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1 cemetery found

Wyan DistrictWyan Rd, Wyan NSW 246956

56 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BaileyEdward1856?12 Apr 194589h/Mary KeziaWyan District NSW
BaileyFlorence May10 May 18821 Jul 190927dau/Edward & Mary KeziaWyan District NSW
BaileyMary Kezia1858?27 Feb 192264w/EdwardWyan District NSW
BaileyViolet Selina1879?17 Nov 193758dau/Henry & MatildaWyan District NSW
BeadmanKeith McKenzie1905?10 Feb 191611son/Thomas E & Florence MWyan District NSW
CarterAlbert187510 Mar 194064Wyan District NSW
ClarkElizabeth1818?18 Dec 191698w/GeorgeWyan District NSW
ClarkGeorge1820?4 Oct 187555h/Elizabeth (Linnett)Wyan District NSW
ClarkHenry1855?28 Jan 194489h/MatildaWyan District NSW
ClarkMatilda1854?5 Jan 192571w/HenryWyan District NSW
ColeChristina1837?29 Jul 190568w/George EdwardWyan District NSW
ColeEila May1935?15 Dec 194510dau/Charles Sidney & Beatrice MaudWyan District NSW
ColeGeorge Edward1833?4 Jun 190572h/ChristinaWyan District NSW
ColeGeorge Edward (Jim)3 Sep 18988 May 196768son/Thomas Shorten & Mary AWyan District NSW
ColeIsabel Mary (Issie)28 May 19035 Apr 198985Wyan District NSW
ColeMary A1877?22 Oct 192447w/Thomas ShortenWyan District NSW
ColePhoebe Christina1875?16 May 189621Wyan District NSW
ColeThomas Shorten1870?5 Dec 195787h/Mary AWyan District NSW
CollinsDenis Errol7 Jun 192429 Aug 199167Wyan District NSW
CollinsJacob Owen1995?22 Sep 201823Wyan District NSW
Cox (Shields)Flora Esther1859190849?dau/Edward & Ann; b. Ulladulla NSW, Australia; w/GeorgeWyan District NSW
DunnIvy Joan1927?23 May 193811Wyan District NSW
EllemHilton Victor1916?13 Jan 19237Wyan District NSW
EllemJohn Hilton1894?17 Apr 194652Wyan District NSW
EllemWilliam1879?3 Mar 191637Wyan District NSW
EnsbeyDawn Joyce1924?14 Oct 19251Wyan District NSW
EnsbeyGeorge1873?5 Oct 190734son/John & HannahWyan District NSW
GulliverSarah Isabell1891?2 May 191928Wyan District NSW
JohnstonGrace192219239mWyan District NSW
KinsleyEarle191123 Mar 19127mWyan District NSW
LollbackGeorge1836?23 Jun 191680son/George; h/GraceWyan District NSW
LollbackGeorge25 Oct 19387 Apr 201475Wyan District NSW
LollbackGrace1834?9 Sep 190773w/GeorgeWyan District NSW
LollbackJohn William1860?21 Jun 194585Wyan District NSW
LollbackKath10 Nov 193212 Sep 200875Wyan District NSW
LollbackPeter Charles1865?7 Nov 193570Wyan District NSW
ManningWilliam1849?22 Jul 190556son/George & ElizabethWyan District NSW
MurrayAlexander Edward1873?12 Nov 194471h/AliceWyan District NSW
MurrayAlice1876?16 Jun 194165w/Alexander EdwardWyan District NSW
MurrayThomas James1907?10 Feb 19169son/Alexander Edward & AliceWyan District NSW
NeskePeter Gunter29 Dec 195630 Dec 201862Wyan District NSW
NewbyAnthony John6 Mar 196525 Apr 199732Wyan District NSW
O'DonnellJohn Francis1893?23 Oct 194855Wyan District NSW
ParnellThomas James1854?18 Sep 192874Wyan District NSW
RappHenry Valentine8 Apr 185618 Feb 192669son/John V & Elizabeth C; h/Emily (Greenstreet)Wyan District NSW
RappMavis EileenDec 1914?11 Apr 19154mdau/John V & Anne EWyan District NSW
RappWilliam James1880?21 Oct 191232son/Henry Valentine & EmilyWyan District NSW
ReevesAda Jane1877?20 Dec 194265dau/Edward & Keziah; w/Richard EdwinWyan District NSW
RobertsRobert1901?18 Feb 192221son/Robert & Jane RWyan District NSW
SmallJohn Thomas Russell8 Nov 192626 Sep 201083son/Oscar Vivian & Clara Ellen (Cormick)Wyan District NSW
SmallThelma Lola24 Mar 192522 Jan 192610mdau/Oscar Vivian & Clara Ellen (Cormick)Wyan District NSW
SmithSamuel Edward18632 Jan 187613son/Edward & Mary AnnWyan District NSW
SwainFrancis5 Nov 1917Wyan District NSW
SwainJohn Samual6 Jul 1905197873Wyan District NSW
TownsendHenry1885?23 Nov 193348son/Henry & ElizabethWyan District NSW
Wakely (Lollback)Mary Geraldine27 Nov 193423 Aug 199156formerly Collins; dau/William Vincent (Bill) & Mary Marjorie Aileen; w/Dennis Errol (Collins)Wyan District NSW

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