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1 cemetery found

CrudineCrudine Road, Crudine NSW 279546

46 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AldersonAlfred1839?3 Jun 189859?son/John & Elizabeth; h/Annie (Perkins)Crudine NSW
BowAlbert Learmond1896?15 Sep 197781h/Alice May (Price)Crudine NSW
Bow (Price)Alice May189429 Sep 196975dau/John James & Sarah Jane; b. Rylstone NSW; w/Albert LearmondCrudine NSW
Bow (Learmont)Annie9 Aug 187225 Aug 192250dau/Alexander & Mary Donald (Wardrop); b. Crudine, Australia; w/HenryCrudine NSW
BowHenry1867?19 Jan 190032son/Daniel & Catherine; h/Annie (Learmont)Crudine NSW
ElkinWilliamCrudine NSW
GilesBabyJan 189423 Jan 18940dau/William E & Jane (Learmont); b. Crudine, New South WalesCrudine NSW
Giles (Learmont)Jane7 Dec 186910 May 195081dau/Alexander & Mary Donald (Wardrop); b. Crudine NSW, Australia; w/William EdwardCrudine NSW
GilesWilliam Edward1863?9 Nov 194279h/Jane (Learmont)Crudine NSW
GilesWilliam Walter Learmont1902?4 Jun 197573son/William E & Jane (Learmont)Crudine NSW
GlasscockAlbert Henry1883?7 Nov 194764Crudine NSW
GlasscockMary Elizabeth1856?3 Jun 192872w/William BarnedCrudine NSW
GlasscockWilliam Barned1845?26 Jan 192680h/Mary ElizabethCrudine NSW
HawkinsThomas1822?29 Nov 189674Crudine NSW
HeathF(rederick) HarveyAug 192328 Dec 19230son/Albert C & NellieCrudine NSW
HeathHannah Wilson1813?1 Oct 190188w/JohnCrudine NSW
HeathJames1852?9 Jun 189341son/John & Hannah WCrudine NSW
HeathJohn1815?7 Mar 190084son/Joseph & MargaretCrudine NSW
HeathJohn Percy5 Jun 18880son/Thomas & AnnCrudine NSW
JohnsonLouis Edward1831?24 Jun 190776b. USACrudine NSW
LearmontAlexander1847?2 Jul 192881son/Alexander & Mary (Coombes); b. Buncle ( Bounkree ), Berwickshire, Scotland; h/Mary Donald (Wardrop)Crudine NSW
Learmont (Wardrop)Mary1846?14 Dec 193286dau/Robert & Jean (Donald); b. Old Monkland, Lanarkshire, Scotland; w/AlexanderCrudine NSW
LoweJames1819?30 Jun 190081Crudine NSW
LoweJames Charles1870?22 Sep 189727son/Robert & Hannah MCrudine NSW
O'BrienHelena May24?Jan 190128 Nov 19010dau/Michael & ElizabethCrudine NSW
OakesAndrew1808?12 Jul 188678Crudine NSW
OakesHenry19?Sep 19009 Jan 19010son/William J & Mary ECrudine NSW
OakesLouisa Catherine18958 Apr 1896infdau/Andrew & Catherine (Quigley); b. Rylstone, NSWCrudine NSW
OakesMargary1826?12 Oct 189872Crudine NSW
OakesPatrick17 Mar 186712 Dec 195083h/Teresa ECrudine NSW
Oakes (Giles)Teresa E1861?26 Jun 192463w/PatrickCrudine NSW
OakesWilliam1917Crudine NSW
Parlett (Oakes)Annie May1894?26 Aug 196975w/DanielCrudine NSW
Parlett (Smith)Catherine Melissa18821911w/William DCrudine NSW
ParlettDaniel1887?30 Jun 195265h/Annie MayCrudine NSW
Parlett (Green)Martha1855?11 Nov 189641?dau/William & Caroline M; w/Alexander WCrudine NSW
ParlettWilliam Albert Alexander19081933son/William D & Catherine MCrudine NSW
PlumeridgeThomas1822?29 Nov 189674Crudine NSW
PriceAlbert Ernest189628 Oct 195559son/John James & Sarah Jane; b. Rylstone NSWCrudine NSW
PriceEthel Alma1901?5 Mar 197573dau/John James & Sarah JaneCrudine NSW
PriceHerbert Allan1903?18 Apr 194845son/John James & Sarah JaneCrudine NSW
PriceJohn James1864?20 Nov 193773son/William & Emily; h/Sarah Jane (Glasscock)Crudine NSW
Price (Glasscock)Sarah Jane187713 Apr 195578dau/William Barned & Mary Elizabeth (Giles); b. Rylstone, NSW; w/John JamesCrudine NSW
PriceWalter Harold1897?9 Dec 197174son/John James & Sarah JaneCrudine NSW
RobertsHerbert Alex H1892?? May 18986son/John J & Mary ACrudine NSW
SmithWilliam Albert Leslie1899?25 Apr 19001son/William G M & Elvina ACrudine NSW

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