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1 cemetery found

WoodenbongWoodenbong NSW 2476242

41 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BrownAlexander Allen1891?15 Jun 195564Woodenbong NSW2nd site
CooperMichael26 Sep 195812 Apr 201455Woodenbong NSW
CraneCharles Harold1923?17 May 196744h/JeanWoodenbong NSW2nd site
CraneJean1921?30 Oct 201392w/Charles HaroldWoodenbong NSW2nd site
DuncanBetty Joan1925?11 May 197146Woodenbong NSW2nd site
DuncanRobert Douglas1947?29 Apr 196316Woodenbong NSW2nd site
EllemVera Kathleen30 Dec 193110 Jan 201684Woodenbong NSW
GrimmettMelissa Stephanie24 Nov 1995Woodenbong NSW
Harveysarah E. A.1916?13 Aug 197256Woodenbong NSWcolumbarium wall
HarveySydney1909?13 Jun 198374Woodenbong NSWcolumbarium wall
HarveySydney John23 Oct 193813 Jul 199859Woodenbong NSWcolumbarium wall
HydeLilly Hurst1909?19 Mar 196253Woodenbong NSW2nd site
JefferyReginald James30 Dec 193515 Feb 201074Woodenbong NSWcolumbarium wall
JervisAndrew1859?2 Jun 193172Woodenbong NSW
JervisArthur1858?12 Aug 193981Woodenbong NSW
JervisThomas1855?14 Oct 193580Woodenbong NSW
LeeDaniel David5 May 197122 Apr 201442Woodenbong NSW
MackneyAllan Edward1944?4 Jun 199248Woodenbong NSWcolumbarium wall
MartinErnie26 Oct 191410 Jan 200691Woodenbong NSWcolumbarium wall
MartinKathleen Heather May2 Apr 191926 May 200081Woodenbong NSWcolumbarium wall
MartinMarie17 Sep 197828 Sep 19780Woodenbong NSWcolumbarium wall
MartinMyles William1942?11 Jan 196927Woodenbong NSWcolumbarium wall
MckayKenneth Paul14 Aug 19501 Apr 201564Woodenbong NSW
McMillanJohn Archibald18 Oct 1938Woodenbong NSW
MerchantViolet Ellen4 Feb 19239 Jul 201592w/KevinWoodenbong NSW
MoyCath1863?25 Nov 194380w/Jos MoyWoodenbong NSW2nd site
MoyJos1863?27 Jun 194380h/Cath MoyWoodenbong NSW2nd site
NightingaleJack1913?27 Feb 197663Woodenbong NSWcolumbarium wall
Osborne (Stone)Helene Ruth13 Oct 193723 May 201678Woodenbong NSW
PethersNoel John Wallace21 Sep 194426 Nov 201672Woodenbong NSW
ReidGregory CampbellWoodenbong NSW
ReidJean16 Nov 19293 Dec 201586w/Norman JamesWoodenbong NSWcolumbarium wall
ReidNorman James11 Sep 193011 Aug 201786h/JeanWoodenbong NSWcolumbarium wall
RyanKevin Patrick1927?28 Apr 196639Woodenbong NSW2nd site
Streeter (Ward)Louise Mary5 Jun 18809 Feb 195978dau/John Jackson & Mary Jane; w/Albert EdwardWoodenbong NSW
WatsonLeslie Joseph16 Jul 19249 Feb 201388h/Marjorie JeanWoodenbong NSW
Williamskylie R.30 May 197411 Jun 201844Woodenbong NSW
WoodsJohn1843?21 Feb 189350Woodenbong NSW
WoodsJohn1845?21 Feb 189550Woodenbong NSW
WoollettElva Jane1913?9 Mar 199683w/john T.Woodenbong NSWcolumbarium wall
Woollettjohn T.1913?7 Apr 199077h/Elva JaneWoodenbong NSWcolumbarium wall

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