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1 cemetery found

WoodstockMyalla Rd, Woodstock NSW 279393

16 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AltHenry18608 May 189736son/Christopher & Elizabeth (Jeffrey); b. Yass NSW, Australia; h/Sarah Alice (Lett)Woodstock NSW
Gold (Pound)Rose186512 Jun 193368dau/Walter & Eleanor; b. Carcoar, New South Wales, Australia; w/David WylieWoodstock NSW
GoodacreAlexander9 Feb 1857?5 Jul 193578son/Joseph & Elizabeth Mary (Booth); b. Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England; h/Jane (Pascoe)Woodstock NSW
Goodacre (Pascoe)Jane12 Sep 186617 Jan 195790dau/Mark Wills & Johanna Rowe (Ellery); b. Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia; w/AlexanderWoodstock NSW
GosperAlexander Harold1947?4 Feb 19514son/Harold Richard Robert & Myra Gwen (Goodacre)Woodstock NSW
GosperHarold Richard Robert29 Jan 190718 Jan 198072son/Richard James & Mary Catherine (Smith); b. Molong, New South Wales, Australia; h/Myra Gwen (Goodacre)Woodstock NSW
Gosper (Smith)Mary Catherine18661 Jul 195083dau/Thomas & Julia; b. Young, New South Wales, Australia; w/Richard JamesWoodstock NSW
Gosper (Mastus)May Isobel14 Jun 190626 Dec 198377dau/George Stephen & Matilda May (Gold); b. Cowra, New South Wales, Australia; w/Oscar ThomasWoodstock NSW
Gosper (Goodacre)Myra Gwen30 Nov 191130 Dec 199281dau/Alexander & Jane (Pascoe); b. Cowra, NSW; w/Harold Richard RobertWoodstock NSW
GosperOscar Thomas9 Jun 18982 Jun 198182son/Richard James & Mary Catherine (Smith); b. Meranburn, New South Wales, Australia; h/May Isobel (Mastus); N101534Woodstock NSW
GosperRichard James20 Jun 18366 Feb 191982son/John Thomas & Hannah Beale (Reynolds); b. Colo, New South Wales, Australia; h/Anne (Jane) (Greentree) & Mary Catherine (Smith)Woodstock NSW
MastersWilliam John5 Apr 184426 Feb 189550b. Greendale, NSW, Australia; h/Emily Jane (Shearing)Woodstock NSW
MastusGeorge Stephen18854 Jun 197388son/William John & Emily Jane (Shearing); b. Cowra, New South Wales, Australia; h/Matilda May (Gold)Woodstock NSW
MastusLionel George1923?4 Sep 196340son/George Stephen & Matilda May (Gold); h/Una Marjorie (Harris)Woodstock NSW
Mastus (Gold)Matilda May18873 Apr 196274dau/David Wylie & Rose (Pound); b. Cowra, New South Wales, Australia; w/George StephenWoodstock NSW
SamsDorrell Maree20 Nov 196321 Nov 19630dau/Ian Robert & Janet Rose (Gavin)Woodstock NSW

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