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1 cemetery found

BenaOff West Wyalong-Condobolin Road, Bena NSW 287779

75 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
Amey (Jones)Clara Ann5 May 18712 Oct 191039formerly Ridley; dau/William John & Louisa (Moody); b. West Wyalong, NSW, Australia; w/Alfred Ernest Reeves (Ridley) & Charles HenryBena NSW
CareyAnthony Joseph28 Aug 194030 May 199655Bena NSW
Carey (Kelleher)Catherine Mary1904?11 Mar 198580Bena NSW
CareyJohn Joseph (Jack)18 Apr 192520 Jul 200075Bena NSW
CareyJoseph Thomas1899?1 Mar 195959Bena NSW
DeanCharles George1875?7 Jan 190226son/Thomas & ElizabethBena NSW
Dunn (Ridley)Annie1856?14 Oct 189337w/GeorgeBena NSW
DunnGeorge1850?9 Apr 190757h/AnnieBena NSW
Dunn (Ridley)Harriet1855?2 Jun 192065dau/William & Anne; w/GeorgeBena NSW
HaubChristopher17 Feb 192612 Jun 199266Bena NSW
HilderCharles Samuel1907?8 Jun 196760h/Sylvia LorraineBena NSW
HilderGeoffrey Milton1947?31 Aug 196821son/Charles Samuel & Sylvia LorraineBena NSW
HilderRâoul Nigel Allan1969?21 Dec 199122Bena NSW
Hilder (Montgomery)Sylvia Lorraine1918?20 May 199375w/Charles SamuelBena NSW
Izzard (Hilder)Heather Mary1911?7 Sep 200190w/John LeslieBena NSW
IzzardJohn Leslie1912?30 Aug 196957h/Heather Mary; NX143578Bena NSW
JonesBena Louisa Ethel1885?7 Jan 190317dau/William J & LouisaBena NSW
Ludlow (Woods)Daisy Valmai26 Sep 191528 Apr 200185w/SamuelBena NSW
Mitchell (Austin)Lillian E13 Apr 189818 Jan 198485Bena NSW
PerrinWalter James28 May 19204 Feb 198867Bena NSW
Porter (Calvert)Catherine1875?24 Sep 195984w/JamesBena NSW
PorterCecil James1899?2 Jan 198585h/Elizabeth MaryBena NSW
PorterElizabeth Mary16 Apr 19085 Feb 199687w/Cecil JamesBena NSW
PorterJames1863?25 Sep 193572h/CatherineBena NSW
PorterUnnamed (George W)15 Jul 19110Bena NSW
RidleyAlfred Ernest Reeves3 Mar 186828 Feb 190234b. South Australia, Australia; h/Clara Ann (Jones)Bena NSW
Ridley (Castle)Alice Rose1894?7 Dec 196874w/Clarence GeorgeBena NSW
Ridley (Desailly)Alicia Emma1875?2 Jul 195176w/George HounsomBena NSW
RidleyAllen Oswald1907?25 Dec 193427son/Samuel & Esther AnnBena NSW
RidleyAnne1824?6 Aug 189975w/WilliamBena NSW
RidleyAnthony John3?May 193912 Jul 19390son/Travice Clarence & Ellen FrancesBena NSW
RidleyBarry Frances193514 Feb 196429son/Rex Frances & Elizabeth MayBena NSW
RidleyBertie Percival1886?21 Aug 191832son/Samuel & Esther ABena NSW
RidleyBrian193419 Sep 198046Bena NSW
RidleyChristopher (Kippy)1961?7 Dec 200140Bena NSW
RidleyClarence George1892?6 Jun 195765h/Alice RoseBena NSW
RidleyEileen Frances1914?14 Jan 195944dau/Clarence George & Alice RoseBena NSW
Ridley (Buttriss)Elizabeth May190725 Aug 198780w/Rex FrancesBena NSW
Ridley (Cotter)Ellen Frances1913?21 Mar 199884w/Travice ClarenceBena NSW
Ridley (Davis)Esther Ann1865?1 Nov 194681w/SamuelBena NSW
RidleyGeorge Hounsom1861?25 May 194382h/Alicia EmmaBena NSW
RidleyIvy Elsie May1896?18 Nov 18993dau/Samuel & Esther ABena NSW
RidleyJohn Edward1867?15 Sep 190033h/Mary AnnBena NSW
RidleyJohn EdwardMar 190129 Apr 19010son/Alfred Ernest Reeves & Clara AnnBena NSW
Ridley (McGrath)Kate1858?1 Jul 193779w/WilliamBena NSW
RidleyLaurence Norman1919?12 Sep 199879Bena NSW
RidleyLee VincentAug?195312 Dec 19563son/Stanley Vincent & Vesper DawnBena NSW
RidleyMarjorie1917?6 Mar 198163Bena NSW
Ridley (Woods)Mary Ann1865?11 Jan 193771w/John EdwardBena NSW
RidleyRex Frances190614 Feb 196457h/Elizabeth MayBena NSW
RidleySamuelNov?18584 May 194182h/Esther AnnBena NSW
RidleyShane C2 Jan 196320 Nov 199633h/Maryjane; 229162Bena NSW
RidleyTravice Clarence1913?30 May 199784h/Ellen FrancesBena NSW
RidleyWalter George Hounsom1889?9 Jul 195869h/Freida (Gehring)Bena NSW
RidleyWilliam1831?19 Nov 191281h/AnneBena NSW
RidleyWilliam1853?29 Jun 192875h/KateBena NSW
RidleyWilliam Jason27 Nov 199610 Aug 19981Bena NSW
SchumackSamuel Joseph1881?1 Sep 195675son/George & Mary AnnBena NSW
ShephardAlexander1862?16 Jul 194886h/Louisa EstherBena NSW
ShephardClive Edward1931?29 Nov 19365son/Percival Aleck & MargaretBena NSW
ShephardCyrilJun 189313 Nov 18930son/Alexander & Louisa EstherBena NSW
ShephardHelen (Nell)1896?12 Jul 193236w/Cyril AlfredBena NSW
ShephardJack Cyril Alfred24 Oct 18987 Feb 198485h/Helen & MollieBena NSW
ShephardJames Alexander1927?22 Nov 198255h/Dorothy MarieBena NSW
ShephardJune Isobel25 Jun 19280dau/Cyril Alfred & HelenBena NSW
Shephard (Ridley)Louisa Esther1865?6 Dec 194883w/AlexanderBena NSW
ShephardMargaret31 Dec 1962w/Percival AlickBena NSW
Shephard (Resker)Mollie24 Jan 191620 Sep 197660w/Cyril AlfredBena NSW
ShephardPercival Alick4 Nov 1949h/MargaretBena NSW
ShephardUnaJul 190714 Nov 19070dau/Alexander & Louisa EstherBena NSW
ShephardWilliam Resker23 May 194430 Jun 19451son/Cyril Alfred & MollieBena NSW
Watson (Ridley)Beverley Ann193715 Feb 196426dau/Rex Francis & Elizabeth MayBena NSW
WoodsHedley Reeves1867?1 Mar 194476h/Mary BeatriceBena NSW
WoodsJohn2 Oct 19053 Oct 19050son/Hedley Reeves & Mary BeatriceBena NSW
Woods (Richens)Mary Beatrice1879?10 Oct 195778w/Hedley ReevesBena NSW

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