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1 cemetery found

Werombi Anglican Church (St Barnabas)Hayters Lane, Werombi NSW 257095

21 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BeauchampDavid Grant1963?25 Nov 197916son/Kevin Seth & Dawn Annette (Lenton); b. NSW, AustraliaWerombi Anglican Church NSW
CuthelAlice1861?19 Nov 193877dau/David & Mary (Ross); b. Sydney, NSW, AustraliaWerombi Anglican Church NSW
CuthelJames8 Dec 18766 Apr 18826son/David & Mary (Ross); b. Mulgoa, NSW, AustraliaWerombi Anglican Church NSW
CuthelJohn1828?15 Apr 187446son/John & Margaret (Russell); b. Kinross, Fife, Scotland; h/Catherine (Ross)Werombi Anglican Church NSW
CuthelJohn7 Apr 186313 Feb 193672son/David & Mary (Ross); b. Pyrmont, NSW, AustraliaWerombi Anglican Church NSW
Cuthel (Russell)Margaret1801?30 Dec 187877dau/John & Jane (Glass); b. Kinross, Fife, Scotland; w/JohnWerombi Anglican Church NSW
Cuthel (Ross)Mary1837?15 Oct 192184dau/Thomas & Alison Greenlow (Taylor); b. Fife, Scotland; w/DavidWerombi Anglican Church NSW
Cuthel (Linn)Mary Ann28 Dec 184420 Mar 192279dau/Robert & Mary Ann (Cunningham); b. Theresa Park, NSW, Australia; w/JamesWerombi Anglican Church NSW
HallRobertFeb 18566 Sep 188125son/Samuel & Agnes (Porteous); b. Sydney, NSW, AustraliaWerombi Anglican Church NSW
JinksWilliam1805?7 May 188479Werombi Anglican Church NSW
MardenAlfred Luther1 Mar 185318 Jul 189340son/John & Sarah (Munro); b. Werombi, NSW, Australia; h/Marion (Hall)Werombi Anglican Church NSW
MardenGertrude Blanche14 Aug 18887 Jun 18938dau/Allen Albert & Eliza (Small); b. Werombi, NSWWerombi Anglican Church NSW
MardenMarion1859?26 Mar 192970dau/Samuel & Agnes (Porteous); b. Mulgoa Forest, NSW, Australia; w/Alfred LutherWerombi Anglican Church NSW
Marden (Munro)Sarah1814?13 Oct 188672dau/Gilbert; b. St Vincent's, West Indies; w/JohnWerombi Anglican Church NSW
Mundell (Dunk)Lila Merle1933?1 May 198552formerly Hayter; dau/Percil Ray & Freda Elsie (Doust); b. Camden, NSW, Australia; w/Richard Denzil (Hayter) & IanWerombi Anglican Church NSW
Osborne (Dunbar)Sarah1854?1 Jul 192167dau/John & Mary (Wilson); b. Greendale, NSW, Australia; w/George StandersWerombi Anglican Church NSW
RapleyMary1867?11 Aug 189427w/James RossWerombi Anglican Church NSW
Varlow (Cowie)Ella Irene23 Dec 188819 Mar 198496dau/William & Margaret (Curtin); b. New Zealand; w/William HenryWerombi Anglican Church NSW
VarlowJohn Crafford5 Aug 192212 Aug 199674son/William Henry & Ella Irene (Cowie); b. Dora Creek, NSW, Australia; h/Colleen Mary Susan (Wright); S/4471Werombi Anglican Church NSW
VarlowWilliam David21 Jul 192018 Feb 200281son/William Henry & Ella Irene (Cowie); b. Dora Creek, NSW, Australia; h/Helen (Clarke); S5081Werombi Anglican Church NSW
VarlowWilliam Henry1876?19 Aug 194771son/Robert & Cecelia Emily (Crafford); b. Ratcliff, Middlesex, England; h/Ella Irene (Cowie); 1162Werombi Anglican Church NSW

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