila5 Apr 191311 Jun 201299dau/Henry & Maude H; w/Thomas TYalwal NSW
PrinceStanley MasonApr 1902?23 Jun 19042son/James W & MariaYalwal NSW

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