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1 cemetery found

Waverleycnr St Thomas St & Trafalgar St, Bronte NSW 20241930

35 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
GeddesElizabeth Janet17 May 1978Waverley NSWRoman Catholic 10, 1255
RoperJohn1840?191272Waverley NSWW-20 CE-SL, 5505
GeddesAndrew1849?24 Apr 192879Waverley NSWRoman Catholic 10, 1257
WigzellWalter George21 Apr 185016 May 191969son/Charles Samuel & Hannah (Lee); b. Canterbury, Kent, England; h/Virginia (Fitzgerald)Waverley NSWGeneral W 16 11, 2107
AaronsElizabeth1852?190856Waverley NSW7, 2922
GeddesRichard John1852?14 Nov 193179Waverley NSW16, 3593
GeddesEllen1855?10 Jul 194186Waverley NSWRoman Catholic 10, 1257
GeddesEmma1855?17 Sep 192873Waverley NSW16
GeddesJohn1856?21 May 189640Waverley NSW9, 1961
Wigzell (Fitzgerald)Virginia185621 Sep 193882dau/Edward & Ann; b. Camden NSW, Australia; w/Walter GeorgeWaverley NSWGeneral - Section 16 11, 2107
GeddesHenry1857?7 Jul 191962Waverley NSW14, 7654
WigzellWilliam Henry26 Feb 185715 Sep 192164b. Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand; h/Annie Eliza (Griffith)Waverley NSWGeneral - Section 2 12, 0988
GeddesAnnie1859?24 Jun 190849Waverley NSWRoman Catholic 18, 3195
Wigzell (Griffith)Annie Eliza1859194687b. Killeshandra, Cavan, Ireland; w/William HenryWaverley NSWGeneral - Section 2 12, 0988
RoperJudica1863?16 May 193370Waverley NSWW-20 CE-SL, 5505
GeddesJames1874?26 Oct 188915Waverley NSWRoman Catholic 10, 1256
Wigzell (Lees)Olive Winifred6 Sep 187725 Jan 196082dau/Melissa & Amy Sarah; b. Sydney NSW, Australia; w/Leslie WilliamWaverley NSWGeneral - Section 5 18, 614
WigzellEdward Walter187826 Sep 191334son/Walter George & Virginia (Fitzgerald); b. Sydney NSW, AustraliaWaverley NSWGeneral - Section 16 11, 2106
GeddesEdith Mar1879?18 Mar 193051Waverley NSW7, 0945B
GeddesElfreda Miriam1879?8 Jul 197091Waverley NSWAnglican 14 17, 7654
GeddesJohn1880?1 Dec 18833Waverley NSW5, 0349
WigzellEdith Caroline27 Jun 188010 Aug 195373dau/Walter George & Virginia (Fitzgerald); b. Sydney NSW, AustraliaWaverley NSWGeneral - Section 16 11, 2106
GeddesCecilia Mary1882?17 Aug 196684Waverley NSWRoman Catholic 10, 1257
GeddesFrancis Andrew1884?26 Jan 18917Waverley NSWRoman Catholic 10, 1256
WigzellIvy188412 Aug 18840dau/William Henry & Annie Eliza (Griffiths); b. Sydney NSW, AustraliaWaverley NSWGeneral - Section 2 12, 0987
WigzellLeslie William7 Jun 188521 Jul 193247son/William Henry & Annie Eliza (Griffith); b. Sydney NSW, Australia; h/Olive Winifred (Lees)Waverley NSWGeneral - Section 2 12, 0987
ByeMartha1892?191624Waverley NSW15, 6471
GeddesJack Reginald1894?14 Jun 192127Waverley NSW14, 7615
Roper (Thom)Nellie Wyalong28 Feb 189420 Sep 196874dau/William & Ellen; b. Temora NSW, Australia; w/Herbert CharlesWaverley NSWGeneral Lawn 3, 0015
RoperHerbert Charles3 Apr 189510 Jul 197883son/William Land Washington & Annie Elizabeth (Haub); b. Yackandandah VIc, Australia; h/Nellie Wyalong (Thom)Waverley NSWW-LN GE, 122
GeddesGregory Andrew1899?13 Mar 197071Waverley NSWRoman Catholic 10, 1256
GeddesFrank Albert1902?8 Feb 192220Waverley NSW7, 0945A
AaronCatherine Mary1912?11 Oct 199785Waverley NSW9, 279A
AaronJohn Charles1940?19433Waverley NSW9, 278A
AaronDavid Paul1943?12 Dec 201370Waverley NSW9, 278A

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